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Culture File: Doncaster Rovers' Loss Is Daniel Barenboim's Gain
If it wasn't for the violin, Irish-Iranian soloist, David Tobin might be playing regular English League One Football by now. @EFL_LeagueOne @NCH_Music @drfc_official @DBarenboim @DivanOrchestra @lyriclorcan @RTElyricfm

Culture File: Dowsing In The 21st Century
Cork-based artist group, Institute of Dwelling welcomes sceptics and true believers to their ongoing dowsing project. @skibbartsfest @lyriclorcan @RTElyricfm

Culture File: It's What Sam Would Have Wanted
Augmented Play is an AR gamers take on Samuel Beckett's original 1963 theatre piece, Play. @DrSmolic @VSENSE_TCD @tcd_scss @volograms @neillodwyer @DramaTCD @RTElyricfm @lyriclorcan

Culture File: Mariele Neudecker Journeys North
Donald Trump isn't the only artist under the spell of Greenland... @limerickgallery @lyriclorcan @RTElyricfm

Culture File 'Likes': Megumi Masaki
Pianist and academic @megmasaki shares her delights in film, music, books, food and smells @RTElyricfm

The Culture File Weekly 060919: Rev Vince Anderson, Wallpaper, Duo Chagall, Eoghan Nolan
This weekly, the stories the wallpaper could tell, with 'paper sleuth, David Skinner, bandleader, Rev Vince Anderson's Church of the Dirty Gospel, decoding the phrase "Latin music" and Eoghan Nolan's latest Slightly Unreasonable Point of View @RTElyricfm

Culture File: The Wallpaper Detective
Releasing stories told by layer after layer of wallpaper is the mission of hang historian, David Skinner @14HenriettaSt

Culture File: The Church of The Rev Vince
Every Monday @reverendvince & his band hold down New York's longest-running residency with their musical ministry

The Culture File Weekly (Summer Remix): The True Meaning of Horror
Once upon a time, zombies, werewolves and vampires weren't quite seemly passions in the English Dept. But things have changed, and now the shelves have filled (magically) with books decoding the undead and their kin. And among them, you'll find the writings of Culture File's guide to the macabre and its meanings, Darryl Jones

The Culture File Weekly (Summer Repeat): Art in Africa
In search of new art from Africa and the diaspora, Culture file visits artist and gallerists from Hoxton in East London to Victoria Island, Lagos, and meeting along the way Maryam Lawal, Asiko, Ayesha Feisal, Kojo Marfo, Emmanuel Unaaaji.

The Culture File Weekly (Summer Repeat): Silence & Sleep
The search for sleep and the quest for silence, with poet and author, Jane Brox, and artist, Michelle Doyle

The Culture File Weekly (Summer Repeat): The Culture File Debate At Farmleigh
For RTÉ lyric fm's 20th Birthday celebration Culture File invited a panel of guests -- composers Jane O'Leary, and Garrett Sholdice, traditional and world musician Emer Mayock & singer and educator, Michelle O’Rourke -- to talk about the life of music-makers in contemporary Ireland.

The Culture File Weekly (Summer Remix): Peter Whelan & The IBO's HIP
Peter Whelan, artistic director of Irish Baroque Orchestra, on the surprisingly long history of Historically Informed Performance, and his own researches into the music of 17th and 18th century Dublin, which bring back into the light lost musicians, such as Johann Kusser and Matthew Dubourg

Culture File "Likes": Alan Meredith
Architect and furniture maker, Alan Meredith favourite things.

The Culture File Weekly 250719: GIAF2019, Kitchen Power, Eoghan Nolan
What we can learn about thinking from the Antiques Road Show, the voices of rural electrification in Castlebar, the voices of Irish opera in Galway, and a breakneck speed tour of Galway International Art Festival essentials.

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