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Mars Needs Podcasts #390- The Therapist Mandated Return

Mars Needs Podcasts #389- Two Heroes To Every Podcast

Mars Needs Podcasts #388- Jason Actually Gets To Speak
JJ and his amazing friend Jason have a very special long episode. (meaning they talk a lot, but who doesn’t like to feel special?) Jason gets to ask his questions to see how well JJ truly knows him. There may well be talk of magical folk and time behind bars… Click here to download! View [&hellip

Mars Needs Podcasts #387- B*Hole Redux
JJ and his amazing friend Jason are back to explore brave new topics, but they also pay respects to the promises made that were lost in the tragic crash that lost the last episode. Also a hint as to what cons look like now and the new toys I had to buy to play in [&hellip

Mars Needs Podcasts Extra- An American In Wales
A special episode of Mars Needs! This was recorded in the before times when you could travel. Remember then? I barely do somedays. So let this remind you of the wonderful ol’ globe we live on. JJ and his amazing friend Matt Lees recorded this December 2019 in ‘The Mattcave” in Cwmbran. I cannot thank [&hellip

Mars Needs Podcasts #386- An Episode.

Mars Needs Podcasts #385- Ship Wrecked with Aaron
JJ and his amazing friend Aaron Fever want to discuss his Kickstarter for his web comic Ship Wrecked. Please give as you can, and JJ throws in his own incentives to help the cause. Check out Aaron’s comic, Ship Wrecked, and please consider donating to the Kickstarter! Click here to download! View the RSS feed!

Mars Needs Podcasts #384- Hostile Takeover
JJ and his amazing friend Jason have an experiment that only you can help with dear listeners. We want to take over an episode of Legend in My Spare Time. So please, listen to this episode and follow the directions inside. Matt has no idea we are doing this, so it can work, but only [&hellip

Mars Needs Podcasts #383- Astronaut Diapers
  JJ and his amazing friend Jason make it back for another week of nonsense! Where did Jason drop trou? Where did JJ go on a whim on Tuesday? All these things and more are one download away… Click here to download! View the RSS feed!

Mars Needs Podcasts #382- The Return
  JJ and his amazing friend Jason rise from the coffin and take their rightful place somewhere on the pile of podcasts. Podcasts can pile, right? Oh shit, they are digital. Crap, I forgot how hard it is to do these things. Anyway, the guys are talking into mics again. Life is different, but the [&hellip

Mars Needs Podcasts #381-At Least We Don’t Talk About The Weather
Alistair and his amazing friend Nigel are here to look at some of the horrors of the world this week. They keep it light, only talking religion and politics, but at least they avoid all those divisive topics like the weather. This may well be one of the most personal episodes we have ever done, [&hellip

Mars Needs Podcasts #380- The Clean Show About Fandom
Http:// JJ and his amazing friend Jason remember the time when we would do an annual clean show in honor our beloved Editor-In-Chief, John. We haven’t done it in a while, but we still think he is the Cat’s Pajamas and we know he isn’t always a fan of our “unique” use of language. So [&hellip

Mars Needs Podcasts #379- Not Political, nope.
JJ and his amazing friend Jason know that things are a burning trash fire right now. So the two friends just try to reminisce over past crappy concerts they have seen, but the internet just wouldn’t cooperate, and maaaaaaaaaaaaybe JJ just can’t keep his frustrations down for the whole episode. Ok, maybe it is just [&hellip

Mars Needs Podcasts #378- The Inevitable Return
JJ and his amazing friend Jason are back after an absence. Did anyone care? Who knows, but here they are again. They touch briefly on the summer blockbusters, but no spoilers. They mainly catch up and get the rust rubbed off a little. Here we go… Click here to download!

Mars Needs Podcasts # 377- Wrestlemaniacs
JJ and his amazing friend watched wrestling. A lot of wrestling. And they want to talk about it. Everything you may have wanted from the guys and the showcase of the immortals. Click here to download! View the RSS feed!

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