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Simple code for zoho crm - Software Design Freelance Job
We are implementing a CRM in Zoho CRM and I need to automatize a few functions that apparently are not offered as such by the software. So I need simple code for Zoho CRM that allows the following actions : 1. We have the modules Accounts (= clients), to which is related the module Machines (=products owned by the clients). To the module, Machines is related to the module Inter (= intervention on a specific product). The link between the module Inter and the module Machine exists (meaning from Inter we know on which machine was the intervention). BUT I cannot find the way to trace back to the module Accounts (in order to know who is the client related to this intervention). I need the name of the client to appear automatically in the module "Inter" based on the machine, and I need to be able to use the field "name of the client" in reports based on the module "Inter". 2. For each Account, we have 2 addresses: the invoicing one and the delivering one. So far only part of these addresses is populated. I need to make sure that 100% of the addresses fields are filled by performing the one-time action below : a. If “delivery address” is empty and “invoicing address” is filled, then duplicate the “invoicing address” it in the “delivery address” b. If “invoicing address” is empty and “delivery address” is filled then duplicate the “delivery address” in the “invoicing address” 3. In the "Inter" module, there is a series of 10 checkboxes that need to be checked by the user in case a specific action has been performed during the intervention. I need to display these in an email report created based on the "Inter" module. If possible these fields should be displayed in the form of a checked or non-checked box. Please send me your estimated time and fee and any question you may have

Need a SEO for digital marketing - Training Freelance Job
Currently, I'm looking for a SEO Executive for my site Please send me your proposal. Its very urgent.

DATA ENTRY FROM HOME - Data Entry Freelance Job
Ata Entry From Home job descriptionJob Ads Description - Skills - Education Description Persons working on Data Entry From Home are required to type data from hard copies of texts or an audio file into a computer. They have a good command over language and excellent typing speed in order to meet requirements of this area. Some jobs available in this industry are freelance writing projects, medical transcriptions, survey programs, online writing projects, email forwarding jobs, article writing, among other posts. Persons working on Data Entry From Home field usually perform many of the following tasks: • Reviewing texts. • Transcribing audio tracks. • Writing articles. • Copying and pasting codes. • Entering data into a computer database. Skills • Having IT skills. • Being accurate. • Having analytical skills. • Being self-motivated. • Having customer-service skills. • Being reliable and responsible. • Having multitasking skills. • Being able to follow precise instructions. • Having good communication skills. • Being able to enter data at a given speed. Education Candidates for Data Entry From Home field are required to have a High School Diploma or equivalent education level as a minimum. They also need to have specific skills such as fast typing and computer knowledge. Some companies demand applicants being able to type at least fifty words per minute, while others require seventy to eighty words per minute. Those who want to improve their speed can take online courses or programs at local community colleges. Experience is other valuable point for employers, so it is recommended to have one year of data entry experience in order to have better job opportunities.

Video translation - Screen Writing Freelance Job
I need a translation from English to Spanish, french and German the translation is used to subtitles of this video Let me know how long time you need.

PR for Latino Daily E-Newspapers, Freedom to try your ideas. - Public Relations Freelance Job
Freelance PR for Latino E-Newspapers, No cash pay but great bonuses I publish daily e-newspapers for Latino communities. We are looking for Public Relations talent that's starting out and wants to build their resume and prove their skills. Looking for: Social Media Marketing Press Releases Sponsorships Event Marketing and Promotions Your Ideas Locations: Atlanta, Charlotte, Cleveland, Columbus, Philadelphia, Seattle, Wilmington. Opening 2018: Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Orlando, Connecticut, New Jersey We are just starting out so at this moment we are not offering any cash payment. The benefits we can give you are: 1. Goods and services from our local advertisers. 2. Press passes to attend concerts, festivals, sporting events, concerts, and VIP events. 3. Build your resume and prove your talent and ideas. 4. Promote your business using our platform. We will give you the freedom to be creative with your ideas. Help promote the Hispanic Community, create events, and be charitable. Thank you for your time.

Need virtual assistant. - Business Development Freelance Job
Nowdays we are looking for someone supports to our team. - Requirement: Location; Europe or America If you have some free times for us, it will be greater. please feel free your bid here.

Phone Interviews for Ruby on Rails, Full Stack Developer Jobs - Personal Assistant Freelance Job
Hello - I'm looking for a senior Full Stack Developer/ Ruby on Rails developer for assistance in completing phone interviews for various developer jobs I have lined up, which will be happening over the next several weeks. You MUST be fluent in ENGLISH and be willing to work during US business hours. You will be taking phone calls as me and with my CV and credentials. A voice verification is required to test your spoken English language skills. You will be taking phone interviews on my behalf with clients who are interested in hiring me for developer work. You will receive a full set of instructions and training on how to handle phone interviews after you have been voice verified and your skills match what I am looking for. The rate is $8 per interview (they usually last between 10-15 minutes) and $8 for any developer tests the client wants completed. Please add the word "INTERVIEWS" to the top of your page so that I know you have read the entirety of this message, otherwise you will be skipped. Thanks

