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BillyBon8 Sees Double, Germaxii Maxes ROI on 888poker Sunday
There was a new Sunday Major in the 888poker lobby this past weekend.Dubbed The Great 8 it’s a $88 buy-in tournament played 8-handed with 8,888 starting chips. Low buy-in players might recognize the format as it echoes the popular 8-8-8 event – a daily event with an $8.88 buy-in that regularly draws 500-700 players and gives them plenty of room for deep-stack play. The new Major certainly agreed with Russian player BillyBon8, who swept to victory in the first Great 8 to top a weekend where he also won the Baby Whale. Double for BillyBon8  Last year BillyBon8 had an amazing couple of days on 888poker in November. He first won the Lightning 6-Max and then 48 hours later won the Crocodile. Moorman in contention as always. This time around, he won tournaments simultaneously. For a player to take down two tournaments on one day is a rare feat but BillyBon8 did it again in the new Great 8 and the biggest Sunday Major, the Baby Whale. There were 582 entries in the Great 8 including 888poker pro Chris Moorman, who finished 51st, but BillyBon8 was the last man standing. That was worth almost $9k, but he didn’t stop there. BillyBon8 also prevailed against the strong player field the Baby Whale always has. 888poker pro Parker Talbot, for example, finished in 24th. At the final table BillyBon8 survived highly profitable players like DonkMaster99 and eventually both Jans Graftekkel Arends and Simon Isildur1337x Mattson, who finished in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Overall the $320 event had 378 entries to generate a prize pool of $113,400. 888poker Baby Whale Final Table Payouts Place Name Prize Money 1 BillyBon8 $23,190.30 2 Isildur1337x $17,010 3 Graftekkel $12,814.20 4 WorldIsOurs $9639 5 Ineedmassari $6577.20 6 samuelbt $5103 7 saiyajin1337 $3969 8 lrdvoldemort $2835 9 DonkMaster99 $2154.60 Germaxii Maxes Out Despite BillyBon8 being a double winner, the player of the weekend was arguably Argentinian player germaxii. The former XL Eclipse winner had six tournament cashes this weekend -- four of which were final tables. Germaxii is now at 24% ITM rate and 135% ROI for this year. Impressive stats and proof that playing online profitably is still possible. The Action Squad wants you! Daily Super Hero Freerolls! It's difficult to make deep runs in tournaments but 888poker will give you plenty of chances to make one yourself - for free. Three different Super Hero freerolls run daily with $3,000 prize pool each and you can win tickets to play in them just by spinning the wheel when you open your 888poker lobby. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work the first time; It will work and you’ll get plenty of tickets. There are also Power Up freerolls with $1,000 prize pools and once a week there's an Ultimate Hero tournament with a $10,000 prize pool. To play in that one you just have to make the top 888 in any of the Super Hero freerolls. More about the Super Hero freerolls here.  To kick-start your poker career, create your 888poker account by downloading the 888poker software from our 888poker review page. If you do, you'll also get up to an $888 bonus.Visit

Poker Hand of the Week: Smart Jungleman Outsmarted
Dan Cates turned his online nickname, "jungleman12," into a full-on poker brand when he clearly dominated poker whiz kid Tom Dwan in the second durrrr challenge.Since then Cates has become renowned as one of the best cash game players around. When he came to play on the new Poker after Dark he had to face players like Ike Haxton, Doug Polk, Jason Koon and Brian Rast and it proved to be a tough test. One of the most exciting hands of the episode was, however, a hand between Cates and Matt Berkey. It didn’t go exactly to Cates’ plan. A Little $300/$600 Holdem Among Friends The game is $300/$600 No-Limit Hold’em and Berkey just put in a straddle of $1,200. Cates is in first position. He sits with $321,000 – way over 500 bb – and finds     Cates raises to $3,000. Haxton gets out of the way and Rast ($71,000) calls from the button. Polk and Koon fold and Berkey ($355,000) calls from the straddle. There'd $10,500 in the pot and they go to a       flop. Berkey checks and Cates bets $5,000. Rast calls and Berkey raises to $25,000. Cates calls and Rast folds. There's $60,500 in the pot and effective stacks are $296,000. The turn is the   Berkey takes the lead and bets $30,000. Cates calls. There's now $120,500 in the pot and effective stacks are $266,000. The river is the   Berkey slows down and checks. Cates bets $97,000 and Berkey thinks about it for several minutes. Evntually, he calls reluctantly and shows     Berkey wins a pot of $314,500. Analysis What a hand! The run-out is quite different depending on the perspective you take. We’ll take both. Pre-flop, Cates opens with the second best hand in NLHE. His raise is standard and exactly 2.5 straddles. He gets two callers: Brian Rast has pocket tens but Matt Berkey’s call with Q-5o is on the loose side of calling here. Yes, Berkey gets great pot odds. And because of the deep stacks he has the chance to take down a huge pot with a hidden monster – if he flops trips fives, for example. It takes a lot of chutzpah to call out of position with such a poor hand like Q-5 when you’re up against Brian Rast and Dan Cates. But there are even more astounding things to come in this hand as we’ll soon see. Betting is the Obvious Play The flop Q-9-7 might be rainbow but it opens up several straight draws. Berkey checks his top pair to the initial aggressor, who doesn’t need long to c-bet his overpair. Betting is the obvious play for Cates here. He wants to get money from every queen and straight draw as well as from a hand like Rast’s tens. Rast calls indeed and now Berkey goes for a surprising move. He check-raises top pair, which is a move usually a weaker player would make. Why does he do that? It’s a dubious move as Berkey is basically turning his hand into a bluff. There really aren’t many hands that call his raise and don’t beat top pair, weak kicker. On the other side, the board is draw-heavy and goes very well with his perceived drawing range. So he’s putting himself in a position where he might be able to represent a straight and make better hands fold by the time they get to the river. But maybe his predominant motivation here is to balance his check-raising range for this spot, so that he doesn’t only raise with monsters like sets or with semi-bluffs like J-T, but also with top pairs. Holding an overpair to the board, Cates is unwilling to go away. So he doesn’t only call the flop-raise but also the turn bet. The Donkey End of the Straight The 6♥ doesn’t change much except one reasonable draw has come in – T-8 – while 8-5 can be excluded here with almost certainty. Berkey bets half the pot, but he has so many bluffs in his range that Cates can’t lay down his pocket kings. Already here on fourth street you can see how fierce high stakes games are but the river turns everything on its head again. Berkey finds himself at the donkey end of a straight -- meaning he has the low end to a four-card straight on the board. Would you check or bet? Many weaker players would lead out here but Berkey is smart enough to do the right thing, which is check. It’s highly unlikely that a weaker hand like a queen or an overpair would call him here but Cates might well have a hand like J-T, so Berkey would be crushed. Brilliance denied. The Brilliant River Bluff Cates bets 80% of the pot and that move is nothing short of brilliant. With the action that's happened he’s aware that his kings might not be good anymore, but he sees the chance to represent something much bigger – big enough to make two pair and even sets fold. Let’s compare Berkey’s range and how it plays against Cates’ bluff bet on the river. Remember he still holds a pair of kings. top pair hands worse than his are going to fold two pair hands like 9-7 or Q-9 as well as sets with 7-7 or 9-9 better than his will fold more often than they call hands with a 5 better than Cates’ kings will fold some of the times Overall, the bet clearly gives Cates positive expectations about the outcome. Also, by checking the river, Berkey has capped his range as he would certainly bet a ten or better. Cates’ bet makes a lot of hands better than his fold. Look at how difficult it is for Berkey to even call with a 5. He takes ages to make the decision. How did he finally make that call, you ask? Cates’ body language might be one factor, as it’s not very confident. But the main point is certainly that Berkey believes Cates is good enough for a bluff like that. He’d probably have folded to a weaker player. Cates Bluffs the Wrong Guy Now we know why Matt Berkey can call a pre-flop raise out of position with Q-5. His post-flop game is good enough to make it profitable. Dan Cates played the hand beautifully. He just tried to bluff the wrong guy.Visit

