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The Culture File Weekly July 30th: Jennifer Walshe, Iarlaith ni Fheorais, Gwen O'Sullivan, Rob McGlade
Jennifer Walshe preps for a flaming future in the London heat, the spirit of Octavia Butler pervades a new exhibition at Visual Carlow, Transient Ischaemic Attacks fixed in paint; and what happened when Rob McGlade put his poetry collection into the hands of David Sedaris.

The Power of Vinegar | Culture File
Rob McGlade's book of comic poetry celebrates, among other things, the poet's love of the stuff you get (and never get enough of) with your chips.

Painting From Life | Culture File
For painter, Gwen O'Sullivan among the things art can offer is a way to understand devastating illness.

Iarlaith ni Fheorais' Speech Sounds | Culture File
The scifi of Otavia Butler gave the title and some inspiration to curator Iarlaith ni Fheorais' group show at Visual Carlow, Speech Sounds

Jennifer Walshe's Things Know Things | Culture File
Composer, Jennifer Walshe experiences a (very) dry run for the apocalypse in England's 2022 heat explosion.

Culture File "Likes": Sean Lynch
Artist, publisher, and former Irish representative at the Venice Biennale, Sean Lynch on some recent pleasures in watching, reading, listening, tasting and smelling

The Culture File Weekly July 23rd: GIAF2022
A special edition wandering this year's Galway International Arts Festival, taking in art from Maria del Pacheco, John Gerrard, Sean Lynch, Jack Phelan and Annex.

What is An Apparatus? | Culture File
Improbable rituals, impossible legends and plain made up stuff in Sean Lynch's latest show at GIAF 2022.

GIAF's Big Stuff | Culture File
Luke Clancy tours the visual art program at Galway International Arts Festival, taking in work by John Gerard, Luke Jerram, Ana Maria Pacheco and Annex.

Clouds of Unknowing | Culture File
Tadhg O'Sullivan leaps into the unknown - and fetches up at "the year records began".

The Culture File Weekly July 16th: Jennifer Walshe, Paddy Woodworth & Susan Geaney
Jennifer Walshe on her meeting with "the boyo"; Paddy Woodworth on the macro lens of Tina Claffey; Maeve Stone's activist jewelry; and composer, Susan Geaney leads us in some Deep Listening.

Culture File "Likes": Susan Geaney
Some favorites in watching, reading, listening, tasting and smelling from Kerry-born composer, Susan Geaney.

Susan Geaney's Deep Listen | Culture File
Composer and instrumentalist, Susan Geaney on the Deep Listening theories of Pauline Oliveros, and her own new work, Tape Melt.

Maeve Stone | Culture File
Director, activist and jewelry maker, Maeve Stone has a vision of a world beyond the climate collapse.

The Naturalist's Bookshelf: Portal | Culture File
Paddy Woodworth finds room for Irish photographer, Tina Claffey's volume of macro images, Portal, on his ideal Nature bookshelf

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