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Culture File: Songs of Love and Longing and "Duro"
Dublin-based singer, Aleka is blending the folk music of her Romanian heritage with contemporary Irish jazz.

Culture File 'Likes': Aleka
Polish-born, Irish-based jazz singer, Aleka, shares a few of her favourite things.

The Culture File Weekly 291118: Tonie Walsh; Liam Gillick
This weekly, two old hands trying on new gloves, as we meet DJ and gay rights activist, Tonie Walsh in rehearsals for I Am Tonie Walsh, a one-man show about his life in the movement and Liam Gillick getting ready for a his latest Dublin exhibition, and noticing how fully the 'portfolio' life of the artist was pilfered by neoliberalism.

Culture File: The Hello Machine
Why old technologies best explain new technologies, according to artist and media archaeologist, Rachel Hanlon.

Culture File: Liam Gillick's Art to Turn Your Back On (Part 1)
The artist, the gig economy and the myth of creativity with the artist, author and curator, Liam Gillick.

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