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US Search Awards: Milestone Selected as Finalist for 6 Awards from Products to High-Impact Campaigns
The US Search Awards, which brings together the best of the business in SEO, online advertising, and content marketing has selected Milestone as a finalist in six categories for the prestigious 2022 awards: BEST SEO SOFTWARE SUITE for Milestone Discovery Platform BEST SEARCH SOFTWARE TOOL  BEST SOFTWARE INNOVATION for Schema Manager BEST SOFTWARE INNOVATION for […]

5 Moves Hotels Should Make to Enhance Their Guests’ Digital Experience
As a growing number of people are looking for alternatives when it comes to workspaces following the COVID-19 pandemic, workcations have become a popular trend. Think about this statistic to start with – the largest adult demographic in the United States, the millennials, spend about $180 billion dollars annually on travel1. With remote work options […]

How to do Advertorial and Native Advertising
Content is considered the core of advertising today. However, it’s not easy to determine the best way to advertise that content. Advertorials and native advertising both serve an entirely distinct purpose. Still, both advertisers and advertising sales managers struggle to differentiate the two. Therefore, let’s first understand the basic concept behind advertorial and native advertising.  […]

Engage 2022: The Countdown to Engagement, Connectivity, and Experience
Milestone’s ENGAGE conference is back. Learn how to leverage digital technologies and trends to your benefit. Book your spot now. ENGAGE2022, our annual customer conference for marketers, will be held at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, and we would be so pleased if you could join us. Milestone’s ENGAGE is bringing top-notch thought leadership to you. […]

Introducing Milestone’s Menu Manager for Searchable Menus
For a business to have an influence on its local ecosystem it needs to optimize its local listings to be relevant for customer queries online. This can be done by taking care of its core details (UNAP, description, hours of operation, etc.), attributes, amenities, and reviews on Google, Apple, Yelp, etc. Not only does this […]

21 Amazing SEO, Local, and Site Facts and Data You Need to Know
Milestone Inc. has compiled the following key stats and facts to help you make sense of your site and data and make better digital marketing decisions. These facts are taken from Milestone research reports, which are available for those who want to learn more about the studies and the findings. If you want a summary […]

Whatsapp Organic and Paid Marketing
Advertising is a crucial element of every business’s marketing strategy. There are multiple social media platforms and search engines that businesses can leverage when implementing advertising campaigns. However, Whatsapp is becoming a significantly popular option for marketers wanting to engage the potential audience directly.  The Meta-owned app has approximately 2 billion users worldwide, and those users send around 100 billion messages daily […]

Guide for Event and Trade Show Marketing
Company events and trade shows stand out as the way to reach your ideal customers and to network with other businesses in your industry. Even in our digital age, there’s no true replacement for face-to-face connection. We’ve created this guide to help you navigate events and trade shows from choosing the right one, to deciding […]

Introducing Milestone’s SEO Panel: Defining the Power of SEO
Did you know that 84%1 of searches are now discovery? This means that search engines like Google are becoming a source of information and solutions for users, and ensuring your page is delivering this information to the customer is core to SEO strategies. Surprisingly, 45%2 of businesses face problems getting their pages indexed and crawled, […]

List of the Best Free Tools and Resources from Google
We know SEO is important and there are many different ways to implement a smart SEO strategy, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to answering a user’s query.  Google does that better than anyone else with 92.47% market share of search engines, which drives 80% of their revenue (~$256.74 Billion […]