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McGinty Charges to PSF Dublin Main Event Title, €91,808
When the press covering a poker tournament use the adjective "masterful" to characterize your play, you know you're doing something right.29-year-old Irishman Gary McGinty soared to a huge chip lead over the final 2 days of the €1,100 PokerStars Festival Dublin Main Event yesterday and didn't stop until he had the title in hand. After a four-way deal secured him the biggest chunk of the prize pool, McGinty went on the claim the extra money left to play for in a heads-up duel with countryman Jim O'Calaghan. When all was said and done McGinty collected €91,808 and the admiration of his tablemates to boot: "You played brilliantly," said O'Calaghan, the last player knocked out by McGinty, to confirm the press' assessment. PokerStars Festival Dublin Date: Sept. 28 - Oct. 1 2017Players: 544Buy-In: €1,100Prize Pool: €681,720Winner: Gary McGinty Ireland's Declan Connolly part of strong local contingent at FT. Irish in Charge A predominantly local (five Irish, one UK) final table resumed with McGinty in charge. When play reached four-handed they decided to look at the numbers and agreed on an ICM deal which gave McGinty the majority of the prize money still to be distributed. €13,000 was left on the table for the three Irishmen and one Italian left as play continued. Sean Prendiville finished fourth when his A7 couldn't catch the AT of McGinty and shortly thereafter Antonio Merone said goodbye when his QT lost to McGinty's AQ. The final heads-up duel started with a clear 5-1 lead for McGinty and didn't last long. Jim O'Calaghan got his last 2.6 million chips over the line with Q6 and McGinty called with KJ. The better hand won and McGinty stood up as a brilliant winner from the table. "It's fantastic," McGinty said. "It was pretty hard for long stretches of the day, but I was lucky and I ran pretty well. I played well, won the all-in, and now I have the trophy and that's all that matters, right? PokerStars Festival Dublin - Final Results 1. Gary McGinty Ireland €91,808 *2. Jim O'Calaghan Ireland €74,797 *3. Antonio Merone Italy €78,554 *4. Sean Prendiville Ireland €71,161 *5. Ivan Tononi Italy €35,7806. Declan Connolly Ireland €28,1107. Mick Graydon Ireland €20,9808. Alexander Bretherton UK €14,530 * four-handed deal €150,000 Overlay As with any poker tournament in Ireland the Craic was strong across the entire festival. Three starting days were on the agenda for the Main Event with the first on Thursday. Nice payday for Silver, too. With a total of 137 registrations on Day 1A, Days 1B and 1C needed to see an increase in the number of players to hit the targeted 700 and meet the guarantee. 259 players on Day 1B and 148 on Day 1C brought the total number of players to 544, meaning an overlay of around €150,000 to be paid by PokerStars. Veteran pro Max Silver, meanwhile, won the €2,000 High Roller for €45k and author Maria Konnikova finished second in the NLHE Deepstack. Return to Hippodrome The next stop for the PokerStars Live tour is The Hippodrome in London this week for the October London Series. Four days of play begins this Thursday with the main draw being the £40,000 guaranteed main event with a £275 buy-in. Visit the PokerStars London homepage for the full schedule details. Visit our PokerStars review to sign up for a new account and get a $500 sign-up bonus.Visit

Poker Hand of the Week: Negreanu Rivers Jackpot, Gets Paid
The Poker Masters was a five-event, high buy-in tournament series played at the Aria in Las Vegas earlier this month.The buy-ins were $50k for the first four events and $100k for the final tournament. The Poker Masters winner - who claimed the first-ever purple jacket - was the player who made the most money. The series attracted dozens of the world’s top players and featured several dramatic battles including this one between Daniel Negreanu and Koray Aldemir - the #2 ranked player on the Global Poker Index for 2017. Negreanu vs. Aldemir at Poker Masters In the final $100k event there were 16 players left and action was approaching the money bubble. Negreanu and Aldemir were the big stacks at this table, sitting with 634,000 and 414,000 respectively. Blinds were 1500/3000/300. It was folded to Aldemir in the cut-off who raised to 7,000 with     Phil Hellmuth folded on the button but Negreanu in the small blind re-raised to 27,500. Steffen Sontheimer - the ultimate winner of the purple jacket - folded the big blind. Aldemir called. There were 61,000 chips in the pot and effective stacks were 387,000. The flop fell       Negreanu led out with a bet of 16,000 which Aldemir called. So now 93,000 in the pot and effective stacks at 371,000. Turn was the   Negreanu bet again - this time for 45,000 and Aldemir called again. Now 183,000 in the pot and effective stacks down to 326,000. River:   Negreanu fired 125,000 and Aldemir took a quick moment to think before he moved all-in. Negreanu quickly called and showed the nuts with     That was the end of the line for Koray Aldemir in this tournament. You can watch the hand at 11:30 in the video here but it’s behind a paywall. Analysis It was a brutal run-out for Aldemir, who flopped a monster and then was presented with one of only three hands that beat him. Was it possible for the young German to avoid his fate? Let’s take a closer look. Pre-flop, Aldemir made a standard raise to 2.33 bb and Negreanu – the biggest stack at the table – 3-bet to 27,500, equalling about 9 bb. Before acting Aldemir has to put his opponent on an approximate range and make a first assessment. Having that big stack, Negreanu will 3-bet a lot more than he would with a small stack. Also note that Aldemir is in late position and also playing a sizeable stack so he has a wider opening range, too. Let’s look at Negreanu’s range, which roughly has the following hands in it; Pocket pairs 7-7 or higher, Broadway hands like A-K or K-Q, Some suited connectors like 8-7s and a few bluffs like A-4 or even K-2 The next step for Aldemir is to estimate what his best next move is. Many amateurs would now 4-bet because they’re afraid to see an overcard on the flop and would rather end the hand right there. The probability of an overcard hitting the flop is actually 57% but a top player like Aldemir still just calls here and does so for several reasons. A 4-bet would only isolate him against strong hands. By just calling he keeps all possible bluffs in Negreanu’s range in the hand. He has position and a better range of hands than Negreanu, making it well worth it to continue the hand. He doesn’t invest too much money while playing a hand against the table’s biggest stack. Semi-Bluff and Rope-a-Dope The flop makes this hand very interesting as Aldemir hits middle set while Negreanu is open-ended. The Canadian obviously tries to take down the pot right there – two high cards on the flop hit his range and he can often make better hands than his fold, like 9-9 or 7-7. This is also a textbook spot for a semi-bluff. Aldemir has no reason to get out of line here. There’s no reason for him to raise and maybe chase away any of Negreanu’s weaker hands. He calls and the two players see the 2♥ on the turn, which is a complete blank. Negreanu uses it to fire a second barrel. Thanks to his 3-bet pre-flop his range has A-A, K-K, and A-K in it as well as J-J and 8-8. By representing these he can still make hands like A-J or A-Q fold despite only having queen high At the same time he can build the pot without taking too many risks and win a lot of chips if he hits his outs on the river. Aldemir stays calm and calls again. As the turn is a blank nothing has changed and by raising he would still only drive away hands like A-K or K-Q that would pay him more chips on the river. Ka-ching on the River The river is Negreanu’s dream card – the 9♠. He has hit the nuts and he can still hope to get paid. Even a hand like A-K would still consider calling but there are also several two-pair hands and sets in Aldemir’s range. Negreanu bets around a third of the pot and now Aldemir asks himself whether he should call or raise. To make a raise a viable option there have to be enough hands worse than his that can call and Aldemir holds the fourth nuts. The hands that beat him are K-K, Q-T and T-7, but the last one is highly unlikely. A more conservative player like Hellmuth would probably simply call without thinking about it too much, but a New School player like Aldemir tries to maximize on his profit in a spot like this. So, which hands could realistically call an all-in here? Obviously, the three hands that beat him – three possible combinations of K-K, 16 possible combinations of Q-T. We can definitively neglect T-7 as, although Negreanu once called this his favorite hand, he wouldn’t 3-bet it from the small blind pre-flop. Then there are three possible 8-8 combos, nine possible K-J combos and maybe nine 9-8 combos -- if Daniel had decided to go with that. As Negreanu wouldn’t call an all-in with A-K there are more better than worse hands to Aldemir’s set that would call. That’s why Aldemir’s push is not convincing in this spot. A call would have left him with 200,000 chips -- equalling 50 big blinds in even the next level -- and that would have been a much better move. Negreanu Rivers Jackpot At the main event of the inaugural Poker Masters in Las Vegas, Daniel Negreanu rivers jackpot and then gets even luckier when his opponent Koray Aldemir gets greedy and overlooks Negreanu’s calling range.Visit

