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Culture File x NMD2020: Avenged Sevenfold
Nick Roth and Matthew Jacobson's Diatribe eclectic record label is releasing seven albums to coincide with New Music Dublin 2020

Culture File x NMD2020: Úna Monaghan
Harpist and composer, Úna Monaghan is exploring traditional music with the help of her laptop

The Culture File Weekly 210220: Mardi Gras Indians; Bohemianised Phibsborough; disembodied voices and Irish Art Song
This week, we're preparing to parade with the Mardi Gras Indians down in New Orleans; attending pub theatre in Bohemianised Phibsborough; discovering the enduring power of disembodied voices with Eoghan Nolan and reminding ourselves about the words and music of the Irish Art Song Project

Culture File 'Likes': Barry Adamson
Bassist, composer, actor and poly-mathematician, Barry Adamson is here to share some of his favourite sounds, sites, smells and tastes

Culture File: Big Chief Kevin's Fat Tuesday
Irish filmmaker, Moira Tierney on the rich, complex tradition of New Orleans' Mardi Gras Indians

Culture File: Tionscadal na nAmhrán Ealaíne Gaeilge, Arís
Da´irine Ni´ Mheadhra's latest project adds 50 new entries to the once sparse repertoire of Art Song in the Irish language (Redux)

Culture File: A Slightly Unreasonable Point of View 2.5
Eoghan Nolan on the unworldly staying power of disembodied voices

Culture File: Bohemian Phibsborough
Dublin theatre group, Corps Ensemble finds a new home above a Phibsborough pub with a bohemian history

Culture File: Barry Adamson's Sound Pictures
Bass guitarist and film composer, Barry Adamson on learning to love bass, working with difficult frontmen and making sound pictures

Culture File: Down On The Colour Farm (Part 2)
Artist, environmentalist and farmer, Nicola Brown, wants to teach the world to love natural plant dyes and sustainable fabrics

Culture File: Down On The Colour Farm (Part 1)
On a farm in Co. Carlow, Nicola Brown has planted everything she needs to create a new generation of natural inks and dyes

Culture File: Marise Guaghan Hearts Valentines
Comedy person and writer, Marise Gaughan is no soulless killjoy when it comes to the feast of anonymous cards / Insta-ready grand romantic gestures, that is Valentine's Day

Culture File 'Likes': Tara Erraught
Dundalk vocal star, Tara Erraught shares some of the reading, listening, watching, eating and smelling she has been savouring.

The Culture File Weekly 070220: Dave Flynn, The Bruckner Problem, Glasshouse
This time, Irish composer, Dave Flynn has some essays at unravelling The Bruckner Problem and we meet the young Dublin ensemble Glasshouse, who may or may not be the 21st-century incarnation of a show band

Culture File: Glasshouse
The founders of Dublin post-classical ensemble, Glasshouse on new music, new venues and a new world of cello

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