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Jp Readers Submit Their Jeep Photos
  Sexy Flexy Hailing from Spokane, Washington, is Jason Sandow and his 1990 Jeep Wrangler YJ. Jason has built this into one crazy wheeling machine. It sits on four-link front and rear suspensions with 14-inch Fox coilovers, Pro Comp air bumps, and limiting straps. It has vintage 1978 Dodge Dana 60 front and Dana 70

Dispatch: Jeep News from Jp
1. Jeep News & Rumors We’ll let you decide whether this was an odd tie-in. Said Jeep: “Consumers experienced the opportunity to ride in the all-new’20 Jeep Gladiator, the most off-road–capable midsize pickup ever, or the’19 Jeep Wrangler, MotorTrend’s SUV of the Year, on the flight deck of the USS Hornet. After participating in the

LS Mail Delivery 1978 DJ-5
The Jeep was marketed as a utilitarian vehicle when it hit civilian soil after World War II. With things like auxiliary power take-off equipment available, Jeeps were truly capable of just about anything. On the battlefield and in the farmer’s field, the Jeep proved itself time and time again. As if that wasn’t enough, there

Top Gear arrives!
It’s not often that we have big, important, breaking news—but now we do. The famed BBC show from jolly old England is now available on the MotorTrend App. To start streaming the entire catalogue (except for season 1), sign up for your free trial of the MotorTrend App at Top Gear is one of

LS-powered “Limitless” 2014 JK Arose from the Scrapyard
Riding in the passenger seat of Chet Kokkeler’s white LS-powered JKU as it effortlessly climbed over boulders on a rugged trail high in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains, it was hard to imagine that 15 months earlier, this agile, powerful Jeep was nothing more than a stripped tub sitting on a bare frame in the corner of

All the Latest Jeep News
1. Jeep News & Rumors Is there going to be a Black & Tan Edition of the ’20 Jeep Wrangler? And a non-eTorque version of the 2.0L? Kelley Blue Book went through all the awards it handed out in 2019 to award another award: 10 most awarded vehicles of 2019. The Jeep Wrangler ranked No.

One Year With Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Tires
A little over a year ago, we began our long-term test of a set of Cooper Discoverer STT Pro mud-terrain tires. For most, the excitement of getting new tires is also met with a feeling of uncertainty. Will they meet your needs and expectations? Will they whine so loud on the highway that you can’t

How-To: Buy the Best Tires for Your Jeep
Tires, donuts, rubber, treads—whatever you call them—they are one of the very first big decisions made when upgrading your Jeep. New tires are an important decision that should be made carefully since your Jeep will rely on them for many miles. We’re going to look at three basic types of tires that are most widely

Cool New Products for Your Jeep
Street Light Baja Designs announces the company’s first street-legal light line, the Squadron SAE. The new lights are based on the popular Squadron Series off-road lights, but the Squadron SAE lights are engineered to be street-legal fog/driving lights. A prominent difference between the lines is that the new series complies with the SAE J583 standard

Mailbag: Jp Letters to the Editor
Factory V-8 Gladiator? I’ve been really busy lately, but just got enough free time that I could read all the issues of magazines (including and first Jp) that have been piling up untouched on the table. In Jeep News & Rumors (Dispatch, June ’19), you asked the question, “Is Jeep planning a version of the

Trail Head: To Each Their Own
It’s true: I love all Jeeps. Even the ones I personally find unappealing. I just have to step back and remember that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, and what I enjoy looking at doesn’t always reflect what the rest of the Jeeping world likes. We all have our own predilections for

Forest of Jeeps
We’ll admit it. Sometimes we get so caught up in legendary and almost mystical Jeeping locations that we overlook great places that are right next door. How many times have you driven for what seemed like days to some great trails, even though there was also serious wheelin’ in your own backyard? For many of

Driving the New Jeep Gladiator
Yes, it’s here. And yes, it’s all Jeep. Make no mistake—this is truly the most capable midsize truck produced in America. Those may be bold words, but as far as a 4×4 goes, only the Gladiator offers front and rear locking diffs and 4:1 transfer case gearing options, as well as the option to become

Your Jeep Tech Questions Answered
BA-10 to AX-15 I’m in the process of updating to the AX-15 and NP231 transfer case with SYE kit installed, removed from a ’94 YJ. My concern, after reading dozens of forums and gathering as much info as possible, is that there are possible issues with swapping out the BA-10 and in with the AX-15.

Self-Made 1982 CJ
We get a letter to the editor or a comment on one of our social media channels concerning the built versus bought debate on almost a daily basis. Some won’t have anything to do with the other, some express their distrust of the other, and some refuse to be seen in public with the other,

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