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Culture File 'Likes': Ian Brennan
The super-producer behind Ustad Saami's latest album, Ian Brennan, shares some of the things that provoke wonder

Culture File: The Muezzin and the Tascam
How the 'Adhan' captured in an Istanbul square fed Nick Roth's 2nd Quintet for String Quartet & Accordion

Culture File: CoisCéim's How To Sink A Paper Boat
How a notorious Irish shipping disaster inspired choreographer, David Bolger's film directorial debut

Culture File: Neurodiversity and the Addams Family
Artist and social choreographer, Steve Valk, on that thing you may never have noticed about the Addams family

Culture File: Lost Sounds & Silent Languages
Alice Jorgensen, School of English, TCD, on reconstructing the sound - and emotions - of almost lost languages

Culture File 'Likes': Kate Strain
Fifty per cent of curatorial duo RGKSKSRG, Kate Strain shares some of the things she's been liking lately.

The Culture File Weekly 260419: Maxim Vengerov and Patrick Rafter
This weekly, violinist Maxim Vengerov and his Kilkenny-born star protegee, Patrick Rafter, as they prepare to take on Bach's Double Violin Concerto together at the NCH, Dublin

Culture File: Vengerov and Rafter
Violinist, Maxim Vengerov and his favourite pupil, Patrick Rafter, on what can be taught and what can be learnt

Culture File: Patrick Rafter
Young Kilkenny violinist, Patrick Rafter, on music and the footballing injury that made him reconsider his calling

Culture File 'Likes': Dominic Moore
Cork Writer and puppeteer, Dominic Moore shares some of the books, tv music and scent that's drawn his attention

The Culture File Weekly 120419: RGKS Cribs #1, Anni Albers, Frank Patterson and Dr. Strangely Strange
A dip at Killiney with the "post-exhibition" pioneers of RGKS Cribs #1, the loquacious threads of textile trailblazer, Anni Albers, the two careers of tenor, Frank Patterson, and the wonky delights of Ireland's notable contribution to the psychedelic folk genre, Dr. Strangely Strange

Culture File: RGKS Cribs: Not Another Gallery Opening
Curators Rachael Gilbourne and Kate Strain have launched a series of anti-exhibitions called RGKS Cribs

Culture File: Ireland's Golden Tenor
The voice of Frank Patterson is celebrated in a new show starring family members, Des Keogh and Gerald Peregrine

Culture File: Anni Albers
The ever-relevant learnings of twentieth century artist, weaver, and materials soothsayer, Anni Albers.

Culture File African Art Week: Ade Adekola
Ade Adekola is an architect-turned-artist returned to Lagos after working in Silicon Valley, Berlin and beyond

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