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Exchange Time
It's that time of year again - Progress yearly conference for end users, 'Exchange'. So why over the past few years has it been held in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Orlando, and Las Vegas? Who is choosing all of these 100 degree plus venues?? The second Las Vegas was supposed to have been New Orleans. Yet another heat haven. Inquiring minds want to know. ;-)

The Twelve Days Of Progress
Progress in a pear tree??

Be Prepared
Sure, a little off topic, of not a lot. But given a recent period of practically being disabled with neck issues, it just makes you think if you're really prepared or not. (Not to mention, I actually had a short plane ride I tried to make Thurs Aug 10)

It just dawned on me that the post I just wrote in response to a question about what FreeFramework is doing these days might have broader interest than just the FFW list on PEG. So since I'm overwhelmed with work, this is what I cna manage for the moment. Hope it helps someone out there.

Every one needs one at some point, no one ever gets enough. But I'm glad to say I'm getting mine for the first time in a while. So what do you do for vacation? A few odd days here and there just for a sanity day or a nice long string of days? Just stay at home or go far, far away? I know too many people that end up at home doing a totally different type of work and wish they were back in the office. ;-)

Application Partners Kickoff: Florida
Every year Progress gathers its Application Partners for their "AP Kickoff". This year it was Marco Island FL - hit only by minor damage during the hurricane almost two years ago. But still redoing their hotel row driveway with several cranes and other equipment forcing the road into a one way.

Software Interactions
[ From: To: Apparently For ???!? (What, talking to myself again) Admin Note to self - you gotta hit the "Publish" button. This entry actually was done in early November but never went out - I know it's just a rant of the day, but here it is anyway. End Admin note ] How is it that we can get word processors and accounting software and programs as complex as database managers that don't conflict with each other. Yet the most critical software we want on

Thank You
Just a quick note in addition to the regular entry I'm making - The kind folks at the host of this blog inform me there was a large increase in subscribers in Oct, up to around 500 or more now. So in addition to everything else, I just wanted to take a quick second and thank all of those folks who are crazy enough to want to keep track of what's on my mind. More to come, but ....

Reporting Tools
Doesn't it seem like all the reporting tools out there today have matured a thousand times more than in the past. To me it seems that there are generally quite a few good ones, and they've all somehow managed to find their niches. If you look at database products there just are tons of them, even after lots of consolidation in the dot com era. (you wonder if Informix didn't have felons at their head where they would still be a big player) And look at the ERP business - how little segmentatio

Another Day
Well it's another day in the life of trying to get back to what really matters in life - our own problems and not someone else's. For me that's working with various encryption methods and software registration products. Why is it that some folks try to insist they're the leading product and that gives them the ability to drain our pocket books? I'm not just talking big enterprise software people like an SAP or an Oracle. But even something like Aladdin in this world of software keys I've bee

Every once in a while...
You should step back and have a look at yourself. Where you've been, what you're doing. First thing to do is to stay positive. None of that self-serving blame game. Accept that blame for yourself, and move on to something positive. No excuses. Even if it's just because you didn't move on sooner, it's still your fault and not someone else's. We all have choices. So instead of whining, figure out what you want and go there. Stop the procrastination. And it doesn't matter if you're about

Well in the Progress world, another Exchange has come and gone. The good folks in the marketing department saw fit to give me an iPod! It's one of those mini Shuffle's but I'm not complaining. I just evaluated some of their new web site info and won the drawing. So now I can carry a fist full of Pantera, Staind, and Life of Agony in a package smaller than a pack of gum. But I digress... Seems like most of the Exchange talk was about the nice things in 1

It's Here
Yeah, OK, I've been lax about this. There's a lot going on in our world. Progress Exchange in Orlando this year was something I couldn't even consider. Customers with serious issues in the Disaster Recovery area, other sales work with StepUp Accounting going on. Not to mention .... It's finally here. We have a vertical based Chemical Industry ERP all of our own. It's what we would have prefered from day one, but the whole set of circumstances to get there have not been easy.

It Can Always Get Worse
How do you know your Disaster Recovery plan works? A disaster actually happens. I don't wish it on anyone, but things can actually get worse no matter how bad you thing they are. Living within 15 miles of the Delaware River during this year, I've seen both businesses and homes destroyed. Too many times we forget that a backup strategy isn't a strategy unless there is a restore strategy. It's only when we go to our backup tapes in times of need that we figure out we never did included that n

Yeah, I know
Dear Self - You've been lax with this blog. You know you wanted to set aside time here and there, and promised not to get too caught up in the inevitable that comes with running a company. But here you are anyway. So let's get over this and make up for it - rah, team! "It's not the good in life we do, but how we make up for the bad that we judge the quality of our lives by." Some teenaged wacko said that anyway. ;-) Dear Rest Of The World, With that out of the way, there a few different