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Gayle Young's Nature | Culture File
The landscapes near her home on Lake Ontario, such as Niagara Falls, feed composer, Gayle Young's microtonal music in the gentlest ways.

SoFFt Nights | Culture File
The mind-expanding possibilities of everything from crows to capoeira, and even music, at the SoFFt Nights Festival in Co Meath.

Peter Power's After Light | Culture File
Artist Peter Power's own experience of insomnia inspired his nocturnal Cork audio tour cum installation cum performance, After Light: These Dark Citizens.

Jennifer Walshe’s Things Know Things | Culture File
Artist and composer, Jennifer Walshe encounters a recent interview given by Google's LaMDA AI.

Culture File "Likes": Eva O'Conor & Hildegarde Ryan
Multi-hyphenated theatre makers, Eva O'Conor and Hildegarde Ryan on some recent favourites in watching, reading, listening tasting and smelling

K Allado-McDowell (XXL interview) | Culture File
Writer and researcher, K Alado McDowell on writing with AI, the statistics of language, and the natures of spirits in the machine, in an extended version of our interview broadcast this week.

The Culture File Weekly June 18th: K Allado-McDowell, Amanda Mole, Danny McCarthy
K Allado-McDowell on their AI collab novel, Amour Cringe and the possibility of sentient AI, sound artist, Danny McCarthy's new use for chamber pots, and organist, Amanda Mole gets acquainted with the organ at St Bartholomew's, Ballsbridge.

Mole at the Console | Culture File
US recitalist, Amanda Mole is getting to know the organ at St Bartholomew's, Ballsbridge for her dates at Pipeworks 2022.

Urination Once Again | Culture File
Cork sound artist, Danny McCarthy's latest homage to James Joyce is a sound installation celebrating a famous potty pun...

K Allado-McDowell (Part 2) | Culture File
What is new about recent AI-generated texts, such as K Allado-McDowell's novel, Amount Cringe, created via GPT-3?

K Allado-McDowel | Culture File
K Allado-McDowell has been using GPT-3 as a writing partner, most recently for a novella, Amour Cringe.

Culture File "Likes": Robert O'Byrne
Writer, talker and Irish Aesthete on the 'gram, Robert O'Byrne on some of his favorites in watching, reading, listening, tasting and smelling.

The Culture File Weekly June 11th: Chromesthesia, Dracula's Substack, Ghostwriters
Hearing colours with three musicians who variously experience chromothesia, the musical occult in the form of musical ghostwriters; and Jennifer Walshe enjoys getting a regular email from Dracula.

A Profitable Way to Be An Introvert | Culture File
In music, there are many ways of "getting the work out there" that don't involve becoming a household name...

The Chromesthetes | Culture File
Tara Scanlan's experience of 'hearing colours,' she discovered, is something she shares with her friend, fellow composer, Ciaran McGinn.

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