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The Retro League Episode 240 Extraordinary Games Require Extraordinary Evidence
Our friends over at The Retro League have posted their latest podcast episode, 240, entitled, "Extraordinary Games Require Extraordinary Evidence." They cover their usual breadth of topics on the show and even took time to comment on a brief editorial I posted, "Is the retrogaming community too entitled?." Check out the episode here. read more

Mark Plays... Beamrider - a highscore challenge!
Beamrider (Atari 2600) Highscore Challenge - scores can be found on InterGhost's RETRO RECORDS I dare you to beat my highscore on the 2600 game 'Beamrider' if you can please try to make a video response and reply to this video. Beamrider is a game by Activision and it has also been ported to other platforms like the Colecovision, Intellivision, Commodore 64. The scoring seems to be the same on the other platforms, yet the difficulty seems to be a little different so scores may not be comparable across the various systems. Below you can see my scores & attempts on the other systems I have the game for. read more

Ramble on Emulation... and a demo of a ZX Spectrum/Timex 1000 emulator on the C64
Using all the different home computer systems, Basiccode, CP/M, SpectraVideo vs MSX back in the day really got me interested in platform agnostic code and emulators. Read more below read more

Do You Remember Your First Time In A Video Game Store?
Question: Do You Remember Your First Time In A Video Game Store? a rambling video, and a response to a question asked by Lawnboyspost1975. Mentioned is the video Mark Plays... Freedom Fighters on the Odyssey2/Videopac read more

Mark Plays... Champ Games (MS-DOS/PC)
ChampGames / Champrogramming / Champ programming was a game developer from the US founded by John W. Champeau. Robert Cole was in charge of sound design. They produced quite a few wonderful ports of classic arcade games around 1996/1997 running on MS-DOS & Windows95 PCs.(Read more below) read more

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