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Culture File Weekly | The Culture File Debate Lyric@Farmleigh Edition
Recorded live at Farmleigh House to celebrate RTÉ lyric fm's 20th Birthday, musical evangelist, Jane O’Leary, multi-instrumentalist, Emer Mayock, singer, Michelle O'Rourke and Ergodos co-founder, Garrett Sholdice, discuss life in music then, and now. (First Broadcast May 2019)

Culture File "Likes" | Macdara Yeates
Singer, producer and host of TSEAC's Zoom trad singing session, Macdara Yeates on some of his favourites in song, story, taste and smell.

Jennifer Walshe's London Diary | Culture File
In our latest post-lockdown diary, London-based Irish composer, Jennifer Walshe remembers a season out of time.

The Culture File Weekly | TSEAC; Qasim Naqvi; Marise Gaughan; Jennifer Walshe
The trad singers of The Seamus Ennis Arts Centre find joy in Zoom; composer and Dawn of Midi mainstay, Qasim Naqvi introduces us to more joy in the form of modular synthesisers; Marise Gaughan uses Take That to think through the second wave, and composer, Jennifer Walshe looks back on the silent spring of 2020.

Qasim Naqvi's Synth | Culture File
With his band, Dawn of Midi on hiatus, composer, Qasim Naqvi fell deep into the world of modular synthesisers.

Zooming Trad | Culture File
Is it possible that Zoom-hosted trad singing events might even have some advantages over their brick 'n' mortar equivalents?

Marise Gaughan Wrote Her Thesis on ISIS | Culture File
Comedian and writer, Marise Gaughan has been wargaming some scenarios for "the second wave" with the help of her knowledge of terrorism and boy bands.

Culture File "Likes" | Dee Conaghan
Dee Conaghan, artistic director of Derry-based theatre company, Stage Beyond, shares some of the tv, music, tastes and smells that got her through the lockdown.

Sun Ra in Outer Space (Remix) | Culture File
A return ticket to Saturn and environs in the company of late great jazz pioneer, Sun Ra, with DJ Gilles Peterson at the wheel

The Culture File Weekly 230720: Hamlet, Price of Derry; Marise Gaughan; Paddy Woodworth; Gilles Peterson
Hamlet walks the walls of Derry care of Stage Beyond theatre company; we discover some of the various things getting up the nose of Marise Gaughan; make a voyage into the music of Sun Ra, and Paddy Woodworth wants to make it clear there are other books by Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring.

The Naturalist's Bookshelf: A Sense of Wonder | Culture File
Rachel Carson is largely known for her chilling, prescient book, Silent Spring. But Paddy Woodworth believes there is other work from the writer ripe for revisiting

Hamlet, Prince of Derry | Culture File
A date on the radio saved an Irish update of Hamlet by Derry-based theatre company for adults with learning difficulties, Beyond Stage, from falling victim to COVID-19

Marise Gaughan Is Getting A Funny Smell | Culture File
Comedian and writer Marise Gaughan on the practical limitations to 'cancel culture' and slurry

Culture File 'Likes': Kate Zambreno
Brooklyn-based novelist and essayist, Kate Zambreno delivers her selection of the best to read, watch, hear, taste and smell right now

The Culture File Weekly 170720: (Kate Zambreno, Zelie Asava, Jennifer Walshe, Marise Gaughan)
This week on sale in the marketplace of ideas we ghost dogs (with Kate Zambreno) the sensation of a hand sweating inside a hygienic rubber glove (with Jennifer Walshe) bingo mass (with Marise Gaughan) and why Irishness is not defined by whiteness (with Zelie Asava). Which, let's face it is a lot.

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