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Status and Culture Special | Culture File Weekly
W David Marx on how humans' constant struggle for status drives innovation, shaping our art and culture in the most surprising ways.

Culture File "Likes": Dan Colley
Director and creator of DTF show, Lost Lear, Dan Colley on a few of his favourites in watching, reading, listening, tasting and smelling

Status and Culture 3 | Culture File
W David Marx on how the internet and omnivorous taste are remaking the function of culture. (Part 3 - Extended interview coming up in The Culture File Weekly, Sat 1st.)

Status and Culture 2 | Culture File
How French sociologist, Pierre Bordieu helps us understand culture; plus where the freest jazz comes from, in the second part of our conversation with author, W David Marx. (part 2)

Status and Culture 1 | Culture File
W David Marx's new book, Status and Culture looks at how human hunger for status can't help shaping the art and culture we produce. (Part 1)

The Cloud of Unknowing | Culture File
For his latest radio poem, Tadhg O'Sullivan meditates on maps, war and the life of Hungarian poet, Miklós Radnóti.

The Culture File Debate: Missing Audiences
NCH's Robert Read, audience data specialist, Katy Raines, conductor Mark Wigglesworth and Yale School of Music's Astrid Baumgardner on what’s happening to audiences in the “post” COVID world.

Culture File "Likes": Liam McCarthy
Limerick playwright and curator of Bualadh Bos Children’s Festival, Liam McCarthy shares some of his favourite things.

WOMAD 22 | Culture File
Bicycle-based Ukrainian fusion band / song collecting project, Folknery on lost words and lost worlds.

Lost Lear | Culture File
Director and writer, Dan Colley's Dublin Theatre Festival show rehearses the good bits of King Lear in the service of caring for a woman with dementia.

The Trotskys in Kilsheelan... | Culture File
...and Other Histories of Unreliable Origin is Stephen Brandes' vision of a dubious Irish tour by the Russian revolutionary and his wife.

Things Know Things | Culture File
"Telling the Bees": Jennifer Walshe on the Facebook bees of Co Meath.

The Culture File Weekly Sept 17th: Karen Donnellan, Luke Fowler, Paddy Woodworth, WOMAD22
Healing tones in the art of Karen Donnellan, Luke Fowler on filmmaker, Margaret Tait, performance poets Bambi & Dizarel and Paddy Woodworth on naturalist, John Hay.

Culture File "Likes": Karen Donnellan
Glassmaker, sound artist and healer, Karen Donnellan on a few of her favourite things in watching, reading, listening, tasting and smelling.

WOMAD 22 | Culture File
Performance Poetry at WOMAD 22, with first timer, Bambi, and veteran of the UK scene, Dizreali.

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