Newcastle's Bowers Breaks Big at 888Live London Festival
With its accessible buy-in and relaxed atmosphere, many poker players came to the recent 888Live London festival just for the experience.For Newcastle's Jonathan Bowers, it was a chance to break through into bigger and greater things. Bowers was a student when he started playing poker back in 2013. He acquired his first live poker experience at the Circus Casino where he played plenty of low-stakes tournaments. He went on to take a job as a data analyst but his idea of a career, at least since he turned 18, was based around poker all the time. “I just got the bug right away," he says, "and it just went from there.” Jonathan Bowers Makes the Leap Bowers played dozens of under £50 tourneys at the Circus in 2013 to hone his skills before he moved on to bigger buy-ins. He also met his now-girlfriend through poker and they now travel and play together -- although they try to avoid each other at the table. About eight months ago Bowers eventually (and after a lot of hesitation) quit his job while his girlfriend Beth put her medical studies on hold. They went to Malta first where Jonathan finished 11th in the MPNPT main event. They then went on to Sin City itself where Bowers managed to clinch a first big cash when he finished 2nd for $15k in a $400 tournament at the famous Aria. “It Was a Risk, but It Paid Off” Bowers got lucky. Dropping out of a day job to pursue poker full-time has been the demise of many a poker player. But it worked for him. After travelling to Malta and then spending three month in the US, Jonathan and Beth came back to England and ventured out to play the 888Live festival at the Aspers Casino in East London. Bowers registered for the £2,200 High Roller event against players like 888poker pro Chris Moorman, the most successful online tournament player of all time. Bowers made it to the final table and finally found himself playing heads-up against Jamie Lunt. Lunt prevailed and took the title but Bowers earned the highest pay check as he ahead in chips when they agreed on a deal. Travel just one of the perks of pro poker. Bowers came out of that tournament with around €40k in his wallet and it looks like he’s not going to go back to his old job. “I don’t miss early mornings," he says, "and getting up to work 9-5s at all.” Still Down to Fate Jonathan and Beth's living costs are comparatively low as, when they’re not on the road, they live with Beth’s mom -- a rather unusual lifestyle for a poker pro. Beth will at some point go back to University and finish her studies but she hasn’t made a decision yet. But she finds some surprising parallels between poker and medicine. “You use all the knowledge you have," she says, "but still it is down to fate if you win or if the patient gets better.” $888 Bonus Awaits at 888poker 888poker offers a wide range of online poker tournaments and cash games. It also hosts plenty of live events and you can qualify for them online 24/7. To get in the game, you simply need to get yourself a personal poker account. Download the 888poker software via one of the secure links on our 888poker review page and you'll instantly get access to a world-best $888 sign-up bonus.Visit

PCA Qualifiers Off to Big Start, Power Up Re-Powered
The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure will be the big kick-off event to the 2018 poker year and last weekend 100 players were added to the main event field.The first of two Ultra Satellites for the 2018 PCA ran on Sunday and not only did the top 100 win full PCA prize packages, they reaped the rewards of a $500,000 overlay. While 1,906 entries equaled just over a million dollars in buy-ins, the 100 guaranteed packages were actually worth $1.5 million to make for an extra level of value. Ultra Satellite #2 Runs Nov. 5 All 100 winners received a full $14.8k prize package that covers the $10k Main Event buy-in, hotel, $1,000 in cash into their PokerStars accounts and 1,000 in hotel credits to spend at the Resort. Door to Atlantis still wide open. With that kind of value out there, you're likely wondering how you can get in on it. Thankfully you haven't missed your window. A second Ultra Satellite will run on November 5 with the same $530 buy-in and multiple ways to qualify. There's no guarantee of an overlay again, of course, but it's still a good idea to put the date in your calendar. There are lots of sub-satellites to the Ultra Satellites all this month but also plenty of alternate ways to win a 2018 PCA package outright. PCA Spin & Gos and Cash Game challenges are also running. Overall there will be over 400 online qualifiers in the PCA main event field this year which is the highest number in years. Nov. 5 is the date when all qualifier promotions for the PCA come to an end. More details here.  Power Up Powered Up Again Last week PokerStars went live with its new game Power Up but it had a few teething issues. Due to a bug the Power Up games were the only ones shown in the mobile lobby when certain filters were used -- although the games weren't affected. Powered up again. PokerStars Head of Communications Lee Jones published an official statement to explain the issue. PokerStars has since resolved the issue and Power Up is back in the lobby and running fine. At the moment games are offered with $1 and $3 buy-ins but a bigger buy-in range is coming soon.  If you want to try Power Up but feel a little intimidated, note that there's a guide to how to use the powers of Power Up. Every Power Up player has to go through the tutorial before playing a Power Up hand. The tutorial is just two minutes and quickly gives you a grasp on how to use the powers correctly. Want to give it a go? Create a new PokerStars account via or download link to access it all along with a $600 bonus. Our review page will also give you all the information you need about the biggest online poker room on the internet.Visit

