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“The Clamor of Ornament: Exchange, Power, and Joy from the Fifteenth Century to the Present”
From Christoph Jamnitzer’s buxom amoretti to Wolfgang Hieronymus Von Bömmel’s scrollwork beasts, from François Boucher’s conchiferous Rococo to Robert Adam’s gentrified classicism, from Louis H. Sullivan’s

Swapnaa Tamhane
“Do hands have a chance?” This audio recording, emanating from an intricate hexagonal tent, greeted viewers at the entrance to Swapnaa Tamhane’s solo exhibition “Mobile Palace.” The statement, which

Linda Simpson
Hard-core nightlife denizens are not necessarily archivists or librarians—though legendary drag journalist and bingo maven Linda Simpson is clearly an exception. On two separate visits to this presentation

October 2022

“Three Landscapes: JB Blunk, Anna and Lawrence Halprin”
“Three Landscapes” brought together a trio of artists who lived and worked, both individually and collaboratively, in Marin County, California, during the 1960s and ’70s: dancer and choreographer Anna

P. Adams Sitney on Temenos 2022
DESPITE CONSIDERABLE OBSTACLES—meteorological, sociological, hygienic, economic—the fifth installment of Gregory Markopoulos’s Eniaios, 1947–91, was an astounding aesthetic success. Eniaios is a

Lonnie Holley
You can learn a lot about a culture from what it chooses to throw away. In “The Growth of Communication,” Lonnie Holley attempted a subtle yet profound act of salvage, repurposing discarded materials

Erika Balsom on Irma Vep
SOMETIMES THE WAY OUT is the way through. With Irma Vep (2022), an eight-part miniseries reprising his 1996 film of the same name, Olivier Assayas dives headlong into the sorry state of twenty-first-century

Amalia Pica
Amalia Pica’s work has always been about relationships—how people communicate, what is lost or misunderstood—and about art as a way to give meaning where it is seemingly lacking. In 2008, for instance,

Chloe Wyma on Elsa Schiaparelli
“HER ESTABLISHMENT in the Place Vendôme is a devil’s laboratory,” Jean Cocteau wrote in 1937, when Elsa Schiaparelli, ensconced in her Paris salon with a view of Napoleon’s priapic column, was the

Somnath Hore
In the ink-black night, a wizened, weather-beaten man addresses a group of villagers. Men and women huddle around this messiah-like figure, their faces in rapt attention and illuminated by a kerosene

Emily LaBarge on Cinzia Ruggeri
“FASHION ALLOWED ME to explore the wearer’s intimate secrets, needs, and desires, but also a person’s crazes, fads, and nervous disorders,” said the Milanese polymath Cinzia Ruggeri in 2013, six

“The Sum of the Parts: Dimensions in Quilting”
This year marks the twentieth anniversary of “The Quilts of Gee’s Bend,” an epic exhibition that opened at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and traveled for four years. The show helped to reframe its

Sasha Frere-Jones on Michael Rother
WE MUST FORGIVE OTHERS for the terrible things they do, especially when love takes them to the brink. If you have never heard the first Neu! album, you might find yourself babbling about this music.

“Mirror Image: A Transformation of Chinese Identity”
The seven artists in this exhibition, all born during the 1980s, address a number of issues—political, social, sexual—in a variety of media. But at the core of their investigations is a desire to

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