Stocks Under $10

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Selling Out of a Hot Stock, Trimming Another
We will take our sizable profits after a huge run in BlackBerry shares and we'll ring the register on part of our Nokia position.

Weekly Summary
Last week was a good one as we rang the register on Farfetch and PC-Tel, and trimmed AXT Inc. and Blackberry.

We're Glad This Stock Is in the 'House'
Positive housing data bode well for ADT.

Locking in Big Gains in 2 Positions
We're selling portions of our holdings in AXT Inc. and BlackBerry to realize healthy profits in both stocks.

Exiting a Position on a Unexpected Bump Higher
We're selling our holdings in PCTel on a big overnight jump in the shares despite no news out of the company.

Stocks Under $10 Weekly Summary
We added no new positions last week, but we rang the register on Farfetch -- and we saw solid gains in several holdings.

Saying Goodbye to a Wildly Profitable Position
We're selling the rest of our holdings in Farfetch Ltd., which produced handsome returns but at this point may be priced to perfection.

Here’s What’s Going on With This Position
Why Designer Brands is declining Friday and our plan going forward.

News Nuggets Impacting the Portfolio
While awaiting the revelation of President-elect Biden's economic support plan, we check in on ADT, Nokia and BlackBerry.

Good News on a Healthcare Position
An update on Antares Pharma and where we stand with our price target.

CES Is Confirming Our Investment Thesis
Two days into the major tech event, we see the 5G potential -- and how it plays into AXT Inc.

Stocks Under $10 Weekly Summary
The Portfolio started the new year on a strong note with the majority of our holdings moving higher, yet with some modest declines in Shift Technologies, Coty and Farfetch.

Fetching More Profit in a Retail Holding
We're selling more shares of Farfetch Ltd. to lock in more of our big gains in the stock.

Updates on 2 Positions and a Comment on This Market
Let’s explain what happened with RADA this week and what may be in store for small-cap stocks going forward.

Stocks Push on Despite National Turmoil, but Speed Bumps Are Ahead
After power changes hands in Washington, we expect to see policy shifts ahead, but it will be amid the backdrop of the Covid-19 surge here and abroad.

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