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Minnov8 Gang 385 – Phil’s Booth
Phil is our resident superhero and his Cool Thing of the Week is a classic phone booth for his team at the wide-open and cavernous Minneapolis BuzzFeed office. While he claims it’s for them to have privacy for phone calls, Tim and I know the real reason he bought it and it’s depicted in this week’s show cover art....  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 384 – ‘Ya, You Betcha: MN Loves the Internet
Did you know that Minnesota is the state with the highest rate of internet usage? We didn’t. Must be the combination of smart people and high number of months each year spent mainly indoors! Hat tip to our friend over at Blandin on Broadband, Ann Treacy, who highlighted this statistic in this post. The Gang chats about this and...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 383 – Will Tech Experience a Trump Effect?
Tuesday’s election brought Donald Trump to president-elect status and the tech industry isn’t so sure what that means. The short answer is yes, tech will experience a Trump effect but listen for the longer term effect and take a peek at the “Election and Technology” links below for more perspective. Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 382 – Gov is Sure About MNSure Robocallers
We kickoff the show about MNSure‘s rough start this past week and how Governor Mark Dayton said it was due to robocallers tying up phone lines. Though we have little evidence to the contrary, we’re not so sure that was the issue. Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott and Phil Wilson Music: Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia by The Bottoms Up...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 381 – Doing the Dongle
This week Apple announced new MacBook Pros and one takeaway was what BGR wrote about in You’ll need $250 in dongles to upgrade to the new MacBook Pro. Yes, if you do buy the new MacBook Pro you’ll likely need A LOT of dongles! The Gang discusses dongles and much more on this week’s show. Hosts:...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 380 – IoT’s Yin & Yang
In Chinese philosophy and religion there are two principles, one negative, dark, and feminine (yin) and one positive, bright, and masculine (yang) whose interaction influences the destinies of creatures and things. This week we experienced both with the Internet of Things (IoT): The massive distributed denial of service on Friday was definitely ‘yin’ and today’s...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 379 – Hacking the Internet of Things
One of the most interesting Internet of Things (IoT) events of the year is IoTHackday, a fun, FREE day that brings together teams, novel ideas, and an entrepreneurial spirit to dream up and build cool new devices to solve everyday problems. Teams form, submit their ideas ahead of the event, and hack for 12 hours. The public is...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 378 – “Cloud” is the Answer
We cover the usual Minnesota tech stories as well as other top ones, but our guest this week is all about the cloud. Tom Iverson is an Enterprise Solutions Consultant with a Minneapolis firm and we dig in to questions about cloud computing and why it’s the answer. Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott and Phil Wilson...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 377 – Don’t Hire Me Bro!
You may remember the protestor at Secretary John Kerry’s talk at U of Florida and that guy wouldn’t leave so the cops Tased him as he yelled out, “Don’t tase me, bro!!” The video of the guy screaming that out became an internet meme in 2007 and so it was the first thing that came to...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 376 – Down the Well
Phil Wilson, aka “Mr. Acoustics“, comes to us from the Minneapolis BuzzFeed office conference room. As a former radio DJ, Phil knows a thing or two about good acoustics, microphones, and sounding your best. THAT is why it’s so fun to tease him about his “down the well” acoustics this week!  😉 Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim...  [Read More...]

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