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Culture File: Los Paddys
What began in 2012 as an ethnographic project has since grown into Los Paddys, a seven-piece music-and-dance act creating a unique Clare blend of Irish and South American sounds

Culture File: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Anton? (Part 2)
Composer, Dave Flynn's journey into The Bruckner Problem turns apocalyptic with a look at version control in Anton Bruckner's Symphony No 8. (Part 2 of 2)

Culture File: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Anton? Composer and Memory Orchestra-founder, Dave Flynn has a crack at solving "The Bruckner
Composer and Memory Orchestra-founder, Dave Flynn has a crack at solving "The Bruckner Problem" - sniffing out the "truest" versions of Austrian composer, Anton Bruckner's symphonies. (Part 1 of 2)

Culture File 'Likes': Deirdre O'Mahoney
Artist, Deirdre O'Mahoney shares some of her likes in books, films, music, food, and scents

The Culture File Weekly 310120: Caroline Bergvall, Tara Erraught, Terri Hooley and Eoghan Nolan
Poet and performer, Caroline Bergvall scouts Galway, European Capital of Culture for her Ragadawn performance, Tara Erraught finds the right ways to worry about your voice, Terri Hooley plans his rock 'n' roll victory lap, and Eoghan Nolan wonders about the value of remote working

Culture File: Terri Hooley's Goodbye Vibrations
Belfast punk kingmaker and Good Vibrations records founder, Terri Hooley prepares for a victor lap on the decks

Culture File: Tara Erraught's Vocal Wellness
Strep throat is almost the least that singers have to worry about. There are nodules too, and anxiety, and adrenalin. Plus all that music to learn on top. Mezzo-soprano, Tara Erraught aims to help at her vocal wellness boot camp, Celebrating the Voice

Culture File: Caroline Bergvall's Ragadawn
For our first visit to Galway in its year as European Capital of Culture, we join Caroline Bergvall scouting locations for her daybreak performance, Ragadawn

Culture File: A Slightly Unreasonable Point of View 2.3
Everything Samuel Taylor Coleridge knew about the drawbacks of working from home, according to Eoghan Nolan

Culture File 'Likes': Amanda Feery
A few of composer and Kate Bush superfan, Amanda Feery's favourite things...

The Culture File Weekly 240120: Kerry Hagan, Kristyn Fontanella, Blackwater Babble, Old English verse
This weekly, a singer's journey along the Blackwater with Broken Crow theatre company, composing electronic music the open source way with Kerry Hagan, finding the sounds of ancient poetry at TCD, and reforming Irish dance with Kristyn Fontanella

Culture File: Kristyn Fontanella In Limbo
Former champion Irish dance artist turned contemporary dance artist, Kristyn Fontanella on straight leg leaps, TikTok tutorials and the joy on the dancefloor.

Culture File: Lost Sounds & Silent Languages
Alice Jorgensen quest to reconstruct the sound - and emotions - of an almost lost language (Remix)

Culture File: Kerry Hangan's PD
Composer and programmer, Kerry Hagen runs "patching circles" for the musical software Pure Data, an open-source tool that aims to let composers use sophisticated electronics in their work - without calling tech support

Culture File: Blackwater Babble
Broken Crow Theatre's homage to, among other things, Irish pub culture and the singsong is coaxed out of the sung and onto stages around the country

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