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Claire Barclay
An unexpected aftereffect of wandering through “Thrum”—Scottish sculptor Claire Barclay’s substantial exhibition this past spring—was a lingering low-level sense of dread. Barclay’s art is mostly abstract

Jean Degottex
More than a dozen unstretched canvases by Jean Degottex, each hardly bigger than a typed page, were displayed in a vitrine in “À la ligne,” a deftly curated and flawlessly installed exhibition devoted

Raúl Domínguez
In Raúl Domínguez’s “Media hora de sol” (Half an Hour of Sunshine), dozens of untitled drawings (all works 2022) covered one wall of a large hallway, scattered like dandelion seeds caught in an updraft.

Tony Cokes
Nearly concurrent with the scandal over anti-Semitic imagery at Documenta 15, a two-venue survey of the work of American artist Tony Cokes opened quietly in Munich. Housed, in part, in a former air-raid

Nancy Haynes
Some paintings are suffused with the time involved in making them. These pictures speak of their own careful and gradual emergence, like ice slowly forming on a lake at the onset of winter. Like a frozen

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