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Notebook ACER Aspire 4730ZG
ACER recently launched a new product that is economical but have high quality. Through this type Acer Aspire 4730ZG, Notebook Acer trying to offer products with a high specification With Economics Price. VGA included in Acer Aspire 4730ZG able to improve performance on the NoteBook when running programs that closely related with the graphics and games. Aspire 4730ZG equipped with processor Intel Pentium Dual Core, VGA Ati Radeon 256mb HD 3470, 160GB hard drive, DDR 2 1GB memory, DVD RW, web cam, card reader slot, Bluetooth, Wifi, modem, and Ethernet. For its Card Reader, Acer Aspire 4730zg Can read untill Five Card, so you have no need a additional Card Reader. 14 inchs screen makes Aspire 4730ZG included in the notebook. With the large screen the user will be more comfortable because the program will display larger. Editing programs usually require more display space for the applications that run very much, because that is the screen that dibenamkan in this notebook is also large.Acer Aspire 4730ZG price is quite competitive. You can Bring it home with $670. With the price can get the notebook user that has a VGA ATI Radeon in the specification. Most of the notebook is in VGA onboard. If there are no onboard the price is still expensive, is still around $1000..This is the Complete Specification Of Acer Aspire 4730ZG:Intel® Pentium® Dual Core™ T4200-2.0GHz(1MB L2 Cache, 800MHz)14.1" WXGA Acer CrystalBrite, 1 GB DDR2, 160GB HDDDVDRW SuperMulti Double Layer, 56K Modem, LAN, WiFiVGA ATi Radeon HD 3470 256MB5-in-1 Card Reader, Webcam Crystal Eye, LINUX, Weight 2.4kg.

I Choice Sony Cyber-Shot DSC W300
Why i Choice Sony Cyber-shot DSC W300? This is the story before i have this unique and modern Digital Camera Sony Cyber-shot DSC W300 I have An Old Digital Camera Two Years ago. It's Kodak Easy Share C653. I got hold of this when this was offered in the appliance center I visited. They said it can be availed off under installment basis. It means zero interest and charged on your credit card. It was a complete relief and nice to hear but since I gave my Kodak C653 camera to my parents, I need to buy a new one like this. These are the things why I like this digital camera:1. Its megapixel are now 13.6. It offers extreme clarity to your pictures. I am amazed how it reflects good when you do the photo editing in your laptop.2. Because it has titanium-coating, it is scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint. It is good for somebody who’s always on the go like me. Or somebody who just toss up their digital camera in their bags when jet setting. At least you would not worry about the scratches.3. It has 3 times optical zoom/ 6 times optical zoom and 6.6 times HD smart zoom. This is useful when you want to capture a picture from afar but is hindered by proximity.4. This is my favorite, it had intelligent scene recognition. This had “smile shutter”, meaning it only snaps when you are smiling. You need to adjust the mode though to “smile shutter” to make this feature work.5. You can do instant retouching in the camera itself and it contains double anti-blur and longer battery life of about 150 minutes. So no need to download it in your Macbook to do some instant editing. The fun thing is you can correct instantly and if you are on location, you can it again. So Do you want this Digital Camera Like me? Choice Sony Cyber-Shot DSC W300.

