The Top Nintendo Wii Games

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40 Best Wii Games
Ultimate list of the 40 games for Wii that were made for Wii (does not include virtual console or gamecube games). I may have to add on to a part two as more great games come along. So, you have a Wii and your thinking, ok, I got a Wii and I'm getting bored with Wii Sports, but I love playing the Wii... What are the best games I should own and am missing out on right now?

Best of the Best Wii Games
There are tons of Wii games out there, the challenge is figuring out which ones are the best. Many games are rushed, sloppy, ports to cash-in on Nintendo's hit console. But there are also plenty of fantastic, original titles well worth your hard-earned cash. I own and rent tons of games, so i have hands-on experience to share with you. These are the best of the best, games that are unquestionably worth purchasing.

Best Family Wii Games
The Nintendo Wii is ideal for families, because the controls are so easy to use, and everyone can play together. There are a selection of games aimed at families, which are great fun for all ages.

Hardcore Wii Games
For the purpose of this list, hardcore games are games that drive you; games that push a player in anyway; games that aren't solved in the first few sittings (unless your sitting for many hours); games that challenge players are hardcore.

Sports and Competition
One of the most popular games for the Wii is Wii Sports, which often comes bundled with the console. The 5 games that is has are rather simplistic, so for the ultimate sporting simulations, check out these great games:

Arcade and Pub Wii Games
Perfect for parties, or chilling out after work, these great Arcade and Pub games are simple enough that anyone can play, yet compelling and addictive so that you want to keep on playing them...

Top Accessories for Wii
With the huge popularity of the Nintendo Wii games console, there are now a variety of Wii Accessories available to make playing on it even more enjoyable. Here are just a few of the best accessories that you can buy for your Wii.