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Culture File: The Scent of Galway?
We continue our tiny dive into the new world of Irish perfume at Cloon Keen Atelier, Galway.

Culture File: A Brand New Perfume Culture
A week of Irish perfumery begins with a man who visitors to Dublin's Parfumarija scent mecca know simply as "Freddie"

Culture File "Likes": Ann Buckley
Medieval musicologist, Ann Buckley, shares some of the words and music that delight her.

The Culture File Weekly: March 30th
This weekly Max Haiven, Ann Buckley & Xnthony

Culture File: The Saints and The Scholar
Contemporary musicians to interpret medieval hymn books with help from TCD musicologist, Ann Buckley.

Culture File: The Art and Money Tango (Part 2)
Max Haiven on how art helps us demystify money.

Culture File: The Art and Money Tango (Part 1)
Max Haiven on the rise of money as a subject in art, and art as a form of money, an asset class for the super-rich.

Culture File: Rebranding Roscommon with Xnthony
Anthony Keigher, the creator of performance art pop sprite, Xnthony, has the scheme to rebrand Roscommon.

Culture File "Likes": Landless
Meabh Meir and Ruth Clinton, 50% of all-woman vocal group, Landless, share their culture pleasures.

The Culture File Weekly: March 23rd
This weekly, David Klavins, Sustainable Futures, Pluriligualism

Culture File: Sustainable Futures
Claire Ryan, curator of Sirius Arts Centre's current Sustainable Futures season, on earth, art and eco-ethics.

Culture File: David Klavins and Nils Frahm Reinvent The Piano
Hungarian-based, German piano maker has been correcting some of the faults with the "frozen" design of the piano.

Culture File: Plurilingual poetry
Suffering from Ennui? Feeling a tad Heimweh? Got a grá for something sweet? Why are there some words that forever defy translation?

Culture File "Likes: Tim Morton
Eco-philosopher and Bjork muse, Tim Morton, shares some of the things he's been reading, watching, eating and sniffing...

The Culture File Weekly: March 16th
This weekly, Colleen "Cosmo" Murphy, The Golden Fleece Award, Esosa & The Fadgies

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