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Culture File: Mushroom Worksongs
Artist, Fiona Dowling and composer, George Higgs' Worksongs project creates a soundtrack for foraging mushrooms

Culture File: Wheels for Wellbeing
Are we designing transport in our towns around a limited idea of what people who cycle need?

Culture File 'Likes': Darryl Jones
Horrodemic, Prof Darryl Jones of Trinity College, Dublin, shares some of his favourite film, reading, podcasts and scents.

The Culture File Weekly 081118: (Naessens & Turner, Edmar Castenada, Aisling Kelliher)
This weekly, Kerry-based printmaker, Niall Naessens encounters JMW Turner in the Brandon landscape, New York-based Harpist, Edmar Castenada explains the Colombian folk music at the heart of his jazz, and our regular techspert, Aisling Kelliher, brings news of a future for computing...with limits.

Culture File: Computing Within Limits with Aisling Kelliher
Prof Aisling Kelliher on Computing Within Limits, a movement to realign technology for a finite world.

Culture File: Julie Aldridge's Journeys in Alchemy
"Alchemical musings from the edge of Beara " is the promise of Julie Aldridge's exhibition "A Hag With Wings"

Culture File: Edmar Castaneda's Beautiful Game
Why it's only half fair to call Colombian jazz innovator, Edmar Castaneda, the Messi of the Harp...

Culture File: Good Morning Mister Naessens
Niall Naessens print response to the Turner watercolours in the Vaughan bequest come home to Kerry

The Culture File Weekly 021118: (Samhain Horror Special)
What can we learn about our times from our vampires? How does a zombie in late capitalism differ from his Haitian ancestors, made famous in film s like White Zombie (1932)? Prof Darryl Jones, our guest this weekly, decodes these and other mysteries of the horror genre in a Culture File Weekly Samhain special.

Culture File 'Likes': Gabhann Dunne
Painter, Gabhann Dunne shares with us his prefs in movies, music, food and scents...

Culture File: Interrogating the Undead (Part 3)
Darryl Jones on the decline of cinematic horror and the rise of transmedia storytelling via the Slender Man meme...

Culture File: Interrogating the Undead (Part 2)
For Samhain, Darryl Jones, Prof of English, TCD, offers a zombie account of the gig economy

Culture File: Interrogating the Undead
Horrordemic, Darryl Jones probes characters from Dracula to Slender Man to surface the anxieties of our times

Culture File 'Likes': Fiona Dalton
Fiona Dalton, singer and creator of Dalton's Musical History Tour, shares some of books, podcasts, films and music worth catching.

Culture File: Did a trip to Ireland inspire Klein International Blue?
Klein-watcher, Nuit Banai on the origin story of artist, Yves Klein's foray into colour branding

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