From Floor to Host to Final Table, Women Make BoM Tick
If it weren't for Tournament Director Ivonne Montealegre, the Battle of Malta wouldn't exist.The native Costa Rican walked in to the PokerListings offices in 2012 to pitch the ‘crazy’ idea of a poker tournament in Malta in November and walked out with a directive to make it happen. She did. After some impossibly long hours and a litany of hurdles overcome, 349 players put up the buy-in for the first BoM main event in 2012 and sowed the seeds for the 6-day, 9-event poker festival you’ll see this year. Now six editions in, Montealegre is still the backbone of the Battle of Malta. And the work of more women behind and in front of the cameras is likewise. Battle of Malta Works Hard to Change Percentages Over the last decade since the peak of the American poker boom, there's been a slow tick upwards in the amount of women playing the game of poker. Estimates of 20-30% of online poker players being female might even be too conservative.  In live poker, though, it’s still another story. A generous average for female players in any given tournament field might be 5-7%. At the highest buy-ins the figures are even smaller. Just 272 female players played the $10,000 WSOP Main Event in 2017 to make up 3.8% of the field. At the Battle of Malta, we’re working hard to change those percentages. And that means in all aspects of poker tournament production as well. "It hasn't necessarily been on purpose," says Montealegre, "but Battle of Malta relies a lot on the hard work on women. Mothers, daughters, colleagues and wives ... all amazing dedicated workers. "From the Swedish House Hostesses to the Portomaso dealers to our floor managers to our sponsors and ambassadors, women are indispensable in making BoM happen.  "Every detail at BOM has been carefully designed and has a female touch. We work very hard for something we care about. The commitment we get from our female staff members is just overwhelming."  From Kara Scott to Maria Ho to Gaelle Garcia Diaz  Host Kara Scott was the most prominent female player/personality at the first BoM but, much like that first event, the groundbreaking Scott set a precedent for BoMs to come.  As the prestige of the tourney increased (it won Event of the Year Under 2k buy-in at the 2015 European Poker Awards), so did its female leads.  Maria Ho took over from Scott as host in year 3 while prominent poker players like Fatima Moreira de Melo, Leo Margets, Sofia Lovgren, Claire Renaut, Sabina Hiatullah, Charlie Godwin, Silje Nilsen, Jackie “Poker Mama” Cachia and Gaelle Garcia Diaz have all taken seats among the field. Celebs like Norwegian actor Tone Damli and Finnish DJ Amanda Harkimo have also jumped in to BoM to get their poker feet wet. Finland’s Anne Meri became our first female final-tablist in 2015; last year we had more women in the field than ever before with Norway's Anne Mette Standal, Spain's Marina Ribas, Poland's Anita Kmiciewicz and American Sally Stephens (on a poker "bucket list" tour no less) all putting on impressive showings. Nilsen, Cachia and last year's Last Woman Standing Standal have all confirmed they'll return for 2017. And keeping with our tradition of having a strong female host who plays great poker, Garcia Diaz will take over hosting duties. New Battle of Malta Ladies Event in 2017 Alongside Diaz comes our first-ever Ladies Event set to go this year. With a €100 buy-in the stakes may be relatively small but with a growing contingent of female players led by Malta local Cachia, Standal and Nilsen, it’ll be one of the most spirited and social events of the series. Anne Mette Standal It’s also fitting that on the year we introduce our first Ladies event that none other than Liv Boeree – who we also hope to see at the 2017 BoM to receive her award in person – ran away with the votes for our 2017 Most Inspiring Player Award. Friendliest Poker Festival in Europe Beyond our high-value, 'big tour' feel, BoM is renowned for its friendly atmosphere and that starts with our popular group of hostesses, affectionately dubbed the ‘Swedish House Hostesses.’ Pernilla Sakert, Mimmi Bengtsson, Linda Vesterby, Carolin Kumlin and Anna Lindegren spend each tournament day circulating through the Hilton and Grandmaster Suite helping people find their tables, answering questions, listening to bad beat stories and making people feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. When it comes to the nitty gritty details of the poker itself, women are front and center as well. BoM floor manager Mikol Taifu has the daunting task of coordinating all of the dealers and staff for the events while Betsson VIP Manager Claudia Lama takes care of a massive group of Scandinavian players.  When it comes to our huge cohort of Italian players, ambassador/journalist Romina D’Agostino has carried the torch across the Mediterranean to extol BoMs virtues and will be on hand in November to ensure our Italian contingent is celebrated and looked after during the festival. "When You Get the Opportunity, Go!" Ariela Rojas Gonzales, who took care of the photography for last year's Main Event, returns this year all the way from Costa Rica fresh from snapping pics at the Punta Cana Poker Open. "When you get opportunities you can't really believe," says Gonzales, "what else can you do but go!   "It's an amazing tournament that should interest any poker player. I'm excited to come back and work with the incredible PokerListings team and amazing BoM TD Ivonne Montealegre."  As a Mom of 2, no time to waste! Our in-tournament massage therapists, REVIVE TOUCH, will be all over the tourney floor again keeping everybody relaxed and in the mood for poker but it’s a decidedly collective effort from all that makes the BoM so special. It couldn’t happen without the leadership and talent of our female staff. "In my personal case," adds Montealegre, "BOM has become a substantial part of my life. "And now that my life has to do with being a mother, my level of commitment is even more focused. The fact that I can’t be wasting time is a great motivator!"Visit

Hall, Saliba Dazzle with Big Wins at 888Live London
It was a festival of long nights in London.In the 888Live London Main Event, which wrapped on Sunday, the night had already advanced into the wee hours when Tom Hall won the last hand. After a 13-hour marathon in the £2,200 High Roller Jamie Lunt was the last of 69 players at the table as dawn broke in East London. And while it didn't run quite as long, 2017 Rising Star nominee Vivian Saliba from Brazil put her stamp on the Ladies Event to add another impressive line on her growing poker resume. Tom Hall Steals the Show Brit Tom Hall has been a steady presence on the European poker scene over the past few years and announced himself as part of the elite with a win in the 2016 EPT Prague High Roller. Hall on top again. He did nothing to change his rep at 888Live London with another impressive performance.  Hall came into the final with a big lead and kept it for a long time, dominating alongside Spanish player Pol Hernandez. But when Ning Lu eliminated Paul Scipioni to make things 3-handed he caught up with Hernandez and later even took over the lead. Lu actually started the heads-up with a 3-1 chip lead over Hall. On the way there Lu had his opponents and the rail shaking their heads in slight disbelief when he took several minutes to call with pocket nines when Scipioni pushed 13 big blinds from the small blind. There were more gasps when Hernandez pushed his last 15 BBs into the middle from the button and Ning asked for a count before he made the call – with pocket queens! The heads-up players agreed on a deal before they sat down to play to a winner. Despite “only” £8,888 to play for and despite the levels being shortened to 30 minutes, it took until 4:30 AM before both players finally had hands good enough to risk all their chips. Hall had the upper hand with A♣ 5♥ over Ning’s Q♣ T♦ and also found an ace on the flop. It was his second tournament win this year after he took down the DTD200 at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham in July. 888Live London Main Event Final Table Payouts Place Name Country Prize Money 1 Tom Hall UK £78,888* 2 Ning Lu UK £72,142* 3 Pol Canals Hernandez Spain £39,945 4 Paul Scipioni UK £29,590 5 Daniel Stanway UK £22,190 6 Charles Akadiri UK £17,750 7 Paul Nugent UK £14,750 8 Shao Zhen Canada £11,835 9 Pascal Pflock Germany £8875 *2-way deal Lunt Wins High Roller Over Geilich, Sperling As mentioned it was a festival of long nights in London and the £2,200 High Roller event was no exception. It was a small affair but it was a top-class field that included 888poker ambassadors Chris Moorman and Dominik Nitsche as well as Scotsmen Niall Farrell and Ludovic Geilich, who were happy to return to 888Live after they both made the Main Event final table in Rozvadov last winter. Jack Salter, Martin Jacobson, Fabio Sperling, Giovanni Rizzo, Opening Event winner Christopher Kyriacou and Main Event winner Hall were also in the field but it was Lunt who claimed the title at 6 am London time. 888Live High Roller Final Table Payouts Place Names Country Prize Money 1 Jamie Lunt UK £34,985* 2 Jonathan Bowers UK £36,115* 3 Ludovic Geilich UK £20,000 4 Iaron Lightbourne UK £15,100 5 Oliver Price UK £11,000 6 Aymon Hata UK £8200 7 Fabio Sperling GER £6220 8 Giovanni Rizzo ITA £5000 *2-way deal Saliba Rises Above Ladies’ Field Fifty-one female players and 75 entries got together to sort out their own champion and it turned out to be Vivian Saliba from Brazil. Star continues to rise. Saliba, who we caught up with at this year’s WSOP Main Event and who was nominated for the “Spirit of Poker Award” in the category Rising Star, came back from being down to three big blinds and managed to take down the whole tournament. Saliba captured her first official tournament win which also came with a £13,000 Main Event prize package for the WSOP Europe at the King’s Casino – compare that to the buy-in of just £55! Meanwhile, 888 ambassador Nitsche lived up to his reputation of being a poker nomad. He went from the Aspers Casino straight to the airport, travelled 30 hours to Macau and jumped into the HK$250,000 6-max event. Finally made it to Macau. Casual 30 hour trip. Quick nap and then time for the 250k hkd 6max@888poker — Dominik Nitsche (@DominikNitsche) 16. Oktober 2017 Get Your Own 888poker Bonus! Would you like to play in 888poker live events? Then get yourself a personal account at 888poker and start playing. Download the 888poker software through our PokerListings review and you'll immediately be eligible for an $888 bonus. It’s quick and it’s easy and you'll be playing in minutes.Visit

