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The Culture File Debate Nov 28th | What Cities Want
Luke Clancy and guests explore cities: how they are - and how we dream they'll be; who they serve and who they hinder, with guests artist, Sven Anderson, architect, Noreile Breen, curator, Lar Joyce and scholar, Leslie Kern, author of Feminist City: Claiming Space in a Man-Made World.

The Culture File Weekly Nov 28th | Podcast-Only Edition
This time, a journey deep into the darkweb with composer, Jennifer Walshe and her cat. Disco queen, Roísín Murphy starts up her machine, artist, Marie Brett rediscovers the strange tale of the Day of The Straws and writer and comedian, Rob Long, er, provides a sample.

Martini Shot x Culture File
Are you curious about how life can be like a stool sample, and yet not 100% keen to find out? Rob Long examines the, er, issue.

Culture File "Likes" | Niki Collier
Felt virus artist, Niki Collier shares some of the good things in life, in reading, listening, tasting and smelling

Roisin Murphy's Lockdown Creativity | Culture File
Roisin Murphy on why creativity is like yoga - you have to do it every day - and other lockdown learnings

The Day of The Straws | Culture File
Artist, Marie Brett's new project was kickstarted by a strange tale from Ireland's 1832 cholera epidemic.

Jennifer Walshe's London Lockdown 2.0 Diary | Culture File
In her latest lockdown diary, Jennifer Walshe's cat, Nomi, leads the composer down into the darkweb.

The Culture File Weekly Nov 21st | WhatApp sounds; leafscape art; mountainous literature and sound advice
The clandestine art of the WhatsApp audio message; a leap into Jess Shepherd's leadscapes; the latest volume on Paddy Woodworth's Naturalist's Bookshelf; and Rob Long's well-earned Martini Shot

Martini Shot x Culture File
Rob Long carefully explains the creative benefits of hearing. Y'know, really hearing.

Culture File "Likes" | Roisin Murphy
Arklow-reared composer, vocalist and producer, Roisin Murphy shares some of her favourite watching, reading, listening, tasting and smelling

The Art of the WhatsApp Audio Note | Culture File
Are regular users of WhatsApp's audio messaging uncovering fresh avenues of expression and communication?

Remixing The Leafscape | Culture File
Botanical painter and sound recordist, Jess Shepherd, takes us kicking once more through the leaf-fall.

The Naturalist's Bookshelf: The Living Mountain | Culture File
Paddy Woodworth's latest selection is Nan Shepherd's elegy to the Cairngorms, The Living Mountain, which spent 30 years resting in the writer's drawer

Martini Shot x Culture File
In his latest epistle, Rob Long looks for validation at the coffee shop.

The Culture File Weekly Nov 13th | Cuddly pathogens, spontaneous social apps, coffee shop perks & the trouble with billionaires.
This weekly, the place where cuddly felt figures meet deadly pathogens in the art of Niki Collier, Rob Long on why character is fate when it comes to coffee shops, Aisling Kelliher on spontaneous social apps, and Marise Gaughan on the resistible rise of the billionaires

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