Children's Literature with Daniel Pinkwater

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Beloved Gorilla Still Charms In New Kids' Book
There's a new book out by Anthony Brown called Little Beauty — and boy, is it ever that. Actually, given the subject matter, it's a very large beauty!

Beloved Children's Book 'Thirteen Clocks' Is Back
James Thurber's decades-old, modern take on the standard fairy tale has just been reprinted. Weekend Edition's Daniel Pinkwater says if you like the The Princess Bride or Rocky and Bullwinkle's "Fractured Fairy Tales," you'll like this tale, too.

An Illustrated Visit to a Bear's Lair
Bonny Becker's new book, A Visitor for Bear, recounts the tale of a "small and gray and bright-eyed" mouse who warmed a big bear's heart.

Quirky Poetry Collection a Salute to Silly Stanzas
In Calef Brown's Flamingos on the Roof, mosquitoes wear tuxedoes, dogs sport plaid suits and thunder is a cafe staple. His new collection of poems and paintings creates a carefree world full of alliteration, frivolity and fun.

A Children's Classic 'Toots' Back to Bookshelves
To mark the 100th anniversary of author Hardie Gramatky's birth, Penguin Putnam is reissuing a restored version of Little Toot. The children's classic is the tale of a small tugboat that overcomes its fears and learns to grow up.

'Mary Smith' Wakes Up Village Sleepyheads
In the early 20th century, many of England's workers awoke to the tap, tap, tap of their town's "knocker-up." In her children's book Mary Smith, Andrea U'Ren follows a day in the life of a knocker-up armed with a pea shooter.

A Cat's Tale Hits Home in 'Nini, Here and There'
The new children's book Nini, Here and There, by Anita Lobel, explores the value of home through the eyes of a family member who is sometimes underfoot, but not overlooked. Nini, the striped tabby cat, fears she'll be left behind when her family goes on a trip.

It's Easy to Appreciate 'Mr. Pusskins'
Mr. Pusskins is a new book for children about appreciating what we have. It's written and illustrated by Sam Lloyd.

Books for Kids, for Every Winter Holiday
Children's author Daniel Pinkwater and Scott Simon read The Secret Science Project that ALMOST Ate the School by Judy Sierra and Stephen Gammel. Pinkwater also offers a list of books to give, get or simply read and enjoy this winter.

'The Neddiad': A Hollywood Adventure for Kids
Daniel Pinkwater's new book for children, The Neddiad, won't be in bookstores until next April, but you can check it out now. This past August, Pinkwater began revealing the book online; a new chapter is published every Tuesday.

'The Cremation of Sam McGee'
With memorable illustrations from painter Ted Harrison, the morbidly funny 1907 Robert Service poem about the fate of a Yukon gold prospector is resurrected as a children's story.

A Batty Beach Trip
Brian Lies imagines a different kind of trip to the beach in his picture book, Bats at the Beach. Our ambassador to the world of children's literature, Daniel Pinkwater, talks with Scott Simon about the book.

Colorful Lessons in 'How to Be a Good Dog'
The picture book How to Be a Good Dog is quite an engaging read. And Lulu, the ever-clever canine, has plenty of good things to say about it herself.

'Bake Shop Ghost': Hauntingly Sweet
In Jacqueline Ogburn's tale, the ghost of a baker comes back to haunt her own shop until the new owners leave. Children's author Daniel Pinkwater talks about the book with Scott Simon.

'Jellybeans': A Deceptively Simple Kids' Tale
Scott Simon and children's author Daniel Pinkwater talk about a new book for children called Jellybeans, by Sylvia van Ommen.