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Galaxy Fold outdoes the iPhone XS. Here's why you still won't buy one - CNET
Commentary: Unless you're crazy rich and have phones to spare, the foldable device may not be for you.

Metro Exodus on PC gives new Nvidia RTX laptops a workout - CNET
The controversial new apocalyptic shooter feels at home on the highest-end gaming PCs.

Samsung kills Blu-ray players. Blame streaming, smart TVs and Apple - CNET
Commentary: Is this the beginning of the end for Blu-ray?

Galaxy S10 screen deep dive: Dynamic AMOLED, HDR10+, explained - CNET
Samsung says its new phone screen is the best it's ever made. We parse the tech that makes it possible.

Galaxy S10 Plus ongoing review, Day 2: What's good and bad so far - CNET
The Galaxy S10 Plus reveals itself a little more each passing hour.

Galaxy Fold: Samsung's phone-tablet hybrid is the most exciting phone we've seen in years - CNET
Samsung's thrilling, dizzying Galaxy Fold debut makes one thing clear: Phones will never be the same.

Galaxy S10 shows us that triple-rear camera phones are taking over - CNET
And even more cameras are likely on their way.

Galaxy Watch Active, and Galaxy Fit: A hands-on look at Samsung's new health features - CNET
Samsung's new Galaxy Watch Active will soon be able to measure blood pressure and costs $100 less than the previous Galaxy Watch.

Galaxy S10 vs. Galaxy S9, S10 Plus, S10E, S10 5G: What's new and what's different? - CNET
Samsung introduced a dizzying number of Galaxy phones recently. Here's what makes them different from one another and from the GS9.

After Huawei’s and OnePlus’s success in the US, Oppo wants in - CNET
Oppo has seen the success that Huawei and OnePlus have had in Western markets.

Galaxy S10E vs. iPhone XR: We compare every spec - CNET
Here's how Samsung's and Apple's affordable flagships stack up spec-by-spec.

Galaxy S10 Plus vs. iPhone XS Max, Pixel 3 XL: All specs compared - CNET
See how Samsung's behemoth Galaxy S10 Plus stacks up against its Apple and Android rivals spec by spec.

Trump's '6G' tweet spurs questions. Is 6G even a thing? - CNET
If you're confused about the president's tweet that pushes for faster deployment of "5G and even 6G technology," you're not alone.

Galaxy S10 vs. iPhone XS, Pixel 3: Every spec compared - CNET
How does Samsung's latest Galaxy S10 stack up against its Apple and Android rivals spec-by-spec?

Oscars 2019: Where to watch the nominated movies - CNET
A Star is Born? Bohemian Rhapsody? Black Panther? Yeah, we missed a bunch of them too.

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