Poker Hand of the Week: Strong Threat, Strong Execution
What do you do with a decent overpair if the board gets wetter and wetter on every street?If you’ve ever played a couple of cash games, you know what that situation feels like. Your overpair is almost never going to improve and your opponent might even have a higher pocket pair. It’s a spot where you can end up getting crushed terribly. Jared Jaffee and Jim Carroll faced that very situation at the Golden Gate Casino. Body Language Says It All in Poker We’re guests at the Golden Gate in Las Vegas for a new episode of Poker Night in America. The game is $25/$50 NLHE and the line-up is a healthy mix of amateurs and professionals. In the hand in question, Brandon Cantu has put in a $100 straddle. Jim Carroll – who has over $3 million in tournament winnings – opens with a raise to $400. He has     It’s folded to Jared Jaffee on the button who re-raises to $1,275. The blinds fold and Cantu gets out of the way, too. Carroll decides to call and the two players go to the flop with each of them having about $15,000 in front of them and $2,725 in the pot. The flop is       Carroll checks and Jaffee bets $1,550. Carrol makes the call. There's $5,825 in the pot and both players have roughly $13,500 behind. The turn is the   Carroll has already checked in the dark and Jaffee fires another barrel of $4,200. Carroll gives up his hand after a little hesitation. Jaffee wins a $10k pot and shows     Watch the hand again in the video below and pay extra attention to the body language of Carroll. Poker Hand Analysis As we said before, this situation probably sounds familiar. You have a good hand out of position and are put under pressure all the time. Does your opponent maybe have a higher pair? How could Carroll have gotten away from Jaffee’s pressure? Could he have avoided getting into that spot at all? Carroll's open with JJ is a standard move but then Jaffee pops it up to $1,275 from the button. When the other players fold and the action comes back to him, Carroll needs a plan for how to proceed. Right now raise, call and fold are all legitimate options. But which one is best? Let’s take a look at each of them. 1) Call – By calling Carroll can keep Jaffee in the hand with his full button 3-bet range. But he also has to brace himself for at least one overcard on the flop (this happens the majority of times) and for a tough time out of position. 2) Re-raise – A 4-bet to about $3,500 would have a couple of advantages as Carroll might be able to take down the pot of $1,500 right there. He might also be able to lay it down to a 5-bet. Both players are deep enough that Carroll wouldn’t be pot-committed even after his 4-bet. 3) Fold – Against a very tight player you might even consider folding pocket jacks to a 3-bet, but against any regular player that would be far too weak of a play and easily exploitable. That means we’re basically down to call or re-raise. As we’ll see, the decision depends on the opponent. Carroll Already Uncomfortable After Carroll makes the call the flop is rather friendly to him. There's no overcard so he’s probably still ahead if he was ahead before the flop. The only reasonable hand that has overtaken Carroll’s jacks is a pair of sevens. Consequently Carroll check-calls Jaffee’s bet of a little over half the pot. However, if you look at Carroll, you can clearly see that he already doesn’t feel comfortable with his hand. Although he calls rather quickly his body language doesn’t really confirm the move. But this is a must call as Jaffee will continue here not only with better hands than Carroll’s but with basically every hand. Carroll’s plan has to consider that against such an aggressive player he'll probably have to face two more barrels. Carroll Gives Up On the Turn Apparently Carroll’s plan was to call the flop and fold the turn whatever the board is as he folds pretty quickly when Jaffee fires $4,200. Carroll's aware that not only will he have to pay the $4,200 but probably more -- maybe everything -- to get to showdown. If Carroll calls the turn he invests more than a third of his stack, which means that from a mathematic standpoint he’d have to call the river, too. But does that mean folding here is the right move? That depends on several factors. The two most important are: A) what Jaffee’s range is and B) is he capable of betting all three streets with air? The Threat is Stronger than the Execution Let’s take on range first. Sure, it has aces and kings in it. But a player like Jaffee would also 3-bet hands like 9-8 or A-J. We also have to take into account that Jaffee might have flopped a club flush draw and is trying to break Carroll’s resistance by betting twice. The only thing that’s for sure is that Jaffee isn’t necessarily holding premium hands and is very capable of a double-bluff. The question that remains is whether Jaffee would really bet out again on the river. But we simply can't get a satisfactory answer to it. This hand is overall a good example for how important aggression and position are at the table and how much persistence is required when your opponent has the upper “hand." In the great game of chess they say that “the threat is stronger than the execution." It’s the threat of an all-in that makes Carrol fold his jacks on the turn versus a hand that he has beat. He possibly regretted afterwards that he didn’t go for the 4-bet pre-flop. Conclusion Jared Jaffee makes Jim Carroll fold a much better hand with his massively aggressive play. Part of Carroll’s demise was that he capped his range when he made the pre-flop call while Jaffee still had kings and aces in his.Visit

