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Are Dogbites Worth More Than Other Lawsuits?
I think they are. There are several reasons. One is that the defenses are limited. The insurance company lawyer is not allowed to say that the injuries resulted from the negligence of the injured person, unless that person: – was committing or attempting to commit criminal trespass or another criminal offense on the property of […]

Who Pays After A Dog Bites Someone In The Greater Cincinnati Area?
Hopefully, an insurance company. But that’s probably not what you wanted to know. Maybe the better question is whose insurance company pays for the injury. Ohio law says that the owner, harborer, or keeper of a dog may be responsible for the bite. Ohio courts have defined a harborer as “one who has possession and […]

How Can I Get The Most Money For A Dog Bite In The Cincinnati Area?
The most important thing after you or a family member is bitten by a dog is to hire a lawyer…. and make sure he is the only one who talks to the insurance guys. But here is the full list. 1) Get treated by a doctor. If the injury is serious, go to the emergency […]

How Do I Get Money For My Injuries Without Filing A Lawsuit?
The rules are pretty simple. The first rule is to hire a good lawyer. Now. Here is what he will tell you: Get treatment as soon as you know you are hurt, and don’t stop until you are completely cured. Why? Because every good lawyer will want to wait to settle your case until the […]

Will My Lawsuit Go To Trial?
Probably not. First, we need to talk about words. A trial is when you have a jury – or maybe just a judge – in a courtroom, and witnesses testifying, and lawyers making speeches, and the jury or judge making a decision after they have heard all the witnesses testify. Nobody really knows how many […]

What Is My Case Worth?
I asked this question because I see it so often when I look at other attorney’s ads on the browser. Google “Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer” or something like that, and you will see all kinds of ads that say the lawyer will tell you what the insurance company on your case will pay you for […]

Why Do I Need A Lawyer To Settle A Personal Injury Claim?
Technically speaking, you don’t. But here are the problems with going it alone. You don’t know when to try to settle your case. You need money now, but you are still hurting, and you don’t know whether settling now will hurt you later. (Probably, you will hurt yourself by settling while you are still hurting.) […]

What Is A Dogbite Worth?
What is a dogbite worth? Probably more than the same injury would be worth if it were caused by something besides a dog. I love dogs. Juries don’t, necessarily. I am guessing, but here are some of the factors. First, in Ohio, the owner keeper or harborer of the dog is liable unless the injured […]

When Do You File Suit In A Personal Injury Lawsuit?
There are a couple answers. Because this is really a couple questions. The first question is how long do you have to file a lawsuit without having the judge throw the lawsuit out because you waited too long. The answer is that you are usually – but not always – ok if you file suit […]

Is It Harder To Settle Lawsuits Now?
Probably not – but it is harder to get the information you need to settle a lawsuit. In the past, most of the delay in getting the information a lawyer needed to settle resulted from the delay caused by treatment – it’s a bad idea to settle a lawsuit until you are fully recovered, so […]

Questions & Answers
If you have a question relating to an accident where you were not at fault and it resulted in injuries, I have answered many of the common questions I have been asked over the years. Just below, you’ll see a number of categories where the questions and answers are listed. You can click one of […]