Daily 3-Bet: Isildur on Fire, 100 in the Ears, PLOMG Subs
The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a bright light, a bag of swag and the eyes of the poker world staring intently at your afternoon poker news stage show.Got a hot tip for a future 3-Bet? Tweet us @PokerListings or drop a comment below. Today in the Daily 3-Bet we find a major bankroll boost for Viktor Blom, a major milestone for Poker in the Ears and the PLO cavalry arrives on PAD. 1) Not So Fast, Go0se! Remember last week when the newest 'mystery' sensation to hit the poker world, Steffen 'Go0se.core!' Sontheimer, ran wild at the Poker Masters? Still got it, Fonzie style. It evoked a few memories of the glory days of online poker back in 2008/2009 when a young unknown from Sweden stormed onto the scene and had the poker world glued to his every move. That mystery man, of course, was Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom - a guy who's star had begun to fade somewhat over the past few years due to some game selection/bankroll issues. Turns out Blom isn't quite ready to give up the mantle of poker's best mystery man. Not only did Blom win his first WCOOP title this month, he made 4 final tables and cashed for close to half a million dollars. Yesterday he did that all in one fell swoop when he finished second to legendary nemesis Ben Tollerene in the $25k partypoker Super High Roller for $529,272 - outlasting Sontheimer's pal/mentor Fedor Holz in the process. That's a tidy $1m+ injected in the bankroll of one of online poker's most notorious splurge grinders. HU4rollz with Go0se.core! in Trickett's Room incoming? 2) Poker in the Ears Hits 100 If you've yet to listen to the Poker in the Ears podcast, you're missing out. Hosted by PokerStars live stream heartthrob Joe Stapleton and his work wife James Hartigan, it's always a delightful run-through of the latest poker world news plus varied, obscure pop culture tidbits and lewd sexual innuendo. Hilarity ensues. Sounds good, right? There's no better time to break your PitE seal as their ultra-special 100th episode was recorded live on stage at The Hippodrome in London just a couple nights ago. What, exactly, does this special edition feature? A short stand-up set from Stapes; behind-the-scenes tales from PokerStars' new Winning Moments videos; ‘Adventures in Online Poker,' recounting Joe’s #WCOOP odyssey in a $1,050 event; a preview of #PSFDublin; a Q&A with Jake Cody and Chris Moneymaker from Team Pro; the ultimate edition of ‘Superfan vs Stapes;' “Happy 100th Anniversary” messages from some former podcast guests and, importantly ... the password for the $5k ‘Poker in the Ears’ freeroll taking place on Sunday, Oct. 1. Listen below! 3) No More Knittin' Sweaters on PLOMG Ever been sitting on your couch, watching poker players not do what you think they should do on TV, and feel like you should have their seat instead? Just Tweet at them and presto! This group playinPLO on @PokerGO is RIDICULOUSLY nitty!!! Wtf is the worlds infatuation w @junglemandan ? What a damn nit! Sorry @BenbaLamb — Joshua Arieh (@golferjosh) September 28, 2017 I've watched @junglemandan for a total of about 2 hrs, between this and the NLH on @PokerGO and he hasn't put an unforced chip in the pot — Joshua Arieh (@golferjosh) September 28, 2017 Did @junglemandan really just open fold QT94ds??? Wtf am I watching on @PokerGO — Joshua Arieh (@golferjosh) September 28, 2017 I've heard @badams78 say check coulda done better than this @PokerGO — Joshua Arieh (@golferjosh) September 28, 2017 Well, I ran my mouth again! What did I get myself into??? Poker After Dark tonight on @PokerGO app! 8pm — Joshua Arieh (@golferjosh) September 28, 2017 Note: this likely only works if you finished 3rd in the 2004 WSOP Main Event and can afford a $300/$600 PLO game with minimum $100,000 buy-in. Watch Arieh and Chance Kornuth sub in to the game - which will still feature Dan 'Jungleman' Cates, Tom 'durrrr' Dwan, Phil Galfond, Brandon Adams and Isaac Haxton - tonight at 8pm ET on PokerGO. Ka-pow. Should be fun.Visit

CllsDntMttr Wins Champion of Champions to Cap XL Eclipse
The massive XL Eclipse series on 888poker has come to a close and it finished off in style with the Champion of Champions event.On the day after the Main Event wrapped, 99 former XL Eclipse title holders came together to battle once more. Almost half of them would win prizes ranging from a $55 online tournament ticket up to a full $13,000 prize package for this year’s WSOP Europe Main Event in Rozvadov. None other than XL Main Event champion CllsDntMttr prevailed and will now proceed to use his clearly on-point tournament skills live at the King’s Casino in November. CllsDntMttr Backs ME win with CoC Title If you win the Main Event of a major tournament series like the XL Eclipse you at least have some claim to the "player of the series" crown but many will say 'anyone can win a single tournament.' If you also win a high buy-in event like the Whale during the same series, your claim gets a little stronger. If you then proceed to win the tournament played only by players who have also won an event during the series, you're king of the hill. For the XL Eclipse, that’s CllsDntMttr. Zeniok30 from Lithuania came second in the CoC and will won a trip to the main event at 888Live London this October while RendOss from Russia received a $1,050 tournament ticket for finishing third. Kaktus26rus Takes XL Triple Crown Over the course of the series 10 players managed to bag two titles. In Event #169 out of 197, Kaktus26rus from Russia amazingly did it a third time. Having won a $15,000 Breeze with 324 players and then a $100,000 guaranteed Quarterback, Kaktur26rus also took down a $15,000 guaranteed Lightning to become the only player with three XL Eclipse titles. Combined, these three tournament wins added almost $30k to the Russian’s 888poker account. Sampaoli First to Win Inferno & Eclipse Titles With just one edition of both the Inferno and the Eclipse series in the books, there's just one player who managed to win a tournament in either series. Argentinian regular Cristian progree69 Sampaoli took down one of the last events of the XL Inferno series back in May. He came back to play in the Eclipse and it paid off again. Sampaoli was the last player at the table of Event #35 – a $20,000 guaranteed Monsoon. Sampaoli outlasted 509 players to give a $5k boost to his poker account. Parker Talbot Carries 888poker Flag 888poker ambassadors are all over the action in the big XL series, not only because they want to represent the operator but also to claim one of the coveted event titles. This time Parker 'tonkaaap' Talbot led the way for them and took down the Sunday Tornado on the very first day of the series and finished runner-up the day after. Chris Moorman had a third-place in the $50k Octopus and another 3rd in the Sunday Monsoon while Xuan Liu, former 888poker ambassador, also made a final table. 888Live in London up next With the XL Eclipse series finished the 888poker event machine moves to the Aspers Casino in East London for another booming live poker festival. Online satellites for the Opening and the Main Event are running until October 5. Head over to our 888poker review to get your own account and be eligible for our $888 sign-up bonus. Hit us up in the 888 news section on PokerListings for more info on chances to qualify.Visit

