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Culture File: Lillias Mitchell's Golden Fleece
The Golden Fleece Award, and other legacies of sculptor and textile artist, Helen Lillias Mitchell.

Culture File: Colleen Cosmo Murphy's Classic Album Sundays
Unrepentant vinyl fetishishims, as we spend an afternoon with Colleen Cosmo Murphy

Culture File: The Fadgies
The travails of "an Irish-speaking colony in 19th-century Belfast" in the bilingual theatre show, The Fadgies.

Culture File: Esosa Ighodaro's latests
Performer and linguist, Esosa, celebrates her new editions: an album and a new baby.

Culture File "Likes": Sara Baume
Novelist, Sara Baume, shares some of the things she's been enjoying on the long winter evenings.

The Culture File Weekly: March 9th
This weekly...Tim Moton, Borders & Landless

Culture File: Landless
Irish traditional vocal group, Landless on the churches, tunnels and other spaces of their debut album, Bleaching Bones

Culture File: Being Ecological with Timothy Morton (part 2 of 2)
Eco-philosopher, Timothy Morton, on why playing music can show us how to think ecologically.

Culture File: Being Ecological with Timothy Morton (part 1 of 2)
Philosopher, Tim Morton, introduces his controversial and sometimes flummoxing thinking on the future of Earth

Culture File: Borders and Outposts
An international gathering of academics at Cork's Glucksman gallery explores border worries around the world.

Culture File "Likes": Alexandra Conlon & Emily Fox
The acting-producing duo behind Peep, Alexandra Conlon and Emily Fox, share with us their consuming habits.

The Culture File Weekly: March 2nd
This weekly...Rhiannon Giddens' Great American Songbook

Culture File: Marcos Economides Calling
The philosophy of building instruments for Greek music, with Athen-based luthier, Marcos Economides

Culture File: New Music Dubliners No 2 - Ryan McAdams
Julliard-trained, New York-based conductor, Ryan McAdams on how he fell for Irish new music.

Culture File: New Music Dubliners: Garth Knox
Bringing his avant-garde sensibility and his ancient instrument to the New Music Dublin festival is Garth Knox

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