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I was playing this game in first time that was releasing in First part of Hit Man 2 and That game has wonderful graphics. and iam play and finish this game . that was wonderful moment of my life and i hear to say that this game has playing action's and there are several gun's and pistols.After Hit man 2 That was releasing a new part Code name 47 That part has wonderful after in this part Hitman 3 and this is also nice .Now Hitman blood money..That was amazing part of hitman .There are several guns two braille's automatic pistols and Shotguns and Riffle that was amazing to killing those who are for away.and knife and very nice and powerful guns that was sniper gun and a wire to killing silently that was helping in silent to kill that is amazing.HIT MAN BLOOD MONEY has wonderful game and that was highly recommended games and that was great graphics.Control system of blood money has not difficult to play has other games but you guys playing this game that was thriller and action gamehitman has a man that who has lot of crimes and that he had to fishing that crimes in this world there are lot of enemies that he had to finish that enemies.and stoping that crimes in that world that was hard to hitman but he has to believe wash out of crime.Hitman blood money has improved game and his game has wonderful things that was jumping through the windows and door that was amzaing and picking up itmes.and that was all done to the clicking mouse button's.Hit man blood money has highly remcomded graphics and that was brand spanking and does a great job lighting and texture.that was amazing and voice and music of this game has nice and if hitman killing enemy that was woderfull sound in that time.and i was playing that all of hitman parts that was amzing and this part of hitman nice and high graphics.you guys playing this game and you like this game.

VELVET ASSASSINvelvet Assassin is all set up in darkness and makes heavy use of it to bring to light the events of world War II. As an espionage agent fighting behind enemy lines, you slip in and out of shadows, silently stalking through dimly lit streets and grimy prisons as you attempt to sabotage the nazi war effort. But the darkness in velvet Assassin is more than just a cover for satisfying stealth play.The grim realities of war are also present, giving added weight to your objectives and a moral back bone to your killings.As you slink through burning parisian villagers and witness innocent civillians being executed for no reason, the chilling brutality of war becomes clear.You Assume the role of Violette summer, a British Assassin sent alone to slow down the German war machine. When the game begins, you see yourself from above, lying in a hospital bed after a mission gone terribly wrong.There are morphine syringes scattered across your bed, and the influx of drugs in your system creates a series of dreams that let you recount your past missions. As your efforts in the war play out, Violet begins to question the events around her,making her character empathetic and believable. interspersed with these flashbacks are quick looks at the present, in which two Allied Soldiers stand above your hospital bed, trying to decide your fate. The story is told in brief snippets, which makes it initially difficult to follow what's going on. But as the plot becomes clearer, The moral decision looming overhead becomes more powerful, casting all of your actions in a new light.The 12 missions have you fighting single-handedly against the German forces, assassinating a war criminal, destroying a fuel depot, and other objectives typical for the most part, you must rely on stealth to meet your goals.The levels are blanked in darkness, providing ample cover for you to weave through the disturbing setting. Troops patrol all around you, and if you can silently sneak behind them, you trigger a breif execution scense.The absoulate patience needed to stalk through these missions is tense and rewarding, mixing the fear of being spotted with the relief of creeping through a particularly dangerous situation unseen.The levels are often linear, providing supply of weapons or armor, but there is still plenty of creativety needed to achieve success.Fighting out how to reach your goal in the most efficent way is hugely satisfying beacuse no two situations play out in the exact same way.As you sneak around bases, you can eavesdrop on conversations that give your attackers personality. But these conversations are not merely superfluous looks at the yearnings of a solider. Some times they reveal their darker side, which makes it more rewarding to kill them off. in one level a solider explains in meticulous detail how best to burn bodies that have been dumped in a ditch. In the prison level, A solider proposes a game of rabbit hunt: a disgusting activity that involves shooting prisoners as they try to run free.There are also letters scattered Throughout the levels that show the desperation that some of these troops felt.One solider writes a heartfelt letter to his wife, telling her how miserable and suffocating military life is.These emotional moments paint the soldiers as real people and add a lot of weight to your actions.A wonderful game by all means, Velvet Assassin offers a brutal depiction of war, creating an experience that is horrific but still rewarding.

Tom Clancy's EndWar
Tom Clancy's EndWarThe upcoming World war III RTS, based on Tom Clancy's renowned tech-fiction novels and the series of spin-off games, differentiates it self from other RTS games in a couple of ways. The story sticks to the traditional setting of American and European allies versus the Soviets.Apparently, U.S.A has advanced its military expeditions to outer space and a revitalised Russia intervenes. The game does not advance in the usual linear fashion or through levels , Rather, it reveals a map where a war is in progress. you then choose where you would like to assume control of a battle. in this fashion, you move through the map, fighting back forces where ever you think it is necessary to intervence . Voice commands are used to communicate with other players during online gameplay and to issue tactical orders to yours troops. once a strategic pointis captured , it can be upgraded . units are limted in number - seven to be exact - but they have a large number of up grades in terms of armour , weapons and techonology enhancements . There are none of the traditional base installation are resourse harvesting associated with RTD titles . units and ammunition are replenished by airships and/or cargo shipments .

