The Lovechat with Honey and David Heart

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Hey guys, we are back once again, due to our hectic schedule we weren't able to post new episodes for sometime, but starting with this one we'll try our very best to continue to give you guys entertainment, music and more. give it a listen and let us know what you think. you can also suggest topics to discuss on our show. thanks for visiting!

Hey folks, surprised??? we are back once again but this time it's a monthly episode. for those who missed us, well we are here! Keep on listening and thanks for your support! -Honey and David Heart-

Here's another episode of tlc folks...for those of you whose always supporting us...thank you so much...enjoy this episode and let us know what you think.

Love is in the air! This is the lovechat podcast episode 15, we are once again back for you folks...for those who waited, thanks so much...keep it here and enjoy listening!

Warrrup? Hey guys we are back and as always we are here to provide you with quality entertainment. This episode is all about love, love problem and of course great music courtesy of We also have the new segment called do's and dont's for you guys. Check it out and give it a listen! Comments are welcome.

Hey peeps! We are back again and we have a lot of stuff in store for you guys including our new segment called do's and dont's. find out what we have for today. Give it a listen! Enjoy!

It's better late than never folks! Here's the episode 12. Thank you for your patience. " to divorce or not to divorce"....that is the question... find out why our letter sender is having second thoughts about divorcing her cheating husband. Also we have a new add on to our program. Dating Do's and Don'ts for this week. Check it out. Subscribe now!

"It's a Mother's Day special here on TLC with honey and david heart. This week's episode pays tribute to the most wonderful women in our lives. Check out also our heartache of the week... It's a very sensitive issue. Find out what it is. Subscribe now and enjoy!"

"the tandem folks is once again complete. Honey is back from her one week escapade in Africa. Wonder why she went there....Also for our Heartache of the week... a love problem in Houston...All these and more.. Find out. Subscribe now!"