Deathmarked: MTG and Other Stuff to Think About

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Hoping for Ravnica Allegiance Spoilers
It is just a month to go before Ravnica Allegiance comes out but until now, there are no traces of cards spoilers from this set. Before there are a few promo foils that are leaked for the upcoming sets but lately they seem to be moderated well by the WotC authorities.  This coming weekend will be […]

Design Principle of Parks & Open Space
To quote the definition, “Parks and open space refers to land that has been reserved for the purpose of formal and informal sport and recreation, preservation of natural environments, provision of green space and/or urban storm water management.” There are two categories of parks identified. First off are neighbourhood parks providing for regular local use and […]

Rakdos Lands Collection Update
This is a quite late news but I’m still sharing it nevertheless. Last November, the recent batch of my order of Rakdos lands for my collection has arrived. This batch consists of playsets of old Uncommon lands from various sets of Magic: the Gathering which I found from an online store in eBay.  Their pricing […]

Upcoming Altered GRN Cards
I had recently won some bids on eBay for the second batch of altered Guilds of Ravnica cards. I chose to purchase these cards even if we already had a playset in our group. That is just for a way to have one unique but still playable card in the deck. The alter artist is […]

Benchmarking: The Basics
Benchmarking is the method that is to check by comparison one’s business processes and performance metrics to a certain standard criteria, in particular that of the industry bests and best practices. The resulting information can then be used to identify gaps in an organization’s processes in order to achieve a competitive advantage. For a short […]

Itís Christmas Rush Already
It is barely two weeks to go before Christmas and the city streets already look to be hectic. On the way to the office, I see a whole lot of small stalls situated on the supposed to be sidewalks within the downtown district are filled with various stuff for sale that are part of this […]

Quick Purchase at Booksale
Yesterday, I decided to drop by Booksale at Robinsons place Iloilo City proper as I waited for the meetup with my friend with regards to his purchase of a gaming controller. It was just purely to spend the time and also to check some book titles that might get my interest on. The place was […]

PPTQ Iloilo City Top 8 Decks
Here are the Top 8 decklists of the recently-concluded Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier Iloilo held at Pro Reis Place. I took the role of the assistant judge on this event with Judge Reuben as the main head judge. The PPTQ was attended by 22 players so it was a 5 rounds of Swiss with Top […]

Wrapping Up the Last Semester
We presented the final shelter plan for the municipality of Pavia last Saturday in coordination with our subject Planning Workshop (P210.1) in DURP. We held it in the meeting room of the HUDCC Region VI office located in Jalandoni Street that is across the University of San Agustin. The initial plan and location were at […]

PPTQ Iloilo City Preparations
It has now been decided that I will be an assisting judge on the upcoming Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier here in Iloilo City. Judge Reuben Ferrer posted in the Judge Apps of the event and assigned to me the role along with my teammate and fellow Ilonggo judge Ace Baron. The tournament schedule is on […]

GRN Standard Deck Feature: Jeskai Mid
While looking for a new Standard decklist to feature this week which I think I did not do just yet, I decided to check on the Other Aggro tab of the MTG Top 8 Standard decks page. I found the recent deck they have listed at a date November 11th. This decklist is sort of […]

Three GRN Boosters on a Hectic Monday
I started the week in a hasty manner by which I needed to do and finish a lot of things on a Monday. The first reason is that we only have two weeks left until the end of the semester in my graduate class and the group needed to be done with the site planning […]