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Russian Election Interference Is Exceedingly Grave, Gompert Says
NPR's Rachel Martin talks to ex-acting Director of National Intelligence David Gompert about reports Trump was angered when he learned lawmakers were briefed on Russia's support of his reelection.

After Early Caucusing Period, Nevada's Voters Turn Out On Saturday
Nevada's caucuses will showcase a state with a large non-white population. The state is using new technology to count the votes — and after Iowa's debacle, caucus officials are nervous.

U.S., Afghanistan And Taliban Announce 7-Day 'Reduction In Violence'
The quasi cease-fire was hammered out during protracted negotiations in Qatar that began in 2018 and could ultimately lead to a significant reduction in U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

2 Off-Duty Police Officers Foil Robbery During Their Date Night
The officers had finished eating at a Louisville restaurant when a man with a gun walked over to the cashier. The couple drew their weapons, he dropped his gun and ran. They caught and detained him.

Actor Orlando Bloom Gets His Tattoo Fixed To Account For Missing Dot
Bloom wanted his son's name Flynn written out in Morse code, and he shared a photo on Instagram. People on the Internet quickly noted that the name was spelled "Frynn" not Flynn.

Enjoy The Extra Day Off! More Bosses Give 4-Day Workweek A Try
The notion of a shorter workweek might sound crazy to overworked Americans, but around the world, companies and even governments are starting to embrace it. The key is fewer meetings and distractions.

In An Internment Camp, Maggie The Magpie Lifted Spirits
Shig Yabu rescued a bird when he was a young boy detained at a Japanese relocation camp in Wyoming. "She was so compassionate with the internees," he said. "I don't think she realized she was a bird."

'Hunters,' A New Amazon Prime Video Series Debuts On Friday
It's New York City, 1977, and a team of Nazi hunters is tracking high-ranking Nazi officials conspiring to create a Fourth Reich in the U.S. The new Amazon series Hunters stars Al Pacino.

Preparations Are Underway For Trump's First Official Visit To India
Last year, President Trump hosted India's prime minister at a rally in a Houston stadium. Next week, Narendra Modi returns the favor with a rally in his home state of Gujarat.

Nevada, S.C. Minority Voters To Help Shape Democratic Presidential Race
NPR's Rachel Martin talks to political strategist Lauren Harper and Janet Murguia of the Latino advocacy group UnidosUS about Nevada's Latino voters and South Carolina's African American voters.

California Gov. Newsom Lays Out Framework To Address Homelessness
Gavin Newsom focused his recent State of the State speech on homelessness. He has worked on the issue for 20 years, from San Francisco City Hall to the Capitol in Sacramento.

Roger Stone Was Sentenced To Prison But Will Trump Intervene?
NPR's Noel King talks to former federal prosecutor Shan Wu about the 40-month prison sentence handed down to Roger Stone, a longtime ally of President Trump, by Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

Lawmakers, During Classified Briefing, Are Told Russia Wants Trump Reelected
NPR's Noel King talks to Washington Post reporter Ellen Nakashima about intelligence officials warning House lawmakers that Russia wants Trump reelected. Trump is furious Congress got the briefing.

Review: Season 5 Begins Friday For 'Better Call Saul'
The hit AMC show Better Caul Saul returns for another season. The Breaking Bad prequel is edging closer to the time when Saul became the fixer for Walter White's meth operation.

As Solar Energy's Price Has Dropped, More Companies Get Onboard
When it was first introduced, solar power was so expensive that it was a punchline in the energy business. Since then prices have fallen, and today solar power is cheaper than coal.