More Action, Less Edge: Play PokerStars Power Up for Money
We know you like poker already.How do you feel about poker mixed with science fiction, fantasy role play and esports? PokerStars' game-changing Power Up variation was introduced to the poker world at the PSC Barcelona last August and PokerListings got a first-hand impression of the new game. We also spoke with Severin Rasset, PokerStars Director of Poker Innovation and Operations, about the idea behind it.  As of this week, Power Up is now live on PokerStars for real-money play. The goal of the new variation is more action and less edge. Will it become a must-play game for poker players? Here's a quick look at the main features, the differences to regular Hold’em, the powers explained and more. What is Power Up Poker? Power Up is a 3-player Sit-and-Go. As with every Sit-and-Go the goal is to collect all the chips -- particularly because it’s played in winner-take-all format. There might be more players at the table in later stages, PokerStars says, but for now the 3-player SnG is the only format available. Game play follows the regular Texas Hold’em rules but it adds “special powers” that turn a lot of traditional Hold'em game play on its head. How PokerStars Power Up Works At the core of PokerStars Power Up is the power to change the game in your favor by changing cards – your own, your opponents’ and the board cards. There are nine different powers (at least for now). You'll be dealt three of them at random at the start of the game. You can use one power at a time. It’ll then be replaced by a random new one (but not one that you already have in your arsenal). You are also provided with a certain amount of energy. Using a power will cost some of that energy. It says at the top of each power how much energy it costs to use. When you run out of energy you can’t use any more powers. Every hand you don’t use a power you’ll get more energy in your “energy account.” Every Power Up Revealed PokerStars can add, remove and replace any of the powers at any given time to prevent players from developing an edge and to perpetually change the dynamic of the game. Disintegrate! Here are the powers in place as the game went live this week. The order is alphabetical and doesn’t represent the quality or force of any power. Clone – Passive; gives you the last power that was played in the hand instead of a random one Disintegrate – Active; lets you destroy the community card just dealt when used on turn or river; when used on the flop, you pick the card for destruction EMP – Passive; protects one card on the board from being affected from any powers your opponents might use Engineer – Active; reveals the next three cards from the deck for all to see but you pick the one that’ll be dealt on the next street Intel – Passive; reveals the top card of the deck for you before it’s being dealt for any of the streets still left in the hand Reload – Active; discard one of your hole cards at the start of the hand and get a new one Scanner – Active; lets you peak at the top two cards of the deck and discard one of them; your opponents will not know which card you eliminated Upgrade – Active; gives you a third hole card at the start of the hand but you have to get rid of one of them before the flop X-ray – Passive; lets you look at one of your opponent’s hole cards; neither of you can pick the one that’s exposed NOTE: If a player goes all-in they lock the cards, visualized by red frames. When the cards are locked no more powers can be played. Who are you? PokerStars Power Up Avatars Contrary to regular Hold’em, you’re not just picking a screen name that you play with. Instead you’re picking from a wide range of avatars like you do in fantasy and video games. Every avatar has its own unique history and personality. The avatars have no actual influence on the game, though (albeit maybe a psychological one). Says Severin Rasset: “…we believe it will make a difference for you and how you play depending on which avatar you pick. It’ll show some part of your own personality and that’ll be different from one person to the other.” How to Play PokerStars Power Up PokerStars Power Up should be live as you read this although it did go offline temporarily during its launch week. Play now! Availability in international markets will added one by one so the game won’t show up everywhere at the same time. When Power Up goes live on your market it’ll appear in the lobby in the top tabs next to “Cash," “Zoom,” “Spin & Go” and so on. Play PokerStars Power Up or any other poker game on PokerStars for real or play money any time you want. if you've yet to get your own PokerStars account, find a secure download link on our PokerStars review page and get a $600 bonus.Visit

Win 1 of 100 2018 PCA Packages in Ultra Satellite Oct. 15!
The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is one of the longest-standing traditions in live poker and, with a return to its roots in 2018, should see one of its best editions ever.Back are the $10,000 Main Event buy-in and the original PCA branding (after a year of being PokerStars Championship Bahamas) in the hopes of revitalizing the PCA as a 'must-play' festival to bring in the New Year. Also back is the emphasis on qualifying as many players as possible online to bulk up the field, and that's reflected in one of PokerStars' biggest promotions ever. Hundreds of qualifiers will win their way all-expenses paid to the Bahamas in January and it starts with a massive 100-package Ultra Satellite this Sunday. How to Qualify Online for 2018 PCA There's a whole range of ways to make your way to the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event but pay special attention to the PCA Ultra Satellites. No shortage of ways to spend money. These are $530 buy-in online tournaments that each guarantee 100(!) main event packages. This is what these packages are made of: $10,300 Main Event buy-in Accommodation at the Atlantis resort (worth $3000+) $1,000 pocket money paid into your PS account $1,000 spending money put on your room tab At the Atlantis Resort it’s customary to pay for everything with your room card so the last bullet point above is for your daily expenses at the hotel. $1,000 should not only be enough to get you through a week there it’ll let you 'live the life,' so to speak. And there’s plenty of opportunity to spend money at Atlantis. If you don’t have the bankroll to buy directly into the Ultra Satellites, though, you can satellite into them in several different ways. Phase Tournaments and Sub-Satellites You can satellite into the Ultra Satellite by making it through three phase tournaments. Phase 1 is just $1 to play and the top 25 of Phase 3 get tickets to the direct qualifier. If you want to save time and spend a little more, you can also play an $11 Phase 1 and you only have to go through two phases to claim your main satellite ticket. There are also MTT sub-satellites to get into the $530 satellite starting at $11. There are both scheduled and SnG sub-satellites. Spin & Gos can get you there, too. 250 Full PCA Packages and More! You can also qualify directly for the PCA by playing Spin & Go satellites. Spin & Gos have become an extremely popular pastime with PokerStars players and that popularity continues to grow. On the $27.50 level PokerStars is throwing in: 800,000 $55 PCA satellites tickets 180,000 $109 PCA satellite tickets 18,500 $530 Ultra Satellite tickets and 250 full $15,855 PCA prize packages per 1 million Spin & Gos played. There are also Spin and Go challenges where you simply have to play and win enough of them to collect a certain amount of points. When you get there, you’re in the weekly Road to Bahamas Spin and Go final. There are 729 tickets to the Ultra Satellites and sub-satellites and one full PCA prize package up for grabs in every weekly final. Cash Game All-in Shootout Sounds cool and works a little differently from the ways described above. Click on the challenges tab on the right column of your PokerStars lobby. You’ll see a puzzle and a guide for how to complete it. For example, you might have to get each of the four aces as a card in your starting hand, so it’s pretty straightforward. When you’re done you’ll be automatically registered for the daily All-in shootout at 6.05 PM CET. The top 128 players of the shootout will take part in the Road to Bahamas Cash Game Weekly Final. Each weekly final has a $50k prize pool. The winner will go straight to the PCA Main Event while the next 200 players all get tickets to further satellites worth $27.50 to $530. Only 2 Ultra Satellites Scheduled! Get started soon because there are only two of $530 Ultra Satellites and the first is this Sunday, October 15 at 8:35 PM! The second Ultra Satellite will take place on November 5. The cash game and Spin & Go challenges run all the time but also end on November 5. Here’s a little extra tip: While you’re trying to qualify, you’ll collect Stars Rewards Chests. These are mostly filled with Star Coins but there are also tickets to the Ultra Satellites hidden in some of them giving you additional chances to qualify without doing anything. If you don’t have a PokerStars account yet, click through to PokerListings’ extensive review of PokerStars. We provide you with the download links to get you started quickly. Watch the big kids live! Highlight PCA Events As always the PCA will take place in January, partly because that’s a good time to get away from the winter in North America but also because it’s not hurricane season. The main event, which is the one that you can satellite into online, will run January 8-16. One of the major changes for this year is that the buy-in is $10,300 again after being cut in half for the last couple of years. Also watch out for the following events which you'll be able to watch on the PokerStars Live Stream: $100,000 Super High Roller Event, unlimited re-entry, January 6-8 $50,000 High Roller Event, single re-entry, January 8-9 $25,000 High Roller Event, single re-entry, January 12-14 Visit

