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Culture File 'Likes': Bryan O'Connell
Drummer and performer, Bryan O'Connell on the things that make him go 'Bravo!'

The Culture File Weekly 170120: Dublin Inquirer, Deirdre O’Mahony, Myriam Riand, Paul Dwan, Amanda Feery)
Highlights and extras from the week's Culture File, with deep mapping of the woods at Lismore, a festival in Doolin that aims to aid musicians building a career from rural Ireland, under the bonnet of Beethoven's late quartets and the new spirit of journalism.

Culture File: Money? Don't let money stand in your way...
In this moment of media turbulence, the Dublin Inquirer has an idea to create a new relationship between newspapers, readers and money...

Culture File: Mapping The Forest
Can we get out of the woods by going into the woods? Artist, Deirdre O’Mahony's latest project investigates the forests around Lismore in search of a new sense of place

Culture File: Doolin's Music Minds
The Music Minds Festival in Doolin serves up music, but also classes and talks on mastering, promotion, software, marketing, and design - anything a musician might need to launch a career from rural Ireland

Culture File: Even Later Quartets
Composer, Amanda Feery looks under the bonnet of Beethoven's late quartets for her 21st-century work, From Ashes

The Culture File Weekly 100120: Maxim Vengerov and Patrick Rafter
Behind the scenes at the NCH Dublin, with perhaps the world's greatest violinist, Maxim Vengerov and his Kilkenny-born star protegee, Patrick Rafter as the pair prepare to take on Bach's Double Violin Concerto. (Repeat)

The Culture File Weekly 030120: Munich
Culture File returns to the Bavarian capital, busily e-scootering between the gargantuan works of sculptor, El Anatsui at the Haus Der Kunst; the Odeonsplatz to sample a new sound technology being tried out by the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and to the odd green hills above the Olympiapark for some quiet time with a yoga sound art project.

The Culture File Weekly 271219: All the Rembrandts, srsly.
In this special All-Rembrandt-All-The-Time edition, we travel to Amsterdam to join in the Netherland's celebrations of the 350th Anniversary of Rembrandt Van Rijn. For the event, the Rijksmuseum put on display every one of its Rembrandt holdings - a treasure through which curator and Rembrandt biographer, Jonathan Bikker leads Culture File.

Culture File Likes (and Dislikes)
For our last program before the reckoning, we're hearing about some of the best and worst Christmas presents some of our guests have ever received.

Culture File: Music In The Irish Mode
Unpicking the spell of The Wexford Carol, an uncanny sonic apparatus that's snared performers from Julie Andrews to Yo-Yo Ma - and even a few Irish musicians

Culture File: Bruce Flegg Sings Again
Eleanor Flegg dusts off an old box stuffed with 78s recorded by her grandfather, opera singer, Bruce Flegg

Culture File: D8 Souls
It's not quite Ireland's answer to the Wigan Casino, but D8 Soul Club is a magnet for the island's dancing soul fans - and the odd mature mod

Culture File: How Did We Get Here?
Curator, Merve Elveren has been working at Istanbul's SALT archive, finding the material culture that tells a hidden story of modern Turkey's trauma

Culture File 'Likes': Finghin Collins
Pianist and director of Galway 2020's classical music program, Finghin Collins on some of the things that spark joy

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