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Culture File: Plotting the future of transport and sex at CES 2019
The (possibly) imminent arrival of the "aerial rideshare network" and other joys of the world's biggest tech fair

Culture File: Crate Crawling At The Souk
DJ duo, Dar Disko are resurrecting decades old middle eastern music and serving it up on the dancefloor

Culture File: Mr Cashman's Legacy
Berlin Opticians Gallery founder, Marysia Wieckiewicz-Carroll, on the inspiration of an optician she's never met

Culture File: Musicians' Nerves
Every musician has their own unique version of nerves and their own special coping strategies.

Culture File: The Joy of Recluttering...with music (5/5)
Dad rocker, David Meagher, sing-songwriter, Farah Elle and pianist, Francesco Turrisi pitch their essential sounds

The Culture File Weekly 090119: Musical Likes
This weekly we gather some of the sound suggestions our guests have made over the past 12 months into a genre-hopping musical edition, featuring hat tips to audio from The Temptations' Psychedelic Shack to Borodin's Prince Igor...

Culture File: The Joy of Recluttering...with music (4/5)
Musical power purchasing suggestions from Eugene O'Brien, Julian Milkis, Conor Guilfoyle and Diane O'Connor

Culture File: Culture File: The Joy of Recluttering...with music (3/5)
Activist performer, Tonie Walsh, and blissfully perennial, BP Fallon and historian Shay Kinsella, suggest some musical pleasure to re-discover

Culture File: The Joy of Recluttering...with music
Music you need in your life according to musicologist, Ann Buckley, popster, Xanthony & printmaker, Niall Naessens

Culture File: Music in 2019? It's not all about subscriptions, y'know.
If you're thinking of buying (gasp!) some physical products (double gasp!) our guests have some suggestions...

The Culture File Weekly 040119: LA Stories Edition
In this special program from the archives, Luke Clancy brings us on a trip to Los Angeles and recalls his encounters with conceptual perfumers, recalcitrant window blinds, oranges espressos, the ghost of Buckminster Fuller, migrating monarch butterflies and more than a few five star Uber drivers.

The Culture File Yearly: 2018 Rewind
For one night only the Weekly becomes the Yearly, with an XXXL program jaunting from the sound of a tunnel under Belfast to the sound of Lagos, from the tango of art and high finance to gardening in Donegal, from a farewell to Jóhann Jóhannsson to a remembrance of Savita Halappanavar.

Culture File: A Christmas Childhood
Composer Tom Lane recalls childhood memories that inspired his choral setting of Patrick Kavanagh's A Christmas Childhood

The Culture File Weekly: December 21st
This weekly, life in the saddle with ex-courier and leading cyclogeographer, Jon Day, and a visit to Ostens, the little shop in Marylebone that wants to help you smell better, and a visit with pioneering Irish couturier-cum-gallerist, Ib Jorgensen

Culture File "Likes": Jack Fennell
Jack Fennell, editor of Tramp Press's A Brilliant Void Irish sci-fi anthology shares a few of his favourite things

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