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School Computer Filters for Technophobes
A substitute teacher may face jail time because an outdated Internet filter didn't block adult content on a classroom computer. The school's computer monitoring software that filtered adult material was out of date.

Parents, not MySpace, to Monitor Kids Online
A U.S. court ruled that MySpace isn't responsible for protecting children online, but that parents have a duty to monitor computer activity.

Monitoring Internet Access at Work
Businesses hoping to stop inappropriate employee computer use should establish clear policies that are enforced with employee monitoring software.

Parental Controls Needed for Teens
A recent survey on teen dating abuse shows just how important parental control software really is for children and teens.

Courts OK Workplace Computer Monitoring
According to the Central Valley Business Times, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that employee computer monitoring is O.K. as long as employers notify workers of company computer policies.