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Culture File: Turning "MS 127" into music
TCD musicologist, Ann Buckley and her singers have been turning a part of the Chester Beatty bequest into sound

Culture File: Huw Warren's Balancing Act
Pianist, Huw Warren moves from Bossa to Bach learning that less is more. Except in those cases where more is more

Culture File: What Is A Normal House?
A Dublin architectural jaunt, from the domestic project called Normal House to the Brutalist giants of TCD

Culture File: Woman-Centred Design
Marie Louise Juul Søndergaard and Sarah Homewood, on designing for a woman, rather than for women

Culture File 'Likes': The Raving Grannies
Galway Arts activists, Ann O'Dea and Margaretta Darcy share their personal preferences in sights, sounds and smells

The Culture File Weekly 121018: Irish Herbalism, Women in Cycling, The Saurophone
In this Weekly's gathering, the Irish herbalist revival of Sean O Gaoithin, who has turned his Donegal cottage garden into a library of plant lore. In East London, we meet the activists working to get more women cycling, and in Galway, the Finnish musical inventor, Yrjänä Sauros, stokes up the single-stringed noise machine he calls "The Saurophone"

Culture File: Mobility InEquality
Voices at the Women and Cycling conference in London, on the obstacles and solutions to getting more women cycling

Culture File: Mr Sauros's Saurophone
Yrjänä Sauros, inventor virtuoso of the saurophone, brings his one-stringed creation to Galway Jazz festival

Culture File: Secrets of A Donegal Garden (2/2)
Sean O Gaoithin, Head Gardener at Glenveagh National Park, on cultural memory recovery in a Donegal garden.

Culture File: Secrets of A Donegal Garden (1/2)
Séan O Gaoithin tends a small plot of land around his cottage in Falcarragh planted with ancient botanical story.

The Culture File Weekly 051018: Radio.String.Quartet, Prisoner of Conscience, Sadie Red Wing, JS Bach
This weekly, Vienna's Radio.String.Quartet strain the meaning of jazz, Russian art-punk provocateurs, Pussy Riot, are celebrated in a choral song cycle, designer, Sadie Red Wing advocates for Native American graphic design, and we find out why the hardest working man in show business was not James Brown, by JS Bach.

Culture File 'Likes': Conor Guilfoyle
Drummer and jazz professor, Conor Guilfoyle endorses his current favourite documentaries, music, books and food

Culture File: radio.string.quartet at Galway Jazz Festival
Vienna's radio.string.quartet are slapping, tapping, hammering and sampling jazz into strange, unexpected shapes

Culture File: A Day in The Life of JS Bach
Composer, Gerry Murphy on a day in the life of Kapellmeister of Thomaskirche, Leipzig, the industrious Herr Bach

Culture File: Sadie Red Wing's Design Mission (DRS 2018)
Designer, Sadie Red Wing on tribal visual sovereignty and making visible Native American graphic design.

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