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Luscombe 8A
8A SILVAIRE Luscombe Antique/Classic For Sale Pre-Owned 1946 3635 Hours 3231 NC71804 $19,500 Pacific Northwest Vintage Dandy - Asking $19,500 Complete Rebuild & Restoration in 1993 by Luscombe Foundation Add Airframe InformationInformation about the aircraft's airframe TTAF: 3635 Add Avionics / Radios Information No Electrical System ADS-B Not Required Add Engine(s) Information Continental A-65-8 SMOH: 276 Add Additional Information Complete Logs Hangared Annual Completed: May 2019

Luscombe 8E Silvaire
8E Luscombe Antique/Classic For Sale Pre-Owned 1947 2230 Hours 5216 N575DW $45,900 A Lovely Example of Luscombe 8E Highly modified and loaded with extras. Recently upgraded avionics with Garmin GTR255 8.33 Khz Comm Radio and Garmin GTX330 Mode S Transponder. $45,900 USD Add Airframe InformationInformation about the aircraft's airframe TTAF: 2230 Add Avionics / Radios Information Full Pilot’s Instrument Panel Including: Standard 6-Pack Plus Horizon Instruments P-1000 Electronic Digital Engine Tachometer Electronics International (EI) Fuel Flow EI EGT, OAT, CHT Gauge EI Oil Pressure and Temperature Gauge EI Volts and Amps Meter Garmin GTR225 8.33Khz Comm Radio Garmin GTX330 Mode S Transponder Add Engine(s) Information Lycoming O-320-A2B  150HP SMOH: 400 Add Props Information Sensenich M74DM587 SNEW: 400 Add Interior / Exterior Information Interior in Very Good Condition - 7/10 Cessna Seats with Full Harnesses Overall White with Red Detailing Add Additional Information Lower Door Panel Windows Petersen Auto-fuel Sky-Tec Starter Interav Alternator System BAS Inc. Tail Pull Airwolf Remote Oil Filter 30 US Gallon Mains and 10 USG Aux tank Dennis Hutchins Horizontal Tail Reinforcement Extended Elevator Trim Tab 2 stage Flaps 15/30 Degrees Brackett Aircraft Co. Air Filter Floats Mod. All Reinforcements. Cleveland Wheels and Brakes Scott Tailwheel

Ercoupe 415-D
415-D Ercoupe Antique/Classic For Sale Pre-Owned 1946 2054 Hours 1428 N2078S $15,999 Stop and See in Central Minnesota Vikings' Country this Autumn of 2019 First Come, First Buy for Only $15,999! Add Airframe InformationInformation about the aircraft's airframe TTAF: 2054 Add Avionics / Radios Information Working Radio Transponder Add Engine(s) Information C85-12 Tach Time: 971 Add Interior / Exterior Information New Airtex Interior Add Additional Information Always Hangared New Cable Ends Last Annual: July 2012 - During this annual they took the wings off, inspected center spar, sprayed corrosion inhibitor on entire interior.

Stinson SR-5E Reliant
SR-5 RELIANT Stinson Antique/Classic For Sale Pre-Owned 1934 1578 Hours 9279-A NC14187 $119,999 Always Hangared in El Cajon, CA Only $119,999 Museum Quality Condition  •  Oshkosh 1984 Grand Champion Antique Winner The restoration is museum quality and restored so faithfully by Tom Laurie and Hal Neemer and the team at FlaBob Airport that the airplane has been used by other restorers as the go-to for the restoration of Stinson Reliants. Dropbox access available with Engine and Aircraft Logbooks, W&B, complete FAA Registry Record, and all Maintenance Manuals, along with lots of photos and literature Add Airframe InformationInformation about the aircraft's airframe TTAF: 1578 The airframe was completely restored from the ground up. Tom Laurie's craftsmanship is perfect and exceptional. Chrome molybdenum fuselage, I-beam steel compression struts, chrome nickel still drag rods, metal wing ribs and ailerons as well as the control system. This model, the SR-5E, was the first aircraft to have flaps, known as "Speed Arrestors which were tied in mechanically with the horizontal stabilizer trim system. Add Avionics / Radios Information Becker Transponder (JTSO-C74c Class 1B) Becker VHF-Transceiver (AR 4201) P/S Engineering I/COM PM1000II ASCK Tech A-30 Digitizer Add Engine(s) Information Original Lycoming R-680-4 9-Cylinder Round Engine S/N: 9279-A 225 HP SMOH: 378 Add Props Information Hamilton Standard 5404-AL S/N: 2899 Add Interior / Exterior Information The quaint old peaked instrument panel, control wheel yoke, retractable rear view mirror mounted in the cabin roof, and the automotive type windows and door frames all were restored so faithfully that the airplane cabin is literally a flying museum of early 1930s interior design. Carpeted floor, satin finished hardware, rear cabin side lights, ash receivers, glove box, vanity closure and assist cords are provided. Exterior in excellent condition with original 1934 colors in a 12-coat procedure, always in a hangar. Add Additional Information Wing span is 41 feet Length is 26'-10". Height is 8'-5". Cruising speed 120 mph Rate of climb 675 fpm Service ceiling 14,500 feet Landing run is 250 feet Gross Weight: 3,325 lbs. Empty Weight: 2,515 lbs. Useful Load: 809 lbs. All New Tires 12/2018 Wheels are Low-Pressure Water-Proof Disc Type Hydraulic Brakes Literally a Flying Museum, Inside & Out, of Early 1930s.

