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Man busts through store roof, steals lottery tickets
A thief looking for some good luck busted through the roof of a grocery store and took hundreds of dollars worth of lottery tickets on Wednesday.Florida, Legal, Retailer, Theft, Law Enforcement, Arrest, Crime, Lottery Tickets

$422 MILLION: Mega Millions lottery jackpot is red hot
The multi-state Mega Millions lottery game continued its Summer climb Tuesday night, and is now at the point where jackpot rolls are sharply increased.Mega Millions, Jackpots, Multi-State Game

S.C. woman wins $250,000 on wrong lottery ticket and is giving it away
A woman from Greenville, South Carolina, won $250,000 on a lottery ticket she didn't even pick, but what she'll do with the money will surprise you the most.Winner Stories, South Carolina, Scratch Games, Charity

Aunt threatens to sue nephew over lottery jackpot
A woman awarded half of a $1.2 million lottery prize in Nova Scotia says her nephew is "dead" to her after he took half of the prize money, and that she only wrote his name on the ticket for "good luck." Meanwhile, at least one lawyer says she may have a case.Insider Buzz, Legal, Winner Stories, Atlantic Lottery Corporation, Dispute, Canada, Charity, Raffle, Lawsuit

Oregon man arrested for threatening lottery
A Lebanon, Oregon, man was arrested after he sent a shooting threat in an e-mail to the Oregon Lottery.Legal, Oregon, Law Enforcement, Arrest, Crime

Massachusetts man buys 9 lottery tickets worth $900,000
A Massachusetts man who has been playing the same numbers for 26 years won big when those numbers were drawn on the evening that he had purchase nine identical lottery tickets.Winner Stories, Massachusetts, Won multiple times

$2.9M jackpot winner received lottery ticket as a gift
Season ticket holder Christopher Voelker of Raynham, Massachusetts, is the winner of a $2.97 million jackpot prize in the state lottery's Megabucks Doubler drawing that took place Saturday, May 26.Winner Stories, Massachusetts, Jackpots

Pennsylvania iLottery hits $21.6 million in sales
Pennsylvania's brand new online lottery, the iLottery, reported sales of $21.6 million in its first 26 days from its launch on June 4, despite the best efforts of the land-based casino industry to sink it in the first few weeks.Pennsylvania, Financials, Online Gambling, Marketing, Technology, Sales, Casino

Iowa lawmakers, casinos, lottery 'all in' for sports betting
Following a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in May overturning a federal law that had prohibited legalized sports betting in all but Nevada, Iowa lawmakers, retailers and casinos are looking at how best to bring black market bettors into the light.Legal, Legislation, Gambling, Iowa, Sports Betting

MUSL Board President and Powerball Game Chair elected for FY19
The Multi-State Lottery Association's leadership for fiscal year 2019 has been set with the election of new Board & Game Chair Positions.Insider Buzz, Administration, MUSL

Maryland man wins $50,000 after friend checks discarded lotto ticket
A Maryland man who unknowingly struck gold with a scratch-off also hit the jackpot with his choice of friends, as the lotto player's pal alerted him to the big win after he had discarded the ticket.Winner Stories, Maryland, Scratch Games

Montana woman wins lottery twice in one day
Winning the lottery once was exciting for Cheyenne Long of Kalispell, Montana, but winning it twice in one day was unbelievable.Winner Stories, Montana, Scratch Games, Won multiple times

Michigan lottery ticket plant prospering
An instant ticket factory in Ypsilanti, Michigan, is the second-largest producer of scratch-off tickets in the world and prints up to 30 different "games," or ticket designs, a month.Insider Buzz, Michigan, Scratch Games, General Interest, Lottery Tickets

Connecticut Lottery hires director of Illinois Lottery as new CEO
The Connecticut Lottery Corp.'s governing board voted Thursday to hire Gregory Smith, acting director of the Illinois Lottery, as its new CEO — in hopes of stability after nearly two years of turmoil, recriminations and investigations at the quasi-public agency with a $1.2 billion annual budget.Connecticut, Illinois, Administration, Director

Father and son win big in Virginia Lottery Cash 5
A father and son from Newport News, Virginia, won a combined $400,000 with four Cash 5 lottery tickets.Virginia, Winner Stories, Pick 5, Won multiple times

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