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Are You A Hat Person? Take this 5 Question Quiz and Find Out!
Answer the following five questions (to the best of your ability) and discover if you are truly a hat person, a hat imposter or if a hat-less life is all that is in store for your future.

Large Wood Porch Lantern Set (DIY Decor Without Tools Tutorial)
These large porch lanterns can add some much–needed drama to any decor, porch, fireplace, or mantle and Im going to show you secret tips on how you can make your own porch lanterns without having to own any woodworking tools. […]

The Fortune Telling Cat (Halloween Poster Artwork Freebie)
Do you ever feel like your feline friend can read your mind or at least you wish they could? Then this free Fortune Telling Cat poster art is just right for you this Halloween!!! I just love how Halloween gives […]

CIA Spy Adventure Birthday Party (for tweens & teens)
This spy themed party isn’t an ordinary party filled with party games its an immersive spy mystery adventure where party guest get to be an CIA agent for an evening. They undergo a CIA training coarse, get to make ID […]

DIY Repurpose Old Lamp Bird Bath (Easy Tutorial)
Turn an old lamp into a beautiful birdbath for less than $20 and a few hours. Its so easy!

10 Tips To Building Your First Garden Compost Bin
There are a lot of perks to having your own compost bin for your yard and garden. Making your own garden compost helps you save money on buying fertilizer every spring, your garden loves all those natural nutrients, and you […]

“In This House” Wall Art Family Motto Printable
What are your family values? Its important to remind yourself and your family what kind of goals you want for your home and what kind of family you would all like to be moving towards. Thats why I love these […]

Finding Buffalo Peak Trail Provo Utah (Hidden gem kid hike 2019 Update)
Find the trail head to buffalo peak up provo canyon, best hidden gem trail for kids and dogs.