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
BlazBlue: Calamity TriggerThe creators of the guilty Gear series bring you BlazBlue: Calamity Tigger, a Weapons-based fighting game with some great visuals and ultra-fast gameplay mechanics. BlazBlue favours a fighting game experience that is more along traditional lines. All the action takes place in stunning two-dimensional (2D) graphics rather than the standard three-dimensional (3D). The game borrows a lot of elements from the Guilty Gear series along with some complex new mechanics of its own. players with face each other off in a classic one-on-one fashion. The game incorporates gauges that allow players to perform enhanced attacks like Distortion Drives and Rapid cancels. One gauge in particular, the Barrier Gauge can be used for both offence and defence .For unlimite pawnage, players meeting certain conditions can even perform an ' Astral Finisher ' -a move that guarantees instant death to enemies. visuals are expected to be in beautifully crisp high definition, with 2D character sprites displayed against a stunning mixture of 2D and 3D backgrounds. This title will appeal to all fighting game purists who love a healthy dose of fast-paced action and awesome visuals .

Assassin's Creed II
Assassin's Creed IIIn this iteration, Ubisoft invites the plyar to witness another day in the life of an assassin. The game develops the action and strategy of the original with much-needed modifications.The player assumes the role of another historical assassin, Ezio Auditore de Firenze.The game is set in renaissance-era Venice in the year 1476. Assassin's Creed II features historical cities such as Rome and Venice.important figuers of the era, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Niccolo Machiavelli and Lorenzo de'Medici, are to be assassinated by the player in accordance with the will of the brotherhood. Combat and gameplay have been taken to the next level.A variety of new weapons, enemies and mission types are available.A notoriety system, based on the number of missions compeleted, determines the kind of interaction the player receives from civilians and soldiers. Furthermore, roadside doctors are available to heal the player if he takes a bed beating. some of the intriguing features inculded in this sequel are the ability to use water as a hiding place and assassinate targets from within haystacks.

GOD OF WAR IIIThe Ghost of sparta returns for a final confrontation of titanic proportions. picking up where the last game left off, God OF War III will see kratos lead the titans into a final epic battle against the gods who dared to betray him. Fighting among the titans themselves, as they climb to the summit of Mount Olympus, kratos will stop at nothing to exact his revenge on zeus, the king of the Gods.with the series shifting onto the playstation3, the game will benefit from a plethora of enhancements, including a brand new game engine built from the ground up high-defination graphics, new weapons and power ful storyline.The new titan gameplay featuers monstrous, over-the-top battles, some aboard the titans themselves, creating a dynamic battle and puzzle-solving enviroment where the levels are actually moving. Combat has been taken to the next level,with kratos now facing four times as many enemies from the previous games,with all-new brutal moves and combat techniques. The visuals are some of the best seen on current - generation hardware, with phenomenal high-resolution textures to show off the adrenaline textures to show off the adrenaline-pumping action.with the development team promising to retain everything that isn't broken and make the final chapter of the series as epic as imaginable, it would be safe to say that kratos' final venture may turn out to be the one of the best games any system will ever have.

MEN OF WARAny strategy game expert will tell you that wisely managing one's units and resources is crucial for success in battles. precision and complete coordination between different units determines the outcome of a feverish war with opponents. keeping that in mind, men of war is a great game. However its highly praised control options and micromanagement of units may not appeal to many gamers in general.Man of war is descendant of soldier heroes of WORLD WAR II and FACES OF WAR and carries on the traditional gameplay found in both previous titles, Even though the game has a number of problems it may as well be one of the most engaging tactical strategy games seen in a while.The gives the player control over three major factions The Russians, The Germans, and the Allies , Missions Vary from Infiltration and espionage to All-out tactical and defencive battles the map are fairly large and expencive and give players ample room for combat and objective expansion Long missions are usualy devided in to smaller bits where you recieve varying objectives to keep the action running However the game tends to be quite unforgiving with regards to the difficulty level Even the easy mode is tough enough to warrat a few retries.GamePlay:Playing the game requires efficiency and rushing in on the enemy will certainly be a huge mistake since they will almost always be better equipped and well prepared instead Using your units to systematicaly pick off the targets will be essential throughout the game The units themselves are all unique in their own way They each have their own personal inventory their weapons need to be reloaded and each of them is skilled in handling different types of weapons Additionaly they can also heal themselves When left idle. Items Such as helmets, weapons, ammunation, and health packs can also be scavenged from dead troops littered around a recent battlefield.They can also use the terrain to their advantage by hiding in the bushes and taking cover behind objects while engaging the enemy.The game incorporates robust physics and destructible environments on the field. Weapons and vehicles can tear through buildings and send parts flying . Explosions may seem a bit over the top but do a good job of conveying the frenzy and chaos of war. The artificial intelligence (AI) is quite efficient on the other hand Enemy units react to changes quickly and your troops need to efficiently counteract situations where they face heavy fire. Their movements however tend to be too erratic and uncoordinated . Even tanks and other vehicles can bring surrounding buildings to the ground while moving to ordianed points in the battle field. Fortunately the game has a unique feature that allows the player to directly coordinate the movements of units using the keyboard and mouse direct control gives more of an arcade feel to the gameplay and especially useful in infiltration missions.Conclusion:To sum it up, This is one of those titles, that gamers will either love or hate, most gamers may feel overwhelmed by the multiple things that they need to keep an eye on on the midst of an engaging battlefield.Ultimately, The fact is that MEN OF WAR is brilliant stragty game through its unconventional combat system and high difficalty level, the game provides a gritty and realistic experiance of managing troops in the line of fire. The excessive mircomanagement tasks and atrocious voice-overs might may make gamers want to scream in frustration, but apart from that, the game is extremly deep and challenging.