Daily 3-Bet: $1.6m >> 2c/4c, Fedor ... Again, Brat No Brat
The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a mystical knack for short stack play, a hair trigger fuse and a good long look in the afternoon poker news mirror.Have something you want to share in a future 3-Bet? Tell us about it in the comments. Today in the 3-Bet we find a surprising appearance by the newest WCOOP champ, Fedor does Fedor and Phil Hellmuth plays good guy, bad guy. 1) SvZff's Next Stop: 2c/4c Longtime Dutch grinder Steven 'SvZff' van Zadelhoff completed his dream of winning the WCOOP Main Event yesterday. REBUY! Coming into the final table with a huge chip lead, van Zadelhoff actually lost that lead for a short while but managed to turn things around and overtake joshuah333 again for the win and the $1.6m first-place prize. True to his chat box humor van Zadelhoff didn't go for any deals, either, giving him the full $1.6m payday into his bankroll. Well, almost. Due to missing a few swaps and selling action SvZff said he ended up with only 16% of his action (which worked out to $266k). But, as he says, all the better to share with a very happy group of friends. The title of World Champion of Online Poker is all his own, though, and he celebrated in grand style in Paceville in Malta last night. He also, hilariously, found some time to drop in and rebuy in a 2c/4c Limit table. REBUY! Congrats to van Zadelhoff on all of his hard work paying off! And we hope to congratulate him in person at the 2017 Battle of Malta! 2) Fedor 3/16 in Powerfest $25k Are you tired of hearing that Fedor Holz, despite being 'retired' from professional poker, is deep in another big tournament? Has it gotten old? Mind is still Primed it turns out. Tbh, we still find it fascinating. Talk about run-good, sample size, whether it's easier to win in 35-player HR fields or 2,000-player donkfests, Fedor is a force of nature. And he's at it again. After winning $1m and narrowly missing the Purple Jacket in the Poker Masters, the Primed Mind of Fedor Holz found some time to drop in on the $25k High Roller finale of partypoker's Powerfest. The newly signed partypoker pro of course is now 3/16 heading into the final day with $846,000 up top for the winner. Will he add another dazzling cash to his audacious poker resume? Sam Greenwood, Jason Koon and Viktor Blom still have something to say about it but odds are still very, very high. Rail all the action on partypoker today starting at 8 pm CET. If you don't have a partypoker account yet, get one via our review page for a $500 bonus. Watch the action (along with some $100/$200 PLO with Sam Trickett and friends) on the partypoker Twitch stream below: 3) "I Assumed World Would Know I Was Good Guy by 2007 or 2008" With the launch of his new book Poker Brat this summer Phil Hellmuth has been on an extended promotional jag with no shortage of new/illuminating interviews with one of poker's biggest icons. Good guy or bad guy face? Add another one to the pile today with a new interview with Phil up from VegasINC magazine. This one delves into Phil's thoughts on the coming 'sonic boom' for poker, the accuracy of his Poker Brat persona, his best friends on the circuit and what's left for him to achieve in poker. Excerpt below "Listen, when I became the Poker Brat in 2003 and ’04 and ’05, I assumed the world would know I was the good guy by 2007 or 2008. Because I’ve never cheated on my wife, I don’t do drugs, I’m not a big drinker.   "I’m the good guy, I’m a family guy. I have a super-balanced life, and I’m a super balanced guy. I was hoping the world would figure that out. But they never figured it out. And that hurts. It hurts because I don’t want to be viewed that way.   "However, I made a lot of extra money being the bad boy in poker. But I think the bad boy is someone who is out there doing crazy things. I just lose my temper at the poker table." Visit

Daily 3-Bet: 15 Yrs >> $1.6m, Unibet Majors, I'm F'in Jungle
The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a big stack, a bowl of mom's spaghetti and one shot to lose yourself in your afternoon poker news moment.Got a hot tip for a future 3-Bet? Drop us a line about it in the comments below. Today in the 3-Bet we find Steven Van Zadelhoff on the brink of a career-making moment, Unibet launches Sunday majors and Jungleman makes it clear who he is. 1) WCOOP WAHAHHA! After 15 years of grinding online (and live) poker, Dutch player Steven Van Zadelhoff (who played the €550 Battle of Malta last year btw) has a massive chip lead at the final table of the 2017 WCOOP Main Event with $1.6m waiting for the winner. How satisfying do you think that might feel? About like this: WHAHAHHA SERIOUSSSSSS!? — Steven van Zadelhoff (@svzff) September 26, 2017 1/18 WCOOP Main. 15 years i worked and waited for this, i think i am ready now Pokergods.... $1.6M please #teamviking — Steven van Zadelhoff (@svzff) September 26, 2017 With $1.5m in live earnings and well over $4m online it's not like Van Zadelhoff has never had a major score but we can only imagine the mix of nerves and anticipation he's feeling as play is just about to get underway in one of online poker's most iconic events. Are the poker gods ready to deliver for him? Tune in on PokerStars Twitch channel below to watch it all play out! Best of luck to svzff! 2) Unibet Joins Sunday Major Game After a month that has dished out over 900 online poker tournaments and almost $120m in prize money, you'd think the market was flush enough to maintain the status quo for awhile No chance. The ever-evolving landscape of online poker has shuffled over to make room for another new round of MTTs - this time at Unibet Poker. The Swedish poker site announced today it has jumped into the tourney game with a new line-up starting Oct. 2 and a space-themed set of Sunday majors starting Oct. 8. The lineup for the Sunday rumbles: Cosmic Rays - €10 Buy-in, €5,000 GTD  Start Time: 17:00 (CEST)Starting Stack: 3,000Blind Levels: 8 minsFormat: Unlimited rebuys Spectrum - €4 Buy-in, €2,000 GTD Start Time: 17:00 (CEST)Starting Stack: 3,000Blind Levels: 8 minsFormat: Unlimited rebuys Ice Giant - €25 Buy-in, €5,000 GTD Start Time: 18:00 (CEST)Starting Stack: 10,000Blind Levels: 10 minsFormat: Progressive Bounty Nebula - €4 Buy-in, €2,000 GTD Start Time: 19:00 (CEST)Starting Stack: 10,000Blind Levels: 8 minsFormat: Freezeout Odyssey - €50 Buy-in, €5,000 GTD Start Time: 20:00 (CEST)Starting Stack: 5,000Blind Levels: 12 minsFormat: 2R1A Supernova - €100 Buy-in, €20,000 GTD Start Time: 19:00 (CEST)Starting Stack: 12,000Blind Levels: 12 minsFormat: Freezeout Looks good, yeah? Also coming online soon are qualifying tourneys for its awesome Unibet Live events. Check out more on Unibet Poker here. 3) I'm F'in Jungleman We don't know exactly who this fool is but we love anyone who brings out the Jungle in Jungleman. We'll try to find out what's up and report back. This guy wants to battle me for days without end HU and asks if I want to do it. Did no one tell him that I'm the fckin JUNGLE??? — Daniel Cates (@junglemandan) September 26, 2017Visit

