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Comment on 2019 Reading Women Challenge (Goodreads) by Emma
What's a WOC? About the Appalachia: it's not written by a woman but if you're curious, there are books by Ron Rash, like Serena. At least it's about a woman. He writes beautifully. Otherwise, there's Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver. (Excellent, IMO) I think this challenge has very specific categories. I'd rather do it like you do: try to see what I've read that would fit than try to adapt my reading to some whimsical categories. Call me a finicky feminist, but I'm not sure that a challenge about men lit would include a category tagged "with mental illness"

Comment on 2019 Reading Women Challenge (Goodreads) by kaggsysbookishramblings
Well done! I like the idea of the challenge except that I'm rubbish at challenges - I can't even stick to ones I come up with myself. Nice to find you've done a lot of it inadvertantly though! :D

Comment on 2019 Reading Women Challenge (Goodreads) by BookerTalk
I can see the benefits of doing the bingo challenge in those circumstances though I would lean more to the ones that took me into different genres or locations rather than just the colour of the cover. Good reads discussion groups Ive dabbled with but haven't found the right one yet

Comment on 2019 Reading Women Challenge (Goodreads) by Lisa Hill
Yes, I can't see the point of those either (though I admit to doing something similar a while ago when I was quite taken by the idea of doing challenges.) I think perhaps they might work for people who want to read more than they do and also want to widen the scope and diversity of what they read. They can also sometimes create a community: on the Goodreads site they have a discussion board for the different categories and some of the chat can be quite engaging.

Comment on Dancing the Death Drill, by Fred Khumalo by She Would Be King, by Wayétu Moore | ANZ LitLovers LitBlog
[…] on the heels of Dancing the Death Drill by Fred Khumalo (see my review), comes another example of historical fiction being used to rewrite the history that has been […]