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French/Patio Door Hangover Too Short?
Good Afternoon, Please excuse my lack of technical jargon relating to DIY - it’s not my forte! Had and some new exterior doors fitted this week, by a reputable company with lots of 5star google/checkatrade reviews - which was why we choose them. They’ve left the sill like this. French Door (https://*******/Wnnwsr3) https://*******/Wnnwsr3 https://*******/zG3cPPb Kitchen Door (https://https://*******/zG3cPPb)

Railroad tie retaining wall
I'm about to tackle replacing a retaining wall that has rotted away. I have been researching the build, and I understand drainage using a french drain technique and anchoring using deadmen. My problem is that I live in northern Alabama, and the soil here is expansive clay. Very hard stuff. Has anyone had any experience using earth anchors instead of the deadmen?

Suction cup bathroom handhold that will fit 4 1/4" x 4 1/4" ceramic tile wall?
I would like to install two temporary handholds near our hall bathroom toilet for occasional elderly visitors, that we prefer not remain after the visitors have left. I purchased two FDA approved suction cup handholds with a 12 " bar, but these could not be installed without one of the suction cups falling over a grout line in the 4 1/4" x 4 1/4" square ceramic tile walls (the suction cups will not properly adhere over a grout line). Is there a suction cup handhold available sized so that it will properly fit on walls composed of square 4 1/4" x 4 1/4" ceramic tiles? If not, is there another potential solution available? Thank you!

How hot when sweating copper pipe
Need advice here. I’m new to sweating copper pipe, but know that water will make any sweat fail. When doing some joints I was careful to make sure the flux had “boiled” out of the joint before hitting with solder. When done the joint was black, and I suspect I over heated and don’t have a solid joint. No leaks, but ... I treated the flux like water, when I think I should have not worried about the boiling flux and just hit the joint with solder when the solder melted. Is this best a redo before I close up the wall, or just go forward since the joints are working now? Any comments or advice is appreciated.

Frigidaire Model No. 970-6601 Oven not Working
Hi I am trying to find the part number for a wiring harness to my controller board. (Image 3) I had an electrical short on my controller board (Frigidaire P/N 3164627) and have replaced the board but I cannot find the harness that connects to the board. As shown in image 1 it connects to 3 prongs which according to the manual are labeled at follows: P3 - L2 In P17 - L2 In (not used) P1 - L2 Out The harness only has two wires (1 red and 1 orange) which connect to P3 and P1 respectively. See image 3 for picture of harness I am looking for

Need some help with dog fencing
We have two big dogs needing about a 6-ft fence around our backyard. I was just going to buy the welded wire fence from tractor supply but after doing some reading I'm wondering if the Walden wire fence would not hold up to the dogs, or tree branches and other stuff falling on it. According to what I read we need the woven style fence so it has flex and give. But I can't find the woven in 6 foot. I'm doing wood post on the corners and t post in between

Ceiling Fan switch suddenly stopped working.
I have a ceiling fan with a light in my bedroom. I was recently replacing some outlets in the room and when I flipped the breaker back on, the light switch that controlled the fan/light didn't work. The fan/light still worked when I pulled the cords, but the switch did not. I never even touched the switch. How did this happen, and how can I fix it?

Nv3500 Transmission
I have a 1994 s10 4.3l v6. I keep having nightmares with this project.. Is the pivot ball supposed to be pulled out by hand? And should it have any play in it? I can pull it out by hand and it has a little up and down wiggle but is tight side to side. Also.. The pivot ball is not wanting to line up with the clutch fork. Can I adjust the clutch fork so that the pivot ball is centered in the hole.? When I move the fork to line it up. It moves back and forth smoothly. I just can't find out if the clutch is suppose to be right against the bearing or not. I get all kinds of answers when I search. Just none of them answer any of my questions. Thanks for ANY help. Very much appreciated.

Whirlpool DW
Hi All, need advice on this DW, no heat , element is cold. Mdl# W10632077A, what is the procedure for removing the element? Geo

Replaced Stem on shower body but still leaking?
Hey guys, the hot water handle broke on the dual handle Glacier bay shower body. We replaced the stem but hot water is still running with the handle in closed position. This is the front of what we got and when we had taken the stem off there wasn't the little spring and a tiny circular piece of rubber on the old stem. Any idea of the use of that small spring and where it should go on the stem please and if that is the problem?