Boeree, Jørstad, Hildebrand Win 2017 Spirit of Poker Awards!
The PokerListings readers have spoken.For the fifth consecutive year, the PokerListings Spirit of Poker Awards aimed to recognize a group of players who have contributed more than just big results at the poker tables. Their enthusiasm, passion and contributions to the game go well beyond the felt and the nominees put forward in 3 categories - Most Inspiring Player, Rising Star and Living Legend - symbolize the "Spirit" of poker that will keep the game flourishing for decades. Our readers then took over and voted for the players they found most inspiring, most promising and most revered. After three months of online voting the results are now in and we're proud to announce our 2017 winners: Most Inspiring Player - Liv Boeree Rising Star - Espen Uhlen Jørstad Living Legend - Per Hildebrand Liv Boeree – Most Inspiring Player For most readers, no introduction is needed for Liv Boeree. A long-time Team PokerStars pro, EPT main event winner, Raising for Effective Giving (REG) co-founder, astro-physicist and Burning Man regular, Boeree is widely known as one of the top poker ambassadors on the planet. Liv began her poker career on a reality TV show where she learned the game from Phil Hellmuth but cemented her status as a rising star when she won the EPT San Remo main event in 2010 -- at the time the largest EPT event on European soil. Unlike many EPT winners before and since, though, instead of fading back into the crowd she took it to even higher levels. By working meticulously on her game she's now at home among the game's elite, exemplified by such varied turns as being captain of the London Royals of the GPL, appearing on the revived Poker after Dark and winning her first bracelet in the $10k Tag Team event at the WSOP this summer with her partner Igor Kurganov. Outside of poker she’s an active supporter and co-founder of Raising for Effective Giving (REG), a burgeoning charity that raises money from poker players (and non-players alike) to maximize the impact charitable donations can have on those most in need. Liv will often raise her voice to criticize political leaders and short-sighted decisions and discuss important issues like climate change while still finding the time to marvel at an amazing picture of Saturn. If you ever get a chance to sit with her at the poker table, chances are that it’ll be an experience you'll remember on a number of levels. Espen Uhlen Jørstad – Rising Star From World of Warcraft to the world of poker to the world of meditation, Espen Uhlen Jørstad has lived in all of them. The popular Norwegian Twitch streamer and Hans Zimmer fan is 29 years old, which makes him one of our oldest nominees yet for this award. But poker is a game for everyone, and people come to it when the timing is right for them. Uhlen Jørstad has undergone quite a remarkable development. He went from being a “fat anxious slob” addicted to WoW to being a soldier in the Norwegian army to being an athletic poker player to being an ambassador for Unibet poker. Based in Malta for the last couple of years Jørstad is currently travelling the US West Coast with a friend from Estonia, playing his favorite format - cash games – in the casinos between Seattle and San Francisco. Based on the time and effort we know he puts into his game, take it from us -- it won’t be long until you see him at the final table of a big international event. He shares his poker life via open and heartfelt blogs and vlogs so this will hopefully find him somewhere on the road and make for another great chapter in his expanding poker book. Per Hildebrand – Living Legend It’s been a good year for Per Hildebrand, one of the pioneers of Swedish poker, as he was recently inducted into the Swedish Poker Hall of Fame -- only the fourth player ever to enjoy this privilege. In his induction ceremony Hildebrand was commended for both his attitude and for “greatly contributing to enhancing the reputation of poker both in Sweden and internationally as a player and organizer." Our readers agree. His poker career officially began when he came second in the European Poker Championship in Malta of 1988, which was won at the time by Norwegian poker legend Thor Hansen (who won this award in 2014). Hildebrand’s biggest success was probably reaching the final three tables of the 2005 WSOP Main Event – the year Joe Hachem won – but just this past summer he missed a WSOP bracelet by a hair, finishing second in the $10k 2-7 Championship to show he hasn't lost a step at all. For many years Hildebrand was one of the organizers of the Swedish Poker Championships and he was also active in one of the first poker clubs in Sweden. He later founded the website 24h poker which has since become the Entraction poker network. For over 30 years, Hildebrand has given back to the game of poker and clearly remains both a gentleman and a role model for young players to admire in Sweden and beyond. Spirit of Poker Awards at Battle of Malta! The Spirit of Poker Awards ceremony will take place this November at the 2017 Battle of Malta, Europe’s friendliest poker tournament. Previous winners of Spirit of Poker Awards include Felipe Ramos, Humberto Brenes, Silje Nilsen, Thor Hansen, Dominik Panka, Charlie Carrel, Anatoly Filatov and Konstantin Puchkov. All SOPA award winners are personally invited to come play the Battle of Malta and attend the award ceremony. Congratulations to this year's winners and thank you greatly for your contributions to the poker world! We'd be honoured to see you in Malta in November! Visit

6 Ways to PCA: Win a $15k Package to 2018 PCA in Bahamas!
The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is back for 2018 and you could be there to experience it with one of close to 400 $15,300 packages.Two special PCA Ultra Satellites will run on October 15 and November 5, respectively, with 100 packages for the 2018 PCA in the Bahamas up for grabs. Another 250 packages are available in direct Spin & Go qualifiers as well, making it one of the biggest live qualifying offers in PokerStars history. Virtually anyone can find their way to a package via one of 6 different ways. On-demand SnGs, Stars Rewards chest and daily Cash-Game Challenges are just a few of the options. Play the PCA for Free If you ever wanted to play the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure you'll know the cost of a trip to the Atlantis Resort can be an obstacle. Atlantis. With the buy-in restored to $10,300 and the original PCA brand brought back, too, 2018 is shaping up to be one of the bigger events of recent years and PokerStars is going out of its way to put as many online qualifiers in as possible. Getting there for free makes it one of the best potential ROIs in poker and experiencing the Atlantis on someone else's dime is a thrill on its own.  Each PCA package for 2018 includes: the $10,300 PCA Main Event buy-in Free hotel accom. at Atlantis Resort & Casino (valued at $3k) $1,000 in cash (credited to your Stars Account) and  $1,000 credited to your room How to Qualify for PCA Package There are 6 different ways to qualify for either the Ultra Satellites and/or win a full PCA package. Stars Chests Between Sept. 25 and Nov. 5 more than $1m in PCA satellite tickets will be awarded in Stars Rewards Chests. If you want to find out more about Rewards Chests, read this article. Spin & Go Qualifiers Also from Sept. 25-Nov. 5, $27.50 Road to Bahamas Spin & Go qualifiers will run daily. Each Spin & Go has a random prize pool with payouts ranging from $55 PCA Satellite tickets to full 2018 PCA Packages. Prize Probabilities: $15,855 PCA Package -- 250 in 1,000,000 $530 direct entry to next available Ultra Satellite -- 18,510 in 1,000,000 $109 PCA Satellite ticket -- 181,625 in 1,000,000 $55 PCA Satellite ticket -- 799,615 in 1,000,000 On-Demand SnGs Special $55 18-player Sit & Go's will run on demand starting Sept. 25 with two $530 PCA Ultra Satellite tickets to win in each. $55 MTTs If MTTs are more your bag $55 satellites are being added to the tourney schedule with both PCA seats and packages to win. Daily Cash-Game Challenges Every day from Sept. 25-Nov. 4. a unique puzzle will arrive in your Challenges box. Complete a puzzle and you'll be registered in a daily All-in Shootout. Spin & Win In these Shootouts you can win a seat into the Road to Bahamas Cash Game Weekly Final with a $50,000 prize pool. Winners in those get a full PCA package. Weekly Spin & Go Challenges Weekly Road to Bahamas Spin & Go Finals will also run until Nov. 4. $50,000 in prizes including full PCA packages are available and you'll need to earn just 25 points to qualify. Earn them by playing Spin & Gos: Win a Spin & Go with 2x multiplier - 2 pointsWin a Spin & Go with 4x multiplier - 4 pointsWin a Spin & Go with 6x multiplier - 6 pointsWin a Spin & Go with 10x multiplier - 10 pointsWin a Spin & Go with 25x multiplier or more - 25 points and instant completion! Opt in via your Challenges Window.  If you've yet to create a PokerStars account of your own, head to our review page to qualify for our $500 bonus.Visit