You will need to follow a detailed system I have already done to be able to import products. * YOU NEED TO BE SUPER GOOD WITH PHOTOSHOP You will have to edit pictures and have a certain sense of aesthetics too. - You will have about 2-6 hours of work every day of the week. So you need to be available every day to do the work. - You need to have a good english and be extremely detailed oriented. - Your rate will be 5$USD/hour. ( paid on the Upwork plateform ) PLEASE RESPOND TO THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS OR YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE IGNORED :) Are you super good with photoshop and why? Are you super good with video editing and why? Do you have a great sense of aesthetic and why do you think so? Tell me your life story in 50 words How many Stanley cup the Montreal Canadiens have won?

Help! Extremely Simple text edits on website, don't have Adobe Contribute Mac/ program! - Website Design Freelance Job
I need someone to insert and edit text on a website. Don't have Adobe Contribute for Mac program to do it at the moment. Needed immediately, an extremely simple paragraph change/insert. In the next week more inserting/ edit/ text as emailed to you. My website has 6 pages, not that much editing though. *** Future potential * Programming real changes to the site: adding blog, social media linked in, photo gallery, new subfolders, pages, links, etc.... or re-doing entire site via wordpress. Thank you for your time!

Looking for translators - Language Translation Freelance Job
Hello freelancers, We are a translation team composed of freelance translators from all over the world. Our team includes newbies, as well as more experienced translators. We also have numerous talented copywriters and editors. We are currently looking to expand our team and are recruiting translators, writers and editors. Payment can be done through Paypal or any other method that suits you. If you are interested, please apply using the form below: . You may be required to complete a test task or a short interview prior to being accepted. Looking forward to your proposals. We are currently looking for translators to rare languages, as well as popular languages.

Need of a instagram web bot system like Instamigos or similar - Website Architecture Freelance Job
Hi, I recently started a business of autolike, follow, unfollow, etc. on Instagram I am now looking for a freelance or company that can build an automatic system like or similar. These sites have a frontend where the customer can buy several renewable packages monthly with a three-day free trial. The backend instead is an online bot that following the parameters chosen by the customer begins to work automatically on Instagram (auto like, auto follow, unfollow, automatic verification of the customer's Instagram account, and much more depending on the type of package purchased ). In the user area the customer also has all the reports with the real time statistics of the bot's work, can also set the speed of the bot and the targets per user, hashtag or geographic area. To better understand what I mean just register on instamigos or one of these websites and activate a free trial in order to enter the backend and see all that is inside. I would need a system identical both in the frontend and in the backend. please indicate the approximate work times and the estimate. Thank you

Translation/SEO - Web Content Writing Freelance Job
Are you a freelance translator, with in-depth translation expertise in Real Estate, travel, public, and/or SEO? We have many daily projects and are looking for the very best translators to join us! Translators must provide support in managing the quality of our local pages and reducing the time of our content translation cycle. This is an ideal opportunity for someone with a passion for language and translations and an interest in online businesses. The role is on a freelance basis with all the work done remotely making it applicable to candidates anywhere in the world. Responsibilities Localizing website content, customer service emails and native apps content with tight deadlines from English to the target language (Spanish/French/Italian/German). Maintaining the quality of the Spanish/French/Italian/German version of our website, including conducting website checks and maintaining language specific tools such as glossaries. Spread the secured information on several websites provided by us (Real Estate, forums, social networks, etc). Search of places for promotion. Translation from English to the required language (Spanish/French/Italian/German). The ideal candidate must have knowledge about off page and on page SEO, how to optimize keywords, how to rank a site. Familiarity with CAT tools preferred. Good knowledge of MS Office. Good command of written English. Good command of written Spanish/French/Italian/German. Have access to the Internet. This is a remote job and can be performed from anywhere in the world. Please note: This is not a full-time position and you will be given work as and when there are customers. Treat this as a side income or a second job.

Golden chance for earning $300 in a few minutes - Personal Assistant Freelance Job
Hello, We are looking for freelancer who can help us for very interesting project. If you're expert, then you can earn $300 in a few minutes. you can see our project in details:

Blockchain-based crowdfunding platform - Programming Freelance Job
We are interested to build a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform for listing, funding and trading unlisted startups and small companies. It would need to setup a crowdfunding portal (for capital raising) along with a trading module (acting as secondary market). The platform would also need to support various financial assets to be listed. The platform need to be implemented with blockchain tehnology in such a way to allow us tokenizing the shares issued on the primary market followed by trading these tokens on the secondary market. The tokenization will not be based on any ICO process or token-listing on any 3rd party ICO exchanges

YouTube SEO expert needed to suppress negative video - SEO Freelance Job
We need an expert YouTube SEO professional to help us out-compete some negative videos in YouTube and Google SERPs. This requires a specific knowledge of how the YouTube and Google algorithms operate related to YouTube content. More information will be supplied to qualified applicants.

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