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Minnov8 Gang 400 Our Last Show
Yep…you read that headline right. After nearly NINE YEARS this week’s show is our last podcast as the Minnov8 Gang. It’s been a great ride. We’ve had an incredible amount of fun, talked to literally dozens of guests, interviewed Minnesota technology leaders, attended hundreds of events, and covered Minnesota technology innovation in all its forms. It is time,...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 399 One Word for Minnebar: Wow!
This week’s show was recorded at Minnebar, an enormous gathering of techies in Minnesota. Our guest is Adrienne Peirce (LinkedIn), Product Owner at Leadpages and President of Minne*, the organization responsible for Minnebar and Minnedemo. Hosts: Steve Borsch and Phil Wilson (Tim Elliott is off) Music: Woke Up With The Blues by Deep Sea Gypsies under...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 398 Can I Go Thru Your Underwear Drawer?
This past week a Minnesota judge signed a search warrant for anyone who did a Google search for someone who defrauded an Edina bank. Besides being outrageously broad as a warrant—anybody who searched on this guy’s name for legitimate reasons would be under suspicion and could be brought in for questioning—is likely violating our Constitution’s 4th...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 397 Geek Squad Spies?
Minnesota’s own big box tech retailer, Best Buy, sees its Geek Squad in the news since the FBI Used Best Buy’s Geek Squad To Increase Secret Public Surveillance. Are Geek Squad people really being used as spies? Unfortunately it certainly seems so. Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott and Phil Wilson Music: Rock and Roll –...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 396 – Can Target & Best Buy Weather Retail Storm?
We cover the Minnesota tech stories of the week including disappointing earnings from both Target and Best Buy over the holiday period. Can they compete with Amazon and other online sources? We have a few ideas. Later we discuss the Amazon S3 outage, Uber’s use of tech to evade law enforcement and Google’s rapid rise...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 395 Can Tech Save The News?
Several good tech stories this week but, once again, we dust-off our “Gang Mentality” segment to ponder a question after the president of the United States inaccurately calls out major news organizations as “fake”. That question is: Will technology provide the answer to real vs. fake news, or will it take human intervention? Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 394 Give Up Your Passwords at the U.S. Border
Are you a U.S. citizen? Then you should know that, if you travel internationally, when you come back to the U.S. you may be forced to reveal your device passwords (e.g., smartphone, tablet, laptop) as well as providing U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officers with passwords to your social media and other accounts. Farfetched? Nope…read...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 393 Advisor to President Trump
Tim and Steve could only imagine what it would be like if Phil Wilson was an advisor to Donald Trump. Would we all have healthcare? Would he build a wall around Lakeville where Tim lives? We can only speculate, but let’s not, and instead go on and talk about technology! Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott and...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 392 I Stand With Rosa
We discuss the top Minnesota and other tech stories, but our guest this week is none other than Chuck Olsen, a new media entrepreneur who continues to be involved with cutting edge tech. This time Chuck’s virtual reality firm, Visual VR, Inc., created an augmented reality character named Rosa, the world’s first virtual activist. She’s a 50ft...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 391 You ARE Being Watched
It is obvious to people who are aware of mass surveillance that we all are being watched. Anything digital is swept up, made Google-like searchable, connected to others and also events, regardless whether those connections are relevant or not. We talk about our usual Minnesota tech stories but in our other top tech stories was one that caught...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 390 Hackers for Rudy
Hackers around the world are undoubtedly cheering the appointment of Rudy Giuliani as an advisor to the president on cyber security for the upcoming Trump administration. For anyone following this pick by Trump, a sad (but still amusing) story appeared shortly after it was discovered that Trump’s cybersecurity advisor choice, Rudy Giuliani, was running an easily hackable website...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 389 A Carnival In An Open Field Staffed By Drunk Orphans
One of the stories we discovered this past week was this amusing one in New York Magazine about Joel Johnson‘s adventure moving from MacOS to Windows 10 and what he thinks about both platforms. In a nutshell he describes the two this way: “If MacOS is a sterile art gallery, Windows is a carnival in an open field staffed...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 388 Our 2017 Crystal Ball Predictions
It’s our annual predictions show and, while we cover a handful of Minnesota and other top tech stories this past week, we focus on our “hits and misses” from predicting 2016 and then jump in to our 2017 prognostications. Hosts: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott, Phil Wilson Music: Everyday I Have the Blues by Ike Rock and Blues under...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 387 sNOw Emergency
This week’s snow emergency turned in to a ‘no’ emergency in our view, but if you live in a place where towing cars is a much-needed winter activity then you should listen to our discussion about Julio Ojeda-Zapata‘s article regarding Apps keep you abreast of snow parking, assuming they’re up to date. You might want to download one of them! Hosts: Steve...  [Read More...]

Minnov8 Gang 386 Vintage Jewelry Meets VR
This week we interview Katie Jones from Atique to learn more about their combination of vintage jewelry and virtual reality. We also run-down the week’s tech news including Julio’s picks for Minnesota-made holiday tech gifts, A Klingon Christmas Carol and why everyone should have a Ring doorbell. Hosts: Tim Elliott, Phil Wilson and Julio Ojeda-Zapata...  [Read More...]

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