Germany’s CllsDntMttr Wins XL Eclipse Main Event for $273k
No deal!Almost $1m of the XL Eclipse main event prize pool was on the line at the final table yesterday but even after a 13½ hour marathon the final foes played it out for the win. Not only did eventual winner CllsDntMttr turn down a 4-handed deal and claim the title, it was his second title of the series and second payday over $250k. With his second big win CllsDntMttr easily became the most successful player of this XL series and he’ll be favorite in today’s Champion of Champions tournament -- an invitational that only XL Eclipse winners are eligible to play. XL Eclipse Main Event Payouts It was the finale of the two-week, $18m XL Eclipse series and everybody wanted in.  Nice run for Hallaert A total of 1,149 players generated a prize pool of $1,562,000 to be distributed among the top 144 players.  Several big names even came close to the deepest of runs. November Niner Kenny SpaceyFCB Hallaert from Belgium was busted in 36th place by then chipleader Niklas tutten7 Astedt, who dominated the field for some time in the later stages but busted just two spots off the final table. The final table ultimately had nine players from eight different countries.  When the tournament was down to four players chipleader thrust. from Bosnia-Herzegovina suggested a 4-way deal but none of his three opponents responded. Two of them probably regret that now. These are the final payouts from the XL Eclipse Main Event Final Table. Place Name Country Prize 1 CllsDntMttr Germany $273,037 2 thrust. Bosnia/Herzegovina $198,374 3 purplegerbil Finland $148,390 4 poirierfmcs Canada $110,902 5 KURDEdersim Sweden $78,100 6 Sjapster Netherlands $62,480 7 KTBFFH89 Denmark $46,860 8 unbegzieglar Germany $31,240 9 Litt_it_up UK $17,963   By that time players like Sergio zcedrick Aido, Christopher NigDawg Brammer, Ruben rubenrtv Visser, Adrian ADRI_ATM Mateos, Anton anteen Bertilsson and Thomas wushu_TM Mühlöcker were long gone. The 888 ambassadors also couldn’t make it to the top this time. Dominik Nitsche already has a title under his belt, but neither he nor Chris Moorman, Sofia Lövgren or Nathalie Hof was able to reach the money spots. Even More Main Event Winners Apart from the main main event mentioned above, at 888poker you don’t get just one or two main events to finish a series - you get 5. In the $215 Mini Main Event the title went down under as New Zealand player aghghghghghg took down the title worth $62,730. Sergio Aido made another deep run and finished in 19th place. The $30 Micro Main Event was taken home by RakDoll for $11,288 while in the $109 Turbo Main Event AboldMove from Denmark triumphed over the rest of the field for $4,300. It took only 2h12min to decide the winner of the $75 Super Turbo Main Event where the blinds increased every three minutes. Madjelly from Norway was up against three opponents from the UK but busted all three of them to crown his night with $2.7k. Special thanks go to all the players who took part in the $5,200 “Chip in” High Roller Event where all the fees went to the Raising for Effective Giving (REG) charity founded by Liv Boeree, Philipp Gruissem and several other professional players. Winter is coming. Get Ready for 888poker XL Blizzard The XL Eclipse series finishes off tonight with the Champion of Champions tournament for all players who won a previous event. Three of the players will get a ticket to play live in the main events of the WSOPE in Rovzadov, the 888Live festival in London and the 888Live festival in Dublin. This marks the end of the 197-tournament XL Eclipse and a poker crazy September with large series on 888poker, PokerStars and partypoker. All the daily and weekly tournaments on 888poker – from the Goldfish to the Whale – continue to run, though, and will give you plenty of chances to hone your skills before the next big marathon series arrives. It’ll run in January and it’ll be called the XL Blizzard. Stay tuned for more information. To play on 888poker all you need is a computer and an account. Registering is fast and easy. Head to our 888poker review page to get started with an $888 bonus.Visit

Poker Hand of the Week: Most Expensive Mistake of the Year?
The poker community is thrilled about the revival of Poker After Dark - and rightly so.The first couple of episodes featured Tom Dwan, Andrew Robl, Antonio Esfandiari and Daniel Negreanu, among others, and had some downright spectacular hands. In this week's hand multi-millionaire Bill Klein took on Aussie Matt Kirk and found out just how costly a single mistake can be when you’re swimming in a shark tank. It was the largest pot since the show’s relaunch. Klein v. Kirk in PAD's Largest Pot In this episode Dwan, Robl, Kirk and Jean-Robert Bellande represent the pros while Lauren Roberts and entrepreneur Klein are the added affluent – and poker-savvy – amateurs. There are six players at the table and the stakes are $200/$400 but straddling and double-straddling has become customary. Such is the case in the following hand.  Matt Kirk put in the first straddle - $800 – and Tom Dwan put in another straddle of $1,600. Roberts (stack: $365,000) opens from first position to $5,000. Robl folds and Klein ($486,000) in the small blind wakes up with     He re-raises to $14,000, which gets Bellande in the big blind out of the way. Kirk ($482,000) calls from the first straddle. Dwan folds but Roberts comes along. Three players go to the       flop with a pot of now $44,400. Klein leads out with a bet of $30,000 and Kirk raises to $75,000. Roberts folds her hand and Klein pops it up again to $175,000. Kirk calls. There's suddenly $394,000 in the pot and effective stacks are $292,000. Here comes the turn   Klein moves all-in for $292,000 and Kirk snaps him off. The Australian pro shows     which proves to be good after the   hits the river. The $980k pot goes to Matt Kirk. Watch the hand unfold in the video below. Analysis “How unlucky can you get?” Bill Klein’s face looks like that’s the question he’s asking himself as the cards get turned over and he sees the mess he’s in. Surely, many viewers in front of their screens agreed with him.  Indeed, it’s very bad luck (and also very unlikely) that the best starting hand in poker gets overtaken by a dominated hand that hits bulls-eye on the flop. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that Klein had to lose his full stack.  If you take a closer look at this hand you might discern the crucial poker mistake that Klein made that cost him a significant amount of money. One Thing Going for Him The pre-flop play isn’t really the issue here. Roberts opens and of course Klein should 3-bet here as this is a group of very loose players and Klein doesn’t want them all to call. Kirk makes the call with A-4s, which is exactly that kind of loose play you can expect here. But he has one thing going for him: stacks are over 1,000 big blinds deep and that favors hands like suited connectors, suited A-x, Broadway hands and low-to-medium pairs as they have the potential to make monsters. The 5♠ 4♦ 4♣ flop is what you’d usually call very dry. There are a few flops that are even drier – maybe K-7-2 rainbow – but this flop is one that has helped very few hands. The best hand now is almost always going to be the best hand at showdown. Bad for His Win Rate Klein naturally follows up with a value bet because he can get calls from many worse hands than his, like A-Q or a medium pair. But he’s in for a surprise. Kirk responds to his bet with a raise to $75,000, which should raise a question in Klein’s mind – what hand would the Australian play like that? The majority of hands are bluffs and semi-bluffs like A-3 or 7-6, but there’s also a small chance that Kirk is holding 5-5, a 4 and even 4-4. On the other hand Klein can pretty much rule out hands like T-T or 9-9 as Kirk would never raise with these. Why, you ask? Because he might be up against Klein’s A-K and he wouldn’t want Klein to fold that. It would be bad for his win rate. The Dilemma Emerges Good players don’t play like this. They don’t like to turn their good hands into bluffs, meaning here that only hands better than his would call while all the worse hands would fold. Let’s dissect Klein’s range to see if this makes sense. After 3-betting the flop it’s roughly limited to pocket pairs 9-9 to A-A, A-K and A-Q, a couple of bluffs. If Kirk had pocket tens he would force all the bluffs and overcards to fold, making pocket nines almost the only hand that could call. Instead, Klein comes forward with another raise. This 3-bet on the flop is so strong that there's now almost no hand that can still continue and is worse than pocket aces – except maybe kings. When Kirk calls, the dilemma Klein is now in emerges. There's almost $400,000 in the pot, which usually means the rest of the money will go in on any turn or river and the only hands that can come along are better than Klein’s. Yet, Klein decides to keep the lead and pushes all-in from first position, only to find out how bad the situation really is for him. (By the way: it would have been a slightly better move to just check-call on the flop). A Different Line Now let’s look at what would have happened if Klein had played the flop correctly. Had he just called Kirk’s raise, there would’ve “only” been $194,400 in the pot and stacks would've been $392,000 instead of $192,000. Klein would then check the turn and Kirk would probably bet another $100k or $120k. If Klein calls, there would be $400,000 in the pot and $290,000 left with the players. Klein would again check on the river and Kirk would go all-in. Now, seriously, what hand can Klein now still beat except an absolutely crazy bluff? Of course, Klein would have to give Kirk some possible bluffs, but he would still have the option to fold if he feels that he’s behind. Even more important is this: Had Klein taken this line, he would have kept all the bluffs in the hand and could have won a lot of money. But by re-raising the flop, he’s made all these bluffs fold and can only get called by better hands than his own. Conclusion In what’s almost a textbook hand Klein manages to limit his opponent's range to only hands that are better than his by playing an ill-timed 3-bet on the flop – and it costs him dearly. Matt Kirk, on the other hand, builds up the pot with a raise that makes his hand look like a bluff and gets rewarded generously.Visit

