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Baby Yoda toy makes its big debut
New Baby Yoda toys from the streaming TV hit "The Mandalorian" will reach store shelves in March, the production company said on Thursday, after seeing high demand and success.

Poles go nuts for doughnuts on Fat Thursday
One day a year, Poles forget about the calories and binge on doughnuts to celebrate a traditional Christian feast on Fat Thursday, heading for the nearest confectionary store or bakery and standing in long lines to buy the sweet treats.

A refugee develops a video game with a message
The goal of Lual Mayen's video game is to survive the horrific ordeal of a refugee, an experience that his family knows well. Freddie Joyner has more.

Brazil's 'last Samurai' seeks to keep tradition alive
From the outside, the modest home of 61-year-old Edson Suemitsu looks little different from others in this middle-class neighborhood of Curitiba, a sleepy city in southern Brazil. But entering his garden through a red Japanese gate, into the garage, you’ll find Suemitsu hunched over a grindstone or workbench, working on one of the hundreds of katana swords.

Brazil vet saves animals with custom-made prosthetics
Maria Angela Panelli creates custom-made prosthetics for animals at her practice, helping those with injuries and disabilities get up on their feet - or their beaks - and get moving again.

Sierra Leone gangster leaves the street for poetry
Yousef Kamara was the leader of Giverdamn Gaza, one of Freetown's most infamous street gangs. In 2017, his poetry and song-writing were noticed by Way Out, a collective of musicians and artists who take youth off the streets. Three years on, Kamara's poems have been published in several international magazines.

Violinist plays Mahler, Gershwin as surgeons remove brain tumour
A patient at a British hospital played Mahler and Gershwin on the violin while a tumour was removed from her brain so that surgeons could preserve her ability to play music and her 40-year passion for the instrument.

'Lego Grandma' who builds wheelchair ramps
Rita Ebel makes wheelchair ramps out of Lego, the little bricks of vibrant color add characters to doorways in the west German town of Hanau. Ebel hopes her creation can highlight the day-to-day problems faced by people with disabilities.

Hundreds take part in light run during Copenhagen Light Festival
During the month of February, one of the darkest months of the year, people in Copenhagen can brighten it up by looking at illuminated buildings and light art scattered around the city or take part in a light run during the Danish capital's 23-day Light Festival.

Mozambican hairdresser tackling a fear of dreadlocks
Cadino Chipanga decided 20 years ago to take up hairdressing to focus on 'natural hair' for African women, while tackling the taboo on dreadlocks - a style unacceptable in some African communities since the style is often associated with Rastafarianism.