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2019 WSOP Results | Follow WSOP 2019 Results Right Here
The 2019 WSOP is the 50th anniversary of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas and, fittingly, there's a dazzling array of bracelet events on the schedule.By the time the next Main Event champion is crowned on July 16, 89 events will have been played - an all-time record. Among the events on the Anniversary WSOP schedule expected to draw huge crowds: $500 buy-in “The Big 50” No-Limit Hold'em event with $5 million Guaranteed $50,000 buy-in Anniversary Special Tournament $1,000 Mini Main Event $1,500 Bracelet Winners-Only Event $400 WSOP Colossus (lowest buy-in ever) $10,000 Short Deck Holdem Event Alongside recurring WSOP favorites including the $1,500 Millionaire Maker, the $1,000 Seniors Championship, $1,000 Ladies Championship, $50,000 Poker Players Championship and the signature $10,000 WSOP Main Event, more gold bracelets will be awarded than ever before. Check our updated WSOP 2019 results below with official winners, final tables and notable cashes listed right up to the end of the Main Event. Qualify & Play 2019 WSOP Right Now! Event #28 - $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em Entrants: 2,477 Prize Pool: $2,229,300 Winner: Stephen Song ($341,854) Runner-Up: Scot Masters ($211,177) Notes: This is the first career WSOP bracelet for Stephen Song, although he does already have a WSOP Circuit ring and a WPT final-table appearance. Song now has over $1.3 million in career live tournament earnings Runner-up Scot Masters is also a past WSOP Circuit ring winner Poker pro Ryan Laplante finished third to add to his bracelet from 2016 and a runner-up finish last year Quote: "It's surreal. I don't even know. The money's insane. WSOP summer is where you can actually make life-changing money. It's pretty unreal ... I already invest most of my money with my parents. My dad's the smartest guy I know. He's super-good with money. I just give it to him and he takes care of it for me. They're going to help me buy my first house, which is pretty sick. Now I'll have to buy a couple more, just for the tax write-off." WSOP 2019 Event #28 Final Table Results 1.  Stephen Song $341,854 2.  Scot Masters $211,177 3.  Ryan Laplante $154,268 4.  Renato Kaneoya $113,712 5.  Sevak Mikaiel $84,581 6.  Dominic Coombe $63,491 7.  Pedro Ingles $48,101 8.  Vegard Ropstad $36,783 9.  Yosef Lider $28,394 Event #27 - $1,500 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8-or-Better Entrants: 460 Prize Pool: $621,000 Winner: Michael Mizrachi ($142,801) Runner-Up: Robert Gray ($88,254) Notes: This is the fifth career WSOP bracelet for Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi, who has also won the prestigious $50k Player's Championship 3 times. This was Mizrachi's 65th career WSOP cash; his career WSOP earnings are now $9,312,658 Mizrachi is the first player to win 5 bracelets this decade; his other bracelets came in the PPC and a $10,000 buy-in tourney With his 5th bracelet Michael moves past his brother Robert (who has 4) for most bracelets in the Mizrachi family Quote: "It was a tough table but I think the experience helped me out a little bit from, you know, a lot of tournament experience. I feel like I had a pretty good edge on the players in certain spots where they probably wouldn't play hands. I played those hands where I know they're going to fold and that way I can win a lot of antes and bring-ins." WSOP 2019 Event #27 Final Table Results 1.  Michael Mizrachi $142,801 2.  Robert Gray $88,254 3.  Michael Sopko $60,330 4.  Elias Hourani $42,014 5.  Jan Stein $29,818 6.  Jose Paz-Gutierrez $21,575 7.  Martin Sawtell $15,921 8.  Matthew Schultz $11,986 9.  Joseph Santagata $9,211 Event #25 - $600 Pot Limit Omaha Deepstack Entrants: 2,577 Prize Pool: $1,352,925 Winner: Andrew Donabedian ($205,605) Runner-Up: Todd Dreyer ($126,948) Notes: This is the first career WSOP bracelet for Andrew Donabedian, who has a degree in statistics but now plays poker for a living in Las Vegas. The 28-year-old Donabedian was born in California but attended college in Colorado The final table included "Captain" Tom Franklin and Florian Fuchs This was the first-ever edition of the $600 Pot-Limit Omaha Deepstack event Quote: “Winning a bracelet is awesome honestly. I got a bracelet before I got a ring, I play a lot of circuit events and got a lot of second and thirds, but no win yet. I guess I was saving the win for the bracelet. I don’t feel like I need to win a ring now, because I have one better ... I like how PLO seems to be getting more popular every year. I think it’s a lot more fun than Hold’em so I think it’s cool that more people are getting interested.” WSOP 2019 Event #25 Final Table Results 1.  Andrew Donabedian $205,605 2.  Todd Dreyer $126,948 3.  Robert Valden $92,672 4.  Corey Wright $68,258 5.  Mihai Niste $50,732 6.  Alexandru Ivan $38,051 7.  Tom Franklin $28,803 8.  Florian Fuchs $22,006 9.  Alexander Condon $16,971 Event #24 - $600 Online Pot Limit Omaha 6-Handed Entrants: 1,216 Prize Pool: $656,640 Winner: Josh "loofa" Pollock ($139,740) Runner-Up: Jason "TheBigGift" Gooch ($85,560) Notes: This is the 2nd WSOP bracelet for Josh Pollock, who also won a live WSOP bracelet in 2013 in the $1,500 PLO event for $279,431. A couple of well-known pros were at the final table in Phil "HeyGuys" Galfond and Jared "jebronlames1" Bleznick Galfond finished 5th, just short of earning his fourth career WSOP bracelet There were a total of 652 entries but that included 564 rebuys The next Online bracelet event is next Sunday, June 16 and is a $600 Knockout Bounty event. Check the full schedule of online events for the 2019 WSOP here: Play for a WSOP Bracelet Online Every Week Until July 14 Qualify & Play 2019 WSOP Right Now! WSOP 2019 Event #24 Final Table Results 1.  Josh 'loofa' Pollock $139,740 2.  Jason 'TheBigGift' Gooch $85,560 3.  Jared 'jebronlamers1' Bleznick $59,163 4.  Martin 'BathroomLine' Zamani $41,565 5.  Phil 'HeyGuys' Galfond $29,680 6.  Chris 'babycow' Back $21,538 7. Jack "FlushStr8ted" Shea $15,956 Event #23 - $1,500 Eight-Game Mix Entrants: 612 Prize Pool: $826,200 Winner: Rami Boukai ($177,294) Runner-Up: John Evans ($109,553) Notes: This is the second career WSOP bracelet for Rami Boukai, who won his first back in 2009 in a Pot-Limit Omaha/Hold'em event. Boukai's career WSOP earnings are $725,376 over 19 cashes and 5 final tables Boukai and Evans returned for a third day to play out the heads-up but it only took 40 minutes as Boukai had a 3-1 chip lead The final table included former bracelet winner Chris Klodnicki and Allen Kessler Quote: "It's 170 thousand, so yeah, it's a big deal. I'm here for the money. I've been playing 8-game mix for at least 10 years, all the tournaments are the same for the most part." WSOP 2019 Event #23 Final Table Results 1.  Rami Boukai $177,294 2.  John Evans $109,553 3.  Chris Klodnicki $72,933 4.  Philip Long $49,531 5.  Allen Kessler $34,329 6.  Donny Rubinstein $24,292 7.  Vladimir Shchemelev $17,558 8.  Christopher Vitch $17,558 9.  Alex Livingston $12,969 Event #22 - $1,000 Double Stack No-Limit Hold'em Entrants: 3,253 Prize Pool: $2,927,700 Winner: Jorden Fox ($420,693) Runner-Up: Jayachandra Gangaiah ($259,834) Notes: This is the first career WSOP bracelet for Jorden Fox, who has been playing poker for 12 years. Fox was playing the last of 3 tournaments at the 2019 WSOP before heading home to Long Beach, California Fox finished 27th in the 2018 WSOP Main Event for $282,630 The final table included former bracelet winner Jeff Smith, Ryan Teves and music producer Scott Vener Quote: "It's the most amazing thing. I'm about to have a baby next month and I'm only here to play three tournaments. This is the third one and I just won it. It's unbelievable ... We all come out here every summer together and make it our family thing. My dad [Yosef Fox] took 100th in the Main Event in 2015, I took 27th last year. Every time we get here we all get together and coach and rally each other. I don't know how I'd do without the rail." WSOP 2019 Event #22 Final Table Results 1.  Jorden Fox $420,693 2.  Jayachandra Gangaiah $259,834 3.  Jeffrey Smith $191,789 4.  Simon Legat $142,648 5.  Marco Aurelio $106,917 6.  Ryan Teves $80,760 7.  Scott Vener $61,480 8.  Andrew Glauberg $47,173 9.  Christopher Andler $36,484 Event #21 - $10,000 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw Entrants: 91 Prize Pool: $855,400 Winner: Jim Bechtel ($253,817) Runner-Up: Vincent Musso ($156,872) Notes: This is the 2nd career WSOP bracelet for Jim Bechtel, whose first bracelet was for winning the 1993 WSOP Main Event. Bechtel's gap between bracelets - 26 years - is the longest in WSOP history Runner-up Musso has played in WSOP events since the 70s The final table included Darren Elias, Prahlad Friedman, Jean-Robert Bellande and Pedro Bromfman Quote: "It's only the second [tournament] I've played here in the last four or five years ... I like deuce-to-seven best. It's my favorite game. It's the toughest true poker game. It's much more complicated than a lot of the other games where the math comes in so much. This game, it's the read of the player. It's so difficult to make a hand; you rarely make a hand. Most hands, somebody's bluffing, or somebody's calling a bluff. … That's what makes it the greatest poker game.” WSOP 2019 Event #21 Final Table Results 1.  Jim Bechtel $253,817 2.  Vincent Musso $156,872 3.  Darren Elias $109,738 4.  Prahlad Friedman $78,157 5.  Jean-Robert Bellande $56,693 6.  Pedro Bromfman $41,897 7.  Paul Volpe $31,556 8.  Galen Hall $24,232 9.  