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Huawei P40 Pro rumors: Release date, specs, 5G support, colors and 10x optical zoom - CNET
Huawei's hype is real: The P40 Pro just might be the first phone on the planet with 10x optical zoom.

Best wireless earbuds and bluetooth headphones for phone calls - CNET
Looking for a wireless headphone that's great for voice calling? Here are our current top picks.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7 brings Dee Bradley Baker back to the battlefield - CNET
The voice actor reveals his "magic trick" for playing countless identical-but-different troops in the CGI animated series, which has returned on Disney Plus.

NASA satellite captures Antarctica melting during heat wave - CNET
Puddles everywhere.

Ancient pack rat nests could offer snapshots of Earth's past - CNET
This could help scientists understand how plant communities, as well as possibly animals, will react to climate change, a new study says.

New Star Wars movie could be coming from Sleight director J.D. Dillard - CNET
Luke Cage writer Matt Owens will pen the new Star Wars project.

Microsoft's Xbox Series X: Better graphics, xCloud and everything we know so far - CNET
Microsoft hasn't given a price, but we do know the next-gen Xbox, previously called Project Scarlett, is coming later this year.

Coronavirus prompts Verizon to pull out of RSA sponsorship - CNET
Verizon joins AT&T Cybersecurity, IBM and a small number of exhibitors in declining to attend the event.

A 46,000-year-old bird carcass provides clues to evolution and climate change - CNET
The remains of an ancient horned lark were discovered frozen in the Siberian permafrost.

Best Android phones of 2020 - CNET
Hand-picked by CNET editors, these are the best Android phones you can buy right now.

Upgrade your phone or laptop with audiophile-quality sound for $149 - CNET
Audiolab's Nano Wireless DAC and Headphone Amplifier enhances your music and restores the headphone jack your phone manufacturer stole from you.

Fox reportedly considers buying Tubi while NBCUniversal eyes Vudu - CNET
Reports last year said Walmart was thinking of selling its on-demand video service Vudu.

The Friends reunion is officially on - CNET
The One Where They Got Back Together will be on HBO Max in May.

Nevada Democrats bet on Google app to avoid Iowa-like meltdown - CNET
Experts say a lack of training for volunteers and testing of the reporting system could still spell trouble for tabulating results.

The rock-bottom cheapest phone plans you can get today - CNET
Only suckers stick with the Big Four carriers, because small carriers can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

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