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Culture File: God Is Not A Terrorist
Ian Brennan on recording the last singer of 49-note, microtonal, pre-Islamic music, of Karachi's Ustad Saami

Culture File: Dance Share
Aoibhinn O’Dea is an artist whose work has happened in sculpture, puppetry, food, and most recently via dance

Culture File: Ragnarok 'n' Roll
Old Norse mythology, according to Prof Heather O’Donoghue, has had a lasting impact on western European culture

The Culture File Weekly 150319: All of the Rembrandts, srsly
In this special All-Rembrandt-All-The-Time edition, we travel to Amsterdam to join in the Netherland's celebrations of the 350th Anniversary of Rembrandt Van Rijn. For the event, the Rijksmuseum has on display every one of its Rembrandt holdings - a treasure through which curator and Rembrandt biographer, Jonathan Bikker leads Culture File.

Culture File 'Likes': Eoghan Nolan
Copywriter and brand wrangler at Brand Artillery, Eoghan Nolan shares some of the music, tv & smells he

Culture File: Not all the Rembrants, but the greatest?
Rijksmuseum curator, Johnathan Bikker picks two favourites: the early Jeremiah (1630) & The Jewish Bride (1667)

Culture File: Some of the Rembrandts
Rijksmuseum curator & Rembrandt biographer, Jonathan Bikker, on what's to love about the Dutch Golden Age superstar

Culture File: Firehouse Shenanigans at the Rising (Redux)
Las Fallon on the double lives of the Dublin Fire Brigade during the events of Dublin 1916

Culture File: Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi
Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi use dozens of traditional instruments to cook up a distinctly untrad sound

Culture File 'Likes': Ailise Bulfin
Academic and eco-disaster aficionado, Ailise Bulfin shares some of the things that bring joy

The Culture File Weekly 080319: (Asylum Archive, Peter Brotzmann, Composers in the Classroom, The Dublin Apocalypse)
This weekly...tales from Ireland's Direct Provision system in the Asylum Archive, the Dublin Apocalypse illuminated Book of Revelations at TCD, composers in uniform and in the classroom with a Chamber Choir Ireland / Contemporary Music Centre mentoring program, and good horns in a bad world, with free jazz saxophonist, Peter Brotzmann.

Culture File: Composers In The Classroom
Breaking the news to Irish students that all composers aren't necessarily dead. Or men.

Culture File: Peter Brötzmann
German free jazz saxophonist, Peter Brötzmann, on good horns in a bad world

Culture File: Asylum Archive
How Vukasin Nedeljkovic's attempt to chart his experiences of Direct Provision grew into a far bigger endeavour

Culture File: A Dublin Revelation
Laura Cleaver on the 14th-century artist (and possible foot fetishist) who gave us The Dublin Apocalypse

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