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Culture File "Likes": Diane O'Connor
Standup comedian, Diane O'Connor on some of the music, books, podcasts and scents she's been enjoying.

Culture File: Savita
A visit to the site of street artist, Aches' image of Savita which has become an impromptu memorial for Dubliners

Culture File: Hannah Fitz's Knock Knock
An old joke is one entry point for Dublin artist, Hannah Fitz's first solo exhibition, Knock Knock

Culture File: Scentsational
A first sniff of Scentsational, a new nose-first route through the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin.

Culture File: You'll have another wee Noggin?
Furniture historian Claudia Kinmonth x-rays the wooden drinking vessels of ancient Ireland.

Culture File "Likes": James Macmillan
Composer and conductor, James Macmillan shares some of the movies and music, tv and tastes he's been enjoying.

The Culture File Weekly: May 25th
This Weekly; Diane O'Connor, Alper Canigüz The Nature of Things, The Eskies

Culture File Live: The Eskies
Dublin group The Eskies join Luke live in studio.

Culture File: Breastfeeding Alfresco with Diane O'Connor
Stand up comedian, Diane O'Connor turned her encounters with "boobaphobia" into comedy gold.

Culture File: A Child Detective in Istanbul
Turkish novelist, Alper Caniguz, on his detective hero, a philosophy-loving five-year-old called Alper Kamu.

Culture File: The Nature of Things
Dublin-based smell hunter, Benoit Nicol, on the travels behind his natural oils startup, The Nature of Things

Culture File "Likes": David Power
Current keeper of the legendary 18 Moloney chanter, piper David Power shares his current "likes"

The Culture File Weekly: May 18
This weekly: the Baltimore Fiddle Fair, piper, David Power and clarinetist, Julian Milkis

Culture File: The Woody Problem
Clarinettist, Julian Milkis, on a spiked project with Woody Allen and the politics of listening

Culture File: Memories of Benny Goodman
Clarinetist, Julian Milkis, recalls the stares and flashing fingers of his mentor, Benny Goodman.

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