Ajay Chabra $18,979 Event #20 - $1,500 Seven-Card Stud Entrants: 285 Prize Pool: $384,750 Winner: Eli Elezra ($93,766) Runner-Up: Anthony Zinno ($57,951) Notes: This is the 4th WSOP bracelet for Eli Elezra, a long-time staple of the poker world and regular on the iconic poker tv show High Stakes Poker. Several bracelet winners were at the final table including Zinno, Rep Porter, David Singer and Scott Seiver Elezra has 3 career WSOP bracelets in Stud variants The heads-up match lasted several hours between Zinno and Elezra. Despite starting with a huge deficit Zinno did come back to take the lead before falling back Quote: "When we went to Cabo, I told my buddies, I'm gonna win a bracelet this year and I'm gonna win it in stud. I saw more [stud] hands than everyone who played with me. And as I say, stud loves me back." WSOP 2019 Event #20 Final Table Results 1.  Eli Elezra $93,766 2.  Anthony Zinno $57,951 3.  Valentin Vornicu $39,830 4.  Phongthep Thiptinnakon $27,993 5.  Rep Porter $19,996 6.  David Singer $14,619 7.  Joshua Mountain $10,920 8.  Scott Seiver $8,337 Event #19 - $1,500 Millionaire Maker No Limit Hold'em Entrants: 8,809 Prize Pool: $11,892,150 Winner: John Gorsuch ($1,344,930) Runner-Up: Kazuki Ikeuchi ($830,783) Notes: This is the first WSOP bracelet for John Gorsuch, a 42-year-old from Florida who was down to less than two big blinds seven handed before launching his epic comeback Gorsuch said he hadn't won a poker tournament outright since 2013 This is Gorsuch's first entry on The Hendon Mob poker database When Gorsuch was short he went all-in blind. He shovedUTG and won with two pair. The next hand he was in the big blind with pocket nines, got in a three-way all in pot and flopped a set  Quote: "I'm a poker player for right now. Poker is awesome. I can play poker all day, all night long. This kind of helps figure out whether or not I want to keep doing it. I don't play cash stakes at all. You've got to run good in tournaments otherwise your cash flow dries up quick if you don't supplement it with cash [games]." WSOP 2019 Event #19 Final Table Results 1.  John Gorsuch $1,344,930 2.  Kazuki Ikeuchi $830,783 3.  Lokesh Garg $619,017 4.  Vincas Tamasauskas $464,375 5.  Joshua Thibodaux $350,758 6.  Cory Albertson $266,771 7.  Bob Shao $204,306 8.  Fabian Gumz $157,565 9.  Joshua Reichard $122,375 Event #18 - $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo 8-or-Better Championship Entrants: 183 Prize Pool: $1,237,950 Winner: Frankie O’Dell ($443,641) Runner-Up: Owais Ahmed ($274,192) Notes: This is the third WSOP bracelet for Frankie O'Dell, although it comes 12 years after he won his first back in 2007. O'Dell has won all three of his WSOP bracelets in Limit Omaha O'Dell's first bracelet came in 2003 in a $1,500 event The final table was particularly stacked with bracelet winner and pros including Owais Ahmed, Robert Mizrachi, Jake Schwartz, David Benyamine and Shaun Deeb Quote: "It was a war because you have warriors in there. You have one of the Mizrachi f****ing great player brothers, then you got one of the guys who knows almost everything on Stud and Omaha Hi-Lo. Then you have me, old school poker ... there's only one person who has three limit Omaha eight bracelets and you're talking to him. So until someone passes me or catches me, I'm not going to say nothing. I'm just going to leave it right there." WSOP 2019 Event #18 Final Table Results 1.  Frankie O'Dell $443,641 2.  Owais Ahmed $274,192 3.  Robert Mizrachi $194,850 4.  Nick Guagenti $140,522 5.  Robert Campbell $102,868 6.  Jake Schwartz $76,456 7.  David Benyamine $57,709 8.  Ed Vartughian $44,245 9.  Shaun Deeb $34,467 Event #17 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout Entrants: 917 Prize Pool: $1,237,950 Winner: Brett Apter ($238,824) Runner-Up: Anatolii Zyrin ($147,594) Notes: This is the first WSOP bracelet for Brett Apter, a 31-year-old from Tennessee. Apter and Zyrin played for over 2 hours heads-up in the final Zyrin started the heads-up with a 4-1 chip lead Apter defeated 8-time WSOP bracelet winner Erik Seidel on his way to the title Quote: "I feel like I'm in a dream. I wanted this ever since I first started playing poker. Ever since I won yesterday, and knew I was going to the final table, it hasn't felt real. I've just been trying to live up every moment at the final table. I was just soaking up every moment with all my friends here, playing heads up for a bracelet, and I just knew that I wanted to play my absolute best every second since it was going to be something I would never forget. I wanted no regrets." WSOP 2019 Event #17 Final Table Results 1.  Brett Apter $238,824 2.  Anatolii Zyrin $147,594 3.  Tommy Nguyen $106,351 4.  Adrian Scarpa $77,591 5.  Manuel Ruivo $57,326 6.  Cary Katz $42,897 7.  Shintaro Baba $32,517 8.  Michael O’Grady $24,973 9.  Kenna James $19,436 9.  Marko Maher $15,331 Event #16 - $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Six-Handed Entrants: 1,832 Prize Pool: $2,473,200 Winner: Isaac Baron ($407,739) Runner-Up: Ong Dingxiang ($251,937) Notes: This is the first WSOP bracelet for Isaac Baron, a well-known poker pro from Los Angeles. Baron was known online as "westmenloAA" and won Card Player's Online Player of the Year award in 2007 Baron's other big career scores include a 3rd at the 2014 PCA and runner-up at WPT Bay 101 in 2015 The two players returned for the heads-up after a night's rest but it only took four hands for Baron to win Quote: "I'm feeling pretty good. It's been a long time coming getting this first bracelet. I've wanted it for a while and am just glad it was pretty easy today. I'm not sure what it means for my career, but it feels good. I've wanted a bracelet for a long time. I started out watching the World Series. I've played these tournaments for 12 years and have never gotten one, so it feels good … I don't really know how to put it into words. It feels like a long time coming." WSOP 2019 Event #16 Final Table Results 1.  Isaac Baron $407,739 2.  Ong Dingxiang $251,937 3.  Stephen Graner $177,085 4.  James Hughes $126,011 5.  Richard Hasnip $90,791 6.  Cameron Marshall $66,243 7.  Pierce Mckellar $48,954 8.  Nicolas Careme $48,954 9.  Romain Nussmann $36,647 Event #15 - $10,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Entrants: 112 Prize Pool: $572,800 Winner: Sean Swingruber ($207,003) Runner-Up: Ben Yu ($127,932) Notes: This is the first WSOP bracelet for Sean Swingruber, a cash-game player from Los Angeles. It is his largest-ever WSOP cash. Runner-up Ben Yu is a 3-time WSOP bracelet winner Yu is also good friends with James Holzhauer, the sportsbettor who became a Jeopardy! phenom over the past month Swingruber cashed in the online event last week for $814. His win more than doubled his live tournament winnings. Quote: “To win this event, first try, first bracelet, it’s incredible. I honestly thought my biggest edge coming into this tournament was that people really didn’t know me. I’m not really known in the poker world. I think a lot of opponents looked me up and thought, this is gonna be an easier match.” WSOP 2019 Event #15 Final Table Results 1.  Sean Swingruber $186,356 2.  Ben Yu $115,174 3.  Cord Garcia $73,333 3.  Keith Lehr $73,333 3.  Jimmy D'Ambrosio $31,151 5.  Jake Schindler $31,151 5.  Kristen Bicknell $31,151 Event #14 - $1,500 HORSE Entrants: 751 Prize Pool: $1,013,850 Winner: Murilo Thiago Souza Figueredo ($207,003) Runner-Up: Jason Stockfish ($127,932) Notes: This is the first WSOP bracelet for Murilo Thiago Souza Figueredo, a professional poker player from Brazil. It was also his first career WSOP cash. Figueredo's rail was filled with fellow poker pros and friends from Brazil who went crazy when the heads-up ended The two finalists played for 6 hours total heads-up - 2 late at night and 4 after a restart the next day Stockfish now has four WSOP runner-up finishes including two in 2017 and one in 2016 Quote: "It's amazing. They're the best players from Brazil. I've known them for a long time. We've been playing poker together for more than 13 years. Winning here with them watching, I don't even have words to describe it." WSOP 2019 Event #14 Final Table Results 1.  Murilo Figueredo $207,003 2.  Jason Stockfish $127,932 3.  Gary Kosakowski $89,730 4.  Phillip Hui $63,860 5.  Chris Klodnicki $46,127 6.  Alex Dovzhenko $33,822 7.  Joe Aronesty $25,181 8.  Danny Woolard $19,040 9.  Jason Acosta $14,625 Event #13 - $1,500 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw Entrants: 296 Prize Pool: $399,600 Winner: Yuval Bronshtein ($96,278) Runner-Up: Ajay Chabra ($59,491) Notes: This is the first WSOP bracelet for Yuval Bronshtein. His first final table came in 2007 and he now has 53 WSOP cashes and 10 WSOP final tables. Chabra dominated much of the play and knocked out all but one player at the final table before the heads-up Chabra started heads-up with a 2-1 chip lead and had Bronshtein all-in for his tournament life but couldn't finish him Former November Niner Jerry Wong also made the final table Quote: "It feels amazing. It’s exactly what I thought it would be like. I’m not surprised I’ve always felt I could win one of these tournaments. Glad to finally wrap one up, I’m definitely really happy about it. This has been a really big goal of mine since I started playing poker. It’s been my number one goal.” WSOP 2019 Event #13 Final Table Results 1.  Yuval Bronshtein $96,278 2.  Ajay Chabra $59,491 3.  Jerry Wong $39,986 4.  Steven Tabb $27,477 5.  Michael Sortino $19,313 6.  Bjorn Geissert $13,892 7.  Craig Chait $10,232 8.  Frank Kassela $7,722 9.  Jameson Painter $5,974 Event #12 - $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em Super Turbo Bounty Entrants: 2,452 Prize Pool: $1,471,200 Winner: Daniel Park ($226,243) Runner-Up: Erik Cajelais ($139,731) Notes: This is the first WSOP bracelet for Daniel Park. Born in South Korea he moved to the US at the age of 9 and is a naturalized US citizen. At one point Park was down to just a single 100k chip after posting his blind Past WSOP bracelet winner Cajelais actually had the chip lead before falling in 2nd Oklahoman Jennifer Dennis finished 3rd Quote: "I can't believe it right now. It's so unreal. I wasn't thinking about playing the Main Event but this is going to force me to play it. I've always wanted to play the Main Event. I always used to watch it on TV ... I never thought I would actually be able to play it." WSOP 2019 Event #12 Final Table Results 1.  