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Jennifer Walshe's Things Know Things | Culture File
Even the undead are on Substack now. Jennifer Walshe has been enjoying an email newsletter of Bram Stoker's epistolary novel. And the memes.

The Culture File Weekly June 4th: Barbados Celtic Festival
Culture File sets sail for Barbados Celtic Festival and hears from among others, champion calypsonian, The Mighty Gabby; Mark O'Callaghan, son of To Hell or Barbados author, the late Sean O'Callaghan; and Barbados' Poet Laureate, Esther Phillips.

A Poet on The Island (XXL podcast only) | Culture File
An extended version of Culture File's conversation with Esther Phillips, recorded on the poet's back porch in the Parish of Christ Church on the Republic of Barbados, on an afternoon in May 2022.

A Poet on the Island (Part 2) | Culture File
Barbados poet laureate, Esther Phillips reads and explores her new poem, My Ancestors Gifted Me Their Silence.

A Poet on the Island | Culture File
Barbados poet laureate, Esther Phillips on her new body of work questing for the real meanings of reparations.

Adding To The Archive in Barbados | Culture File
The papers of "To Hell Or Barbados" author, Sean O'Callaghan find a home in the Barbados' Department of Archives.

The Mighty Gabby | Culture File
Culture File's sojourn on the freshly-minted Republic of Barbados begins with a walk on the beach with Rihanna's favourite calypsonian, The Mighty Gabby.

The Culture File Weekly May 28th: In Gardens Where We Feel Secure
In an outdoorsy edition, Robert O'Byrne on the history of the Irish garden, Paddy Woodworth on a book examining a square meter of forest, Liam Cagney on a Donegal childhood, and Mark Jenkins thinks bittersweet thoughts of home in Wales

Culture File "Likes": Tobi Omoteso
Hip Hop artist and Dublin Dance Festival Dancescape curator, Tobi Omoteso on some of the things he's been enjoying

A Psychedelic Childhood in Donegal | Culture File
Liam Cagney on a boyhood learning to love Orbital, The Orb and all the pomps of a Rave New 90s World.

In An Irish Country Garden (Full Tour) | Culture File
Robert O'Byrne, along with designer David Meaney, lead us through the exhibition "In Harmony with Nature: the Irish Country House Garden 1600-1900". Recorded at City Assembly House, Dublin. Presented by the Irish Georgian Society

In An Irish Country Garden | Culture File
Robert "The Irish Aesthete" O'Bryne's latest project is "In Harmony with Nature" an exhibition tracing the history of the Irish Country House Gardens. Presented by the Irish Georgian Society

A Bittersweet Symphony | Culture File
For her latest plunge into the life of a musician in turbulent times, Cliodhna Ryan talks to Welsh-born double bassist, Mark Jenkins.

The Naturalist's Bookshelf | Culture File
Paddy Woodworth's latest addition to The Naturalist's Bookshelf is David George Haskell's minutely observational 2012 volume, The Forest Unseen.

Culture File "Likes": Liz Roche
For Dublin Dance Festival, choreographer and Liz Roche Company co-founder, Liz Roche shares some of her favourites in watching, listening, tasting and smelling.

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