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Mars Needs Podcasts #381-At Least We Don’t Talk About The Weather
Alistair and his amazing friend Nigel are here to look at some of the horrors of the world this week. They keep it light, only talking religion and politics, but at least they avoid all those divisive topics like the weather. This may well be one of the most personal episodes we have ever done, [&hellip

Mars Needs Podcasts #380- The Clean Show About Fandom
Http:// JJ and his amazing friend Jason remember the time when we would do an annual clean show in honor our beloved Editor-In-Chief, John. We haven’t done it in a while, but we still think he is the Cat’s Pajamas and we know he isn’t always a fan of our “unique” use of language. So [&hellip

Mars Needs Podcasts #379- Not Political, nope.
JJ and his amazing friend Jason know that things are a burning trash fire right now. So the two friends just try to reminisce over past crappy concerts they have seen, but the internet just wouldn’t cooperate, and maaaaaaaaaaaaybe JJ just can’t keep his frustrations down for the whole episode. Ok, maybe it is just [&hellip

Mars Needs Podcasts #378- The Inevitable Return
JJ and his amazing friend Jason are back after an absence. Did anyone care? Who knows, but here they are again. They touch briefly on the summer blockbusters, but no spoilers. They mainly catch up and get the rust rubbed off a little. Here we go… Click here to download!

Mars Needs Podcasts # 377- Wrestlemaniacs
JJ and his amazing friend watched wrestling. A lot of wrestling. And they want to talk about it. Everything you may have wanted from the guys and the showcase of the immortals. Click here to download! View the RSS feed!

Mars Needs Podcasts #376- Two White Dudes
JJ and his amazing friend Jason realize who they are and the limits that entails. Whooo, this episode brings that to the forefront a couple of times. Two white dudes talking about Black Panther and Get Out as well as a few other issues that feel super white. Still, we are who we are, and [&hellip

Mars Needs Podcasts #375- Don’t You DARE Be Sour!
JJ and his amazing friend Jason are here to talk spoiler free about a movie no one is talking about any more and not talk at all about a movie that everyone is, because we haven’t seen it. And we bring back a segment that no one even knew was missing. Click here to download! [&hellip

Mars Needs Podcasts #374- Social Justice Therapy
JJ and his amazing friend Aaron catch up for the first time in months. The pair discuss political upheaval in comics, but then the pair get down to repairing a friendship that hadn’t really soured, and talk about what’s up with the Drive In Of Doom. Visit Click here to download! View the RSS [&hellip

Mars Needs Podcasts #373- 1918
JJ and his amazing friend Jason are back to celebrate the new year! (kinda) JJ is saddened by a musical loss and what it means. And the pair share a little of themselves like always. Click here to download! View the RSS feed!

Mars Needs Podcasts #372- The Last Jedi (with spoilers)
JJ and his amazing friend Jason are here to get their Star Wars on. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. About 15 minutes of JJ talking about his birthday and then hell bent for Star Wars. What did our duo think of what is turning out to be a divisive movie? Let’s find out… Click here [&hellip

Mars Needs Podcasts #370- We’re Back!?!
JJ and his amazing friend Jason are back after what feels like forever. Sanity has prevailed upon the land and things are slowly finding a new normal in the land of Mars Needs. The duo plan of catching up, but mainly talk about movies they have enjoyed since they last talked. Thor Ragnarok comes up [&hellip

Mars Needs Podcasts Episode #369-Bumpngrindis
JJ and his amazing friend Jason have discovered a new malady this week. It is apparently very contagious and makes storylines better. Is it good or bad, who is to say. However, before that discovery is made, the pair talk a bit about a personality type that makes “sadness” a form of performance art, and [&hellip

Mars Needs Podcasts #368- A Potted Plant?!?
JJ and his amazing friend Jason talk about some real idiots this week. Between America’s (lack of) leadership and some of the humorless masses out there…whew. What the actual fuck, right? Also they tell some amusing anecdotes as well as Jason kinda gives a spoiler free review of a new movie that is not at [&hellip

Mars Needs Podcasts #367- F.U.A.L.F.
JJ and his amazing friend Jason start on a somber note this week as we note a number of artists that have passed of late. Then the pair change subjects and JJ reveals how much he hates a certain cat eating puppet. Man, fuck that puppet. What the hell was the deal with people letting [&hellip

Mars Needs Podcasts #366- Human Pinto
JJ and his amazing Jason are back to talk about the craziness of 70’s design and color choice, why JJ can kill any pop song, and steal a joke from another podcast. (Thanks to Titan Up The Defense to unwillingly letting JJ make Jason laugh, as well as having a very enjoyable podcast) Click here [&hellip

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