Daniel Park $226,243 2. Erik Cajelais $139,731 3.  Jennifer Dennis $102,010 4.  Emil Tiller $75,149 5.  Marcelo Giordano Mendes $55,869 6.  John Yelaney $41,920 7.  Travis Sargent $31,748 8.  Lian Liu $24,271 9.  Ferit Bulutoglu $18,731 More notable cashes: 15. James Obst ($11,483) Event #11 - $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em Entrants: 400 Prize Pool: $1,860,000 Winner: Daniel Strelitz ($442,385) Runner-Up: Shannon Shorr ($273,416) Notes: This is the first WSOP bracelet for Daniel Strelitz. He’s come close to winning a bracelet before, though, as he was runner-up in an event in 2016 and had a third in 2014. He also went deep in the 2012 Main Event. Well known poker pros Maria Ho and Shannon Shorr also made the final table Shorr was the major chip leader heading into final table but couldn't close it out. It was his second career runner-up finish and 73rd WSOP cash Ali Imsirovic finished 4th; it was his second final table of 2019 WSOP. Quote: "I'm feeling pretty good, I finally got it off my back. I came close a few times so it was kinda disappointing but it wasn't like I was desperate for one. It wasn't a void in my life or anything. It's just a massive relief, I'm super happy. All my friends have bracelets and they have been needling me about the bracelet winners event this year. And now they're saying that they have a ride to the event cause I'm the car. So, they don't get to needle me anymore." WSOP 2019 Event #11 Final Table Results 1.  Daniel Strelitz $442,385 2.  Shannon Shorr $273,416 3.  Ognjen Sekularac $186,050 4.  Ali Imsirovic $129,018 5.  Maria Ho $91,211 6.  Arsenii Karmatckii $65,764 7.  Maria Mcalpin $48,377 8.  Pauli Ayras $36,323 9.  Michael O'Grady $27,848 Event #10 - $1,500 Dealer's Choice Entrants: 470 Prize Pool: $634,500 Winner: Scott Clements ($144,957) Runner-Up: Tim McDermott ($89,567) Notes: This is the third bracelet for Scott Clements but it comes a full 12 years after he won his last bracelet in 2007. Clements is a a 37-year-old poker pro from Mount Vernon, Washington Clements plays as "BigRissky" online and has won several notable online events Naoya Kihara, a former bracelet winner and PokerListings Most Inspiring Player in 2012, finished 4th Quote: “I think in all my other pictures I didn't smile, but this one I'm definitely smiling, because I got back. If I'd have got second in this, it would have been pretty rough, because I've gotten a lot of seconds and I did not want to get another second.” When asked how this bracelet win compared to his first two, he said, “It's probably number one, because it's been 12 years. I was pretty cocky back then, when I won the first two right off. Plus, I've got three kids, so I can give them all a bracelet.” WSOP 2019 Event #10 Final Table Results 1.  Scott Clements $144,957 2.  Tim McDermott $89,567 3.  Mike Ross $58,718 4.  Naoya Kihara $39,377 5.  Wes Self $27,027 6.  Benny Glaser $18,996 Event #9 - $600 No-Limit Hold'em Deepstack Entrants: 6,150 Prize Pool: $3,228,750 Winner: Jeremy Pekarek ($398,281) Runner-Up: Dan Kuntzman ($245,881) Notes: This is the first bracelet for Jeremy Pekarek. His win tripled his lifetime earnings. Pekarek has been trying to win a bracelet for 7 years Pekarek defeated Kuntzman in just two hands heads-up On Day 2 Pekarek says he was on just 10 big blinds for 6 hours Quote: "It's been an up-and-down journey. This was always the goal. Whenever I started playing poker I was like, I wanna win a bracelet and here I am. I just feel like this is a culmination of the past five years of just me learning more about myself. Self-awareness is everything in this game. There was a lot of lessons I had to learn when I came out here. And I wasn't really ready for it. I learned a lot of hard lessons and I felt like I was ready." WSOP 2019 Event #9 Final Table Results 1.  Jeremy Pekarek $398,281 2.  Dan Kuntzman $245,881 3.  Juan Magana $182,173 4.  Benjamin Underwood $135,959 5.  Noomis Jones $102,216 6.  Tan Nguyen $77,418 7.  Paul Jain $59,075 8.  John Skrovan $45,418 9.  David Elet $35,183 Event #8 - $10,000 Short Deck No-Limit Hold'em Entrants: 114 Prize Pool: $1,071,600 Winner: Alex Epstein ($296,277) Runner-Up: Thai Ha ($183,081) Notes: This is the first bracelet (and first-ever WSOP cash) for Alex Epstein. It was also the first-ever $10,000 Short Deck Hold'em event at the WSOP. Epstein knocked out all of the other players in final four Chip leader coming into the final table, Chance Kornuth, finished 4th Epstein is a 28-year-old commercial real estate broker who is normally a PLO cash-game player Quote: "Walking to the Rio today, I was thinking that I just wanted to enjoy the experience. I knew that the other good players at the final table were shorter stacks so I had a very good chance if things broke my way. I ran so far below [expected value] in PLO this summer, that I decided to play an event with even higher variance than that thinking that I was just due." WSOP 2019 Event #8 Final Table Results 1.  Alexander Epstein $296,227 2.  Thai Ha $183,081 3.  Yan Shing Tsang $130,482 4.  Chance Kornuth $93,593 5.  Rene Van Krevelen $67,566 6.  Yong Wang $49,095 7.  Andrew Robl $35,907 8.  Jiaxiu Liu $35,907 9.  Galen Hall $26,435 More notable cashes: 11. Justin Bonomo ($19,591) 12. Alex Foxen ($19,591) 15. Kane Kalas ($14,615) 17. Bill Perkins ($14,615) Event #7 - $400 Online No-Limit Hold'em Entrants: 1,965 Prize Pool: $1,017,000 Winner: Yong Keun "LuckySpewy1" Kwon ($165,263) Runner-Up: Gabor "MeatisMurder" Szabo ($99,361) Notes: This is the first of 9 online bracelet events for the 2019 WSOP. This is Kwon's first WSOP bracelet Poker legend Phil Hellmuth finished 5th Total time for tournament was 11 hours, 57 minutes Shannon Shorr finished in 12th place for $10,170 - his 2nd deep run of 2019 WSOP Register and play the next online bracelet event on June 9 right here: Qualify & Play 2019 WSOP Right Now! WSOP 2019 Event #7 Final Table Results 1.  Yong Keun "LuckySpewy1" Kwon $165,263 2.  Gabor "MeatisMurder" Szabo $99,361 3.  Scott "merrick" Eskenazi $73,021 4.  Frederic "LeakStain" Roetker $18,758 5.  Phil "lumestackin" Hellmuth $39,460 6.  Phillip "DjPhiLWiLL" Raetz $29,493 7.  Dan "MeatJustice" O'Brien $22,374 8.  Steve "FlatcallSPC" Cicak $17,086 9.  Samuel "Roopert" Uhlmann $13,199 Event #6 - $2,500 Limit Mixed Triple Draw Entrants: 296 Prize Pool: $666,000 Winner: Dan Zack ($160,447) Runner-Up: Sumir Mathur ($99,153) Notes: This is Zack's first WSOP bracelet but he has made several WSOP final tables before. Zack was below average in chips for the whole tournament until the final table Plays short-handed triple draw and badugi online Had 80% of chips when play was 3-handed Plans to make a run at WSOP POY Quote: "This whole tournament, I was not above average until I literally came to the final table with seven left. It has been 'yeah, I'm in dead last'. Just over and over again. This is a relief. I was starting to question if I was doing something terrible at every final table that I made." WSOP 2019 Event #6 Final Table Results 1.  Daniel Zack $160,447 2.  Sumir Mathur $99,153 3.  Brayden Gazlay $65,217 4.  Jon Turner $43,984 5.  Jesse Hampton $30,437 6.  Jake Schwartz $21,625 7.  David Gee $15,787 8.  Mike Gorodinsky $15,787 9.  Mark Gregorich $11,850 Event #5 - $50,000 No-Limit Hold'em Anniversary High Roller Entrants: 110 Prize Pool: $5,280,000 Winner: Ben Heath ($1,484,085) Runner-Up: Andrew Lichtenberger ($917,232) Notes: This is Heath's first WSOP bracelet although he has years of experience playing high rollers live and online Every player except Heath at final table was previous WSOP bracelet winner Good friend and poker cohort of Charlie "Epiphany77" Carrel Heath won a controversial hand and knocked out Dimitry Yurasov when Sam Soverel mucked out of turn accidentally when Heath threw in a time bank chip Runner-up Lichtenberger, known as 'LuckyChewy,' wrote the book Yoga of Poker Quote: "It feels a lot better than I thought it would. When I was younger, I was shy and didn't really want to win the bracelet. I would have rather just taken second place. But now that it has happened, it feels great!" WSOP 2019 Event #5 Final Table Results 1.  Benjamin Heath $1,484,085 2.  Andrew Lichtenberger $917,232 3.  Sam Soverel $640,924 4.  Dmitry Yurasov $458,138 5.  Nick Petrangelo $335,181 6.  Chance Kornuth $251,128 7.  Elio Fox $192,794 8.  Cary Katz $151,755 9.  David Einhorn $122,551 Event #4 - $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo Entrants: 842 Prize Pool: $1,136,700 Winner: Derek McMaster ($228,228) Runner-Up: Jason Berilgen ($141,007) Notes: McMaster is from Minnesota and was surrounded by fellow Minnesotan poker players in town for the WSOP for his winner photo This is McMaster's first WSOP bracelet and 2nd WSOP cash McMaster mostly plays mixed games and plays Omaha 8 3-4 times a week Poker pros Ben Yu, Shannon Shorr and Patrick Leonard also made final table Quote: “It was very surreal to me. I’ve just been on cloud nine since last night, all week. I was happy to be here and I enjoyed playing with these guys. I try to just have fun when I’m playing. If I’m not having fun I’m usually not doing very well. The more fun I have, it seems like stuff goes my way.” WSOP 2019 Event #4 Final Table Results 1.  Derek McMaster $228,228 2.  Jason Berilgen $141,007 3.  John Esposito $98,807 4.  David Halpern $70,231 5.  Joe Aronesty $50,646 6.  Tom McCormick $37,063 7.  Ben Yu $27,530 8.  Shannon Shorr $20,760 9.  