Advantages Of Samsung Omnia | Samsung i900
This Samsung Omnia or Samsung i900 based on OS (Operating System) Windows Mobile 6.1 from Microsoft, so almost all the gadgets in the old software (which is WM 6.0) can be directly copypaste to new gadgets.So What are The Advantages Of This Samsung Omnia?Well, on the internet When this samsung omnia launched, news emerged that this gadget is the Apple iPhone killer. But honestly, I don't think so. The UI (User Interface) iPhone is still invincible, the sharpness of the screen is more superior, multi touch screen more superior and more user friendly rather Samsung Omnia. So, why not just buy the iPhone ..? Whoa.. iPhone may be superior in terms of cosmetics, but what I need is a multifunction gadget. so, the iPhone which battery is can not removed, can not add a SD memory, no real GPS, and its camera just 2MP not my type hehehe... So what's so special about this phone? Well, it's a touch screen for a start, so to access files or programs, just touch its screen, but this isn't a new feature. One of the features of this Samsung Omnia, and I have not on the iPhone is its feedback haptic. So every time we touch the screen, this mobile phone provides a small vibration sign in that we touch with a registration. Of course this feature can be off-if we do not like it.Not only that, its camera phone 5MP clearly better than the iPhone that have just 2MP camera. But that's not all, of the camera samsung omnia have various features that can compete with regular digital camera. There are auto focus, anti-shake, can motret macro, panorama, portrait, sport (high speed), firework, and even have features face and smile recognition. This means that when we activated the smile recognition feature, its camera automatically take a picture when the object image smile, cool is that?Just have the camera features on it? Apparently not, Samsung Omnia still have one more feature that for me is goodly useful. In Samsung Omnia, camera also has a function to identify & record a business card. So if i have someone's Business Card, that i want to save, just activate this feature, click the card name, and voila, the complete contact information page can be recorded directly in the address book on Samsung Omnia (name of person, office, office, tlp, email, fax, address ).These are The Full Specification of Samsung Omnia Or Samsung i900:Dimensions : 112 x 56.9 x 12.5 mmWeight : 122 g (with battery)Screen : 400 x 240 pixels, 3.2" 256K color (65K effective), touch screen, backlit displayPhone type : QuadbandNetworks : GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900Connectivity : 3G, HSDPA, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS/GSM, USB, EDGEMessaging : SMS, MMS, Email, Instant messageStorage : 8GB / 16GB internal storage MultimediaDigital camera : 5 megapixels, 2592?1944 pixels, autofocus, image stabiliser, LED flash;Video features : Video recording, Video playback, secondary videocall camera, LED lightingOperating system : Windows Mobile 6.1Main processor : Marvell PXA312, speed: 624 MHzRAM & ROM : RAM 128 MB, ROM 256 MBExpansion : TransFlash/microSDBattery : Li-Ion 1440 mAh, stand-by Up to 500 hrs & talk time Up to 5 h 50 minOthers :* Built-in GPS receiver with A-GPS support* Haptic feedback (vibration feedback),* Accelerometer (auto orientation),* Optical trackpad* FM Radio with RDSSee the Other Product Of Samsung, Samsung G600

Guides And How to Select or Choose Processor
Processor is the brain a computer where all forms of process will be done, namely to respond to input/command through which we provide software that we know as the operating system. So why we need Guides to select or choose processor? Things that have to know about how to choose Processor are Speed, cache memory and FSB (front side bus) processor, set intruksi (x86, x86-64, MMX, 3DNow, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4), security features, management features power and support chipset.Do not assess the performance of a processor's only by it's Ghz Clock. Some of the processor with a clock that has a lower performance rating faster. Among the famous brands processor each processor has a Black Pearl that is cheap but processor performance can be improved compared to the processor top-class processor, called Gold Processor.Back to guides and How to select or Choose Processor, i want to compare the biggest Two brands processor. They are Intel and AMD.AMD1. AMD Phenom still has not seen the optimum performance.2. AMD holds a license basis with 64 bits.3. AMD processor temperatures at this time more cold from it's latest generation.4. Quanti speed, meaning each clock of it's clock (MHZ) processor can process more corpulent more than conventional processor In Market.5. Mainboard AMD affordable quality with cheap price.AMD is suitable for Users who:1. Want better speed and performance of the system, with the economical price.2. Like overcloking and tweaking3. like Gamers, 3D Designer, and a professional staff that need big power for the very heavy Programs.Intel1. Now, the fastest processor held by Intel Yorkfield and kentsfield but the price is still expensive to be this processor constraints.2. Intel still dominates the market because the system of marketing, advertising, and especially the warranty after sales really good, for that the price is higher. Mainboard intel quality is still expensive ($1 million above), so that you do not expect power to board extrem.Intel is Suitable For Users that:1. want to Use at home, office / corporate, institutional, designer.2. They are the standard system running smoothly every day without problems. Also suitable for those with the comfort and tranquility in the works, but not for those who chase performance and speed, unless you have excess funds.Thats the Guides and How To Select or Choose Processor. I hope this article can help you to choose a Processor.

HTC Magician Pocket PC | Laptop
One of the most watched pocket PC in the market today is HTC Magician, a product of High Tech Computer (HTC) Corporation. Its features is like magic. You got all your Windows Mobile application in one handy and light gadget.Trendy in style, it suits the modern criteria for electronic fashion. It creates a formal impression. And that suggests that it also has an ‘extravagant’ price. Every gadget appearance says something about how much it cost. Yeah, that means the cute, slim and smooth-surfaced gadget costs a couple of bucks. But hey, it is quite really pocket-sized and you can already bring it anywhere anytime. I guess that’s quite a good thing especially for busy people who needs direct access to their assistant devices.The device can be controlled by a Stylus pen (already included in the package). The pen actually slides from the case of the device. I think that’s great because unlike other touchscreen devices whose pens are detached from them, this one won’t let you worry where you last placed your Stylus.This phone is also packed with a camera. Good thing, it does. Even if a lot of hard work has to be in action, happy moments should not also be missed. Well, for me, I love taking photos of places which I’ve gone through. These photos not only remind me of my personal memories but as well as for documentation purposes too.The screen is as wide as to that of a Nokia E90 phone. Maybe a little less in dimensions compared to other pocket PCs, but it has a great display and satisfactorily readable interface.The device also has 128MB internal memory. That’s what made me feel disappointed though. I’m looking for a higher internal storage capacity because I don’t wanna purchase an additional SD card anymore. Some cards in the local market are China-made. In just few months, they can no longer be read in the PC and the device. I am also hesitant to buy an original one because it really adds up to the expenses. However, if this device is available with a higher storage capacity, I still want to make a call with it. Its Windows Media Player is still a great thing to have for lovers of entertainment.The package is completed with a headset, AC adapter, USB cable, manual and CD software. Well, pretty justifiable by the price, right?

