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The Culture File Weekly Feb 4th: Negging The Negs
Vaari Claffey and collaborators on the many good reasons not to be an artist in an exhibition at NCAD, finding a new philosophy for understanding technology at a conference in TUD, and Jennifer Walshe on the gamification of the auld sod.

Culture File 'Likes': Vaari Claffey
Curator, Vaari Claffey on a few of her favourites in watching, reading, listening, tasting and smelling.

Care and The Machine | Culture File
Noel Fitzpatrick, professor of Philosophy at TUD, on imagining new ethical imperatives for everyday tech.

Decoding the (Neg) Anthropocene | Culture File
Techne logos, Care And the (Neg) Anthropocene was the title of a recent conference at TUD. Noel Fitzpatrick, professor of Philosophy and one of its organisers, offers some help with the twisty title.

Why Be An Artist? | Culture File
Curator, Vaari Claffey on her new collaborative film exploring the ideas of artist and former head of NCAD, Noel Sheridan, with the help of a 90s performance film.

Jennifer Walshe’s Things Know Things | Culture File
The Digital Soil Beneath Our Feet: Jennifer Walshe on the other earths of farm simulator gaming.

Culture File 'Likes': Carmen C. Kruse
Opera director and former professional soccer player, Carmen C. Kruse on some of her favourites in watching, reading, listening and tasting.

The Culture File Weekly Jan 28th: Vienna '23
A special edition from Vienna includes: art at the re-modelled Austrian Parliament building; artist duo, Muntean/Rosenbloom; crowdsourcing modular opera; and a cross-cast production of The Threepenny Opera.

Vienna '23 | Culture File
Maurice Lenhard, director of Vienna's Volksoper's studio, on his cross cast production of a Brecht and Weil classic

Vienna '23 | Culture File
Vienna artist duo, Muntean/Rosenblum on how Renaissance music flavours their work, and the escape of uniting to create a single practice.

Vienna '23 Part 2 | Culture File
How to make opera about experiences that are unique to the 21st century? Vienna-based Civic Opera Creations, and their co-founder, Carmen C Kruse have a plan.

Vienna '23 | Culture File
In the first of a week of reports from the Austrian capital, a new art program at the just reopened Austrian Parliament building makes the case for democracy in unexpected ways.

Culture File "Likes": Maurice Lenhard
Vienna Volksoper based director, Maurice Lenhard, on a few of his favourite things in watching, reading, listening, tasting and smelling.

The Culture File Weekly Jan 21st: Wild Listening, Wood Walking, Care and Leonard Cohen
Jennifer Walshe goes into the woods, David Stalling trawls the sound of the undersea Atlantic, the power of Care at a conference in TUD, and the music of Leonard Cohen reimagined as the sound of the french renaissance.

Care In the Neganthropocene | Culture File
Irish scholar and author of Care and Capitalism, Katheleen Lynch, talked about the political project of care at a TUD conference exploring Care in our moment.

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