Deathmarked: MTG and Other Stuff to Think About

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Standard is Getting Stagnant
I have observed the recent lack of participants in the recent Standard tournaments at Pro Rei’s place. This was also obvious during the Rivals of Ixalan Store Champs wherein the player count was only at 16 at Pro Rei and about 9 players at Critical Hit. That is despite the recent archetypes that were introduced […]

REDAS Software Training Day 1 Notes
I am currently attending the REDAS Software training by PHIVOLCS & representing Iloilo City together with Ma’am Donna Magno of the City Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Office. It is already Day 3 as of this posting but I’d just like to add here the notes I have taken on the first day of the […]

Dominaria Prerelease Iloilo City Schedule
If ever you are in town in Iloilo City this weekend and that you would want to play first-hand Magic the Gathering’s newest (or comeback) set Dominaria, then we won’t disappoint you. We will be having the Dominaria Prerelease this weekend and that we have two events in line. The first one is set on […]

GP Hartford Top 8 Decks
The recently concluded Grand Prix Hartford featured the Top 8 decks as to why Modern still has the most diverse metagame of a format. Personally this is my favorite format of Magic: the Gathering, and this time the winning deck is a new brew of Pro Player Matt Nass. He played KCI artifact combo with […]

Quick Decklist: MGA in Dominaria
Here is a quick decklist for one of the archetypes that will gain a huge boost with the release of Dominaria in the Standard format. The deck is Mono Green Aggro which is already gaining followers from the recent tournament results in MTGO Standard league. Below is the possible look of the deck in DOM […]

MtG Iloilo Tournaments Schedule this Week
It will be another full schedule for the weekend here in the Magic: the Gathering Iloilo community as there will three events scheduled, including an Open House for the new and interested players. The detailed MTG tournament schedule after the cut. ***MtG Iloilo Tournaments Schedule this Week*** April 13, 2018 Friday Night Magic Standard Constructed […]

DOM Card Feature: Garna, the Bloodflame
For today’s spoiler card discussion of the upcoming Dominaria set this April 27th, we have a Rakdos colored legend creature that I think is mainly a sideboard card for massive removal spells like Fumigate. Presenting below Garna, the Bloodflame. As of now I don’t think maindecking this creature is a good choice unless the metagame […]

DOM Card Feature: Multani
As I wait for the release of the Dominaria set, I cant help but ponder on the possible new deck archetype that will be mostly focused on the mono-color strategy or maybe splashed with a second color. Currently, I am thinking of Green stompy, Blue Tempo and White weenie decks. I may have to wait […]

DOM Card Feature: Torgaar, Famine Incarnate
I have noticed from the recent card previews of the upcoming Dominaria set that Wizards is pushing for a Mono Color strategy which is a classic example during the early sets of Magic. They are printing creatures with Mono Color costs such as the 3-Drop 5/4 Elf Beast for GGG, a Flying 0/4 Djinn which […]

A Qualitative Purpose Statement
A good qualitative purpose statement contains information about the central phenomenon explored in the study, the participants in the study. and the research site. It also conveys an emerging design and uses research words drawn from the language of qualitative inquiry (Schwandt. 2007). Thus, one might consider several basic design features for writing this statement: […]

Dominaria Open House on Saturday
Open House is an introductory event that is a way to recruit new players and those interested of learning the game. New players get a Welcome Deck tutorial and a showcase of both Magic and the social experience of in-store play. The foil full-art promo card for this set will be reprinted classic, Llanowar Elves. […]

Standard Deck Feature: Blue Red GPG
I have just checked the coverage of the Grand Prix Seattle this weekend and looked on the Top 8 decks of the Standard portion of the event. I surprisingly found one new build of God-Pharaoh’s Gift on a Blue & Red shell. Seeing Combat Celebrant in play got me excited. Check out this decklist below. […]