888Live Opener Draws 650+ to Aspers; Talbot Conquers Phil
The latest 888Live poker festival has started and, once again, the tables in the Aspers Casino in East London are buzzing.888poker kicked off the festival with a £220 buy-in, £120,000 guaranteed tournament that featured four Day 1s. Over 650 players registered, making sure that the guarantee was reached. The tournament ran through the weekend and reached its conclusion on Sunday night with Christopher Kyriacou claiming the title and £20,000. Incredibly, last year’s Main Event winner came second. Kyriacou ftw. Ka Him Li Thrives Again The final three players agreed on a deal and Kyriacou was utlimately the one to claim all the chips. Most astoundingly the man Kyriacou had to beat heads-up was Ka Him Li, the player who came to the inaugural 888poker festival at the Aspers Casino last year and went on to win the main event. Li also placed 35th in last year's opening event which had an even bigger field with about 700 players. Quite an achievement for somebody who doesn’t play poker on a regular basis, as the fact he only has one other cash in a live poker event points to. Don’t be surprised if his name pops up again in the Main Event. 888 Opening Event Top 5 Payouts Place Name Prize Money 1 Christopher Kyriacou £20,000* 2 Ka Him Li £17,900* 3 Terry Simpson £17,675* 4 Tom Hughes £8430 5 Vinny Anderson £6210 *represents a 3-way deal High Roller Wednesday, Main Event Thursday The 888Live London poker festival is now in full swing with side events playing out every day at different buy-in levels. The £2,200 High Roller Event starts on Wednesday and then on Thursday the £1,100 Main Event kicks off. There are still live satellites directly in the 888poker room, so hurry up if you’re up for a major poker experience. Talbot almost topples KOTH. Talbot Climbs Half the Hill While London was preparing for the festival, Pittsburgh was hosting a completely different event. The second 4-player, heads-up King of the Hill Challenge was on and 8888poker pro Parker 'tonkaaaap' Talbot took on the reigning champion Phil Hellmuth in the first round. The match was played as a best-of-three and Talbot came back from 1-0 down to knock the champion off his throne. He wasn’t able to take his seat entirely, however, as Olivier Busquet (who beat Shaun Deeb in his first match) rolled over Talbot for the title. Busquet said afterwards that he was 'hit by the deck so hard it would have been difficult to lose.' Busquet took the full $200,000 prize money as it was a winner take all event. The Home Alone Experience While all this happened in places thousands of miles apart, the player you’d least expect to be at home made it to the final table of 888poker’s last edition of the Baby Whale. Dom dominates as usual. We’re talking about none other than Dominik Nitsche  (who by the way is on his way to East London, too, so there’s another reason for you to try to satellite into the main event). Nitsche spent the weekend online playing a couple of tournaments and, as it happened, made his deepest run in the one with the highest buy-in – the Baby Whale. The term “Baby” is a little misleading as this tournament has a $320 buy-in and often high six-digit prize pools.  Nitsche finished that tournament in fifth place for $8k. He also won five of the seven $1k Heads-up Turbos he got involved in, so be careful when 888Dominik is waiting for you at a table that only has two seats. If you’re a beginner and don’t have an account yet, visit our 888poker review page and read more about the second largest poker room on the internet. You’ll also find the links to download the 888poker software there and get started with an $888 sign-up bonus.Visit

Hand of the Week: Hellmuth Stunts on River, Crashes Hard
The first-ever Poker Masters at the Aria Casino in Vegas was a highlight of the Fall so far.Thirty-six of the game's best players joined in for the $100,000 finale and played for $1.5 million to the winner. Neither of our two well-known contestants in this hand - Phil Hellmuth and Brian Rast - even made it to the money, but they sure did get a lot of attention. And deservedly so.  Hellmuth Forced to Show His Bluff It's near the end of Day 1 of the $100k buy-in event with 17 players still in. Daniel Negreanu leads the chip counts with the blinds at 2k/4k plus a big blind ante of 4k. Brian Rast has 715,000 chips (178 bb), which is also close to the top. Right now he’s sitting on the button with     It’s folded to him so he raises it up to 10,000. Dan Shak folds the small blind but Hellmuth decides to 3-bet to 34,000. At the beginning of the hand Hellmuth had a stack of 189,000 or 34 bb. Rast calls and there's 74,000 in the pot with Hellmuth having 151,000 left. The flop is       Both players check so effective stacks are still at 151,000. The turn is the   Hellmuth bets 45,000 and Rast calls. The pot is now at 164,000 and effective stacks down to 106,000. The river is the   Hellmuth bets 66,000 leaving him 40,000 chips behind. Rast uses two minutes of extra time to think about his decision and eventually calls with third pair. Hellmuth is forced to show his bluff with     Sitting on just ten big blinds, Hellmuth didn’t last much longer and busted the tournament. If you have PokerGo, you can watch the hand again on replay. Analysis This is a rather strange hand where both players start off with pretty weak starting hands and still manage to build up a pretty sizeable pot of 74 big blinds. What can he rep here? How did this happen, you ask? To understand the moves of the players and how Rast was able to make that river call, we’ll have to take it step by step. When Dan Shak folds Hellmuth decides to go down an unconventional road with his rather small stack and raises. Obviously, Rast has a very wide range. But you should still think twice before you take on a world-class player like Brian Rast with a hand like Q-6o out of position. We’ll soon see why. Rast doesn’t budge at all. Instead, he just continues with his small one-gapper in position. His hand is apparently behind Hellmuth’s range but he has a big stack and good players don’t like to fold. What Does Hellmuth Represent? On a flop with low cards and two clubs, Hellmuth clearly cuts his range down. Because who would check here with an overpair? This could be a very tricky move but it looks much more like a hand with two high cards that hasn’t improved on the flop. Rast has made a pair but it doesn’t really make much sense to bet as mostly better hands than his will call. On the 9♦ turn Hellmuth decides to bet. Did the nine help him or did he already have it on the flop? Did he pick up a flush draw or a combo draw, or is he just making a move?  Either way, his play looks a little inconsistent and doesn’t make too much sense. That’s why Rast feels good enough to call as not only might his hand still be best, he can also represent the flush draw if it hits the river. A Stunt on the River The river is another low card and a third diamond but Hellmuth hesitates a little (as you can see if you have the video at hand) before moving two thirds of his remaining stack into the middle. Stuntin' So, what does that bet mean? There are two main options. A. Hellmuth has a hand so strong that he wants to get called. He makes the bet small to ensure he gets called. B. He doesn’t have anything and wants to represent A. Hellmuth’s hand is highly polarized and his play was overall inconsistent. But there is one type of hand that would suddenly connect all the dots – a runner-runner flush. It’s possible that Hellmuth missed the flop, stepped on the brakes, but then semi-bluffed the turn and then bet again on the river to make more chips. But then why doesn’t he go all-in to maximize his profit? Rast Considers, Strikes Now, Brian Rast knows all of this. But it’s a hard thing to make a call with just a pair of fives. What makes calling attractive is that Hellmuth also has hands like A-K and A-Q in his range. They make sense and lose to any pair. You might want to add A-9 to Hellmuth’s range, but would he 3-bet that pre-flop? And would he barrel with it twice?  Callin' At the end of the day Rast has two good reasons for his call: 1. Hellmuth’s range has more weak than strong hands in it. 2. His play and particularly his river bet are inconsistent and suspicious. Also, Rast can actually afford losing this hand as he would still have a healthy stack. Conclusion Making a strong call versus a weak range, Rast delivers a fatal blow to the Poker Brat -- one that he wouldn’t recover from. Maybe Hellmuth over-complicated things a bit. An all-in would have probably made Rast fold his hand.Visit