Ercoupe 415-C
415-C Ercoupe Antique/Classic For Sale Pre-Owned 1946 2800 Hours 1714 N99091 $25,000 LSA Hangared  •  Delivery Available Add Airframe InformationInformation about the aircraft's airframe TTAF: 2800 Add Avionics / Radios Information Dual Yokes Radio Transponder w/Mode C Intercom (2) Headsets GPS Add Engine(s) Information C-85 SMOH: 500 All Cylinders 80/80 Add Interior / Exterior Information 8/10 9/10 Good & New Glass Add Additional Information STC for Autogas All Metal Wings Wings Fogged to Prohibit Corrosion Spin-On Oil Filter No Rudder Pedals Annual: 1/09/2019

Cessna 172
172 Cessna Antique/Classic For Sale Pre-Owned 1959 4112 Hours 46228 N6128E $59,500 ADS-B In/Out $719 Per Month $11,900 Down Payment, Balance of $47,600 7 Yr. Simple Interest Loan, 6.99% Fixed for 7 yrs. No Prepayment Penalty Add Airframe InformationInformation about the aircraft's airframe TTAF: 4112 Add Avionics / Radios Information King KX-155 TSO Nav/Com King KY-97A TSO Com Stratus ESGi Transponder ADS-B In/Out Narco 141 TSO ADF Artificial Horizon Turn Coordinator Airspeed Indicator Tachometer Altimeter Clock Volt Meter Suction Gauge Oil Pressure/Oil Temperature Gauges Nav Lights Landing Light Strobe Lights Cabin Heat Pitot Heat Parking Break 4 Place Voice Activated Flightcom Intercom Pilot & Co-Pilot Push-to-Talk Add Engine(s) Information SMOH: 409 (2009) Add Interior / Exterior Information Tan Fabric with Tan Vinyl Trim Allover White with Tan and Brown Accent Stripes

Piper J-5A Cub Cruiser
J-5A CUB CRUISER Piper Antique/Classic For Sale Pre-Owned 1941 3085 Hours 5-1074 N38719 $29,000 Plane Located at Fort Lauderdale, FL Good Short Field Airplane Only $29,000 or Make Offer If You Buy It, Owner Can Train You To Fly It In Florida Add Airframe InformationInformation about the aircraft's airframe TTAF: 3085 Add Avionics / Radios Information 720 Comm Encoder Add Engine(s) Information Lycoming O-290-D2   135 HP TSOH: 245 Add Interior / Exterior Information Carries Three People - One in Front, Two in Back Side to Side Ceconite Fabric 1972, Still Good Add Additional Information Alternator Starter Cleveland Brakes Maule Tailwheel

Piper J3C-65 Cub
J-3 CUB Piper Antique/Classic For Sale Pre-Owned 1940 4900 Hours 4404 N27162 $24,900 Complete Restoration 1992  •  VFR  •  As Is Where Is Wise Buy for Only $24,900 OBO! Add Airframe InformationInformation about the aircraft's airframe TTAF: 4900 Add Engine(s) Information Continental A-65-8 SNEW: 520 Add Props Information Fahlin D552-42 Add Interior / Exterior Information Trainer Colors Add Additional Information Hangar Storage 2009: New Bodell Brakes, Wheels, Tires, Hydraulics, Bungees, 5-Point Harness, Seats, Gas Tank.

Fairchild F24R
24R Fairchild Antique/Classic For Sale Pre-Owned 1946 1790 Hours R46311 N77611 $28,999 Price Reduced: $28,999 Owner: George L. FoxContact: Todd Yuhas @ (586) 484-3577 • pilot-1@comcast.net Located at Ray Community Airport - Michigan (57D) Call or Email for Additional Photos & Log Books Add Airframe InformationInformation about the aircraft's airframe TTAF: 1790 Add Avionics / Radios Information Garmin GPS Narco Nav/Com Narco Transponder Add Engine(s) Information Ranger - 200HP SNEW: 250

Piper J3 Cub
J-3 CUB Piper Antique/Classic For Sale Pre-Owned 1938 50 Hours 2436 N21583 $0 Immaculate, Almost Original but Fully Restored 1938 Piper J3 Cub! Add Airframe InformationInformation about the aircraft's airframe 50 Since Complete Restoration Add Engine(s) Information Continental SMOH: 50 Add Props Information SPOH: 50 Add Interior / Exterior Information Like New Black Vinyl Seats Like New Yellow Cub Colors and Scheme Add Additional Information Wheel Fairings Starter Manuals Much More! Annual Due: 4/2020