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Comment on Helena, by Evelyn Waugh #BookReview by Tredynas Days
The history of canonization is quite complicated; the article on Wikipedia gives a pretty good survey. Essentially it was originally just martyrs, then 'confessors' were added to liturgy and litany in the catholic church; not until the 12C did papal authority become the only route to official sainthood. The various criteria like miracles were added over the centuries that followed. Legends like St Helena's were typical of those that arose in the early stages of Christianity - arising out of folk veneration, folk lore and local practice. It can be instructive to compare the narrative structures and components of saints' lives with folktales (at the risk of upsetting the devout, perhaps). A common feature of early legends of saints included tropes along the lines of: 'I don't know for sure if the miracles that follow really were performed by St X, because records don't exist; it has been necessary, therefore, to dip into those documented in other saints' lives - for they are all capable of such acts, and they give rise to devotion which is their due' - brilliant. Sort of hagiographical fake news.

Comment on Nil by Mouth, by Lyn C #BookReview by Lisa Hill
Goodreads says only Nil by Mouth but she also has something in an anthology. We sat next to each other at the workshop and I was impressed by how she wanted to respect Prior Ownership in her writing, so I hope she writes more.

Comment on 2018 Readings Prize shortlist by Lisa Hill
That's the hard part...

Comment on Nil by Mouth, by Lyn C #BookReview by whisperinggums
Ah yes, I'd agree with you re this being classic sci-fi. I wonder if Lyn C has gone on to write more?

Comment on 2018 Readings Prize shortlist by kimbofo
But do I really want to spend £100 on them?!!