Kodak Easy Share C653 | Digital Camera
Hubby and I bought this digital Camera two years ago and it’s still doing great. The camera has 3 times optical zoom with 6.1 mega pixels. It comes with freebies like USB cable, a dock, a 256MB memory card and CD in a box. You don’t need to be a professional photographer when you own a digital camera because it is so easy to use with different types of features included into it and what’s best is that you can delete bad photos or blurred ones without a sweat.Although this Kodak Easy Share C653 is not water proof, but still it is durable since we have been using it since 2007, even if it has scratches and has been bumped so many times, still it’s dependable. The picture clarity is really wonderful because when you view it using windows picture manager, you can zoom it up to 8 to 10 times. Kodak Easy Share C653 has features such as auto shot, anti blur, close up, night landscape (for dark or night photography) and video capture. The video capture’s length depends on the size of your memory card. If you use the internal memory which is 32MB internal memory, it will only last for 16 seconds.Kodak Easy Share C653 | Digital Camera has The screen size by the way measures 6.1 cm/ 2.4in. (LxW) LCD. With two AA batteries that will last for at least an hour , you can only take 20-25 photo shots maximum number and sometimes the downside of this camera is that most shots you take are undefined formats and you cannot do anything but delete that beautiful shot and take another snap. Another disadvantage of this camera is that you need to wait for 8-10 seconds for you to take a new shot. So if you are taking clicks of an event or activities in motion, you may miss that great shot because the camera is too slow to clean it’s slate before you get the next big thing. If you consider buying this kind of model, I suggest you select the ones that’s high in pixel rate and be sure to check the speed when you click a photo.

Transcend PF720 | Digital Picture Frame
Standing with the decors in the table of my friend’s living room, one amazing picture frame caught my attention. I was so amazed by the complex design that I thought it was a laptop. But hey, that was really a digital picture frame.Transcend’s intelligence had customized even simple things into more complex and more convenient home gadgets. With wide screen, Transcend PF720 allows users to view one picture at a time. It’s quite amazing though because I can shift the viewing mode into slideshow or thumbnails. My friend is so lucky with this gadget. He can save a lot of picture frames as well as space because with the gadgets 2Gb internal memory, he can store all the pictures he want to view everyday.So far, as what I have known, the gadget displays bitmap and jpeg images. I’m not sure about picture files of gif format. It also accepts pictures taken from digital cameras and cellphones. I think that’s way too cool. If I have one, I can go over daily memories and I can laugh at them one by one.Another amazing thing about this handy gadget is that it can play videos of .mpg, .mov, .avi and .3gp. That’s a big ‘wow!’ for me. It is almost like that of a laptop or DVD player. It’s just that the main thing it does is to display pictures.In terms of audio playback, it has a built-in mp3 player. That’s cool! What’s cooler than carrying a handy gadget that can play songs, display photos and play videos everywhere? I really thought that it was a laptop. So cool, dude! A portable media player so cute and so handy without spending as much as the price of a laptop.By the way, pictures and other files from cellphones are transferred through card slots. The gadget has built-in card reader so that files from memory cards will be transferred directly. Same as with flash drives. The gadget has USB port capability giving the user more convenience in transferring data from flash drives, mp3 players and PSP.If I were to be asked for an opinion, I would say this is much like a laptop minus the OS and some programs. But this is quite good enough for those who are looking for basic media player at a lower cost and simpler functions than that of a laptop. Whichever way you choose it, it is still worth a couple of bucks. I guess I want to have one. It won’t be waste of money anyhow.

