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Iowa lottery winner donates $500K to veterans' group
A Powerball winner in Iowa this week donated $500,000 of her prize to a group supporting disabled veterans.Powerball, Winner Stories, Jackpots, Iowa, Charity, Multi-State Game

New York man claims other half of $687.8 million Powerball lottery jackpot
A New York man has claimed half of a $687.8 million Powerball lottery jackpot, becoming the largest lottery winner in New York state history.Powerball, Winner Stories, Jackpots, Multi-State Game

China lottery corruption probe sparks online outrage
China's government is attempting to downplay social media rumors that lottery administrators have embezzled nearly $20 billion from lottery proceeds.International, Financials, Scandal, Corruption, Crime, China, Social Media

Vermont Lottery boss quits, raising issue of public records on personal accounts
Daniel Rachek, the head of Vermont's lottery, has resigned less than a year after taking the job.Administration, Vermont, Investigation, Resignation, Director

N.C. man wins $1M after playing the same numbers for 5 years
A North Carolina man finally struck it big in the multi-state Powerball lottery after playing the same numbers for five years.Powerball, Winner Stories, North Carolina, Multi-State Game

8 years after buying $10.8 million ticket, lottery winner says life is 'marvelous'
A Pennsylvania couple who took home more than $10 million in Delaware's first Hot Lotto jackpot eight years ago traded in their mobile home for a four-bedroom house but say their good fortune hasn't changed them.Winner Stories, Pennsylvania, Jackpots, Delaware, Hot Lotto, After the Big Win, Multi-State Game

Massachusetts has a new rule to stop repeat winners but so far, they keep winning
Despite having a new state policy designed with the specific purpose of cracking down on people who rake in large lottery prizes, the Massachusetts Lottery continues to pay out prizes to people who appear to win with what many see as remarkable frequency.Winner Stories, Massachusetts, General Interest, Investigation

Kentucky Lottery reports highest monthly sales in state history
The near-world record Mega Millions jackpot run — in tandem with a Powerball jackpot run that rose to more than $680 million — led to the most successful sales month in the nearly 30-year history of the Kentucky Lottery.Mega Millions, Powerball, Financials, Kentucky, Sales, Record, Multi-State Game

New York Lottery awards $26.6 million in prize checks to 3 big winners
Three lucky New Yorkers came forward to receive their winnings Wednesday as they became the state's newest lottery millionaires.Winner Stories, Jackpots, New York

Lottery flub pays off: Michigan co-workers win $1M
A Mega Millions mistake by an office employee is paying off for her and 20 of her Ottawa County coworkers.Mega Millions, Winner Stories, Michigan, Error, Pool, Multi-State Game

NJ Pick 6 lottery jackpot climbs to highest amount in 14 years
The jackpot for the New Jersey Lottery's Pick 6 drawing has quietly climbed to $25.2 million — making it the largest prize the game has offered in more than 14 years.New Jersey, Jackpots

Iowa single mom claims half of $687.8 million Powerball lottery jackpot
One of two winners of the $687.8 million Powerball jackpot was revealed Monday as a woman from Redfield, Iowa who happened to buy a ticket as she was picking up a slice of pizza and coffee at a local store.Powerball, Winner Stories, Jackpots, Iowa, Charity, Multi-State Game, Video

One ticket wins $15M Lotto Texas jackpot
Someone who purchased a lottery ticket in Wichita Falls, Texas, won a $15.25 million jackpot Wednesday.Texas, Jackpots, Winning Ticket Announcement

Michigan man nearly turned down winning lottery ticket worth $416,000
A 40-year-old lottery player from Wayne County, Michigan, nearly walked away from a winning 100X The Cash Fast Cash ticket that ended up being worth $416,616.Winner Stories, Michigan, Retailer

Michigan woman praises honest nephew after he scratched off $300,000 lottery ticket for her
A Michigan woman is proud of her nephew for his honesty when he scratched off a lottery ticket worth $300,000 for her.Winner Stories, Michigan, Scratch Games

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