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Research Tool Creates Metadata for Scientific Content
ResoluteAI has launched Nebula, a search solution that tags and categorizes public and private content for scientific organizations.

CNNs Catch Animals in the Wild
Researchers are using convolutional neural networks to identify the few frames of interest among massive amounts of visual information.

Washington State Signs Facial Recognition Curbs Into Law; Critics Want Ban
Washington State Governor Jay Inslee on Tuesday signed the first U.S. state law curbing law enforcement's use of facial recognition technology.

Technical Perspective: An Answer to Fair Division's Most Enigmatic Question
The envy-free cake-cutting problem stood its ground for two decades, until it was cracked by Aziz and Mackenzie. Their solution is presented in "A Bounded and Envy-Free Cake Cutting Algorithm."

Digital Healthcare Across Oceania
What is the current state of progress of digital health?

Dead Languages Come to Life
Artificial intelligence automates the translation of extinct languages.

A Bounded and Envy-Free Cake Cutting Algorithm
We report on our algorithm that resolved the well-studied cake cutting problem in which the goal is to find an envy-free allocation of a divisible resource based on queries from agents.

Developing AI for Law Enforcement in Singapore and Australia
The Intelligent Case Retrieval System (ICRS), using AI capabilities, better enables all parties to evaluate the strengths or weaknesses of their legal cases.

AI Singapore
The AI Singapore national initiative was launched in June 2017 as an integrated, impact-driven, research and innovation program in artificial intelligence for the entire country.

The Rise of the Data Engineer
The combination of AI and cloud infrastructure is changing the roles of certain engineers and creating a new requirement that demands an entirely new engineering specialty.

Tech's Next Disruption Target: The Coronavirus
Silicon Valley technology experts are pursuing various projects to combat the coronavirus, with thousands of volunteers contributing to hundreds of hastily organized initiatives in their spare time. 

A Debate Between AI Experts Shows a Battle Over the Technology’s Future
The field is in disagreement about where it should go and why.

How AI Can Reduce Traffic Congestion, Fuel Consumption
Researchers used artificial intelligence and machine learning to design a computer-vision system to keep traffic moving efficiently through intersections while minimizing fuel consumption.

Machine Learning Technique Sharpens Prediction of Material's Mechanical Properties
Scientists utilized machine learning to improve the accuracy of material testing.

Big Data Helps Taiwan Fight Coronavirus
Taiwan has largely controlled the propagation of the  coronavirus, which an international team of researchers credit mainly to the emergency deployment of big data analytics and other technologies.

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