Comcast Cable TV cable repair
OK I may sound a little postal please bear with me. :Angry: I have been with Comcast for a number of years, both internet and cable TV service. For some reason three weeks ago something happened to the cable TV service. If I turned on the TV I can watch whatever channel that comes up all day long but if I try to change channels it will refuse with a "unable to connect to internet error" but my internet has no issue, working fine with no interruption. Called customer service and they said to check all connections and did a system refresh. After that they said the signal has noise which means it's either the cable X1 boxes or the wiring. They suggested that I upgrade my boxes at a store. So the next day I removed the two TV boxes, went to the stores and switched to two new boxes (identical boxes by the way so no "upgrade"). Went home and activated the boxes and everything worked fine, for about 48 hours then the issue returned. Called customer service again they did another refresh and asked me to check my cables and connections being tight. Then said they will have a tech come to visit. I scheduled a visit last week, on Thursday between 12 to 2pm and no one showed. I went back to work. I called that evening to customer service again and asked why no one showed, they said they do show an appointment but no notes and all they could do is to reschedule.:madhell: So rescheduled to Monday 10-12, I asked them to have the tech call me 30 minutes prior to coming out so I can come back the meet him. Monday no showed again and at 3pm I got a call saying "I am here no one is home" I said I am 20 minutes away but I thought you would call me before coming over so I can meet you...he left. :madhell: So two missed appointments. So yesterday I decided to do some digging myself. I swapped the cables around, had the one going to the cable modem (which works because I have no issue with the internet) go to the X1 boxes, and tried different combinations and doesn't matter, I have the issues on the TV changing channels. I then looked at the lines outside, making sure nothing was nicked by a lawn mower, all looks good until I traced it to a green box in the back alley. In that green box there is only ONE cable connected (guess I am the only one haven't cut the cord) and there are like 5-6 other cables disconnected.

Any tips on installing a new gas water heater?
I am going to attempt to replace my water heater this weekend and just wanted some tips. I have done this a couple times before with an electric and it was pretty much plug and play. I would imagine things would be the same except running the gas line and vent. So first of all, you may not be able to tell from the photo, but this is about 4 inches away from the wall and it is not strapped. The gas line doesn't look like is run very well. So I guess I will ask a few questions so that it is easier for you to answer them in addition to any other feedback you may have. 1. Should the new one be closer to the wall so I can strap it to the wall? 2. Should the new one be put in a drain pan? This is in the basement so there is no place to drain it to but would that still be good for catching small leaks? 3. How should that gas line be run? Should it be a longer run with a big loop in it rather than these sharp bends? 4. To connect to the water inlets, are the rigid copper or stainless lines better than the braided? From my quick research, it seems that is the case, but how much can they bend? 5. For the vent pipe, it looks like I can just line it up with the existing and adjust the bend as needed. 6. I want to add an expansion tank (I have a separate thread started on that). 7. Finally, I would imagine as long as I get one with a similar height as the current one, it should fit in place pretty easily. I have Home Depot and Lowe's nearby so my choices are Rheem or AO Smith, Any recommendations? I have a 50 gal now but is 40 adequate? We have a family of 4.

4-way switches not working
I have 3 switches that control my hallway lights depending on their position not all are working. I have 2 3-way and 1 4-way switches. I noticed in the 4-way box there is a black and a white wire with a wire nut and 2 white wires in another wire nut could the black and white wire together be my issue?

Carrier furnace 394GAW000050
Hello! I've hopefully narrowed this down pretty far and that a more trained brain than my own can push us across the finish line. :) The details: - Carrier furnace 394GAW000050 - ecobee3 thermostat - Has run properly for years (furnace heats, blower turns on, blower turns off when heating is done) - Now the blower runs continuously, regardless of whether the furnace is heating - No G-wire, so this is not controlled by the ecobee (according to what I've been told)

Location of Supply Lines
Hello, Can someone tell me if it is code to have the hot water supply line on the left, and the cold on the right under the sink? Thanks