Nokia BH-900 Bluetooth Headset
After purchasing the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music and Nokia 5310 Xpress Music, I too decided to get myself a new bluetooth headset. Since my mobile phone is from Nokia, I think that my new bluetooth headset should also be of the same brand, so again I went online to search and read up reviews as well as feedbacks on the available Nokia bluetooth headset.The Nokia BH-900 bluetooth headset stood up amongst the rest of the Nokia bluetooth range. With almost all positive feedbacks as well as good recommendations from different opinions, including that of the mobile phone seller, I decided to make the purchase. I paid approximately RM300 (US$84) for this bluetooth headset, and I am utterly impressed with the gadget.The design for this headset is quite different from other conventional headsets, which usually come with a hook to hold the headset securely to the ear. The BH-900 instead, features a specific clip-like hanging mechanism symmetrically located on both sides. Apart from the unique clip design, the headset features a sliding microphone, or so call “boom stick” that extends the microphone closer to the mouth to enhance voice input. Clarity is superb at both ends when I tried out the unit, and that alone convinced me that it was the headset that I wanted.Despite the complicated look of the clip, wearing it is very easy after a few tries. Also, I could hardly notice that I actually have the headset put on even after long hours. It sits securely in place while I move around, and I do not have to worry that it might fall off. What I like most is that, being comfortable and clear aside, I could even make/receive calls at noisier environments without having myself and the person on the other end shouting at each other thanks to the 3 little openings at the microphone that let sound in, and a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) system that filters out background noices, leading to clear and distinct voice. The sound quality is that good that the person at the other end do not even notice that I was using a bluetooth headset. So why don't you buy this Nokia BH-900 Bluetooth Headset.

Nokia 5310 Xpress Music
This Good Mobile Phone Nokia 5310 Xpress Music is recommended For young People. Music PhoneSpeaking of music, you surely already know XPRESSMUSIC series that is designed for listening to songs and so forth.Design still refer to the Nokia 5310 XPRESS MUSIC, with accents and a more smooth curve. Finishing with a glossy color blend GRAPHITE red and provide a successful enchantment bling-bling that IM is close to the funky effects. Touch of the design shown in the speaker hole with attractive patterns on the back. Overall, the design is much better than the Nokia 5310 or Nokia 5220 XPRESSMUSIC that seemed more rigid.On display, including screen enough for a standard mobile phone Nokia Series40. As XPRESSMUSIC in general, there are shortcut keys for special music on the left side. The sound quality from internal speakers is good, although not different than the previous series XM. Of course, the 3.5 mm audio jack makes it easy Bro & Sis who want to enjoy music from the other speakers in 5130.To the camera, the result simply because the standard features of the camera only as a supplement only.Specification:Network: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 19002 inch TFT screen, 240 x 320 pixels, 256 thousand colorMemory: Slot microSD (TransFlash), up to 8GBData: GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth, USB v2.0 (microUSB)Multimedia: 2 megapixel camera, stereo FM radio with RDS, MP3/MP4/eAAC + / WMA player, 3.5 mm AV jack, handsfree, voice memo.Size: 107.5 x 46.7 x 14.8 mm, 65 ccWeight: 88 gDo you Interested to Buy Nokia 5310 Xpress Music? You can get it with $141-$299.

Samsung G600 Get Slide And Snape
Samsung sets two contenders running for glory, with two 5 megapixel newcomers on the cameraphone market. The Samsung G600 was first to be announced, and had the mobile community astir. Featuring quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support, a glamorous 2.2″ 16M color TFT display and stereo Bluetooth, the Samsung G600 is easily a tempting all-around multimedia device. The stylish design, the choice of colors and the metallic touch add up to some really exquisite looks. You may as well have a soft spot for this baby already but we are here to make sure its appeal is more than skin-deep.Key features Stylish design 5 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash and VGA video recording 16M color TFT display of QVGA (320×240 pixels) resolution Ambient light sensor for automatic brightness control Bluetooth with A2DP microSD memory card slot FM radio with recording capabilities TV out MS Office documents viewer Nice web browser Quick menu response and new menu structure The enclosed headset finally has a 3.5 mm audio jack Dynamic home screen Mobile Tracker applicationMain disadvantages * No 3G support * Upper row of alphanumeric keys might be hard to reach * New headset/charger jack incompatible with older accessories * Xenon flash would’ve suited it better * Shot-to-shot time on the slow sideSamsung G600 was the first GSM cameraphone by the Korean manufacturer to feature a 5 megapixel camera module. The checkered flag is nowhere in sight in the megapixel race, but obviously 2007 will be marked for the successful conquering of the 5 megapixel barrier. We really don’t think the megapixel count is all that important when it comes to image quality - there’s so much more to it, like color rendering, digital noise and dynamic range. But let’s not get into the photographic mumbo jumbo; we’re reviewing a mobile phone after all.How about a brief look back though, before we go? You know, a little bit of context won’t hurt. Samsung D900 proved quite a gifted contender in the 3 megapixel shootouts we did in the past. In fact, it even got our recommendation as the best cameraphone in the slider form factor last year. The G600 is in for quite a challenge meeting this kind of expectations. Samsung D900 is already well in the past though, so let’s get on with it. More after the jump.