Patrick Leonard $15,897 More Notable Cashes: 17. Mike Matusow ($7,846) 28. Jeff Madsen ($5,316) Event #3 - Big 50 - $500 No-Limit Hold'em Entrants: 28,371 Prize Pool: $13,509,435 Winner: Femi Fashakin ($1,147,499) Runner-Up: Paul Cullen ($709,183) Notes: This was the largest live poker tournament ever held and played out over 4 days. This is Fashakin's first WSOP bracelet. Fashakin had just $60,000 in career cashes before his huge, life-changing win Runner-up Cullen, a Canadian living in Vegas, had only one previous WSOP cash - in the 2015 Colossus, the biggest-ever live poker tournament before this event surpassed it The total prize pool was $13,509,435 - largest ever for a $500 tournament 4,258 players made the money Quote: "Overwhelmed, it's really amazing, super excited. I can't even describe it but I'm also grateful and it's a humbling experience. It's my third cash at the WSOP here in Vegas and I think it's been okay so far! I didn't really plan a celebration because I wasn't sure. But I had a feeling! Today I sprinted in the hallway of the hotel and I thought: when I get to the end of the door, I'm going to stop there and visualize the bracelet. I did that sprint and I saw it…" WSOP 2019 Event #3 Final Table Results 1.  Femi Fashakin $1,147,449 2.  Paul Cullen $709,183 3.  Rafi Elharar $534,574 4.  Nicholas Chow $405,132 5.  Walter Atwood $308,701 6.  Danny Ghobrial $237,609 7.  Adrian Curry $182,192 8.  Morten Christensen $141,126 9.  David Rasmussen $109,922 Event #2 - $10,000 Super Turbo Bounty Entrants: 204 Prize Pool: $1,917,600 Winner: Brian Green ($345,669) Runner-Up: Ali Imsirovic ($213,644) Notes: The first official bracelet of the 2019 WSOP went to Brian Green, an American poker pro now living in Vegas.  This is Green's first WSOP bracelet A poker player since 1984, Green has $3m in career earnings $3k bounties also paid for busting another player Quote: "It kind of gets the monkey off my back. Now I can play poker without having that on my mind," Green said after the win. "I tend to do well when I play pro-heavy fields... I know most of the guys who play $10Ks are pretty good players. In a turbo, though, there's a lot of flipping too, not a lot of post-flop poker. Still, a win's a win, it's hard to win a poker tournament." WSOP 2019 Event #2 Final Table Results 1.  Brian Green $345,669 2.  Ali Imsirovic $213,644 3.  Asher Conniff $145,097 4.  Loren Klein $100,775 5.  Ping Liu $71,614 6.  Daniel Negreanu $52,099 7.  Martijn Gerrits $38,823 8.  Zach Clark $29,650 9.  Cary Katz $23,224 More Notable Cashes: 10. Anatoly Filatov ($18,667) 11. Darren Elias ($18,667) 13. Ben Lamb ($15,408) 14. Ben Yu ($15,408) 15. Benjamin Pollack ($15,408) 16. Nick Schulman ($13,070) 19. Byron Kaverman ($11,402) 21. David Benyamine ($11,402) 22. Dan Shak ($11,402) 25. Erik Seidel ($11,402) Event #1 - $500 Casino Employees Entrants: 686 Prize Pool: $298,410 Winner: Nicholas Haynes ($62,248) Runner-Up: Isaan Hanson ($38,447) Notes: Haynes is a Michigan born, Florida raised poker dealer who has worked at Aria in Las Vegas for the last 1.5 years. This is Haynes's first WSOP bracelet This is the second year in a row an Aria dealer won the Casino Employees bracelet Runner-up Hanson is also a poker dealer Quote: "I'm thankful for my job and the players [at Aria]. There's a lot of incredible players. I watch them and just pick up little bits here and there. Over time, you just become better, you sharpen your edges. I feel like they were very instrumental in my play today. That's why I'm thankful for my job and the players there." WSOP 2019 Event #1 Final Table Results 1.  Nicholas Haynes $62,248 2.  Isaac Hanson $38,447 3.  Jorge Ruiz $26,642 4.  Jesse Kertland $18,758 5.  Adam Lamers $13,421 6.  Jeffrey Fast $9,761 7.  Christopher Bowen $7,219 8.  Joseph Appler $5,430 9.  Travis Williams $4,155 Visit

Play for a WSOP Bracelet Online Every Week from June 2
Online events have been a part of the World Series of Poker for just 5 years.In those five years a total of nine online WSOP bracelets have been awarded along with $10,002,326 in prize money. If the 2019 schedule is a harbinger of what's in store, though, they're about to become an even more significant part of the WSOP's future. In 2019 alone another nine online WSOP bracelet events will be played with buy-ins from just $400 up to a $3,200 High Roller. Even better: one event will run per week to give players a consistent schedule of when events will play. All events will also start at the same time of day, 3:30 pm. It's clear: WSOP online bracelet events are here to stay. And with non-stop satellites to both online and live WSOP events there's no better opportunity for players to take a shot at WSOP gold than on Qualify and Play 2019 WSOP Right Now! Sunday Online Bracelet Events Start June 2 One of the points of emphasis for the WSOP this year has been not only to expand the online event offerings but also add a consistent schedule for players so they can plan accordingly. So for the first time in 2019 the WSOP will play a weekly online event starting Sunday, June 2. Buy-ins will be between $400 and $1,000 with tournament variations including: No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed PLO No-Limit Hold'em Knockout Bounty Double Stack No-Limit Hold'em No-Limit Hold'em Championship No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed No-Limit Hold'em Summer Saver Alongside the weekly Sunday events are two extra Wednesday events on June 19 and July 2. These are: June 19 - $500 Turbo Deepstack July 3 - $3,200 High Roller They will both start at 3:30 pm as well meaning all 2019 WSOP online bracelet events start at the same time. Check the full 2019 WSOP online event schedule below: If you want to play in any of those events all you need to do is be located in Nevada (or New Jersey, although that decision may still be pending) and sign-up register. To do so and get our online poker sign-up bonus just click through to our review or use the "Get Bonus" button to the right: NV Non-Stop Satellites for Live, Online WSOP Events As mentioned, not only can you play for outright WSOP gold on NV you can also qualify for over a dozen live events via online satellites. Qualify for WSOP 2019 Now! Regular Bonus: 100% / $500 Exclusive Bonus 100% Up To $600 Get Bonus In its history has awarded 2,968 seats into WSOP events including 321 Main Event seats. 2019 WSOP satellites are ongoing as we speak and only intensify as the Series begins starting today. Here's a taste of the satellites in play: Big 50 Mega Satellite 50-Seat Guaranteed Mega Satellite to WSOP Event #3: The $500 Big 50. Satellite runs May 30 at 5pm for $33 Monster Stack Satellites WSOP Monster Stack satellites run at 5:30pm PST June 15-21 for $10 buy-in Big 50 Satellites $10 and up satellites May 1-June 1 at 5:30pm PST for a seat to WSOP Event #3: The Big 50 with $5m guaranteed prize pool Main Event Satellites Win a $10k Main Seat for as low as $215 with Main Event satellites weekly in June. Times and prices vary Colossus Satellites $10 and up satellites run June 20-26 at 5:30pm PST Crazy Eights Satellites $888 Crazy Eights satellites run June 23-29 at 5:30pm PST for $10 and up Millionaire Maker Satellites $10 and up Millionaire Maker Satellites run at 5:30pm PST May 31-June 7. Each satellite guarantees at least one seat Double Stack Satellites $10 and up satellites run June 8-14 at 5:30pm PST for a seat in $1,000 WSOP Event #34: The Double Stack Seniors Satellites $10 and up satellites June 6-12 at 5:30pm PST for seat in $1,000 WSOP Event #32: Seniors event. Must be 50+ to play Ladies Satellites $10 and up Ladies Championship satellites run June 14-19 at 5:30pm PST Little One Satellites Play poker for a worthy cause with the $1,111 Little One for One Drop Event. $10 satellites run daily July 1-7 at 5:30pm PST The Closer Satellites Win a $1,500 entry into WSOP Event #84: The Closer with satellites July 7-13 at 5:30pm PST for just $10 Check the full WSOP 2019 Schedule here for more information on the live events. 25-Seat Main Event Scramble on June 30 Before the kick-off of the 2019 WSOP Main Event there will be a massive 25-seat scramble on with a buy-in of just $215. Re-entries are unlimited and action will begin at 4 pm PST Qualify for 2019 WSOP Right Now! How to Play on NV To play in either official WSOP events or satellites on, players must be: 21 years of age Physically inside the borders of an eligible state (Nevada, New Jersey TBD) You do not have to be a resident of the state to register but all game play must be done inside state borders. Also note: Pot-Limit Omaha events aren't available on WSOP app Tournament tickets can't be used for re-entry Tournament tickets can't be used for Knockout bounty tournaments Players have 30 seconds to re-enter re-entry events is also of course home to cash games for players of all levels alongside the official WSOP events and satellites. Check the lobby for real time updates on cash game tables and stakes available.Visit

Official WSOP 2019 Schedule | WSOP 2019 Events