Death to Spies
DEATH TO SPIESThere have been countless titles based on world War II and most of them are fairly unpopular.it seems as if the entire notion of mass destruction and loss of life and limb has lost its appeal among the masses. However, Haggard Games has tried to launch an other WORLD WAR II oriented game with a few new innovations. In this game the player assumes the identity of a former Russian spy who is accused of treason. This former soviet spy is inquired by a senior officer and the game takes place as series of flashbacks as he begins to narrate the story .The game begins with a comprehensive tutorial on the basses needed to carry out routine spy assignments. The player is intimated with the basses of espionage. A crash course on military physical fitness and basic know-how on using weapons is also provided so that the player dose not inflict harm upon himself while using them ion the battlefields. A test runs on explosives and Mock-enemy troopers camps. in short the tutorial prepares the player for almost all kinds of hazards the player may encounter on the battlefields.The gameplay is realistic with special attention given to the game's physics engine. There is a multitude of weapons to choose from, that are all antiques now a days bit were formidable artillery at that time. Different types of machine guns, revolvers, grenades, and melee equipments make the player feel safer on the battle field. The inventory system has been limited so that the backpack only has a limited number of slots for grenades or ammunation. There is also the weight factor and restriction that only a single type of pistol and big gun shall be picked up by the player at a time, so no whipping of machine guns or combating in Rambo style since this is a stealth based game these restructions hardly prove a great hindrance as killing enemy soldiers recklessly results in having the entire platoon on high alert and ultimately leads to the death of players. Hence one has to learn to move in secrecy and to slay enemy soldiers using stealth.They have also incorporated a breathing factor when using sniper riffles the aim shakes unless the breath is held before shoting also throwing knives do not fly through the air in a straight line rather they move in parabloc arcs through the air. The designers have put in a transparent map that helps the player navigate and to keep a check on Non-playable characters (NPCs) and observing as a constant compass. Even though stealth-game players may feel a sense of deja vu when playing this game, there are some glaring differences.firstly this game is very TTL, "true to life" when simulating the grass and stone buildings and everything else it dose far more than the setisfactory job and renders detailed environment Although missions like, killing moles, blowing up bridges , copying documnets and other are run of the mill scenarios but the environment details gives them a vicarious feel. Proper lightening , textures and shadows effects have a great effect on the over all look and feel of the game. Also, there are traditional parts of the game where the player dresses up to avoid being detected by enemy troops.However this ruse is seen through if spotted by a senior officer or seen doing any suspecious activity which involves being in the restricted area or not listening to a guard . Lirking in the shadows is also a way to avoid detection. There is a handy utility "Detection Meter" which tells the player what the proximity is with another enemy trooper and helps avoid being caught if played safely since there is no full-body armour present, seeking refuge in the shadows is the best protection one can get, overall game is quite difficult and sometimes keyboard banging frustratios are experianced since the timing for every thing needs to be precise or the attempted is discovered and the player is gunned down with in moments. The ambience of the game is also in step with the environment. The silence during the game play is very fitting and sound effects of the enemy soldiers when aroused and passive are also right on cue. Over all it is not a game which should be missed by those who have a taste for stealth-based games.

Need For Speed Most Wanted
Need For Speed Most WantedUnlike the sports genre, Racing did pretty well in 2007 by churning out some outrageously realistic games. Dirt was an immense success, In both visuals and real world physics, Test drive unlimited was released earlier for the Xbox 360 as one of the first multilayer online racing games, and its PC version was released later on taking place in Hawaii, The vacation getaway, Players experience the life of professional racers , Buying a house, earning money and upgrading their life styles as they go along. THE NEED FOR SPEED series continued with NFS ProStreet which is a solid upgrade to the series, realisticaly capturing the essence of street racing in every way and thus making it one of the best in the series other titles just as good were race 07; THE WTCC Game developed by Simbin, makers of year 2006 award winning GTR 2, which like its predecessor, holds true to the franchise by building up on more variety and increadible AL Drivers.