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Upcoming IPO: Should You Subscribe to RITES IPO?
RITES, the wholly owned government company is set to hit the market with its Rs 446 crore IPO on Wednesday. The government intends to dilute 12.6 percent of its stake in the company with this offer. It is the first state-owned

Rupee Fall, Escalating US China Tensions Take Sheen Out Of Gold
As the US-China tariff war escalates and rupee falls in value, there looms a threat on the gold and diamond industry with the rise in gold prices over the short term. Though, the medium term outlook is moderate due to consumer

Petrol Prices Cut After 3-Day Halt, No Relief on Fuel Taxes Signals FM
Fuel prices across the countries were reduced again after a three-day pause between June 16 to 18. Crude oil price fell in the Asian markets on Tuesday morning over expectations of OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) and one of the

Pressure Looms On Rupee As It Trades Past 68 Vs Dollar
A number of macro-factors that are currently into play are putting a downward pressure on the domestic unit and after settling marginally up at 67.99 against the dollar on Monday has again retreated lower by 4 paise to trade at 68.03.

Stocks Under Rs 50, Which Remain High Risk High Rewards Bets
There are several stocks that have turned volatile and remain high reward, high risk bets. Here are a few of those. We are not analyzing these based on fundamentals, but, are just mentioning that they can either make or lose money

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