Deathmarked: MTG and Other Stuff to Think About

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Back to Working Out
It has been a while but this time I had finally decided to hit the gym again. It was an instantaneous decision last Monday as it was a holiday and I got a vacant afternoon to spend. It had crossed my mind several times in the past weeks while seeing some friends in my Facebook […]

Deathmarked is 10 Years Old!
In the recent online trend of the Ten-Year Challenge, I am glad and happy to share (which is quite late) that I am also joining this one by saying that my blog and domain is celebrating its 10th year anniversary. The domain marked the tenth year after it was renewed last January 30th, 2019. […]

Tourney Results: FNM March 15th
Most of the players probably enjoy spell slinging as the weekends comes and the nearest venue is at Pro Reis Place for Standard format and Nth Dimension for Modern. The high attendance is still maintained as more new faces attend the Standard FNM event, with hopes of winning that month’s promo foil card and a […]

DIY Ramen Part Two
This is a late post as the actual cooking happened about more than a month ago. In this second attempt on cooking the DIY Sumo Ramen I bought from an online store in Shopee, I decided to add more toppings. I had a few leftovers squid balls, lobster balls, Squidi and tofu that I used […]

Preps for the EnP Board Exam
I am almost done processing my papers for my part-time work as Instructor at the University of San Agustin. I have received my OTR just last week from the GSO of the University of the Philippines – Iloilo City Campus, that is almost a month of the processing period. A classmate from my DURP class […]

RNA Standard Deck: 5C-Electrostorm
I have explored the aggro and control deck archetypes in the current Ravnica Allegiance Standard format with my previous blog posts and this time, I have decided to check on some updated decks under the Combo tab. We all know and familiar with the Nexus of Fate and Wilderness Reclamation combo deck that currently exists […]

Two Days of Local Food Trip
Last Friday, my officemates decided to lunch out at a nearby Carinderia and I decided to join them since I haven’t visited that place yet. This is one way for me to promote the local food spots along with what delicious recipes they can offer for the tourists. I have not yet blog posted about […]

MTG Iloilo Tourney Results March 2nd Wk
I have posted before that the high attendance of the local tournaments is good thing for the community. That means players are enjoy being competitive and piloting various decks in the Standard format. The next question though is what decks are truly outstanding in the metagame. We look at the recent MTG Iloilo tournament results […]

Planning a Month-Ender Big Tourney
It has been a while since we had our last Iloilo Championships which is usually held every December. Aside from that, Store Champs is the only major local tournament that the players look forward to joining. We also had Nationals and Regionals before but the last Philippine Nationals was that of last year and Wizards […]

RNA Standard Deck: Grixis Midrange
I decided to check on the MTG Top 8 website again for the recent major Standard events and to see deck innovations. The site visit did not disappoint and one deck caught my attention, the Grixis Midrange build piloted by sokos13.  If you are looking for a straightforward disruption and card advantage deck, then this […]

Ragnarok Mobile Grind to Level 99
I have been busy these past days in terms of mobile online gaming. That is because I am grinding my main character in Ragnarok Mobile to reach level 99, that is the level wherein the character will have a glowing aura around it. In the old PC version of the game, it was sort of […]

High Player Attendance Maintained
As the blog post title says it, I am to glad to share that the Magic: the Gathering Iloilo Community has maintained its high attendance in its local tournaments in the last two weeks. The spotlight event was during the Friday Night Magic wherein twenty-four participantswas recorded. I was able to attend one FNM tournament […]