Family and Parents are First School for Children

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Prevent Your Child from Teenage Obesity
Obesity is a big problem among the people. Now obesity increases in to childrens.It is very serious problem.obesity can stop you child mental and physical development. It also looses your child confidence. There is no magic bullet for kids whose control their there are some suggestion by which you can control your child weight. Support your kids to make changes to their general

Develop Self Respect among Children
Not only adult but also children want self-respect. According to psychologist, self-respect is a power, by which childrenís overall development occur. So, it is parentís duty that they help in developing self respect among their children. From the following things parents can do some help their child to develop self respect Never neglect childrenís in presence of others. Talking children about

Daily Massage Of Your Baby
Massage is very important for infant. By the massage mother can care her child very well. For massage which things necessary tat is oil. First check the oil that it is not harmful for your child skin. Massage oil be less of smell. Smelled oil became the cause of alerzy for your baby. Todayís much good baby oil are available in market. So care to purchase the oil. Massage not only give your baby

Stop Kids From The Excess Of Watching T.V
Television has been famoused in housing to become medium of entertainment and knowledge. Every one watches the TV and enjoy with us. We can gain much information and knowledge by watching TV, but it has much harm also .Excess ness in every thing is bad. Children can not understand its bad effects parents care of that things itís necessary to care some things in watching the TV.Choose the

Save Your Child To Be Fatty
Every parent wants that their kids be healthy, so they want that their child eat more and more. But they donít know excess quality of food donít make healthy but it made your child fatty. If your child is obese as a child, he/she will probably be obese as an adult. The number of fat cells in oneís body is set in adolescence and remains unchanged through adulthood. It also prove in a study of

Make Sharp Minded Babies by Feeding Breast
Motherís milk is precious for child. It is not only good for their health but also useful for their mind .children that was exclusively breast Ėfed became smarter than those who were feed supplements also. Many research also prove this statement that these child drink mother milk for one year or more they are very sharp minded other than who donít drink mother milk. Mother milk is pure and

Gaming Effect on Children
Modern Computer games need censoring because they increased violence in children. It affects their immature mind. They also start using and comparing their normal life as like computer games.Compute games hypnotize player that much that he can pass days while playing continuously. 3D games have replaced old games completely. Customized computer games lets you even create your own characters for

Keep Children at Distance from Mobile
Today mobile phone is very famous and common electronic product. Children are also about crazy about this, but the use of mobile phone is very dangerous for children. We should not allow them to use mobile phone. According to national radiological protection board of Britain, the use of mobile phone for children is harmful for their health. They advice not to allow kids to use mobile of less than

Ideal Breasting Period
It is always remain an un-understood question that how much days you should breast your kid. It is very difficult to properly expect good period for it. It can also depend on country environment and atmosphere.In England 9 mints period consider ideal,but in America it 6 months or less. Normally, when mother-milk is not sufficient for child then drinking cow-milk and fruit juice to the child.Keep

Struggling Teens and Students
Many of the times we saw school children fighting with each other on the roads and streets. They sometimes come in a group and start fighting with each other. On some occasions these groups also becomes such crucial that they injure the child of another second group. In most of cases boys found more involved in this type of actions not girls. They remain calm at much of their nature.For this type

Choosy Children about Tasty Food
If your children has become crazy about the junk food and choosy about their nutrition than be serious about that. This habit will take them towards obesity. Children who don't care about good nutritional food and always take junk and fast food like chips, breads, cold drinks etc. than it always not good. These things are only to use occasionally.All of the companies are always saying that this

Speaking Truth always a good Habit
Everybody hates when their children lie about anything to them and try to over smart on all little subjects. Like where is your doll than they will tell a false story about the lost doll that they have thrown it because it has worn-out and old. These things are little and don't makes effects in starting and you remain continue to ignoring them but these things affect them in future.If you want to

Stealing and Pick Pocketing Children
Daily on the public places peoples usually seen children involved in stealing and pick pocketing like activities. And these types of crimes are increasing according to time. Police is also not able to take any serious steps considering the age of these victims. These problems have increased because of poverty mainly. Children who are not getting sufficient food, education and work to earn what

Quit Smoking - Habits of Kids
If you are a chain smoker than you need not to be bother about your children. They will definitely be like that of you. Of course you don't like to be them so. So you will also have to do something. Improve yourself and quit smoking not for you but for them. Your kids are still getting affected. Lungs and other internal organs of children are very sensitive so they catch the smoke and that gets

Sexual Maturity in Children
Children are very innocent and learning in their early age. they starts learning and try to get what is happening in this world to which they are new. When they see their parents making love at any time they also become curious about the things and try to understand that thing. They use various sources for that and gets sometimes incomplete and sometimes wrong knowledge about that.So there can be