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Culture File: Frank Bowling's Moment
Celebrating Frank Bowling, a painter whose time has finally come -while he's still around to enjoy it!

Cuture File: Hoe Street Central Bank
Artist/filmmaker team, Hilary Powell & Dan Edelstyn are creating art and abolishing debt in a disused London bank

Culture File 'Likes': Des Keogh
Actor, Des Keogh, on his favourite sights, sounds, tastes and smells

The Culture File Weekly 070619
This weekly...untangling the lives and art of the "Irish" painters, John Lavery & Walter Osborne; the even more tangled lives of guitarists, John Williams and Andres Segovia. And, take your ears to Open Ear festival of experimental sound on Sherkin Island.

Culture File: Open Ear #4
"Everybody here is doing something experimental," says co-programmer, Vicky Langan at Sherkin's Open Ear fest

Culture File: Segovia v Williams: The Rematch
Guitarist, Michael O'Toole on how Andrés Segovia and John Williams helped create the instrument we know today

Culture File 'Likes': Patrick Rafter
Fiddler/violinist and T-bone aficionado, Patrick Rafter dishes on his favourite media, tastes and smells

The Culture File Weekly 300519: Shannon Mattern, Christopher Frayling, Clare Sands & COnal Creedon, Ballydehob Arts Museum.
This weekly, we are in Ballydehob, remembering the Summer of Love, or thereabouts, onwards into the "datafied dreamworld" of 5G as decoded by Shannon Mattern, Christopher Frayling makes a case for learning through art, and we descend to a rare basement in Cork that is the recording studio of Clare Sands

Culture File: Learning Through Art
Art education needs to emphasise on what Herbert Read called "learning through art" says Prof Christopher Frayling

Culture File: Does 5G Feature A Pause Button?
Shannon Mattern, of New York's New School, has been studying the "datafied dreamworld" of 5G mobile internet tech.

Culture File: Subterranean Homesick Blues
In a rare basement underneath Cork, songwriter Clare Sands has been collaborating with local writer, Conal Creedon

Culture File 'Likes': Kieran Ryan
Cycling advocate, Kieran Ryan shares some of the cultural artefacts on which he has been spending his time/money

The Culture File Weekly 230519
This weekly, what a recently discovered Irish translation of an Arabic medical text tells us about medieval Ireland, how to separate the milliners from the hatmakers, how to understand cinema, via the piano of Megumi Masaki, and Eoghan Nolan's slightly unreasonable point of view on brainstorms.

Culture File: A Slightly Unreasonable Point of View 1.1
Brand Artillery's Eoghan Nolan jump starts his new spot with some spleen for brainstorming

Culture File: Studying Hitchcock (and Spielberg)
Performer, Megumi Masaki, on the cinematic Études of her longtime collaborator, multimedia composer, Nicole Lizée

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