Nokia E90 | Do You Like Heavy?
Size doesn’t bother you? Then get ready for the stars and the moon, for the communicator gives it all: internet, GPS, excellent camera and many others.The Nokia E90 Communicator is the latest addition to the set of contemporary high-performance devices for executives. We had to wait three years since the last Nokia 9500 Communicator appeared. Our patience was duly rewarded at the 2007 3GSM Congress, when Nokia unveiled the ultimate no-compromise mobile communication device. It remains faithful to some of the family traditions, others it forsakes, but the outcome is downright worth it. Nokia E90 has the familiar body construction: a hefty handset, which opens up to reveal a wide landscape display.Before the Nokia E90 comunicator appeared, communicators used to be a class on its own in the Nokia portfolio. They had their own UI, which brought forth a number of issues. Above all, every application had to be adapted to the uncommon S80 UI. Quite unaffordable and therefore rare, communicators were ostracized by software developers. That’s exactly the flaw, which has been addressed in the new Nokia E90. The phone features a standard Symbian 9.2 and 3rd edition S60, working on a giant display and ensuring far greater compatibility.In closed position Nokia E90 Comunicator looks like a traditional, though well oversized, Nokia bar. For the lack of a better reference point for size and weight, we compare it against the older Nokia 9500. The newer release has notably reduced size and still packs in near full contemporary functionality. The table below compares the essential features of the last two Communicator generations.Key features * Full-fledged keyboard * Big and high-resolution display * Integrated GPS * Built-in maps and basic navigation without charge * 128 MB memory * 512 MB microSD in the standard package * Integrated WLAN, HSDPA * Quality e-mail client * Office applications, document creation and editing enabled * Seamless synchronization with computer (PC Suite) * MiniUSB universal connector (Mass storage enabled) * Built-in camera with autofocus * Stereo FM radio and A2DP-enabled Bluetooth for wireless stereo headphones * Quality loudspeakers * VoIP support * Elegant and presentable appearance * Quality construction * UI compatible with other Nokia phones * System speedMain disadvantages * Size and weight * Third party applications incompatible with the built-in GPS * Charges for navigation capabilities * Multitasking still not perfect * Inadequate battery life * No small-size charger like in the N95 * No camera lens cover * Wired headset with a 2.5mm jack, no volume control on the remote * No USB Mass Storage for the phone memory * Price

Sony Ericsson K660i
Sony Ericsson K660i offers quad-band support and EDGE, USB and stereo Bluetooth completing the connectivity options.Announced in November and yet to be released, the Sony Ericsson K660 is a polished 3G bar, which sneaks some high-end goodies into the midrange. Besides HSDPA and enhanced web browsing, the undoubted focal point, K660 offers a balanced feature set including Walkman Player 3.0, a QVGA display, the three-soft-key layout and the enhanced Media Center.A quick glance at the specifications of the mid-range Sony Ericsson K660 shows a lot of similarities to the just released K630. A definite advantage of the K660 is the 262K color display of QVGA resolution and the quad-band GSM support. Both handsets offer 32MB of internal memory, further expandable through the Memory Stick Micro card slot. The camera module is also the same - a two megapixel snapper with no autofocus.The K660i comes in the rather compact dimensions of 104 x 47 x 15mm, at a weight of 95 grams. The K660i runs on a 950 mAh Li-Ion (BST-33) battery. It’s officially quoted at 330 h of stand-by, while the talk time is 9 hours.The Sony Ericsson K660i will be available in two color combos - “lime on white” and “wine on black”. We had the latter for our quick preview of the Sony Ericsson K660.DesignWe liked the design of Sony Ericsson K660i. Neat and elegant, it comes with sleek mirror like front panel made of plastic. The tiny round keys on the keypad brought memories of the K810, though with a distinct old-school feel. The black plastic buttons have nothing but the numbers on them, while the letters are in the ample space between the keys.The back panel is also made of plastic. The sides have a metallic finish, divided asymmetrically by a line of black matt plastic.Well, all those sleek surfaces and materials catch the eye but also are critically exposed to finger prints. Keeping the phone clean will definitely be a challenge.Handling the Sony Ericsson K660i is a real pleasure and working with the handset is trouble-free.