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Pre Sales
Type "Pre Sales in Google and my writeup on Pre Sales [Pre-sales support is a necessary evil] appears on top. Although it has been a few years since I wrote the article, folks who read it, continue to write to me either asking to expand on the topic or to clarify a query. All their queries on the Pre-Sales, sales support, life cycle and careers motivated me to reflect on the topic further. In my article, I addressed aspects of how techies in software service firms are increasingly being asked to get involved in Pre-Sales activities, be it responding to client requests RFPs, calls with clients, hosting client visits or visits to client teams.

Offshoring to India or move jobs back to US: Never say Never Again?
Startup moving from India to the US to save money! (no, this is not a typo) Well, with a title like this, a blog is certain to get good hits and responses. And this is exactly the title of Apu’s recent blog that he picks up from from

Talent wars in India: hiring and pampering recruits
Managers and executives in service firms seem to be watching the heating 'talent wars.' [Example: this blog entry on Infosysblogs] Now, an IT company seems to have found a solution: treat new recruits like Maharajas ... Literally! Not sure if it is true, but the funny video is probably an indicator of the way it is headed.

Book review on Blogging, and Individual and Corporate Bloggers
You may be interested in my recent review of the book "Blog Rules: A Business Guide to Managing Policy, Public Relations, And Legal Issues" on The book, authored by by Nancy Flynn, is an interesting read. Comments on my review are welcome.

Alan Blinder against Offshoing? What does it mean to Indians and Indian-Americans?
The recent article in Wall Street Journal ["Pain From Free Trade Spurs Second Thoughts"] generated a lot of buzz. Similarly, the article in Washington Post is bound to be widely read and debated. Prof Blinder, begins his Washington Post article by stating "I'm a free trader down to my toes" but the title of his article - "Free Trade's Great, but Offshoring Rattles Me" [Washington Post, May 6, 2007] - suggests otherwise.

Lou Dobbs or Steve Hamm : : Offshoring and changing face of American job market?
It was interesting to scan through the US job listings on with a few offshoring company names as the keyword. Following jobs, not for the company, pop up. What gives? Contrary to what Lou Dobbs screams, Offshoring IS also creating American Jobs?! And is this why Business Week writer Steve Hamm calls out "

Centers of Excellence: The IT Innovation Process: Necessity or Oxymoron?
Cutter IT Journal recently published my paper on Centers of Excellence (CoE). Link for subscribers. The Intro to the article begins with: We start with San Murugesan and Mohan Babu K, who look at the shortcomings of the "closed" or internal innovation model and at the culture change required to embrace "open" innovation. Innovative ideas, they suggest, are everywhere: "The Inter

Architects and Techies: Company Man or Free Agent?
This where I personally stand; I fall 'somewhere in between' as a consulting architect with a large Offshoring services firm. In a sense, one can say that I am a 'free agent' in an organization with 'organization men' The advantage I see: a) I am not 'tied' to a particular engagement for long, so I don't carry (much) 'political baggage' b) I work on multiple hi-end gigs per year for a variety of clients. Every new engagement is a learning opportunity for me and the client who benefits from a 'not invented here' perspective.  c) I work with multiple internal stakeholders, helping them 'grow' their accounts and teams d) Enjoy a fast-paced life (with frequent travel to boot).  e) Get to take a 'breather' to refresh on newer technologies and trends between gigs. 

Publishers are ruining the Book Market
James McGovern, an Enterprise Architect, blogs about how "How Publishers are ruining the Book Market" Though not a prolific writer, I can empathize with some of his viewpoints. Recall my blog on the topic of my book. [Offshorin

Is your Offshore Project Manager really worth $250,000?
I recently came across the CIO magazine survey of Hottest Jobs in Information Technology, and briefly blogged about it on my other (Infosys) blog. And then I continued to reflect when I received some offline messages on whether an Offshore Project Manager could draw Quarter-of-Million Dollars [the article states that the salar

What does it mean to be a TOGAF Certified Enterprise Architect?
After four days of being enclosed in a conference/training room, debating on merits of planning, strategies and roadmaps, Architectures, Enterprises, Enterprise Architectures, and the meaning of life in General with a group of EAs from organizations in Toronto, moderated by a British trainer, I qualify to be a "TOGAF Certified Enterprise Architect"?.and still wonder: what does it mean to me? The framework, methodologies and tools we talked about in the w

Techie turned Green : Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla
Vinod Khosla's story is almost a legend in the high-tech world.. back from the time when he co-founded Sun Microsystems to being a successful VC in Silicon Valley where he had the uncanny Midas touch of ferreting out winners in the high-tech industry. I was reading about the "next chapter" in his life…going green. The writeup in the recent issue of Wired Magazine,

Enterprise Architects, Managers and CTOs (..continued)
Thanks to folks for a lively discussion around Enterprise Architects and IT Managers. A couple of links of interest forwarded by a colleague: Software Architect Profiles: Why and How? from Dr. Dobb's Portal includes a section on "Why and how IBM architects became architects"

Are Enterprise Architects also IT Managers?
Those who have been in the IT industry for more than a few years have probably wondered about the fuzziness behind "technology" (or "architecture") and "management" career tracks.  IMHO, "Architect" and "IT Manager" are closer than the HR analysts or consultants acknowledge?Case in point: check out the article "Help Wanted."  The article describes "Key Job Responsibilities" [of Enterprise Architects] Co

Emerging Technologies and Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2007
It must be the season of -end of year - technology predictions...Gartner recently highlighted "Top 10" Strategic Technologies for 2007 Open Source Virtualisation Service Registries and Repositories Business Process Management Suites Enterprise Information Management Ubiquitous Computing Information Access Web 2.0 - AJAX Rich Clients Web 2.0 - Mashup Composite Model Communities and Collective Intelligence The Enterprise Architect James McGovern, in