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Comment on Fauna, by Donna Mazza by Lisa Hill
In reply to <a href="">Marg</a>. You would love this, Marg, I know you would!

Comment on Fauna, by Donna Mazza by Marg
Sounds like a very interesting premise and just a bit creepy!

Comment on The Wonders, by Paddy O’Reilly by Fauna, by Donna Mazza | ANZ LitLovers LitBlog
[…] made me think of the disconcerting issues raised by Paddy O’Reilly’s remarkable novel The Wonders which also raised questions about what it is that makes us […]

Comment on The Silence of the Girls, by Pat Barker by Lisa Hill
In reply to <a href="">buriedinprint</a>. I just looked back over what I've read of her earlier work... Regeneration of course was about the effects of war, but I was interested to be reminded that Border Crossing was written from a male PoV, and I really didn't like the Life Class series much, especially not Noonday which I found banal. That one put me off reading Toby's Room which I have had on the TBR for ages now. OTOH I really liked Another World (also written from a male PoV) and Double Vision. But none of these predate Regeneration, so I'm not at all familiar with her early work. She's one of those writers that make it easy to 'fall behind'!

Comment on One Amazing Thing, by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni by Lisa Hill
In reply to <a href="">buriedinprint</a>. What's interesting is that with the passage of the days, I've forgotten most of the individual stories, but the situation and the interactions between them has remained. I'll look out for more of hers, I think,