Communications of the ACM: Artificial Intelligence

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Applied AI Teaches Handwriting
In an increasingly digital world, how do you teach students cursive handwriting?

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
The more I think about the potential brittleness of neural networks and recognition or decision making, the more I wonder how we will be able to tell when a neural network choice or decision is incorrect.

Traffic Classification in an Increasingly Encrypted Web
In this paper, we design a novel feature engineering approach used for encrypted Web protocols, and develop a neural network architecture based on stacked long short-term memory layers and convolutional neural networks.

Technical Perspective: Traffic Classification in the Era of Deep Learning
"Traffic Classification in an Increasingly Encrypted Web," by Iman Akbari et al., does a great job in reviewing related work in the network traffic classification space.

Neurosymbolic AI
Combining neural networks with symbolic representations might make them more versatile and dependable.

Software Robots Are Gaining Ground in White-Collar Office World
The latest wave of automation is building on advances in artificial intelligence and machine-learning that allow computers to perform tasks and make some of the decisions that used to be reserved for employees.

A Common-Sense Test for AI Could Lead to Smarter Machines
Injecting common sense into AI could mean big things for humans.

Meta's LeCun: Most of Today's AI Approaches Will Never Lead to True Intelligence
Fundamental problems elude many strains of deep learning, says LeCun, including the mystery of how to measure information.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Demos
One way to examine the relationship between AI and democracy is to turn the attention toward the very basic unit common to all forms of democracy: the people.

Lossless Data Management Platform for ML, Sharing of Experimental Info
New platform allows automated analysis and lossless sharing of material exploration data in the form of knowledge graphs in electronic laboratory notebooks.

Open-Endedness and Evolution through Large Models
A conversation with Joel Lehman, machine-learning scientist formerly of OpenAI and Uber AI Labs.

Teaching Robots To Be Team Players With Nature
Researchers have harnessed the self-organization skills required to reap the benefits of natural swarms for robotic applications in artificial intelligence, computing, search and rescue, and more.

When AI Asks Dumb Questions, It Gets Smart Fast
New research suggests patiently correcting artificial intelligence (AI) when it asks dumb questions may be key to helping the technology learn.

Academic Publishers Turn to AI Software to Catch Bad Research
To prevent embarrassment and reputational damage, academic publishers have turned to AI software to detect image duplication before a paper is published in a journal.

What Are Data Scientists' Biggest Concerns?
Among the key concerns identified in Anaconda's State of Data Science 2022 report was the barriers to adoption of data science overall.

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