Daily 3-Bet: Phil -EV, 3 Mins w/ Kristen, Win or Quit Poker
The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an extended power nap, a drowsy amble to the reg desk and all the -EV needed to win your next afternoon poker news bracelet.Got a tip for a future 3-Bet? Tweet us @PokerListings or drop a note in the comments. Today in the 3-Bet we find the Go0se gutting Phil Hellmuth's game, Kristen Bicknell checks in from Brazil and Miikka Anttonen puts it all on the line. 1) White Magic What? There are few more polarizing poker players than Phil Hellmuth - especially if you're talking about whether he's actually any "good" at poker. Phil and fans point to his 14 WSOP bracelets as all the evidence needed; Phil's detractors say it's smoke and mirrors and his actual technical skills, at least as far as No-Limit Hold'em go, are abysmal. Put Steffen 'Go0se.core!' Sontheimer among the latter. We pointed you to his full interview with Joe Ingram on the Poker Life Podcast on Monday but this amazing clip of him dismantling Phil's technical prowess is hitting the rounds today: I asked @RunGo0seRun his thoughts on Hellmuth on our podcast yesterday and... well.... I learned about reducing negative edges #BangBang — gN PapiGTO (@Joeingram1) October 3, 2017 Tell us how you really feel, Go0se. Props to him, though, because if you call someone out you better be ready to put your money where your month is and Sontheimer is very keen on that: "I'm ready to play him. Over and over and over again."  Phil's response? Sigh...The haters told me I “couldn’t win” in the 1980’s, I was “done” in the 1990’s, the game “passed me by” in the 2000’s, and now — phil_hellmuth (@phil_hellmuth) October 4, 2017 Something tells us this is all going to come to a head on Poker Night in America somehow and we can't wait to see it. 2) Kristen Bicknell: Brazil is Fun, for Ev-ery-one Two-time WSOP bracelet winner and partypoker Ambassador Kristen Bicknell narrowly missed the final nominee list for both our Most Inspiring Player and Rising Star awards this year and for good reason. Couple of these will get you places. She's a total boss at the poker table and a good spirit on and off the felt. partypoker obviously felt the same way and scooped her up for a new pro contract this summer during the WSOP. The new gig has afforded her some opportunities to hit the road and experience the poker circuit in far-flung places and she's taken advantage with a stop at this week's WSOPC event in Brazil. She's even made the final table of the main event, to boot. Codigo Poker caught up with her for a short interview where she talked about her experience, where she's headed next and just how you might characterize the playing style of her South American tablemates. Check a short clip below; click through to see the full 3-minute interview. Check out @krissyb24poker from #partypoker answering questions @WSOP Brazil! Thanks to @CodigoPoker — partypoker (@partypoker) October 4, 2017 3) Turn €500 into €10,000 in 100 Days or Leave Poker Forever How confident are you that you could win at this game when you really had to? Famed grinder/TwoPlusTwo poster Miikka 'ChuckBass' Anttonen is about to find out for himself with an inspired prop bet challenge that really puts all he's ever learned in poker to the test. The craziest prop bet of my life is about to begin. If I lose I will pretty much have to quit poker forever. Wish me luck ! @UpswingPoker — Miikka Anttonen (@chuckbasspoker) September 30, 2017 Anttonen puts himself at about 50% to do it although acknowledges he has, umm, a few obstacles to overcome (as posted on 2+2): "As for background, I've played poker for ~10 years, but I've shared my time 50-50 between writing and poker in the last 2 years or so. I've made less than 10k in this entire year playing poker, and over the last two months I've booked like 95% losing sessions making 30 deposits without a withdrawal.   "I'm feeling washed up as ****, I haven't studied in forever and when asked what the correct unexploitable 10BB BTN pushing range is I'm pretty sure I'd miss by 5-10%. I haven't really won anything remotely respectable at poker in about 2 years (although I haven't really devoted myself to it either). I'm 30, I can't physically take massive grinds anymore, and honestly don't have a whole lot going for myself poker-wise." Wow. He'll be streaming 16 days of it live for a Finnish poker website; we'll have our editor keep an eye on it.Visit

