Deathmarked: MTG and Other Stuff to Think About

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M19 Standard Decklist: W/G Cats
Yes, a Tribal Cats deck is back in the Standard metagame. This feline ferocity deck archetype has recently gained recognition on its 5-0 finish in a competitive Magic Online league tournament. Core Set 2019 has greatly improved the creature lineup with the inclusion of Leonin Vanguard, Leonin Warleader and Ajani’s Pridemate. The deck was piloted […]

M19 Standard Decklist: Sarkhan Stompy
Here is a quick decklist while I am still making up my mind on writing my Judge Conference weekend report. The deck features Sarkhan’s Unsealing partnered with lots of fatty creatures, one, in particular, is the inclusion of Traxos. Having a solid 7/7 on turn three as a follow up for turn two 5/4 is […]

Philippine Judge Conference this Weekend
I will be traveling in Manila this weekend for the yearly Magic: the Gathering Philippine Judge conference. This will be my first time to attend in which I have this on my bucket list finally achieved. I have planned to attend the conference in the past two years but had several constraints faced along the […]

M19 Booster Draft Practice for Nationals
Last week, we held an advance booster draft practice for the upcoming Philippine Nationals with Team Iloilo. I have come up with the idea because of the constraints on the schedule. We are only having one week of preparation after the release of M19 to the date of the Nationals weekend. That one week would […]

Big Red in M19 Standard
By the deck definition, Big Red always refers to slow and controllish deck strategy and wins by casting a seven or more mana cost critter or ultimating with their Red planeswalker. Some would just burn them up with huge mana burn spells and for today’s deck build, this will be my centerpiece for the archetype. […]

Standard Pauper will Return in MTG Iloilo
Nth Dimension: Comics and Games have recently decided to add Magic: The Gathering tournaments in their store on a weekly schedule. The owner asked me of the possible tournament formats that he could have and so I have one that will accommodate the new players to get a playing feel in the tournament and that […]

Quick Decklist: Standard M19 Goblins
We would be highly certain that tribal decks will flourish in M19 Standard. I have mentioned of the Zombies and this time, let us take a look at another tribe. I won’t be having any definition whatsoever so here is a short preview of the decklist of the tribal Red Goblins with the release of […]

Quick M19 Decklist: U/R Conjecture
Taking a short break from my office work and grad school write-ups, I decided to brew one Standard deck with the upcoming Core Set 2019. The deck’s main strategy revolved around the Blue Saga: The Mirari Conjecture and I saw one key card in M19 that will gain value on this strategy and is pretty […]

Road-Based Public Transport Reform 4
Here is the fourth and final part of the PUV Modernization plan as proposed by the Department of Transportation, and related agencies such as LTFRB and DILG. The office had recently taken the Session 2 Workshop of the LPTRP wherein the compositions of the plan document were discussed in detail. I might need to have […]

Project Site Visit at Pavia Iloilo
Last Saturday afternoon, the two groups in our class on P205 – Project Development Planning has decided to check on the possible sites in the municipality of Pavia which is our LGU of study and wherein the project proposal will be located. Me and my groupmates, Ma’am Mabel, Ma’am Robel, and Ma’am Vanessa are proposing […]

Standard M19 Zombies Update
The complete Magic Core Set 2019 spoiler is already released and the Prerelease events will be on this coming weekend. For the Standard brewing part, I have mentioned in a previous blog post of the possible return of Zombies in the metagame, that which supported by this upcoming set. With the preview of the new […]

Core Set 2019 Iloilo Prerelease Weekend
Core Set 2019 will hold its Prerelease events this weekend and the local community is excited to experience and play firsthand the cards, the Elder Dragons, the new batch of Planeswalkers, and everything that the set offers. Luckily, we will be having two Prerelease for this weekend for Iloilo City and that is one of […]