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Karmageddon | Culture File
Yves B Golden returns with a new radio poem called Karmageddon

Swimming Along Together | Culture File
Pioneering long distance swimmer, Mercedes Gleitze celebrated in the work of Dublin-based artist -- and long distance swimmer -- Vanessa Daws

Jennifer Walshe (XXL version) | Culture File
Extended version of this week's conversation with composer, artist and Oxford Prof of Composition, Jennifer Walshe, touching on, prepping, hugging walls, William Gibson, Meredith Monk, Databots, Early Music, AI, music education and some musical confusion.

Yanny's Garden | Culture File
Botanical artist, Yanny Petters, spent much of her time in recent months studying the garden her German parents began in Co Wicklow in the 1960s.

Jennifer Walshe | Culture File
Composer, artist and Things Know Things creator, Jennifer Walshe on her new role as Professor of Composition at Oxford.

Oedipus Sings | Culture File
Paul Hillier and Chamber Choir Ireland polish a lost gem in Andrea Gabrieli’s 1585 Italian choral take on Oedipus Rex

The Culture File Debate Oct 9th: What Can Art Do For Ecology?
This month, Luke Clancy and a panel featuring ecologists Bill Jordan and Catherine Farrel, composer Karen Power and The Naturalist Bookshelf's Paddy Woodworth, discuss the places where art and ecology can usefully mix.

Culture File "Likes": Adam Gibney
Artist and soldering-iron wielder, Adam Gibney shares some of his favourite reading, watching, listening, tasting and smelling.

The Naturalist's Bookshelf: The Sunflower Forest | Culture File
Paddy Woodworth adds William Jordan's exploration of 'restoration ecology' to his shelf stocked with essential nature writing.

Biosecurity Theatre | Culture File
As a post-pandemic Dublin Theatre Festival opens, Luke Clancy attends a biosecure opening night

Jennifer Walshe's Things Know Things | Culture File
A tentative return to the life of a travelling post-pandemic musician, for Jennifer Walshe.

Culture File "Likes": Larissa O'Grady
Some reading, watching, listening, tasting and smelling favourites from violinist and crash ensemble member, Larissa O'Grady.

The Culture File Weekly Oct 2nd: Pi(e) Edition
A global history of the soft power of hummus; what happens when an AI helps create a gallery press release; the complex business of pie (ie, money) slicing on Spotify; and Silvija Šcerbaviciute's journeys into flute.

Can_you_breathe_for_me? | Culture File
Hobby computers armed with sensors for everything from noise to humidity animate the complex, sometimes humorous work of Dublin artist, Adam Gibney.

Sharing The Music Streaming Pie | Culture File
Is the pie (ie, the money) of music streaming services getting sliced fairly, wonders Prof Aisling Kelliher.

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