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The Culture File Weekly 060320: Druid's Cherry Orchard; Carole Nelson's Arboreal; Marise Gaughan's reading habits; Subset's struggle
In Galway, Druid Theatre Company joins the likes of New York's Met in streaming their latest production live to cinemas; in Carlow, Carole Nelson is foraging for jazz inspiration; in Dublin, we hear the voices behind the spray cans of artist collective, Subsert and we edge along the bookshelf of comedian, Marise Gaughan

Culture File: Harvesting The Cherries
This week, Galway's Druid Theatre company joined the likes of New York's Met and London's National Theatre in streaming their latest show (Tom Murphy's version of The Cherry Orchard) live to cinemas

Culture File: Carole Nelson's Eco-Jazz
Composer and jazz pianist, Carole Nelson walks through her local woodland in South Co. Carlow inspired her new 'eco-jazz' album, Arboreal

Culture File: First They Came For Stormzy...
Murals from artist collective, Subset have been one of the most visible additions to Irish streets in recent years. Love for their colourful creations is intense, but not universal

Culture File: Catch and Kill
Writer and comedian, Marise Gaughan has been giving the kind of prolonged attention to Ronan Farrow's investigation into the Weinstein case that few volumes in her library receive

Culture File x NMD2020 'Likes': Andreas Borregaard
Accordion virtuoso, Andreas Borregaard shares some of the his favourite movies, music, reading and scents

The Culture File Weekly 270220: Úna Monaghan, Darragh Morgan, Diatribe records, Andreas Borregaard
Culture File's New Music Dublin special takes in composers from Bach to Walsh, gear from Baroque bows to MAX patches, and gigs from accordion-driven performance art to a marathon outing from Morton Feldman, as well as the launch of seven brand new albums from Diatribe records

Culture File: Scifi Accordion
The future of the accordion, according to Danish virtuoso, Andreas Borregaard, will take in everything from Bach to Performance Art

Culture File x NMD2020: Darragh Morgan
Violinist, Darragh Morgan on why "new music" isn't niche, as well as Zen and the art of Morton Feldman

Culture File x NMD2020: Avenged Sevenfold
Nick Roth and Matthew Jacobson's Diatribe eclectic record label is releasing seven albums to coincide with New Music Dublin 2020

Culture File x NMD2020: Úna Monaghan
Harpist and composer, Úna Monaghan is exploring traditional music with the help of her laptop

The Culture File Weekly 210220: Mardi Gras Indians; Bohemianised Phibsborough; disembodied voices and Irish Art Song
This week, we're preparing to parade with the Mardi Gras Indians down in New Orleans; attending pub theatre in Bohemianised Phibsborough; discovering the enduring power of disembodied voices with Eoghan Nolan and reminding ourselves about the words and music of the Irish Art Song Project

Culture File 'Likes': Barry Adamson
Bassist, composer, actor and poly-mathematician, Barry Adamson is here to share some of his favourite sounds, sites, smells and tastes

Culture File: Big Chief Kevin's Fat Tuesday
Irish filmmaker, Moira Tierney on the rich, complex tradition of New Orleans' Mardi Gras Indians

Culture File: Tionscadal na nAmhrán Ealaíne Gaeilge, Arís
Da´irine Ni´ Mheadhra's latest project adds 50 new entries to the once sparse repertoire of Art Song in the Irish language (Redux)

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