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Webinar Recap: Hospitality Marketing Trends and How to Budget for 2024
During this session featured expert speakers provided valuable insights into the latest trends and budgeting tactics for the hospitality digital marketing landscape in the coming year. Our speakers also shared the art of crafting a dynamic online presence that’s perfectly aligned with the AI-driven search and personalized digital interactions of today’s world and how to […]

Quick Guide To Image SEO: The Enterprise Solution Your Business Needs
With over 50%1 of web traffic originating from mobile devices and 50%2 of marketers agreeing that visual content is essential to their marketing strategy, and the emergence of visual search tools like Google Lens and “Search By Image,” optimizing images is paramount for enhancing user experience and boosting SEO performance. Images are no longer static; […]

Introducing Milestone’s AI Content Studio: AI-assisted SEO-first Content Platform
Generative AI has revolutionized the way we manage and do business – with efficiency and scale the talking points. Now that AI has enabled businesses to create content at scale, they need to ensure their content is reaching their audience and is managed efficiently. These factors especially come into play for enterprise businesses that have […]

How to Future-Proof Your Hotel’s Digital Presence in the Era of AI-Powered Search
Artificial intelligence (AI) is an SEO technology that has been used by Google for years to power its search engine. Recently, companies like Google, Bing, Adobe, Meta, and Apple have recognized changing consumer behaviors and are embracing AI and machine learning (ML) as the focus of their product offerings.  With hospitality demand accelerating in 2023 […]

Webinar Recap: Elevate Your Website CMS with AI for Google’s Search Generative Experience or Fall Behind
During the session, Milestone experts Mike Supple, and Ritika Chugh discussed ways to enhance your online presence for the next era of web experiences. They shared the importance of personalizing your website, optimizing entities, creating helpful content, ensuring local visibility, and adhering to Google’s SGE. Also, they have provided practical strategies to make your online […]

The Impact of Google’s Changes to FAQ and How-To Schema on Marketers
On August 8, 2023, Google announced changes to the treatment of FAQ and How-To rich results globally, in all languages. These changes will be rolling out globally over the next week. These changes have raised questions among marketers who utilize FAQ and How-To schema to enhance the visibility of their content. Let’s delve into these […]

Craft Personalized Experiences to Drive Conversions: With Milestone’s Website Personalization & CDP
Customers today seek a sense of uniqueness and personalization when they interact with websites. They want your site to resonate with their thought process, making them feel valued and understood. When you can achieve this level of personalization, it brings them closer to making a purchase and, even more importantly, fosters strong customer loyalty towards […]

How to Measure the Impact and ROI of Your Schema Deployment?
In the last two articles, we explored how schemas help with Google generative search experience and how to implement schemas correctly on your website.  In this article, we will discuss the KPIs that schemas impact and how to track the impact and ROI of your schema deployment.  KPIs that Schemas Impact  The first step in […]

Scaling Local SEO for Multi-Location Businesses in 2023
Navigating the Complex Landscape of Local SEO for Multi-Location Businesses In the dynamic world of local SEO, businesses with multiple locations encounter unique challenges. It’s not just about listings anymore; it’s about crafting an engaging, personalized omnichannel experience for consumers. Brands must focus on delivering quality interactions and relevant information to gain local consumers’ trust. […]

How to Implement Schemas Correctly
In today’s digital landscape, search engines use structured data to better understand the content of web pages and provide rich search results. Schema markup, based on the vocabulary, plays a crucial role in conveying this structured information. When implemented correctly, schema markup enables search engines to better understand and interpret your website’s content, leading […]