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Culture File: Conor Guilfoyle (Part 2 of 2)
For his latest musical voyage, Dublin jazz drummer and teacher, Conor Guilfoyle has formed an octet. (Part 2 of 2)

Culture File: Conor Guilfoyle
The musical voyages of Dublin jazz drummer and teacher, Conor Guilfoyle. (Part 1 of 2)

Culture File: Emma McKeagney's Unstable Categories
Emma McKeagney's first solo show senses a connection between stones on the shore and the black box of fast fashion

Culture File "Likes": Julian Milkis
The St. Petersburg-born clarinettist, Julian Milkis, shares some of his prides and his passions.

The Culture File Weekly: June 15th
This Weekly; gripes, grapes, pipes and string

Culture File: Redmond O'Toole's 8 Strings of Wonder
Redmond O'Toole, on the Brahms guitar, explores Mexican composer, Manuel Maria Ponce and the soft touch of Segovia

Culture File: Thomas Ospital,
The organist of St Eustache, Paris, on fate, faith and his improvised organ soundtracks for silent film classics.

Culture File: The Mill
Writer, Nathan O'Donnell's new project explores Clondalkin in West Dublin, once upon a time best-known for its papermill.

Culture File: The Judgement of Spurrier
Not many wine merchants have been played on screen by Alan Rickman. In fact, just one: Steven Spurrier.

Culture File "Likes": Sons of Southern Ulster
Sharing their "likes" this time, Justin Kelly and David Meagher of Cavan rooted rockers, Sons of Southern Ulster

The Culture File Weekly: June 8th
This weekly: acting and social skills, Veenamania and The Clockwork Door

Culture File: Behind the Clockwork Door
A sofa-rich, game-filled Dublin venue that's less a co-working, than a co-playing, or even a co-being space.

Culture File: Will acting classes leave junior with life skills?
Psychologist, Thalia Goldstein studies the complex relationship between theatre training and empathy.

Culture File: Veenamania
Blanchardstown hosts Ireland's first massed veena concert, featuring Irish and Malaysian players of the instrument

The Culture File Weekly: June 1st
This weekly; denim sculptures, wooden noggins, hawthorn flowers, yes-badges & strategically-placed tea-lights

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