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Culture File "Likes": Cinder Well
Singer-songwriter, surfer and sometime Co Clare resident, Amelia Baker on some of her favourites in watching, reading, listening, tasting and smelling.

The Culture File Weekly: at The End of The Road
A special program from this year's End of The Road Festival, with Bafta-award winning director and festival film curator, Mark Jenkin, academic and folk singer, Angeline Morrison - plus a little help choosing your new favourite band from Manchester design duo, Mikesian Studios.

Sorrow Songs | Culture File
Academic, musician and songwriter, Angeline Morrison is fortifying UK folk music by creating the missing folk songs of the Black British experience.

EOTR23: The Cornish Sound Unit | Culture File
The second part of a convo with Mark Jenkin, director of "Cornish Folk Horror" film Enys Men, on making Cornish films and music.

Cornish Sound Unit Xtra | Culture File
Director Mark Jenkins on the real and imaginary biographies of a lobster that acted in his Bafta award-winning film, Bait.

EOTR23: Mark Jenkin | Culture File
Mark Jenkin, director of Bafta winning fishing tale, Bait, on creating a live soundtrack to his "Cornish Folk Horror" Enys Men.

Can You Spot An AI-written Email? | Culture File
Who Wants to Write an Email? is an AI-hype sniff test in the form of an interactive comedy quiz show about spotting AI-created text.

The Culture File Weekly 090923: Tokens, Fischersund, The Walking Walls
Luke Clancy introduces the latest collection of culture stories: from a "caoineadh of ecological and climate grief" sung on a lake in Cavan, to the siblings behind Icelandic music, art and scent brand, Fischersund and the past present and future of the tokens sometimes known as money.

Culture File "Likes": Shaun Davey
Composer and clarinetist manqué, Shaun Davey on some his favourites in watching, reading, listening, tasting and smelling.

The Waking Wall | Culture File
"A caoineadh of ecological and climate grief" is what artist, AlanJames Burns and collaborators Chandrika Narayanan-Mohan and NYAH, call their new collaborative performance-cum-ritual on a Co. Cavan lake.

A Beached Whale Is About To Explode | Culture File
Sigurrós and Inga of Fischersund on the scentscape of Iceland, including that unforgettable whale

Other Tokens | Culture File
The second part of our conversation with Rachel O' Dwyer, author of Tokens: The Future of Money in the Age of the Platform, on platform payments and programmed money. (2/2)

Burn Some Money | Culture File
Rachel O'Dwyer's new book, Tokens: The Future of Money in the Age of the Platform, sees the Irish writer meeting money in all its emergent forms.

The Culture File Weekly 020923: White Can Dance Too (Remix)
Kalaf Epalanga on his debut novel and the story of kuduro, with sounds from Tony Amado, Os Lambas, Carl Craig and Epalanga's old band, Buraka Som Sistema. (Remix)

The Culture File Weekly 260823: Vienna '23
Another chance to hear our special edition from Vienna, featuring: art at the re-modelled Austrian Parliament building; artist duo, Muntean/Rosenbloom; crowdsourcing modular opera; and a cross-cast production of The Threepenny Opera.

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