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A History of California, Capitalism and The World (Part 1) | Culture File
Historian Malcolm Harris on his new book on the San Francisco suburb that gave the world the "Palo Alto System". (1/3)

The Naturalist's Bookshelf: Death of A Naturalist | Culture File
Paddy Woodworth's imaginary shelf of the world's best nature writing adds a slim volume (or three) of poetry by Seamus Heaney.

The Culture File Weekly: The World's Longest Stage
A spectral reimagining of the music of Seán Ó Riada, Marco D'Agostin's tribute to the late English dance artist, Nigel Charnok, a visit to "the longest stage in the world" and Jennifer Walshe on all the many ways that AI is like an energy drink.

Culture File Likes: Marco D'Agostin
Choreographer, dancer and former cross country skier, Marco D'Agostin on some of his favourites in watching, listening, reading, tasting and smelling.

GrünflächenUnterhaltung | Culture File
The GrünflächenUnterhaltung is a yearly event held in the German city of Münster creating "the longest stage in the world" with four kilometers of musicians performing on a Saturday afternoon in May.

Swell Maps | Culture File
The musical territory of Seán Ó Riada reimagined by Ordnance Survey, the current moniker of Irish composer and musician, Neil O'Connor.

Best Regards, Marco D’Agostin | Culture File
The dance philosophy of late British choreographer, Nigel Charnok is honoured in a show from one-time pupil, Marco D’Agostin.

Jennifer Walshe’s Things Know Things | Culture File
AI Is An Energy Drink: Jennifer Walshe on how generative AI has much in common with your favourite can of caffeinated pop.

The Culture File Weekly 130523: Make Techno Black Again
Musician and theorist, DeForrest Brown on The Otolith Group, the origins of Detroit techno and his Make Techno Black Again campaign; Susan Stenger on the sound of Connemara granite, and Berlin cellist, Anne Müller on her great escape from the orchestra.

Culture File "Likes": Ellen Reid
Composer and creator of the NCH's new sound installation in Stephen's Green, Ellen Reid on a few of her favourites in watching, reading, listening, tasting and smelling.

Make Techno Black Again (Part 2/2) | Culture File
DeForrest Brown on the music and the underwater mythos of Detroit techno duo, Drexciya. (2/2)

Make Techno Black Again | Culture File
American writer and musician, DeForrest Brown is on a mission to rewire ideas of what Techno really is -- where it came from and what it's for.

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