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Jennifer Walshe's Thing Know Things
In her latest "Things Know Things" composer, Jennifer Walshe notices the hamstrung existences of Britany Spears and a robot. (More from the series here: https://bit.ly/3A9xsdy

The Culture File Debate June 26th: #WeWillDanceAgain
#WeWillDanceAgain emerged in the heart of the pandemic as an evocative slogan of resilience. But what does dance have to offer to a post-pandemic world? On our panel, Michael Klien, Professor of the Practice of Dance at Duke University, performer and conflict resolution guru, Dana Caspersen; and Galway-based dance artist, Bernie Divilly, lead.

"Stendhal and Me" | Culture File
Los Angeles-based poet and musician, Yves B Golden creates another radiophonic summer space for Culture File.

The Culture File Weekly June 26th: Darkfield, Sarah Rimkus, Yves B Golden
On the air this week is our latest Culture File Debate: We Shall Dance Again, but in this here podcast-only edition we'll have choral acts of remembrance, with US composer, Sarah Rimkus, Jeremy Till on post-scarcity art, a moment of radiophonic poetry from Yves B Golden, disembodied theatre with Darkfield Radio.

Culture File "Likes": Katherine Boucher Beug
Reading, watching, listening, tasting and smelling pleasures of artist, Katherine Boucher Beug,

Sarah Rimkus' Uprooted | Culture File
Sarah Rimkus' choral setting of interviews with survivors of the US's WWII internment of Japanese-Americans gets its Irish premiere this week from Chamber Choir Ireland.

Darkfield Radio | Culture File
Darkfield co-directors, David Rosenberg and Glen Neath began using smartphones as a way to make theatre in the streets of London, but ended up creating the perfect pandemic artform.

The Design of Scarcity (redux) | Culture File
Jeremy Till on a mission for art and design beyond creating objects that inspire ever-increasing consumption.

Jennifer Alford | Culture File
Jennifer Alford was among a group of Irish markers invited to create in craft a personal response to an object in the National Museum.

Music Beyond Five Lines and Four Spaces | Culture File
Soprano, Elizabeth Hilliard lets her voice "out of the box" in a new work by Gráinne Mulvey celebrating "Great Women".

The Double Life of Lizzie | Culture File
To the fans, she's singer/guitarist with Irish rockers, Bitch Falcon; or perhaps electronic artist and remixer, Cool Girl. But that's only half the story of Lizzie Fitzpatrick

Jennifer Walshe's Things Know Things | Culture File
Artist and composer, Jennifer Walshe wonders how a music recommendation AI can ever hope to best RL serendipity.

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