Daily 3-Bet: Bilzerian $18m Sweat, $23m WKND, HB Mike Sexton!
The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a pocket pair, a brick of singles in the middle and the fastest heartbeat ever recorded in the afternoon poker news office game.Got a hot tip for a future 3-Bet? Drop us a note about it in the comments or tweet us @PokerListings. Today in the 3-Bet we find Dan Bilzerian spilling about his biggest poker moments, $23 million in online poker tourneys and Living Legend Mike Sexton turns 70. 1) Bilzerian: "I Never Want to Be the Best" Dan Bilerzian is a peripheral figure in poker as he really never plays in any of the big high-stakes cash games or tournament we in the poker-watching public get to sweat. He's referred to as a "poker player" a lot, though, and tales of the private high-stakes games where he's made his millions are rife in mainstream media pieces on him. While we've heard bits and pieces of those stories before, Bilzerian recently sat down for an in-depth interview with sports reporter Graham Bensinger and revealed a few more details. In particular he talks about a $10k/$25k Heads-Up No-Limit match against a billionaire who "always had him covered." Bilzerian says he won $12.8m over a few sessions and had $18m on the table - a figure always at risk whenever the billionaire shoved. Check out the clip below: Bilzerian's poker skills are frequently mocked in the poker forums but it's hard to argue with his understanding of how it works as a money-making tool: "That was kind of my thing about poker. I never want to be the best poker player. I just want to play against super rich guys that weren't very good ... I didn't mind people thinking I was a rich trust fund kid. That helped me get into really good games." 2) Biggest Online Poker Weekend Ever? Quietly slipping under the radar this week is the fact we're heading into one of the biggest weekends in online poker history. Big weekend coming. You read that right. After three weeks of amazing tournament action on PokerStars, partypoker and 888poker the big Fall tournament series on each site are coming to an end. With 8 tournaments with $1m guarantees and $23m GTD total this Sunday might be the hottest tournament day ever in online poker.  Check out the biggest guarantee events on the schedule Sunday: 17.00 PokerStars $530 WCOOP Sunday Warm-Up ($1m GTD) 18.30 partypoker $1,050 Championship Final Phase ($1m GTD) 18.30 partypoker $5,200 Championship Final Phase ($1.5m GTD) 20.00 PokerStars $5,200 WCOOP Main Event ($10m GTD) 20.00 PokerStars $215 WCOOP Low Main-Event ($2m GTD) 20.00 888poker $1,050 XL Eclipse Main Event ($1.5m GTD) 20.00 partypoker $215 Championship ($1m GTD) 20.00 partypoker $1,050 Highroller ($1.5m GTD) Seems like a good weekend to take a shot at something, yeah? Also still plenty of lower buy-in events to take advantage of on Saturday so don't hesitate - get in there! 3) Mike Sexton is 70! It might be against his wishes but we're gonna wish Mike Sexton a very happy 70th birthday anyway. HB to one of poker's great ambassadors! Thx but Shhhh! @SavagePoker When you get my age, you just want b-days to go by quietly & get to next one. #oldasyoufeel #stillfeelyoung — Mike Sexton (@Mike_partypoker) September 22, 2017 Happy 70th Birthday @Mike_partypoker! Poker's greatest Ambassador, charitable, and always willing to help out a fellow poker player. #TopMan — Matt Savage (@SavagePoker) September 22, 2017Visit

