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Online Trust Alliance (OTA) releases IoT Trust Framework Discussion Draft
Online Trust Alliance (OTA) releases IoT Trust Framework Discussion Draft on home automation and connected home products.

DroneLaw.Pro - Traverse Legal’s new website focuses on the use of Drones/UAVs & FAA Regulations
Traverse Legal, PLC.Pro has recently launched its new website The website focuses on conveying essential information regarding FAA Regulations on the operation of drones (UAS/UAV).

Unauthorized Access to Email and Hacking Issues
In today’s day and age, there are multiple opportunities for your email, social media or other accounts to be hacked. You may need an internet lawyer to review and analyze your information so as to be in position to advise of your options.

Is Your Company’s Data Properly Protected?
Does your company have the correct data protection to ensure data privacy for your users? Failure to properly protect such data could lead to possible data breaches or legal compliance issues.

You Own and Operate A Website, But What Website Agreements Do You Need?
Some websites agreements needed can include Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Copyright Policy and End-User License Agreements, just to name a few. We can help you make sure you have the necessary website agreements for your website and business.

Being Catfished by your Online Dating Website Company?
Because of the recent catfish activities by a certain online dating company, the Federal Trade Commission has recently filed a law enforcement action against JDI Dating, Ltd. Are you being catfished by your online dating website company?

Someone Stole My Company
Hearing the accusation that someone stole your company or business idea is very common. there seems to be an increase of lawsuits between business partners fighting over the ownership after a company becomes successful.

A Registrar Could be in Trouble for ‘Papering the House’
Network Solutions possible in hot water again and facing potential investigation by ICANN and class-action lawsuit?

Sheel Mohnot and Lindsay Holden Interview: ICANN 48 Buenos Aires – YouTube Video
Interview with Sheel Mohnot and Lindsay Holden of Applicant Auction regarding their services for being a third-party market facilitator of ICANN’s new gTLDs.

Right To Be Forgotten YouTube Video
It is said the Internet never forgets, until now that is. In a huge ruling, the highest court in Europe ruled that Google, and other search operators like it, must delete search result if they are requested. They're calling it, “the right to be forgotten.”