Communications of the ACM: Artificial Intelligence

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Seeking Out Camille, and Being Open to Others
Robin K. Hill on overcoming biases against alternative views, and Carlos Baquero on his search for the elusive Camille Noûs.

On Heterogeneous Computing
Computing is an endless frontier in which we have an unending supply of new problems to confront in the search for new solutions.

The Hardware Lottery
After decades of incentivizing the isolation of hardware, software, and algorithm development, the catalysts for closer collaboration are changing the paradigm.

Digital Agriculture for Small-Scale Producers
Smart Farming with technologies such as IoT, computer vision, and AI can improve agricultural efficiency, transparency, profitability, and equity for farmers in low-and middle-income countries.

3D heart modeling and AI bring new cardiac surgery to remote and less-developed regions.

Trouble at the Source
Errors and biases in artificial intelligence systems often reflect the data used to train them.

AI Reality Check
The limitations in getting machines to understand a world they don't live in

AI Education for Teens: Lifting the Hood on Data and Machine Learning
What are key ideas and intuitions foundational to AI that AI education in secondary schools should target? This blog post describes our approach to teaching AI and Machine Learning (AI/ML) to 13-15 year olds through situations/issues set in the context of cybersecurity in ways that "lift the hood" on how ML models are designed, how they they work, and the impact of human decisions in this process.

China's AI Dream and the AI 'Arms Race'
Stanford postdoctoral fellow discusses research exploring impact of AI in a possible U.S.-China power transition

Early Warning System Model Predicts Cancer Patients' Deterioration
A new machine learning predictive model for hospitalized cancer patients integrates heterogeneous data in electronic health records.

This Tool Protects Your Private Data While You Browse
The SugarCoat tool developed by researchers at the University of California, San Diego and Brave Software can better protect users' private data as they browse the Web.

You Should See Her in a Crown. Now You Can See Her Face.
Joana Bruno at Spain's Autonomous University of Barcelona digitally replicated the faces of 36 people buried at the ancient European settlement of La Almoloya.

OpenAI Cuts Wait List for Access to the GPT-3 API
The artificial intelligence research company OpenAI will eliminate the waiting list for access to the API of its GPT-3 text-generating AI model.

AI Favors White Men Under 40
Publicly available language models systematically favor the language of young White men and discriminate in particular against young, non-White men.

What Went Wrong With Zillow? A Real Estate Algorithm Derailed Its Big Bet
Real estate firm Zillow Group had looked to its digital home-flipping business Zillow Offers to lead its growth in the future, but that will not happen.

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