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A Year Of Blogging - Fast Forwarded.
All good things (atleast for me) must come to an end. In late 2003, when I had approached this website for publishing the blogs, I had anticipated and committed to a weekly blog for a two-month period as an experiment which was kindly agreed by them. The medium was new, Outsourcing was beginning to get into the mainstream media and I sincerely felt that an alternative perspective could be provided which could not only inform but also hopefully educate an enjoyable manner.

The G-Genie Jumps Out.
Of the Jar. To our dismay. A Jar of Peanut Butter, if you like. Chris equated Peanut Butter with Gross Global Product. He raised a valuable point about the Pace and Direction of Globalisation or the G-Genie as I call it. The Globalization Genie (G-Genie) spares none. It gives no warning. Like

The Great-G Bazaar
The Great G-Bazaar (Global Marketplace) may perhaps see us shopping for our Breakfast in Bombay, Lunch in London and Dinner at Detroit. Last week, one reader commented astutely " ... It is not the absolute dollars that we earn that rationalizes free enterprise, but rather the values such dollars command in terms of purchasing power...." My earlier Blog Entries have mentioned the importance of Global Currency Exchange Rates. What I did not mention was the conce

Greedily Gulping the Globalization Gravy
This space just got hotter and spicier with your comments. A Sincere Thanks. But, inspite of it's flaming nature, why is the IT Globalization Gravy being greedily gulped ? US 2 Trillion $ is the estimated annual figure spent on the IT Gravy Globally. That is 2 followed by 12 Zeros. A 13 Digit Number. 13 again ! Did I not

Bangalore's Billion Bucks Big Blue Bash !
Oops !

Questions that got it started.
This Executive Director of an India-based IT Services organization sparks a debate on the long-term impacts of offshore outsourcing.

Good Friday !
To start surfing smoothly, in case you fall of a (broken) bridge.

Falling Off A Bridge.
Ouch ! That Sinking Feeling.

Blog As A (Broken?) Bridge.
It started as a small experiment a few weeks ago.

(Es)Cape Fear Finally ?
Fear was the finale today for tech companies here.

Martha Maliced in Legal-Land ?
Like Alice in Wonderland, or perhaps Martha Stewart (as some would say).

70.70.70. Saving Plenty. In the GE World.
If you are lucky to hold GE (General Electric) shares, you may perhaps sing the title words to the tune of the popular Abba song.

Ego, Go !
Let Ego Go !

Better Beware.
The Ides Of March.

Only God Can Save Us.
No, this is not the thought that crossed through our minds in Mumbai 11 years ago, on this very day.