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Jennifer Walshe's Things Know Things | Culture File
Composer and musician, Jennifer Walshe makes a contact she did not need at a Summer music festival...

The Culture File Weekly July 9th: The Otolith Group; Camilla Hanney
A special edition on The Otolith Group as their show, Xenogenesis opens at IMMA. Featuring the show's curator and IMMA director, Annie Fletcher, and one half of the Otoliths, Kodwo Eshun. Also, a visit to Camilla Hanney's show Lament exploring keening the modern context.

Culture File "Likes": Kodwo Eshun
The Otolith Group's Kodwo Eshun on some essential reading, watching, listening, tasting and smelling.

The Otolith Group (Part 2) | Culture File
Kodwo Eshun of The Otolith Group on the group's film "The Third Part Of The Third Measure" and the music of Julius Eastman. (2 of 2)

The Otolith Group (Part 1) | Culture File
UK artist duo, The Otolith Group's not-actually-a-retrospective, Xenogenesis, finishes its world tour at IMMA in Dublin. (1 of 2)

Klein International Blue (Redux) | Culture File
The origin story of artist and provocateur, Yves Klein's celebrated attempt at colour branding, Klein International Blue.

Camilla Hanney's Lament | Culture File
Lament, the latest exhibition from Irish artist, Camilla Hanney, explores an overlap between working with clay and grieving in sound.

The Culture File Weekly July 2nd: Inua Ellams, Derek Gripper, FertiliTikTok, Tadhg O'Sullivan
Poet and performer, Inua Ellams dashes through Dublin as part of 05Fest, Derek Gripper celebrates the kora magic of Toumani Diabate, an introduction to FertiliTikTok and the further adventures of Tadhg O'Sullivan in the land of not knowing.

Culture File "Likes": Gayle Young
Composer, sound artist and instrument maker, Gayle Young on some of her favourites in watching, reading, listening, tasting and smelling

Inua Ellams | Culture File
Poet, playwright, performer, Inua Ellams is the driving force behind 05fest, an innovative mini season at The Abbey.

Derek Gripper Doesn't Play The Kora | Culture File
South African guitarist, Derek Gripper is coaxing the spirit of the kora into the classical guitar repertoire.

FertiliTikTok | Culture File
The ever-surprising, even growing footprint of social video platform, TikTok reaches a new area: fertility treatment.

Tadhg O'Sullivan | Culture File
Filmmaker, Tadhg O'Sullivan wanders through the soft and foggy world of not knowing.

The Culture File Weekly June 25th: Jennifer Walshe, Peter Power, Gayle Young, SoFFt Nights
A nocturnal Cork ramble in After Light, Jennifer Walshe on the meaning of ownership in AI, Gayle Young on the sonic world near Niagara Falls; and a walk among the cairns and the puppets at SoFFt Nights.

Culture File "Likes": K Allado-McDowell
Writer, musician and AI researcher, K Allado-McDowell shares some favourites in watching, listening, reading, tasting and smelling

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