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Google Simplifies HowTo, QAPage and SpecialAnnouncement Schema
Schema is your ticket to entity optimization as it helps search engines understand the context of your web page content and map them to relevant queries online. Schema properties or structured data fields on the other hand are your content opportunities to better describe the content on the page and created a nested schema architecture […]

Heat Mapping of Driving Direction Requests Now Available for Multi-location Businesses on Milestone Local
Google Maps is one of the most popular ways for customers to discover new businesses on local searches. With mobile searches growing in popularity, ensuring that your Google Listing is up-to-date has never been more important. While phone calls are a great way to gauge how interested an audience is in a business, a request […]

Webinar: Why FAQs Should Be a Significant Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy
Come join Milestone Solutions Manager Brett Dugan and Milestone VP of Marketing Erik Newton to learn the latest on the critical role FAQs are playing in content marketing and discovery. We will discuss how to: Interpret the latest SERP and CTR data Research topics and questions Curate questions from existing sources Create and deploy FAQ […]

How Your CMS Can Help with Omnichannel Content Discovery
With Google stating that it handles more than 2 trillion searches every year, and the numbers growing each year, the content for a business can be perceived as a needle in a haystack. To drive leads and revenue, targeting the high volume keywords and visibility positions on search should be the goal for every business, […]

Milestone Inc. Joins Apple’s Trusted Data Network
As we continue to grow and expand our network in the local ecosystem to provide our clients with the most comprehensive suite of platforms to improve their overall digital presence and reach, we’re thrilled to announce that Milestone has joined Apple’s trusted data network. Apple Maps is the primary mapping service for both iPhone and […]

Google Updates Q3: New Features and Updates, along with Better Ad Campaign Insights
Google, the premier search engine for the Internet, has released several updates to its services over the past quarter to continue its mission to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” This time around Google has focused on making search results clearer and more informative for users by introducing features, like […]

2022 Hotel Strategies to Increase Traffic and Revenue
Milestone has picked out some top proven strategies from its hotel strategy incubator called Portfolio to help you. This article focuses on strategies hotels can work on to build business in 2022: Weddings Serve essential services and workers Improve share vs. OTAs Weekends and staycations Corporate meetings and events Grow Average Daily Rate Grow Wedding […]

Why Schema Is Your Insurance During Site Migrations
Site migration is basically the process of shifting a website from one domain to another either for the purpose of merging websites or rebranding and this can be a critical time for a business. The reason is that if not done accurately, it can result in a severe traffic drop, a potential loss in search […]

Why Entity-Led Growth Matters in 2021 and 2022
Google’s algorithm updates have focused on the queries to enhancing the user experience from single queries to using conversational language. These conversations are happening on screen devices and more frequently via screen-less devices through voice-driven traffic. Google is trying to improve the searcher experience by surfacing more relevancy into their search results by understanding intent and removing ambiguity on the content they discover – which […]

Drive Your Content Strategy Using Entity Optimization
With over 2 trillion searches being carried out every year according to Google, you’d need to think of all the ways that can get your content above your competition on search. In addition, with Google moving from keyword-SEO to Semantic SEO with the BERT and Passage Ranking Algorithms, ensuring that you’re optimizing the entities on […]