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The Naturalist's Bookshelf: Upstream | Culture File
Paddy Woodworth of the unflinching nature writing of America poet, Mary Oliver

Telepresence Part 2 | Culture File
How artists in the 60s and 70s, such as Vito Acconci, explored video in ways that still inform our understanding of telepresence, with art historian, Kris Paulson

Telepresence Part 1 | Culture File
Telepresence is a word that we use less and less, even as we live it more, forced as we are into a world of Zooming and video chatting. Kris Paulson researches how the early artists who helped shape our understanding of telepresence.

Marise Gaughan Would Rather Avoid Human Extinction | Culture File
Comedian and writer, Marise Gaughan takes her first blinking steps into the unlocked world and has her doubts.

Culture File 'Likes': Éadaoin O Donoghue
Actor, librettist and playwright, Éadaoin O Donoghue, currently artist in residence with Corcadorca theatre company on some of the things in literature, tv, music, taste and scent that have made lockdown more tolerable

The Culture File Weekly 260620: TikTok activism with Cherie Hu and Aisling Kelliher; Marise Gaughan on vices; Jennifer Walshe on Pride
Music and technology researcher, Cherie Hu, and regular techspert, Prof Aisling Kelliher explain the power of influence of the video app Tiktok; comedian Marise Gaughan is thinking about vices and how we acquire them; while composer, Jennifer Walshe contemplates this year's Pride without a parade.

Jennifer Walshe's Staying Alert London | Culture File
Composer, Jennifer Walshe on what it means to have Pride in a pandemic

Tiktok too | Culture File
In the second part of our look at Tiktok, Prof Aisling Kelliher on the video-sharing app's hook up with K-pop fandom for political activism

Tiktoking The Music Industry | Culture File
How the Chinese-born video sharing site, Tiktok, is shaping the global music industry.

Marise Gaughan Has Some Questions About Vices | Culture File
Comedian and writer Marise Gaughan wonders where vices come from and how we decide if they are vices at all. Plus: can dogs have vices?

The Culture File Weekly 190620: Bloom's Statues; Corcadorca's Contact; Marise Gaughan; Art Nomads
We take a few steps in Leopold Bloom's shoes in search of statues; attend theatre company, Corcadorca's poetic response to the 2-meter rule and discover an all-new Alllepo of the imagination, while Marise Gaughan's wonders if history prompts Irish people too easily to give themselves a pass when it comes to racism.

Culture File 'Likes': Andrew Hamilton
Composer, violinist and singer, Andrew Hamilton shares a few of his favourite things.

Imagine Aleppo | Culture File
Dublin-based architect and teacher, Muhammad Anchor dreams of remaking his native Aleppo as a new sustainable city.

Contact in Ballyphehane | Culture File
What's it like right now to attend a live theatre performance that's not on Zoom?

The Stone Men of The Hibernian Metropolis | Culture File
For Bloomsday, Culture File takes to the Dublin streets for a pandemic friendly tour of some of the Ulysses' statuary.

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