Big Bets + Big Betty: Poker & eSports Converge in Holland
Unibet Poker has jumped on the eSports curve with its super fun Battle Royales on its live tour.The Global Poker Index has completely redesigned its business model to incorporate eSports rankings and poker/eSports mashups into its future. Now the World Poker Tour has climbed on board, too. The WPT announced last week it is joining forces with ELC Gaming for a multi-day poker/eSports collaboration at the Holland Casino in Valkenburg, Netherlands, October 9-15. Included will be a WPT DeepStacks €1,100 Main Event, an eSports festival with recreational and pro events and a number of "integrated events" that combine the two disciplines in new and groundbreaking ways. eSports + Poker + Big Betty What exactly will that experience entail? Well, alongside the poker festival and its highlight €1,100 Main Event (Oct. 12-15), ELC Gaming will have its 18-wheel mobile eSports arena, “Big Betty,” on hand. eSports bigwigs like Hotted89 getting into poker, too. Players and fans can try out combined eSports/poker events both in the casino and in the mobile arena to win entry into WPTDeepStacks poker tournaments and various smaller eSports competitions. An interactive virtual reality experience, a casual gaming lounge and daily eSports battles between local universities will be on display and ELC will also stream the Legend Series final on its Twitch channel, ELCgamingTV. Two eSports teams who qualified from across Europe through online matches will play in the final. Andrey "Reynad" Yanyuk, Alan "Hotted89" Widmann, Charlotte 'sjlot' van Brabander and Jeffrey 'SjoW' Brusi are just a few of the prominent eSports stars who have dabbled in poker. Famed poker stars Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier, Lex 'RasZi' Veldhuis and Randy 'nanonoko' Lew are gamers who've crossed over successfully into pro poker. “The World Poker Tour is proud to partner with ELC Gaming for this first international poker and eSports venture,” said Adam Pliska, CEO of the World Poker Tour. “The crossover between the poker and eSports communities is undeniable, and the addition of a live eSports event to one of the WPT’s live poker festivals is a perfect fit to provide an even greater experience for our players." “This is an inspiring time in both poker and eSports, the two mindsports that have only begun to realize their enormous collaboration potential," adds Frank Ng, CEO of Ourgame International. "We have seen firsthand the popularity in both industries grow exponentially," says Leon Groenewoud, COO of ELC Gaming, "and I’m confident this partnership is a natural next step for players, fans, and business partners alike.”Visit

Last Chance to Qualify for 888Live London Main Event Oct. 5!
The 888Live festival is set to return to its home casino at the Aspers Casino in East London and you have just one chance left to qualify for the main event.The festival will run until Oct. 5-16 with 10 events of different games and buy-ins so it’ll be well worth going even for the side events. Past 888 London festivals have seen continuous growth and a range of superstar poker players have made appearances. Among them have been Antonio Esfandiari, Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi, Will Kassouf and, of course, the 888poker ambassadors Dominik Nitsche, Chris Moorman and Sofia Lövgren. The winner of the last 888Live London main event – Kim Ha Li – will also be back to defend his title. Final Satellite October 5 The Aspers Casino is situated in the huge Westfield Mall in Stratford, East London. It’s 888’s home casino where they have their own branded poker room. Kassouf among the local celebs. The Opening Event with £120,000 guaranteed starts on Oct. 5, which is also the day of the last online satellite for the Main Event. The last online satellite on 888poker runs on Oct. 5 at 8 PM CET. It’s a $109 Holdem tournament and there will be at least one seat to be won for the main event at the Aspers. There’s also still a feeder tournament that gives you the chance to play the satellite for just $12. Check it out in the 888poker lobby. You can find all the remaining satellites and a list of the players who have already qualified under the tabs All games > Tournaments > Live Events, or simply type “London” into the search box. Shot Clock Introduced Select tournaments of the 888Live festival this time around – including the Main Event – will have a shot clock in place. This will be a digital clock run by the dealer and everybody at the table will be able to see the countdown running. Ka Him Li The idea here is not to put more pressure on the players but to prevent stalling. As there are obviously spots in a tournament where you have to make a big decision, you’ll get a number of extensions that’ll give you more time to think. The Main Event is an £1,100 NLHE freeze-out with 30,000 chips to start and 60-min levels. There will be three starting days for you to choose from beginning on Thursday October 12. Day 2 will be on Sunday Oct. 15 and the final table will take place on Monday. There's a £400,000 guaranteed prize pool and re-entries are allowed. Side events include a Ladies event, an Omaha event and a High Roller. See below for the complete list. No Name Buy-in 1 Opening Event £220 2 The Hurricane £110 3 High Roller £2,200 4 Ladies Event £55 5 888Love Main Event £1,100 6 The Swordfish £60 7 The Whale £110 8 Turbo Deepstack £80 9 Pot Limit Omaha £150 10 The Lightning £60 If you want to play on 888poker, go ahead and visit our 888 review page. We’ll provide you with the download links and get you started.Visit

Daily 3-Bet: Who is Go0se, Kirk v. Blom, Poker Lin-sanity
The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a found tenner, an impulse pack of scratch cards and three lucky sevens appearing before your afternoon poker news eyes.Got a tip for a future 3-Bet? Tweet us @PokerListings or tell us about it below. Today in the 3-Bet we get to know the hottest player in high-stakes poker, two wildcards go toe-to-toe and Celina Lin inspires in Macau. 1) Joey + Go0se.core Before the start of the Poker Masters early last month the name Steffen Sontheimer was known only within a pretty tight circle of hardcore grinders/poker fans. This is Go0se. Playing online under the nickname go0se.core! Sontheimer had built up an impressive array of results (and an endorsement as the game's best player from mentor/backer Fedor Holz) but had yet to really break through into the poker world at large. Then he went and manhandled 45 or so of the game's best high-stakes players, final-tabled all 5 Poker Masters events and left Vegas with $2m a sweetly-tailored Purple Jacket. More people know his name now. But he's still far from a household name yet. If you want to know more about him, Joe Ingram has him on his Poker Life Podcast as we speak and will be talking to him for an hour or two. Watch it live (or on replay) below: 2) Aussie Matt Kirk vs. Isildur1 HU When Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom went on an online poker tear last week and boosted his bankroll by about $1m, we speculated we might be in-sotre for some high-stakes action this week. True to form, Blom is now sitting at the $100/$200 PLO tables on partypoker playing the similarly non-risk-averse Aussie Matt Kirk - a guy who once bought in to a $250,000 cash game 'because he was bored." So ... that should be a good watch. Matt Kirk and @ViktorBlom back playing HU on @partypoker ...Its a fun watch this one ,crazy action — Sam Trickett (@Samtrickett1) October 2, 2017 Rail it all at partypoker by signing up for an account here. 3) Poker the "the Golf of China" As you likely know, we always love to highlight a good, inspiring story about a good, inspiring poker player. There's another good one in the South China Morning Post today on the fantastic Celina Lin. Starting her own Lin-sanity craze in China. The multi-talented, Shanghai-born, Melbourne-raised Lin tells the story of her move to Macau in 2007 to go pro and how hard it was to convince her parents it was a respectable - and feasible - profession. “My parents did not understand the game and they felt like it was very similar to playing blackjack and baccarat.   “Because poker tournaments are organised inside a casino, people relate it to all the other games.   "I had to say to them ‘No, you do realise we play against other players, we are not playing against the house? We make decisions after we’re given information’.   “It ended up taking almost three months to turn my dad around and when he did he was really proud." She also delves into her rise up the poker ranks, the rise of poker itself in the esteem of the general Chinese public and just how many girls have been inspired enough by her poker journey to take up the game themselves.Visit

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