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Culture File: Follow The Old Road
"Skip the bypass and follow instead the old roads" is the wellness recipe of the historian, Jo Kerrigan.

Culture File "Likes": Tara Doolan
Writer-director, Tara Doolan, shares some of the TV, books, podcasts and scents that she's been clicking "like" on.

The Culture File Weekly: July 13th
This weekly, we'll attempt to hear light at Catherine Owens' new Dublin exhibition, collect half a hillside of fine Irish yeasts in West Cork with April Danann, and immerse our whole bodies in the sound of Bailieboro, County Cavan, with Justin Kelly and David Maher of local band, Sons of Southern Ulster.

Culture File: The Sound of Bailieboro
How Justin Kelly & David Maher of Sons of Southern Ulster discovered beauty in a small town in Co Cavan

Culture File: Mother of The Mothers
Irish fermentation movement evangelist, April Danann on the wild yeasts of West Cork

Culture File: Catherine Owens (Part 2 of 2)
For the director of the world's first 3D concert movie, the exhibition, 6am, represents a step in a quietly lofi direction.

Culture File: Catherine Owens's 6am (Part 1 of 2)
For nearly a decade, Catherine Owens filled the screens at U2 gigs, now she's focusing on her own practice.

The Culture File Weekly: July 6th
This weekly, travelling the special Irish route to problem gambling, in a new play, Punt; Gordon Wallace on how new materials and 3d printing might combine to treat conditions from bad knees to schizophrenia; artist, Becky Lyon on how the future might smell; and the British Library's Windrush: Songs in a Strange Land exhibition.

Culture File "Likes": Emma Mc Keagney
Dublin artist and beachcomber, Emma Mc Keagney, shares her Culture File "likes" - and a certain dislike.

Culture File: Windrush: Songs in a Strange Land
Curator, Elizabeth Cooper, on telling the longer story of the Windrush generation's relationship with Great Britain

Culture File: Nanotech and nana's knee.
Gordon Wallace on how 3d printing might offer treatments for everything from bad knees to schizophrenia

Culture File: Dystopian Smellscapes
At Dublin's Science Gallery, artist, Becky Lyon is creating new smells to summon up the apocalyptic hellscape that is our future.

Culture File: Are There Any Safe Bets?
A new play, Punt, explores gambling and the consequences of not stopping when the fun stops

Culture File "Likes": Benoit Nichol
The scent hunter behind Irish brand, The Nature of Things, Benoit Nichol, shares his "likes".

The Culture File Weekly: June 29th
This Weekly: Irish Architects at Venice

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