As the World Series of Poker turns 50 this year the WSOP organizing committee has gone the extra mile - and then some - to make the 2019 WSOP schedule a memorable one.A dazzling array of 90 (!) events are on the official WSOP schedule with the entire festival kicking off on May 29. From the moment the "Shuffle Up and Deal" is announced in the traditional opener, the $500 Casino Employees Event, until a new World Series of Poker Main Event champion is crowned on July 16, it'll be a flurry of action all day, every day at the Rio in Las Vegas. Jump directly to the full 2019 WSOP schedule here: Official 2019 WSOP Schedule See ongoing WSOP 2019 Results here: WSOP 2019 Results Among the new and exciting events on the docket to celebrate 50 years of WSOP history: Historic $500 buy-in “The Big 50” No-Limit Hold'em event with $5 million Guaranteed $50,000 buy-in Anniversary Special Tournament $1,000 Mini Main Event $1,500 Bracelet Winners-Only Event $500 Salute to Warriors Charity Event (to benefit members of Police, Fire and Armed Forces) $600 Deepstack Championship Event $400 WSOP Colossus (lowest buy-in ever) $10,000 Short Deck Holdem Event Additionally there will be a full 20 Championship events with $10,000 buy-ins and nine official online bracelet events - an all-time record. Popular returning events for the 2019 WSOP alongside the iconic $10,000 Main Event include: $1,500 Millionaire Maker $1,000 Seniors Championship $1,000 Super Seniors Championship $1,000 Ladies Championship $1,500 Monster Stack $1,000 Tag Team Championship The $2,620 Marathon The Colossus (buy-in now $400 from $565) $888 888poker Crazy Eights $1,111 Little One for One Drop $1,500 The Closer ($1m Guaranteed) $50,000 Poker Players Championship To further enhance the experience for WSOP players old and new the WSOP has also added: One-Day Super Turbo Events Bigger starting stacks in most events Big Blind Ante for Main Event It will almost assuredly be the biggest World Series of Poker in history in terms of attendance, countries represented and bracelets awarded - and that's not even adding in the 2019 WSOP Europe scheduled for the fall in Rozvadov, Czech Republic. Qualify and Play 2019 WSOP Right Now! More on a few of the 2019 WSOP highlight events: $500 “The Big 50” No-Limit Hold’em with $5m Guaranteed Getting the 2019 WSOP off to a rollicking start on the opening weekend is the new “Big 50.” It’ll run over 4 days (May 30-June 2) with: $500 buy-in 50,000 chips to start 50-minute levels $5 million guaranteed prize pool $1m guaranteed for the winner One flight will run each day starting early (11 am, 10 am) and go 12 levels. Important to note: The first entry for each player is entirely rake-free (!) and all $500 goes into the prize pool. Re-entries will pay the usual fees. “We’re excited to commence our golden event,” said WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart. “We expect our opening weekend Big 50 event to be one of the largest in our history, and certainly one of the best value tournaments ever offered. This is part of our concerted plans to make the 2019 WSOP a better value all-around.” $50,000 Anniversary High Roller How better to celebrate the WSOP’s 50th than with a tournament that celebrates just how far tournament poker has evolved since 1970? The $50,000 buy-in Anniversary event is open to all players and is scheduled to run over four days. Starting stacks will be 300,000 and levels will be one hour. Registration will be open until the end of Day 2. Update: An extra $50,000 buy-in event has been added to the schedule (Event #90). It'll play on July 8 over 3 days with unlimited re-entries and a shot clock. $1,000 Mini Main Event Low-stakes poker players have been clamouring for this for years and the 50th WSOP is finally delivering.  The $1,000 Mini Main Event runs July 1 and July 2 and mimics the set-up and structure of the iconic Main Event to give those of us with smaller budgets a chance to experience the thrill of the ME. The Mini Main Event has the same blind structure as its parent event but will have 30-minute levels (instead of the usual 120 mins). Starting stacks are a dazzling 60,000 so players will really have room to play. Qualify for WSOP Now Regular Bonus: 100% / $500 Exclusive Bonus 100% Up To $600 Get Bonus 9 Online Bracelet Events This is by far a record for most online events and a real sign of the present and future WSOP. The exact number of online events (and whether you will be able to play them via the shared player pool liquidity agreement between Nevada and New Jersey) may still be altered but for now they are listed on the schedule. Online bracelet events start June 2 with the $400 1-day Online No-Limit Hold’em event. More events will follow every week with buy-ins from $500-$1,000. The Online High Roller will cap things off on July 3 with a $3,200 buy-in. Check the full WSOP schedule below for details (and be prepared for changes). Read more about the 2019 WSOP Online Bracelet Events and Satellites here: 2019 WSOP Online Bracelet Events and Satellites $1,500 Bracelet Winners-Only Event Won a WSOP gold bracelet before? This one is for you. Only previous WSOP bracelet winners are eligible to enter this 4-day, $1,500 buy-in event scheduled to start July 10 (Day 5 of Main Event). Starting stacks are $50k and play will wind down to a “Champion of Champions” with no re-entries allowed. Just how many potential runners are there, you might wonder? Well, between the 1,078 past bracelet winners to the 60+ who will have new bracelets on their wrists this summer you’re looking at about 1,140 or so. Just how many will take a shot at it? We’ll find out July 10. $500 Salute to Warriors Charity Event Want to pay tribute to the men and women who serve in the US Armed Forces? You can via this new charity event introduced for the 2019 WSOP.  The event is open to ALL participants (not just military members) and will run three days, ending on July 4. All proceeds from this event, according to the WSOP, will be donated to the USO and other veteran organizations. $600 Deepstack Championship Event The $600 Deepstack may be the showpiece event but the WSOP has actually added six new low buy-in Deepstack events that will run throughout the series. Each has a buy-in between $600 and $800 and will be either No-Limit Hold’em or Pot-Limit Omaha. The Deepstack Championship on June 25 will have a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool and guarantee the winner a 2019 WSOP Main Event seat. Starting stacks are 30,000 and play will run for 3 days. $400 The Colossus The Colossus has proven to be one of the most successful innovations the WSOP has ever put forward with up to 22,000+ players in the event from year-to-year. This is the 5th edition of the Colossus and this year the buy-in has dropped even further to just $400 from the usual $565. That makes it the lowest buy-in WSOP bracelet event. Starting flights will take over the Rio on June 26/27. Starting stacks are 40,000 and levels will be 40 minutes. The winner of the 2019 WSOP Colossus will again take home $1m. $10,000 Short Deck Holdem Event Short Deck (or 6+) Hold’em has grabbed the attention of a lot of poker players lately thanks to its inflated hand values and intense action. It started as a fixation of just a few high-rollers in the Asian poker scene but has since spread widely and can be played online at PokerStars and William Hill Poker, among others. The WSOP has jumped on the trend now too and catered to the high rollers with a new $10,000 Short Deck Hold’em event The $10k Short Deck Championship will play out over 4 days starting June 2. One re-entry will be permitted. For a full rundown on the Rules of Short Deck Holdem and the official Short Deck Hold’em Hand Rankings, check our page here: Short Deck Holdem Rules & Hand Rankings Qualify and Play 2019 WSOP Right Now! Official WSOP 2019 Schedule Event #1 - Wed 05/29 11:00 AM $500 Casino Employees EventOnly for casino employees  $500  NLH  3 days  12%  1   Event #2 - Wed 05/29 12:00 PM $10,000 Super Turbo Bounty$3,000 bounty per player  $10,000  NLH  2 days  6%  0   Event #3 - Thu 05/30 11:00 AM $500 BIG 50First entry is rake-free. $65 rake is taken for every re-entry. $5 million guaranteed prize pool and $1 million guaranteed to winner. 1 re-entry per flight.30.05. 11:00 - Flight a31.05. 11:00 - Flight b01.06. 10:00 - Flight c02.06. 10:00 - Flight d  $500  NLH  4 days  N/A  7   Event #4 - Thu 05/30 03:00 PM $1,500 Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better  $1,500  O/8  4 days  10%  0   Event #5 - Fri 05/31 03:00 PM $50,000 50th Annual High RollerPlayed with shot clock.  $50,000  NLH  4 days  4%  1   Event #6 - Sat 06/01 03:00 PM $2,500 Limit Mixed Triple DrawVariants: Limit Triple Draw A-5, Limit Triple Draw 2-7, Badugi  $2,500  Mixed  3 days  10%  1   Event #7 - Sun 06/02 03:30 PM $400 ONLINE No-Limit Hold'em  $400  NLH  1 day  N/A  3   Event #8 - Sun 06/02 06:00 PM $10,000 Short Deck No-Limit Hold'emPlayed with shot clock.Played with a short deck (cards 2-5 removed).  $10,000  NLH  4 days  6%  1   Event #9 - Mon 06/03 11:00 AM $600 No-Limit Hold'em Deepstack$500,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool  $600  NLH  2 days  13%  1   Event #10 - Mon 06/03 03:00 PM $1,500 Dealers ChoiceVariants: No-Limit Hold’em; Limit Hold’em; Razz; Seven Card Stud; Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better; Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo Regular; Pot-Limit Hold’em; Pot-Limit Omaha; Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better; Pot-Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw; Big O; Limit Omaha High; Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better; Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw; Ace to 5 Lowball Triple Draw; Badugi; Badeucy; Badacy; No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw; No-Limit 5-Card Draw High  $1,500  Mixed  3 days  10%  1   Event #11 - Mon 06/03 06:00 PM $5,000 No-Limit Hold'emFreeze-Out  $5,000  NLH  4 days  7%  0   Event #12 - Tue 06/04 11:00 AM $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em Super Turbo BountyPlayers will receive $300 from the prize pool for every player they eliminate.  $1,000  NLH  1 day  10%  0   Event #13 - Tue 06/04 03:00 PM $1,500 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw  $1,500  Lowball  3 days  10%  1   Event #14 - Wed 06/05 11:00 AM $1,500 HORSEVariants: Limit Hold'em, Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better, Razz, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Hi-Lo 8 or Better  $1,500  HORSE  4 days  10%  0   Event #15 - Wed 06/05 03:00 PM $10,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'emHeads-Up. No Re-Entry, 512 players max.  $10,000  NLH  4 days  6%  0   Event #16 - Wed 06/05 04:00 PM $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em 6-HandedFreeze-Out  $1,500  NLH  3 days  10%  0   Event #17 - Thu 06/06 11:00 AM $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em ShootoutNo Re-Entries, 2,000 players max.  $1,500  NLH  3 days  10%  0   Event #18 - Thu 06/06 03:00 PM $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or BetterFreeze-Out  $10,000  O/8  4 days  6%  0   Event #19 - Fri 06/07 10:00 AM $1,500 Millionaire Maker - No-Limit Hold'em$1,000,000 guaranteed to winner.1 Re-Entry per flight.07.06. 10:00 - Flight a08.06. 