Daily 3-Bet: Isildur COOP, KK Misclick, GRMNS v. Phil on PAD
The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a rickety patio table, a set of folding chairs and the most talked about rematch in afternoon poker news home-game history.Have something you'd like featured in a future 3-Bet? Drop us a note below. Today in the 3-Bet we find Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom getting a WCOOP first, Seth Davies misclicks at the Masters and a major challenge brewing on Poker After Dark. 1) Isildur Wins 1st WCOOP While all of the poker world is either bowing down to or trying to figure out just who "The Goose" is today, let's not forget about one of the OGs of mysterious poker buzz. OG of poker mystery men. There was a time back in the day when, as he took on all comers and tore up the game's highest-stakes online, "Isildur1" was just a nickname to most. When it was revealed to be Sweden's Viktor Blom and he became a sponsored pro a bit of the mystique wore off but there were still plenty who saw Blom as a true revelation in poker - and the game's future. Fast forward a decade or so and Blom has morphed into a semi-strange figure in the game. He still battles it out at the highest-stakes games online (and occasionally live) but the "awe factor" has faded. There's no doubt he still has chops, though, as he proved yesterday by winning the $2,100 WCOOP HORSE event - an event he finished runner-up to Daniel Negreanu in last year. It's Blom's first WCOOP title, which is somewhat surprising given how long he's been around (he has 3 SCOOP wins incl. Main Event). And it's an interesting footnote on a day the Germans are being universally pegged as the greats of the day. More about Blom's win here. 2) Tough Moment for Seth Davies We've all done it. But you certainly never wish for it to happen to someone in a huge moment like at the final table of the Poker Masters $100k. We don't usually post clips of pre-flop action, but when we do, #misclick #PokerMasters — PokerGO (@PokerGO) September 20, 2017  Davies still managed to take 4th for $324,000 so it's not all bad news. But, ouch. 3) Hellmuth vs. Germans Coming to Poker After Dark If you haven't caught up with all the Phil Hellmuth vs. Daniel Negreanu vs. the Germans banter firing on Twitter over the last 24 hours, catch up here. In a nutshell? Daniel said the Germans are the best NL tournament players in the world and he needs to work to improve his game to catch up. He also suggested they play rings around Hellmuth; Hellmuth disagreed vehemently. Many, many people chimed in - including poker pro and commentator David Williams, who threw out this potential challenge: Hey @PokerGO. How many RTs for this #PokerAfterDark:@RealKidPoker@phil_hellmuth@RunGo0seRun@CrownUpGuy@becksundsoda and C Christner — David Williams (@dwpoker) September 21, 2017 Now, because poker is amazing like that, it just might be a thing in December on Poker After Dark - as long as Phil's 'schedule isn't too busy.' PAD CHALLENGE @phil_hellmuth:Cash game and tourney 6 handedMe@CrownUpGuy @RunGo0seRun @becksundsoda @GatsbyKempinho YouLet's go — Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) September 21, 2017 I was invited to every PAD (Poker After Dark). I LOVE PAD, but my schedule has been JAMMED UP! Maybe December. My terms in next tweet. — phil_hellmuth (@phil_hellmuth) September 21, 2017 Terms: PAD on @PokerGo: 3 days in-a-row. Day 1: 25K buy in sit and go. Day 2: 25K buy in cash game $100-$200 blinds. Day 3: not sure yet! — phil_hellmuth (@phil_hellmuth) September 21, 2017 We'll be back in December. Pls make this happen @PokerGO — Stefan Schillhabel (@becksundsoda) September 21, 2017 God bless us. What a time we live in. Also god bless to Dominik Nitsche who's trying his best to get in the game, too. I'd sit on @RunGo0seRun's lap to play in this game. Let's gooo — Dominik Nitsche (@DominikNitsche) September 21, 2017 Also: respect to Daniel who will take the Challenge on with or without Phil: An honest post game discussion about hands I played and any and all mistakes I made. I'll pay for the lessons. — Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) September 21, 2017Visit

Go0se Cooks! Steffen Sontheimer Wins First Poker Masters
The first-ever Poker Masters, from beginning to end, belonged to Steffen Sontheimer.The 27-year-old online pro known as 'Go0se.core!', who had his first live cash just two years ago, rolled into Vegas last week with his talented German cohorts and never let off the gas. Not only did Sontheimer win the final $100k Challenge last night to seal the Masters and the Purple Jacket, he final-tabled four of the five events and won another. All told he hauled in $2.7m over the week of intense poker and clearly announced he's a force to reckon with for years to come. Sontheimer Wins $100k Final With a good stack coming into the final yesterday Sontheimer was a heavy favorite to claim the first-ever Poker Masters crown but still had to fend of a challenge from a few of his countrymen. B.o.s.s. Friend and phenom of his own, Fedor Holz, was there as was Christian Christner and Stefan Schillhabel - each standing a chance of winning the Purple Jacket themselves if the cards played out right. Americans Justin Bonomo and Seth Davies joined them in the final 6 but would have to win outright to take over the money lead from Sontheimer. The finals began quite placidly and the first orbits saw chips exchanged without many big hands. The first exciting moment came when Davies 3-bet pre-flop with kings but failed to notice when Christner 4-bet with AQ and mucked his hand when Sontheimer folded ahead of him. The first player to bust was Schillhabel on hand 93 when he was all-in with A-3 against Bonomo's K-Q but a king hit the river. Bonomo busted 30 hands later when his K-T couldn't catch up to Sontheimer's A-T. Shortly thereafter Davies hit the rail when his A-7 lost to Christner's K-7. Fedor Out 3rd Sontheimer's last obstacle was a big one in Fedor Holz. Christner had the chip lead ahead of them both but Fedor could still claim the Purple Jacket if he won and Sontheimer finished third. Fedor pushed 16 BB with Q-J out of the small blind against an open shove from Sontheimer. Christner paid the all-in with 7-7 and won the flip, though, to bounce Holz out in 3rd. With another $500k payday Holz took his total winnings at the Poker Masters to over $1m. Another week, another $1m for Fedor. The heads-up began with Christner in a 5m-2.3m lead but Sontheimer doubled with A-8>2-2 and quickly took over the lead.  Christner was on the ropes but doubled five times before getting all-in with 2-2 against Q-Q and failing to catch. Sontheimer fittingly won the final event of the Poker Masters and was fitted for the Purple Jacket with $2.7m in earnings over the week. Final results for Event #5, the $100k Challenge Steffen Sontheimer $1,512,000 Christian Christner $864,000 Fedor Holz $504,000 Seth Davies $324,000 Justin Bonomo $216,000 Stefan Schillhabel $180,000 Germans Dominate A total of $13 million was played for in the first Poker Masters and 43 players participated. Seven German players took part and they took a total of $5.6 million dollars in prize money. Individual event winners were Sontheimer (2), Bryn Kenney (1), Brandon Adams (1) and Nick Schulman (1). Check the full results of the week-long series below: Visit

