Insomnia Radio: Orlando

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IR Orlando 28: George Hrab’s “Trebuchet”
Yes, I know it has been a long absence, and I’m sure you thought I was gone for good but I’m not! I plan to start releasing some content again, most likely in smaller doses so that I produce them more frequently, so stay tuned for more local content soon… That being said, I have […]

IR Horrorlando 2009 mixtape
It’s almost Halloween, and that means it’s time for Insomnia Radio Horrorlando! This year’s installment is a mixtape of some favorites from the last three years’ worth of Halloween episodes. Enjoy! 1. Peach Stealing Monkeys “Monster” 2. The Threshold People “Radio Zombi” 3. Jonathan Coulton “Re: Your Brains” 4. Get Three Coffins Ready “The Cemetery” […]

IR Orlando #27: Orange You Glad
This episode will give you a taste of the Orange You Glad music festival, which will be hitting Orlando from May 14 – 17. The festival will feature lots of local bands, along with some terrific not-so-local bands. There are five venues: Will’s Pub, Stardust, Redlight Redlight, Peacock Room, and Uncle Lou’s (and several in-store […]

IR Orlando #26: Horrorlando 3
Trick or treat? It’s time once again for our annual Halloween show! 1. Electromagnetic Impulses | Werewolves 2. Black Furies | Murder City Shakedown 3. Calabrese | Zombie I 4. Johnny O & The Jerks | Zombie Love Affair 5. Get Three Coffins Ready | The Gallows 6. Koko Taylor | Voodoo Woman (on Alligator […]

IR Orlando #25
Hey everybody, it’s been way too long… I apologize that the show has not even been quarterly, let alone monthly this year. It’s been a very busy time, but I hope you will hang in there with me, and be as pleased as I am to hear some of this fantastic music coming out of […]

IR Orlando #24: Florida Music Festival
After a fairly long absence, IR Orlando is back! This episode will give you a taste of some great bands who will be playing in the upcoming Florida Music Festival next weekend (May 15, 16, and 17). Please check the festival website for dates, times, and location information for the many music showcases, and get […]

IR Orlando #23
Hey gang, we’re back for the final episode of 2007. I hope you’ve enjoyed the great music coming out of Florida in the past year, and I hope you’re as excited as I am about more great music in 2008. Happy holidays! 1. Timothy Simpson | Oceans (Lakeland, FL) 2. Timothy Simpson | The New […]

IR Orlando #22: Horrorlando
INSOMNIA RADIO: ORLANDO 22 Release date:10/24/2007 It’s that time of year again… time for Insomnia Radio HORRORLANDO 2! This time we have an enormous crop of scary music – from Orlando to as far away as New Zealand. We’ll also revisit a couple of favorites from last year. So sit back, turn down the lights […]

IR Orlando #21
The forecast for episode 21 is slightly mellow for the most part with a touchy of twanginess… 1. Food Will Win The War | Amassed Complications Their CD, “Dark Mono 3,” is available for purchase at their MySpace page. Food Will Win the War is based in New York City but is fronted by ex-Central […]

IR Orlando Point Blank: Semisoul brings the FUNK
This Point Blank episode of Insomnia Radio Orlando focuses on Lakeland’s SemiSoul. SemiSoul takes a healthy dose of funk and hip hop, mixes in a dash of reggae and blues, and seasons it with jazz and rock to produce a unique blend of organic hip hop with a funk core. They are in the studio, […]