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Tyler Mitchell on photographing his American pastoral
Tyler Mitchell makes visible a Black autonomy, sociality, and joy historically excluded from mainstream American media. For his latest body of work, made during the past year, the twenty-six-year-old

Bipartisan Bill Looks to Give Arts Workers $300 Million Boost
A new bill supported by American Republicans and Democrats alike and seeking to provide $300 million to workers in the pandemic-struck arts sector last week came one step closer to being signed into

Tony Hope
Tony Hope’s “an end to sleep”—the artist’s most stunning and ambitious presentation to date, as well as his first solo outing with Von Ammon Co.—is a surreal neon fun house chock-full of horror, despair,

Nick Bastis
The gallery attendant waved me into Nick Bastis’s exhibition “Real traps,” barely able to restrain his mirth: “You’ll find it very . . . repetitive.” And it was. Along the walls were what appeared to

“Intensive Places”
Organized by the Creative Association of Curators TOK (Anna Bitkina and Maria Veits), the main project of the Sixth Tallinn Photomonth biennial, “Intensive Places,” brings together thirteen artists and

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