10:00 - Flight b  $1,500  NLH  5 days  10%  3   Event #20 - Fri 06/07 03:00 PM $1,500 Seven-Card StudFreeze-Out  $1,500  Stud  4 days  10%  0   Event #21 - Sat 06/08 03:00 PM $10,000 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw  $10,000  Lowball  4 days  6%  1   Event #22 - Sun 06/09 11:00 AM $1,000 Double Stack No-Limit Hold'emStart with 40k instead of 20k chips.  $1,000  NLH  2 days  10%  1   Event #23 - Sun 06/09 03:00 PM $1,500 Eight Game MixVariants: Limit Hold'em, Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better, Seven Card Stud, Razz, Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better, No-Limit Hold'em, Pot-Limit Omaha, Limit 2-7 Lowball, Triple Draw  $1,500  8-Game  3 days  10%  1   Event #24 - Sun 06/09 03:30 PM $600 ONLINE Pot-Limit Omaha 6-Handed  $600  PLO  1 day  N/A  unl.   Event #25 - Mon 06/10 11:00 AM $600 Pot-Limit Omaha DeepstackStart with 30k chips.  $600  PLO  2 days  13%  unl.   Event #26 - Mon 06/10 12:00 PM $2,620 No-Limit Hold'em MarathonFreeze-Out, 100 minute levels  $2,620  NLH  6 days  10%  0   Event #27 - Mon 06/10 03:00 PM $1,500 Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo 8 or Better  $1,500  Stud-8  4 days  10%  0   Event #28 - Tue 06/11 11:00 AM $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em  $1,000  NLH  3 days  10%  1   Event #29 - Tue 06/11 03:00 PM $10,000 HORSEVariants: Limit Hold'em, Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better, Razz, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Hi-Lo 8 or Better  $10,000  HORSE  4 days  6%  0   Event #30 - Wed 06/12 11:00 AM $1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha  $1,000  PLO  3 days  10%  1   Event #31 - Wed 06/12 03:00 PM $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-HandedFreeze-Out  $3,000  NLH  4 days  10%  0   Event #32 - Thu 06/13 10:00 AM $1,000 Seniors No-Limit Hold'emMust be 50+ to participate.  $1,000  NLH  4 days  10%  1   Event #33 - Thu 06/13 03:00 PM $1,500 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple DrawVariant: 2-7 Triple Draw  $1,500  Triple Draw  3 days  10%  1   Event #34 - Fri 06/14 10:00 AM $1,000 Double Stack No-Limit Hold'em1 Re-Entry per flight. Start with 40k instead of 20k chips.14.06. 10:00 - Flight a15.06. 10:00 - Flight b  $1,000  NLH  5 days  10%  3   Event #35 - Fri 06/14 03:00 PM $10,000 Dealers Choice 6-HandedVariants: No-Limit Hold’em; Limit Hold’em; Razz; Seven Card Stud; Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better; Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo Regular; Pot-Limit Hold’em; Pot-Limit Omaha; Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better; Pot-Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw; Big O; Limit Omaha High; Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better; Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw; Ace to 5 Lowball Triple Draw; Badugi; Badeucy; Badacy; No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw; No-Limit 5-Card Draw High  $10,000  Mixed  4 days  6%  0   Event #36 - Sat 06/15 03:00 PM $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em ShootoutNo Re-Entries, 2,000 players max.  $3,000  NLH  3 days  10%  0   Event #37 - Sun 06/16 11:00 AM $800 No-Limit Hold'em Deepstack$750,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool  $800  NLH  3 days  11%  1   Event #38 - Sun 06/16 03:30 PM $600 ONLINE No-Limit Hold'em Knockout Bounty  $600  NLH  1 day  N/A  0   Event #39 - Mon 06/17 10:00 AM $1,000 Super Seniors No-Limit Hold'emMust be 60+ to participate.  $1,000  NLH  3 days  10%  1   Event #40 - Mon 06/17 12:00 PM $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha  $1,500  PLO  3 days  10%  1   Event #41 - Mon 06/17 03:00 PM $10,000 Seven Card Stud  $10,000  Stud  4 days  6%  0   Event #42 - Tue 06/18 11:00 AM $600 Mixed No-Limit Hold'em / Pot-Limit Omaha Deepstack 8-Handed$500,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool  $600  NLH / PLO  2 days  10%  1   Event #43 - Tue 06/18 03:00 PM $2,500 Mixed Big BetVariants: NLH, PLO, 2-7 NL, NL 5 Card Draw, Big O, PLO Hi-Low, 2-7 Pot-Limit Triple Draw  $2,500  Mixed  3 days  10%  1   Event #44 - Wed 06/19 11:00 AM $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em BountyEvery player is a $500 bounty.  $1,500  NLH  3 days  10%  0   Event #45 - Wed 06/19 03:00 PM $25,000 Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller  $25,000  PLO  4 days  5%  1   Event #46 - Wed 06/19 03:30 PM $500 ONLINE No-Limit Hold'em Turbo Deepstack  $500  NLH  1 day  N/A  3   Event #47 - Thu 06/20 11:00 AM $10,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold'emDiscount for Ladies: $1,000 buy-in.  $10,000  NLH  4 days  10%  1   Event #48 - Thu 06/20 12:00 PM $2,500 No-Limit Hold'emFreeze-Out  $2,500  NLH  4 days  10%  0   Event #49 - Thu 06/20 03:00 PM $10,000 Limit 2-7 Lowball Triple DrawVariant: 2-7 Triple Draw  $10,000  Triple Draw  4 days  6%  0   Event #50 - Fri 06/21 10:00 AM $1,500 Monster Stack - No-Limit Hold'emFreeze-Out, 50k stack21.06. 10:00 - Flight a22.06. 10:00 - Flight b  $1,500  NLH  5 days  10%  0   Event #51 - Fri 06/21 03:00 PM $2,500 Mixed Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better, Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo 8 or BetterVariants: Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better, Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo 8 or Better  $2,500  Mixed  3 days  10%  0   Event #52 - Sat 06/22 03:00 PM $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed  $10,000  PLO  4 days  6%  0   Event #53 - Sun 06/23 12:00 PM $800 No-Limit Hold'em Deepstack 8-Handed$750,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool.  $800  NLH  2 days  11%  1   Event #54 - Sun 06/23 03:00 PM $1,500 Razz  $1,500  Razz  4 days  10%  0   Event #55 - Sun 06/23 03:30 PM $1,000 ONLINE No-Limit Hold'em Double Stack  $1,000  NLH  1 day  N/A  3   Event #56 - Mon 06/24 11:00 AM $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Super Turbo BountyEvery Player is a $500 bounty.  $1,500  NLH  1 day  10%  0   Event #57 - Mon 06/24 02:00 PM $1,000 Tag Team No-Limit Hold'emPlayed with teams of 2-4 people.  $1,000  NLH  4 days  10%  0   Event #58 - Mon 06/24 03:00 PM $50,000 Poker Players ChampionshipVariants: Limit Hold'em, Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better, Seven Card Stud, Razz, Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better, No-Limit Hold'em, Pot-Limit Omaha, Limit 2-7 Lowball, Triple Draw  $50,000  8-Game  5 days  4%  0   Event #59 - Tue 06/25 11:00 AM $600 No-Limit Hold'em DEEPSTACK CHAMPIONSHIP$500,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool, MAIN EVENT seat added for the winner.  $600  NLH  3 days  13%  1   Event #60 - Tue 06/25 03:00 PM $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better  $1,500  PLO-8  3 days  10%  1   Event #61 - Wed 06/26 10:00 AM $400 COLOSSUS1 Re-Entry per flight.26.06. 10:00 - Flight a27.06. 10:00 - Flight b  $400  NLH  3 days  15%  3   Event #62 - Wed 06/26 03:00 PM $10,000 Razz  $10,000  Razz  4 days  6%  0   Event #63 - Thu 06/27 03:00 PM $1,500 Omaha MixVariants: Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better, Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better, 5 Card PLO Hi-Lo 8 or Better  $1,500  Mixed  4 days  10%  1   Event #64 - Fri 06/28 10:00 AM $888 Crazy Eights No-Limit Hold'em$888,888 guaranteed to winner.28.06. 10:00 - Flight a28.06. 17:00 - Flight b29.06. 10:00 - Flight c30.06. 10:00 - Flight d  $888  NLH  4 days  10%  unl.   Event #65 - Fri 06/28 03:00 PM $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better  $10,000  PLO-8  4 days  6%  0   Event #66 - Sat 06/29 03:00 PM $1,500 Limit Hold'em  $1,500  FLH  3 days  10%  0   Event #67 - Sun 06/30 03:00 PM $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better  $10,000  Stud-8  4 days  6%  0   Event #68 - Sun 06/30 03:30 PM $1,000 ONLINE No-Limit Hold'em Championship  $1,000  NLH  1 day  N/A  3   Event #69 - Mon 07/01 11:00 AM $1,000 Mini Main EventFreeze-Out. Same structure as the Main Event, but with 30 minute levels.  $1,000  NLH  2 days  10%  0   Event #70 - Mon 07/01 03:00 PM $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-HandedFreeze-Out.  $5,000  NLH  4 days  7%  0   Event #71 - Tue 07/02 11:00 AM $500 SALUTE TO WARRIORS - No-Limit Hold'emProceeds to be donated to the USO and other Veteran Organizations. Final table to be held July 5th to avoid July 4th holiday.$40 of each entry will be donated to the United Service Organizations and other veteran organizations.  $500  NLH  3 days  16%  1   Event #72 - Tue 07/02 03:00 PM $10,000 Limit Hold'em Championship  $10,000  FLH  3 days  6%  0   Event #73 - Wed 07/03 12:00 PM $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship50th No-Limit Hold’em Championship (Televised on ESPN and PokerGo).03.07. 12:00 - Flight a04.07. 12:00 - Flight b05.07. 12:00 - Flight c  $10,000  NLH  10 days  6%  0   Event #74 - Wed 07/03 03:30 PM $3,200 ONLINE No-Limit Hold'em High Roller  $3,200  NLH  1 day  N/A  3   Event #75 - Sat 07/06 12:00 PM $1,111 Little One for One DropStarting Chips: 20,000. $111 donation = additional 20,000 starting chips. Donation goes to www.OneDrop.org06.07. 12:00 - Flight a07.07. 12:00 - Flight b08.07. 11:00 - Flight c  $1,111  NLH  4 days  19%  unl.   Event #76 - Sun 07/07 03:30 PM $800 ONLINE No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed  $800  NLH  1 day  N/A  3   Event #77 - Mon 07/08 03:00 PM $3,000 Limit Hold'em 6-Handed  $3,000  FLH  4 days  10%  0   Event #78 - Tue 07/09 11:00 AM $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha BountyEvery player is a $500 Bounty.  $1,500  PLO  3 days  10%  1   Event #79 - Tue 07/09 03:00 PM $3,000 No-Limit Hold'emFreeze-Out.  $3,000  NLH  4 days  10%  0   Event #80 - Wed 07/10 11:00 AM $1,500 Mixed No-Limit Hold'em Pot-Limit Omaha  $1,500  NLH/PLO  3 days  10%  1   Event #81 - Wed 07/10 03:00 PM $1,500 50th Annual Bracelet Winners Only No-Limit Hold'emOpen to all past bracelet winners. The event is rake free.  $1,500  NLH  4 days  0%  0   Event #82 - Thu 07/11 11:00 AM $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Double StackStart with 40k instead of 20k chips.  $1,500  NLH  2 days  10%  unl.   Event #83 - Thu 07/11 03:00 PM $100,000 No-Limit Hold'em High Roller  $100,000  NLH  3 days  3%  1   Event #84 - Fri 07/12 11:00 AM $1,500 The Closer - No-Limit Hold'em12.07. 11:00 - Flight a13.07. 11:00 - Flight b14.07. 11:00 - Flight c  $1,500  NLH  2 days  10%  unl.   Event #85 - Fri 07/12 03:00 PM $3,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 6-Handed  $3,000  PLO  4 days  10%  1   Event #86 - Sat 07/13 03:00 PM $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-HandedFreeze-Out  $10,000  NLH  4 days  6%  0   Event #87 - Sun 07/14 03:00 PM $3,000 HORSEVariants: Limit Hold'em, Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better, Razz, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Hi-Lo 8 or Better  $3,000  HORSE  3 days  10%  0   Event #88 - Sun 07/14 03:30 PM $500 ONLINE No-Limit Hold'em Summer Saver  $500  NLH  1 day  N/A  3   Event #89 - Mon 07/15 12:00 PM $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em  $5,000  NLH  2 days  7%  1   Key   Buyin   Variant   Duration   Rake in percent (including donations)   # of possible re-entries Visit

