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Resurrecting an old 1953 Willys Jeep Flat Fender Project
Along with a handful of others, this 1953 Willys DJ-3A flatfender is one of the most recognized flatties around. Built by Christian Hazel in his garage and covered in the pages of Jp magazine in the early 2000s, the ’53 Willys first hit the trail in the fall of 2003. The first time the tires

Jeep Off-Road Toolkit
We’ve been off-roading at a hardcore level for decades. In all that time, on virtually every trail in the country, in all sorts of terrain there’s one common denominator: Stuff breaks. It’s just the nature of the beast. When you’re out pushing the limits of traction, gravity, and (sometimes) commons sense, you’re gonna bust stuff

Custom Icon 4x4 “Woody” 1965 Kaiser Jeep Wagoneer Re-engineered with Modern Technology
If industrial designer Brooks Stevens had today’s materials and manufacturing when he designed the Jeep Wagoneer in 1963 as the successor to the Willy Wagon, how would it have been different? Noted vehicle restyler Jonathan Ward of Icon 4×4 asked himself that question when undertaking a 1965 Wagoneer project. “We wanted to basically build an

Jeep Renegade 4xe First Edition and Compass 4xe First Edition Coming to European Markets
The upcoming 2021 Jeep Renegade 4xe and Jeep Compass 4xe variants are on their way, and it appears our friends across the pond will have first dibs on the plug-in hybrid SUVs. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles launched a series of European-market microsites for the 4xe First Edition, drumming up excitement for the specially equipped Renegade and

How to Fix Jeep Comanche/Cherokee Steering Column Problems
Loose and floppy steering is not an uncommon problem in Jeep Comanches (MJ) and Cherokees (XJ), and many other vehicles like these that utilized a GM tilt steering column. What kind of Jeeper would let something a simple as an unstable and erratic steering wheel keep him or her off the trails? A bad one,

Top 5 Jp Readers Jeeps of the Week
1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee – Built to Explore Zack Dent from Salt Lake City, Utah originally purchased and built this 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee for his dad, but dad ran out of room for it. Zack bought it back and rebuilt it to fit hit off-road needs. Some of the mods include adding 4.56 gears

Upgrade the Jeep JK Charging System with an Optima Yellow-Top Battery
The Jeep JK Wrangler was a huge success and helped popularized the legendary brand. Electronics additions such as LED bars, winches, and exotic entertainment system emerged as some of the most popular upgrades. Those electronic upgrades can placed so much stress on a factory battery, that one of those electronic upgrades should be a premium

Budget Build Jeep TJ: Big JK Gears, Lockers Front & Rear
Aden Ethridge and his budget build 2003 Jeep Wrangler TJ were one of 100 guests with us during the 2019 Jp Dirt ‘N Drive off-road adventure presented by Jeep. Traveling from Farmington, New Mexico to Moab, Utah, with stops in between for lots of great four wheeling over the 4-day off-road adventure, Aden’s custom budget

Vintage 1980 AMC Jeep CJ-5: Diamond in the Rough Found at SEMA
We first caught a glimpse of Kansas Sartin’s 1980 AMC Jeep CJ-5 weaving its way through the crates and boxes of the Upper South Hall on setup day for the 2019 SEMA show. We attempted to follow this diamond in the rough, but our path was blocked in every direction by forklifts, booth paraphernalia, and

How to Bleed Brakes on a Jeep Using DIY Tools
Your Jeep’s brake system is more important than the engine. The engine will make it go, but the brakes are what make it stop. A poorly functioning engine will just make it go slower, but poorly functioning brakes will make it dangerous. No short cuts are acceptable when you’re dealing with your Jeep brake system.

3 of The Best Jeep V-8 Engine Swaps
More on Jeep Engines! New Jeep Engines Dauntless V-6 Jeep Engine Rebuild Jeep V8 Engine Swap Options Jeep V8 Engine Swap Options: Late-Model Muscle Jeeps and V-8 engine swaps go together like peanut butter and jelly, ham and eggs, America and apple pie. What the best Jeep V-8 engine swaps are just may be the most

2012 Jeep “Gladiator” with an LS Engine: A Different Spin on the Gladiator Pickup
Everyone is talking about the new Jeep JT Gladiator, and with good reason. Not only is it new, it’s really cool on many different levels. It’s the first Jeep pickup truck to roll off the assembly line in more than 25 years, it has solid axles front and rear (unlike its mid-size truck competitors), and

10 Best 2020 Jeep JT Gladiator Pickup Builds from SEMA 2019
The 2019 SEMA show was bursting at the seams with custom built 2020 Jeep Gladiator JT pickup, and while we were there narrowed them down to our favorite 10 best Jeep Gladiator JT pickups to give you a look at the possibilities for customizing your own Jeep Gladiator. It’s like no other pickup truck ever

Top 10 Jeeps: SEMA 2019
Every year the off-road and automotive performance industry gathers for the biggest trade show on earth—the SEMA Show. Held annually in Las Vegas, the show brings out the best, and the worst, fabrication and vehicle builds, including trucks, cars, and bikes. Jeeps of every style, from mall-crawlers to rockcrawlers, were everywhere. We’ve scoured the parking

Imported Norwegian Jeeps Cruise Moab, the Rubicon, and More
There are many different levels of Jeep dedication, from the guys that restore old flatfenders to those that build hardcore rockcrawlers with only a Jeep grille, and everything in between. There’s no question that the United States is full of Jeep enthusiasts, but almost none of us have the level of dedication to partially disassemble

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