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Culture File "Likes": Heather O'Leary
Sotheby's Head of Modern & Contemporary African Art, Heather O'Leary, on her favs in films, books, food and scent

Culture File: Anne Imhof's Sex
Bring your ears to Sex, the four-hour-ish Tate Modern performance from German It-artist, Anne Imhof

Culture File: The Meeting of Pipes and Tubes
Painter-musician, Barry Kerry gathers on stage his paintings, along with pipers, singers and players for Continuum

Culture File: Moses Rowen & The Hitherto Unsolvable
Irish innovation designer, Moses Rowen, tackles problems as diverse as electric vehicles and keeping NYFD cool

Culture File 'Likes': Georgina Jackson
Curator and Director of the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin, Georgina Jackson shares her choices in film, books, music, food and scent

The Culture File Weekly: Ustad Saami; Old Norse Myth; Dance Share
The microtonal sound of old Karachi drives a new collaboration from super-producer, Ian Brennan and Surti singer, Ustad Saami; a visit to the place puppetry and contemporary dance meet; and a trip to Ragnarok with Prof Helen O'Donoghue.

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