How Playing Poker Re-Wires Your Brain for the Better
Imagine if your child came home one day and said 'I'm quitting school to play poker."What would you say? The "self-help book" parents would hug them, wish them all the best and swallow the vomit. The rest would kick them out and tell them not to come back until they've learned that the only successful people in the world are surgeons, concert pianists, and coke dealers. It’s a card game, man. It’s not real life. You can't make a living playing poker. But what is happening to that brain of yours when you play this game so many times you see aces, kings and queens in your sleep? Are you getting smarter? Is your brain chemistry being permanently altered? I don’t know. I’m not a doctor. But Stephen Simpson is. Out of Africa & Into Poker The last thing on Dr. Stephen Simpson's mind when elbow deep in blood, providing medical care in war-torn Angola and Nigeria, was the game of poker. But that's where he ended up after a neck injury forced a change of career. In a bid to escape the office Simpson started working with the renowned British hypnotist, Paul McKenna, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) Godfather, Richard Bandler. Story checks out for Moorman. Then by complete accident he began working in the poker industry after Liv Boeree reached out for some help with her mental game. Boeree then recommended Simpson to Chris Moorman.  The pair began working together and, within a month, Moorman won the World Poker Tour (WPT) LA Poker Classic. I know. It was pure luck, right? Nothing to do with Dr Simpson at all. "At the time I met Stephen and agreed to work with him," said 888Poker Ambassador and the best online MTT player on the planet, Chris Moorman, "I was in such a bad place mentally that I was probably -EV in a tournament such as the LAPC Main Event. "It wasn't that I'd forgotten how to play great poker as such but more that the minute anything went wrong or I'd make a small mistake in a tournament I was unable to recover mentally and regroup.  "Obviously in a six-day tournament there is no possible way you can play mistake-free poker so it was essential to be able to reset my mindset throughout. "Live poker is a different beast to online in that you have so much time to think while playing and previously I was finding myself unable to clear my thoughts from previous hands.  "Stephen gave me the tools to do this and was able to get me in the 'zone' so much more often than I could previously. He gave me the tools to get out of my head so that I could 100% focus on playing my A game thus maximizing my chances of doing well in the tournament." Since those heady days Simpson has worked with several top pros, including PokerStars Team Pro Igor Kurganov, and his experiences have been crunched down into his first book on the subject: Poker Genius: The Mind Secret of Champions. So let us have it, Dr. Simpson. Are poker players getting smarter each time they sit down to play a game of poker? Can the parents of poker-crazed teenagers take a chill pill? Related Reading: What We Talk About When We Talk About Poker Find Soft Games at Tiger Gaming Poker with a $1,000 Bonus Poker, Myelin and Neuroplasticity "When we perform any activity consistently new neural pathways are created," says Dr. Simpson.  "The nerve fibres are surrounded by a myelin sheath. This protects and nourishes the nerve cell.  "The more often impulses are transmitted through this network, the thicker the myelin sheath becomes. "This is called myelination. A good analogy is a copper wire. "The thicker it is the faster it will conduct electricity, and so it is with a myelin sheath." So the more we play poker, the more myelin we create. But what good does that do? “When we spend a lot of time using a small number of neural pathways," Simpson says, "brain cells have the ability to transform from performing one function to another. Dr. Stephen Simpson. "Extra brain cells are recruited to these pathways from other functional areas.” Ok, so the brain is not fixed from birth. It can change dependent on our knowledge and understanding of information and experiences. And we call this process neuroplasticity. So how do poker players benefit from this? I asked Dr Simpson to describe some of the skills and expertise he sees in his clients on a regular basis. "The poker players who come to see me work very hard at their game," said Dr Simpson. "They are very highly committed and I worry sometimes they may devote so much time to poker that they risk not having much time left over for the other areas of their life. "They also have high levels of focus and concentration, and this is tested to the limit during the long hours of competition play. Also, by necessity, they have learned to deal with serial failure and the dreaded tilt. As you know, they have only a 15% chance of making any money in a live event. "The very best players have learned how to control their emotions. They avoid the big emotional swings from elation to despair that can occur during a single hand. "The ideal mindset would be emotion-neutral which is probably impossible. However, the closer you can reach this state of mind the more able you will be to access your mental and physical resources when required. “They also develop their intuition skills to a high-level. Intuition by definition is intangible. The harder you work to try and find it the more elusive it becomes." Related Reading: Poker Lessons from the Stoics: On No Control & Saying No Get $88 Free to Play at 888poker Right Here "I Use EV and GTO in Everything I Do" So how do these skills then translate into everyday life? I reached out to two exceptional talents to gauge opinion. No better way than poker, says Phil. “Poker has helped improve my overall decision making substantially," says RunItOnce founder, Phil Galfond, "which impacts nearly every aspect of my life. "Learning to look at average outcomes (EV) and to avoid results-oriented thinking should be prerequisites for adulthood. While you can learn these concepts without playing a hand of poker, I believe that no other method is as effective.” A bold statement. Can anyone back that up? "I try to use EV and GTO in everything I do," says former PocketFives World #1 and partypoker Ambassador, Patrick Leonard.  "For example, if I've been to London for the day and I can take a train or taxi home, and the taxi is 3x more expensive, the normal muggle would think the train was +EV. "But in reality the taxi, where I can write an article/catch up on emails/watch a training video, to me is clearly the GTO option. People in the world completely undervalue their time." Related Reading: Expected Value (EV) in Poker, Explained Chanracy Khun Boundary is Narrow But is there a downside to all of this poker? Dr. Simpson noted that "I worry sometimes they may devote so much time to poker."  World Poker Tour (WPT) Champions Club member, Chanracy Khun, illustrates Dr Simpson's point. "There is a downside to playing so much poker," says Khun. "I think most of the online guys who multi-table a lot develop some kind of ADD that we didn't have before playing, making it hard to focus on a single task without getting bored. "Most of my peers and I have a hard time focusing on a single/redundant task, like staying focused in a live tournament, without checking our phone; getting organized with our time, being able not to lose stuff, etc." I asked Dr Simpson what he thought of Khun's comments: "If we are deeply committed to a single activity which we enjoy it can become obsessive or even compulsive," he says. "When this activity carries a reward this reinforces the behaviour, so creating a vicious circle. "So playing on multiple tables increases the number of pleasurable reinforcing hits, therefore strengthening the compulsion. Playing on one table at a time will consequently never be as stimulating as multi-tabling for the obsessive player. “The boundary between compulsion and addiction is a narrow one and all players should be aware of the risks. Once poker becomes an addictive behaviour it makes little difference whether it is rewarding or not. "The behaviour will still continue in the face of mounting losses and the serious personal consequences that can result.” Related Reading: 5 Pro Secrets for Successful Multi-Tabling Find the Best Poker Games Online Right Here Reach Out to Others “The best way to accelerate the rate of growth in any area of life is to reach out to others." So, what I am learning here is there are some tremendous benefits from playing poker as the more we play, the more myelin is produced around our nerve cells. This is a good thing because it allows our learning to accelerate until we eventually master it.  The myelination process created by poker also quickens our responsiveness and skills sets in all the ways that Dr Simpson finds in his clients, and in ‘everyday life' as Phil Galfond and Patrick Leonard demonstrates. But we need to be careful because there is a fine line between the necessity of mastery and the fall into addiction and compulsive behaviour as recognized by Khun and his peers. So, if you are a recreational poker player reading this, what should you take away from it? I give the final word to Dr Simpson.  “The best way to accelerate the rate of growth in any area of life is to reach out to others. This is why elite performers have coaches, and why coaches themselves also have coaches. It takes so much longer to learn from your own mistakes.” If you want to increase your myelin, find a wing and climb under it. If you are going to pack it all in to travel the world playing poker, make sure you have a cracking coach. Like Phil Galfond, Patrick Leonard or Dr. Stephen Simpson. Related Reading: How to Trick Your Brain (and Body) Into Playing Better Poker Click here to buy a copy of Dr Stephen Simpson’s new book Poker GeniusVisit

