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Printable Jumble Word Puzzles
Here you can download a few good printable jumble word puzzles to descramble and complete. I used to love solving these word scrambles when I was a kid. My teacher would always give them out to kids who had finished their main work early, so everybody always raced to finish early and do some word jumble games!If you want to solve word scramble puzzles that are really basic, this one is good to start with.Here's a Valentine's Day word scramble to solve.Here's a bird jumble word game.Nautical theme word jumble game.There are a large number of word jumble websites online for you to download from. A simple google search or google image search will lead you to lots more puzzle activities. Enjoy!

Printable Fill In Puzzles
Fill in puzzle activities are growing in popularity these days. They are similar to a crossword, but rather than using to clues to figure out words, you have to enter words into an empty grid in a way that they fit together. Crosswords are often impossible, depending on your own personal knowledge base. If you don't know anything about knitting, maybe a clue about knitting means nothing to you. But in a fill in puzzle, you don't need to have specific knowledge of esoteric subjects.Here are a few links to follow that will lead you to a wealth of printable fill in puzzles. I hope you enjoy them! Happy gaming!Bigopolis's Fill in PuzzlesFill in puzzles from ClassHelper.orgFill in puzzles from, you guessed it,!Thanks for pringing out some fill in puzzle activities! Check back again for more puzzles, mazes, and games soon!

Free Printable Logic Problems
Here are some free printable logic problems for those of you who enjoy wrapping your head around difficult concepts and puzzles. I've given you two oral logic problems and one printable logic puzzle with grid, for you to make notes about and solve. The answers to the oral logic problems are down below at the bottom of the page.Islanders logic problemThere are two enchanting but remote islands in the South Pacific. The islanders born on one island always tell the truth, and the islanders from the other island always lie. You are on one of the islands, and meet three islanders. You ask the first one which island they are from, and he indicates that the other two islanders are from the same Island. You ask the second islander the same question, and he also says that the other two islanders are from the same island. Can you guess what the third Islander will answer to the same question?The Pigeon logic problemTwo friends decide to get together, so they start riding their bicycles toward each other. They plan to meet halfway in the middle. Both are riding at 6 MPH. They live 36 miles apart. One of them has a pet pigeon and it starts flying as soon as the friends start traveling. The pigeon flies back and forth at 18 MPH between the 2 friends until they meet. How many miles does the pigeon end up travelling?Here's a free printable logic puzzle with grid. This comes from http://www.squiglysplayhouse.comAnswer to the islanders logic problem: The third islander will also say that the other two are from the same island. One of them is telling the truth about the other two being from the same island, but those two come from the island of liars so they both lie and say the other 2 men are from the same island. Of the three identical statements, only 1 is true.Answer to the pigeon logic problem: 54 miles. It takes three hours for the friends to meet, and the pigeon flies between them at 18 MPH. 3 hours x 18 mph = 54 miles.The oral problems are ones I read at hope you enjoyed these free printable logic problems and puzzles and that you were challenged by them. Be sure to come back and check out more printable mazes, puzzles, and logic problems. See you again!

Addicting Maze Games
Some of the most additicng maze games are flash maze games that require you to help your player escape from a challenging maze. Below are some great flash game mazes that I've discovered.1) game is really cool! It requires you to not only find your way out of a maze, but you first have to find a key to unlock the exit door, then find the door. But if you stumble upon a paper, pick it up because it's a map that will show you the whole maze for you to study before continuing on. You must complete this maze before running out of time, but if you find a clock inside the maze, pick it up and you will gain extra time on the clock.2) is a classic maze game that will scare the heck out of the player. Videos of unsuspecting people playing the flash maze game and freaking out are all over Youtube. If you have never seen this maze before, give it a try and you'll know what I'm talking about!3) This one is really addicting and fun! You have to use your cursor to direct where the ball with move. You have to avoid hitting or being hit by anything. Once you reach the big red ball, you have won that level. Pretty simple! But there are all kinds of obstacles and objects to avoid in this game. Some of the mazes are really fun!I hope you enjoyed these addicting maze games! Be sure to check back for more games, mazes, and puzzles in the nrea future. :)

More Hard Printable Free Mazes
The hard mazes I posted last time got a load of visits and downloads, so by popular demand I'm giving you more hard printable free mazes for your enjoyment. Again, these ones are a little bit of a challenge and are aimed at older kids, teens, and adults. I found the bell maze to be the hardest and most fun. Give it a try!I hope you found these hard printable free mazes useful. I hope to bring you more challenging mazes in the future, so be sure to check back for updates and feel free to subscribe to my blog feed at the top right of the blog. See ya!

Difficult Printable Mazes
Last time I brought you some rediculously easy mazes for little kids to complete without any real challenge other than holding a pencil properly! But today I wanted to offer something more challenging to older kids, teens and adults to enjoy. So here are some complicated and difficult printable mazes for you to have a go at! These puzzles might take a while to complete, but that's the fun of it! My personal favorite is the one spelled out as "MAZE"!Thanks for downloading some of these difficult printable mazes! I hope you enjoyed them and found them challenging. Be sure to check back often because I plan to add many more mazes and printable puzzles in the near future. See you again soon!

Printable Kid Mazes
Here's are some printable kid mazes that are pretty easy. Even young kids can probably complete these mazes, but they are still good for building problem solving skills, fine motor skills for driving lines in the proper place, etc. Kids love maze games and puzzles so these easy mazes are a good introduction for young kids.Click on the thumbnails to reach the big printable kid mazes.I hope you found these mazes useful and fun! I'll be adding lots more mazes of various difficulty levels in the near future, so check back frequently! Maze puzzle games are great!

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