Daily 3-Bet: Holz vs Go0se, Kempe vs George, Daniel vs Phil
The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a nickname on your helmet, a top-flight wingman and an unquenchable need for afternoon poker news speed.Got a hot tip for a future edition of the 3-Bet? Tweet us @PokerListings or drop a line below. Today in the 3-Bet we find two Top Guns duking it out for the Purple Jacket, Rainer Kempe re-imagined and shots fired between poker legends 1A and 1B. 1) Maverick v. Go0se After 7 days, millions of dollars in buy-ins and dozens of impossibly intense, high-level poker hands, it all comes down to this. A jacket to go with the haircut? Six elite poker players return to try and become the first-ever Poker Masters champion and wear the Purple Jacket. The heavy favorites? Fedor Holz and Steffen 'Go0se.core!' Sontheimer. Holz, of course, is the best tournament player in the world (more on this later) of late with a mind-boggling, multi-million-dollar series of results over the past 24 months that will likely never be matched. Sontheimer is the heir apparent, anointed by King Holz himself as the best player in the game right now.  It's an epic showdown on Highlander/Rocky v Drago levels and we can't wait to watch it all play out on PokerGO shortly. Mind you there's still a chance any of the six can claim the crown depending on how it plays out - as long as Sontheimer crashes out early. Here's how they stack up to start: 1. Fedor Holz 1,471,0002. Christian Christner 1,367,0003. Steffen Sontheimer 1,354,0004. Stefan Schillhabel 1,218,0005. Justin Bonomo 1,050,0006. Seth Davies 740,000 2) Rainer Kempe ... You are the Weakest Leak! If you didn't already know (more on this later), the elite group of German high-rollers who descended on the Poker Masters this week are, by verdict of those in the know, the best in the game right now. Rough week for Kempe. Holz, Sontheimer, Stefan Schillhabel, Christian Christner, Koray Aldemir and Rainer Kempe as a group of friends/horses/poker thinkers have clearly shown they're a step ahead of the standard in tournament poker. With four of them at the final table of the $100k today - and all over the final tables all week - it's not a big leap to say it's beyond variance with this group. It's hasn't been smooth sailing for everyone this week, though, as Kempe, $5m winner of the Super High Roller Bowl in 2016, has failed to cash - much to the delight of the playful Sam Grafton: When you have a super strong franchise but it's let down by just one weak link... — Sam Grafton (@SquidPoker) September 19, 2017 Lol. Btw, if you're not a big Bond fan that's George Lazenby (of On Her Majesty's Secret Service) Grafton's comparing Kempe to. And we beg to differ he's the worst Bond - that's Pierce Brosnan by a mile. 3) Daniel Looks In, Phil Lashes Out When you've been at the top of your chosen profession for years it's hard to hear you've been surpassed by younger, more talented players who've put the time and effort in to re-shape how the game is played. Some, like Daniel Negreanu and Erik Seidel, have acknowledged the winds of change and worked to bring their skill level up accordingly. Some, like, Phil Hellmuth, refuse to give up the mantle just yet - despite a raft of evidence to the contrary - as demonstrated by an amazing Twitter exchange spurred by Negreanu' yesterday. The full thread/conversation is really quite amazing and worth a full read; excerpts/highlights below: Playing against the worlds best #PokerMastersI have a lot to learn, but I'm a quick learner. Watching @RunGo0seRun is a lesson in itself — Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) September 19, 2017 Oct-Dec I will be working really hard on my poker game. It's time. The top players today are just too good and I need to improve and I will. — Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) September 20, 2017 If I had to rank my current skill level against the best I'd say I'm in the top 100. My goal by Jan 2018 it to crack the top 20. — Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) September 20, 2017 I'm not embarrassed to say I don't think I'm as good as these guys. They are unreal. In order to improve you have to humble yourself & learn — Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) September 20, 2017 I was the best NLH tourney player in the world in early 2000's. I truly believe that. I'm inspired to be able to compete with the best now. — Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) September 20, 2017 I am always the #1 seed in no limit Hold'em tourneys DNegs, best ROI in history kid. And yes, I agree: one of us is delusional... — phil_hellmuth (@phil_hellmuth) September 20, 2017 And one other thing @realkidpoker, you told me in 2009 (and 2011) that the kids were better than you & me at NLHold'em: you were 100% wrong — phil_hellmuth (@phil_hellmuth) September 20, 2017 I respect them. I berate everyone (Poker Brat!), and I always learn and improve. But I see too many flaws to concede they are better — phil_hellmuth (@phil_hellmuth) September 20, 2017 Yo @RealKidPoker pardon me if I disagree w your "Truth." I've seen your "Truth" be wrong way too many times. Write up a list of players that — phil_hellmuth (@phil_hellmuth) September 20, 2017 2 are better than me, and let's compare notes in 7 yrs, Sept 1, 2024. Your last "list of guys better than me," from 2010, all disappeared — phil_hellmuth (@phil_hellmuth) September 20, 2017 Cmon DNegs, that's WEAK!! Put your list up for the world to see or admit I'm the best: no other way out of the mess for you kid — phil_hellmuth (@phil_hellmuth) September 20, 2017 Give us the list of these players that will "Crush me badly" in No Limit Hold'em tournaments, don't be a coward Daniel — phil_hellmuth (@phil_hellmuth) September 20, 2017 The Germans are the best players in the game right now, give them their due Phil, this is such a BS argument — Erik Seidel (@Erik_Seidel) September 20, 2017 Yes, I want all of them listed — phil_hellmuth (@phil_hellmuth) September 20, 2017 Your list @phil_hellmuth Sorry it took me 6 minutes to come up with your request of 40 players to crossbook. Here you go: — Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) September 20, 2017 More thoughts from Negreanu about it below along with a parallel perspective that seems to fit. Enjoy! Poll Please choose an option to vote Vote Visit

Partypoker Title Fight Upped to $500k GTD as of Oct. 1
Partypoker's flagship Sunday poker tournament just doubled its guaranteed prize pool.On a surge lately with its booming new partypoker Live tour and massive Powerfest tournament series, partypoker is back to a Top 4 site in terms of traffic and looking to get even higher. Its next step on that path is a new $500,000 guarantee - twice the usual $250,000 - for its signature Sunday Title Fight starting on Oct.1 $215 Buy-In, 2nd-Biggest GTE Much like its competitors, the PokerStars Sunday Million and the 888poker Mega Deep, partypoker's signature Sunday event has a $215 buy-in. It also has the second-biggest guarantee. And plenty of options for the lesser-rolled among us to participate for much less. Works for Natalia On partypoker that's as low as 1 cent due to the 'centroll' satellites that feed into the $1.10 buy-in satellites. It'll take you a few steps to get to the Title Fight, of course, but with an $82k first-place prize the past few weeks the rewards could be substantial. Once you get there you can also register up until the end of Level 15 and two re-entries are available if you bust. partypoker Pros On Board The partypoker Team pros, like Natalia Breviglieri, are excited about the change: “partypoker’s flagship Sunday tournament, the Title Fight, is a regular fixture in my week that’s now about to get bigger and better with the guarantee increasing from $250,000 to $500,000! "With a $215 buy-in, it’s excellent value and players will have to be at the top of their game to be in with a chance of winning!" Dzmitry Urbanovich agrees: “After the huge guarantees during Powerfest, increasing the guarantee of the weekly Title Fight to $500,000 is fantastic news and I’m looking forward to its return next Sunday!   "It is further proof that partypoker care about us, the players and are committed to paying out huge prize pools. It will be great competing for even more prize money every week and I’m sure the guarantee will only keep increasing, with $1 million surely not far away!” If you've yet to sign-up for a partypoker account, visit our review page for more information and to access our $500 sign-up bonus. Check out the full Title Fight satellite schedule below: Time (CET)TournamentBuy-in18:00 Title Fight Mini Feeder: 100 x $8.80 Gtd Hyper Turbo $1.10 19:00 Title Fight Feeder: 25 x $44 Gtd Hyper Turbo $8.80 20:00 Title Fight Satellite: 10 x $215 Gtd Turbo $44 20:00 Title Fight Mini Feeder: 200 x $8.80 Gtd Hyper Turbo $1.10 21:00 Title Fight Feeder: 50 x $44 Gtd Hyper Turbo $8.80 22:00 Title Fight Satellite: 20 x $215 Gtd Turbo $44 22:00 Title Fight Mini Feeder: 100 x $8.80 Gtd Hyper Turbo $1.10 23:00 Title Fight Feeder: 25 x $44 Gtd Hyper Turbo $8.80 00:00 Title Fight Satellite: 10 x $215 Gtd Turbo $44 00:00 Title Fight Mini Feeder: 100 x $8.80 Gtd Hyper Turbo $1.10 01:00 Title Fight Feeder: 25 x $44 Gtd Hyper Turbo $8.80 02:00 Title Fight Satellite: 10 x $215 Gtd Turbo $44   Time (CET)TournamentBuy-in14:00 Title Fight Mini Feeder: 500 x $8.80 Gtd Hyper Turbo $1.10 15:00 Title Fight Feeder: 125 x $44 Gtd Hyper Turbo $8.80 16:00 Title Fight Satellite: 50 x $215 Gtd Turbo $44 16:00 Title Fight Mini Feeder: 500 x $8.80 Gtd Hyper Turbo $1.10 17:00 Title Fight Feeder: 125 x $44 Gtd Hyper Turbo $8.80 18:00 Title Fight Satellite: 50 x $215 Gtd Turbo $44 Visit

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