2018 Battle of Malta Goes Stratospheric; New Highs to Come
A €2 million Main Event prize pool? 4,000+ entries? More record-setting side events with their own guarantees?The Battle of Malta poker festival, now owned by the Eden Group and Casino Malta, reached stratospheric heights in 2018 but, according to the team already planning next year's festivities, that was just a taste of what's to come next. “The Eden Arena at the InterContinental Conference Centre is a spectacular venue for a poker tournament," said Event Coordinator Telly Bartolo, "and we’re just delighted that it was so full of players throughout the festival. "Plans are already underway to ensure that registration at next year’s Battle of Malta will be a lot easier. We also plan to have more tables, more rooms – and more side events.” Biggest BoM Ever ... By Far The Battle of Malta had set plenty of records over the years but nothing quite like in 2018. Amis 4 life. Moving into the expanded Eden Arena space at the InterContinental Hotel and tapping into Casino Malta's extensive casino partner network, poker players and satellite winners poured into the BoM like never before. By the time the final numbers were tallied on Day 1D 3,816 entrants were registered in the BoM Main Event - almost twice the previous record of 2,074. That shattered the €1m guarantee and set the prize pool at €1,850,760. It was ultimately shared by 570 players and saw 5 players take home over €100,000 after a deal was made. For a €550 buy-in, that's an extraordinary return on investment. France's Julien Stropoli (who lives in Malta) was the winner and took home €168,500 but runner-up Maxime Canevet topped him with €192,000. 2018 Battle of Malta Main Event Final Table Results 1. Julien Stropoli €168,500* (€300,000)2. Maxime Canevet €192,000*3. Erik Ostergaard €139,500*4. Mantas Urbonas €121,500*5. Abdallah Fakhreddine €108,500*6. Andy Hills €53,0007. Gustav Vadenbring €41,0008. Mateusz Moolhuizen €30,0009. Jerry Mangum €23,000 * denotes 5-handed deal Including the Main Event and the side events the 2018 Battle of Malta festival saw 13,000 tournament entries overall - a dazzling turnout and easily a record for biggest poker festival held on Malta. The first-ever BoM Ladies Event, the 888 Crazy Eights and the PLO Double Chance were a few of the new favorites alongside the Siege of Malta Second Chance event and the BoM High Roller. Needless to say, the tournament venue was packed day-after-day throughout the six-day festival and made this year’s Battle of Malta a spectacular success. Nobody bigger than PA. Big Names, Big Plans for 2019 Battle of Malta Over 55 nationalities were represented in the BoM Main Event and among them were some of the game's biggest names and faces. Some were here for their first time; some were repeat visitors who were drawn back to the amazing value and great spirit of Battles of Malta past. A short list of some of our most famous attendees in 2018: Patrik Antonius Boris Becker Ana Marquez Fabrice Soulier Fernando Pons Sofia Lövgren Espen Uhlen Jorstad Anthony Gardner John Arne Riise Past BoM champions back for more included Nicolas Proust and Nadav Lipszyc, alongside the entirety of the 2017 Battle of Malta Main Event final table. With its enchanting history and spectacular setting, Malta is a place that can win your heart and if you make a few thousand (or a hundred thousand) euro along the way, you tend to come back. Who will be back for 2019? Well, that list is still tbd but the dedicated staff of Casino Malta are already deep in the planning stages of a bigger and better BoM for 2019. Registration will be smoother, amenities and side events will be expanded and the prize pool, you can expect, will balloon again.  Is a €2 million prize pool and 4,000 entries out of the question? Far from it. In fact, it may even be the new floor for what has become one of Europe's must-play poker events. “We’d like to thank absolutely everyone who contributed to making Battle of Malta 2018 such an outstanding success," said Event Director Diane Fenech. "All the players, their friends and families, the tournament, casino and hotel staff, our many sponsors and all the media. "The numbers were simply staggering this year." Catch up on last year's excitement over on our Battle of Malta coverage page and keep your eyes peeled for live and online satellites coming soon to Casino Malta partners in the New Year See you at Battle of Malta 2019 - you won't want to miss it! Visit

From 3,816 to 1! Julien Stropoli Wins 2018 Battle of Malta ME!
We have a winner!The 2018 Battle of Malta Main Event completed its quest to narrow 3,816 entries to just 1 and that sole survivor is France's Julien Stropoli! A former Magic: The Gathering player and ascending poker pro Stropoli started the final table second-to-last in chips but showed no panic in working his way up the pay ladder. After pocketing €118,500 in a 5-way deal Stropoli calmly continued his climb up the leaderboard until he found himself with the chip lead 3-handed. After bouncing Erik Ostergaard in third Stropoli had an overwhelming chip lead going into heads-up and fought off a small charge from runner-up Maxime Canevet to finish things off. When all was done Stropoli earns €168,500 with the extra $50k to the winner plus the dazzling Battle of Malta Main Event trophy.  Canevet, meanwhile, walks away with the biggest share of the prize pool at €192,000. All together the final nine split up almost €900,000! The final payout table: 1. Julien Stropoli €168,500 2. Maxime Canevet €192,000 3. Erik Ostergaard €139,500 4. Mantas Urbonas €121,500 5. Abdallah Fakhreddine €108,500 6. Andy Hills €53,000 7. Gustav Vadenbring €41,000 8. Mateusz Moolhuizen €30,000 9. Jerry Mangum €23,000 "It feels totally amazing to win this," Stropoli said just after his win, "because I was one of the shortest stacks at the start of the final table. At that point I was just hoping to make a few pay jumps – I didn’t expect to win. "The turning point was my pocket sevens against Mateusz Moolhuizen’s AQ when I hit a 7 on the flop. That took me to third in chips and I knew then I had a shot. By the time we got to three-handed, I really wanted that trophy!" Check our Battle of Malta Live Coverage page for a full rundown of the final-table action. Check the full 2018 Battle of Malta Results & Payouts here. Look for a replay of the final table live stream up on Twitch. And watch our daily recap video below: What a Ride! What a rush the Battle of Malta has been! Moving over to the Casino Malta and InterContinental Hotel for the first time the BoM greatly expanded its reach and offerings and the results were overwhelming. An amazing 55 nationalities were represented here in the full Main Event field and 8 different nationalities on the final table. The mass of attendees caused its small difficulties but, as Casino Malta Marketing Director Telly Bartolo said, it's a good sign that so many people already wanted to be here. Full results and payouts from the Main Event and all side events will be posted on the main Battle of Malta page as soon as they are available.  We hope you had a grand time, and see you at an even bigger and better Battle of Malta 2019! --- Battle of Malta Glory at Hand! 9 Finalists Eye €300k Tomorrow And just like that the 2018 Battle of Malta Main Event is down to 9 players! Paring 3,816 down to the final table has been no small feat over the past 5 days with long days of intense action, huge hands and painful busts sending the bulk of the field to the rail. The final battler to be sent to the rail today on Day 3? Brit Andrew John Hedley, who just missed claiming the final spot at the final table at the hands of Frenchman Maxime Cavenet - a not-unfamiliar destiny for many players today. Cavenet put on a show all day today to rack up the biggest stack heading into the play down tomorrow. He bagged up a dazzling 25,925,000 that makes him the decided chip leader to start the day. In second is Grosvenor Poker Ambassador Andy Hills, with 17,250,000 and in third is Lithuanian Mantas Urbonas, winner of the UCOP Main Event earlier this year, with 15,900,000. Dutchman Mateusz Moolhuizen and Dane Jens Ostergaard are also in the final nine. Here are the full counts: Canevet Maxime 25,925,000 Hills Andrew 17,250,000 Urbonas Mantas 15,900,000 Abdalah Fakhreddine 9,700,000 Moolhuizen Mateusz 8,625,000 Ostergaard Erik 5,400,000 Vadenbring Gustav 5,075,000 Stropoli Julien 4,600,000 Mangum Jerry 2,950,000 As you can tell diversity reigns at BoM as we have representatives from France, Lithuania, Finland (by way of Holland), Malta (by way of Sweden), the UK, Denmark, Lebanon and even the US. Check our full Battle of Malta Live Coverage page for a rundown of all the action of the day. Watch the daily recap video below: Full Live Stream Final Table! To catch all of tomorrow's action in thrilling, cards-up glory, tune in to the Battle of Malta Facebook page at 2pm local time. We'll have 5 cameras covering the action, revolving commentators and cards-up display on a 30-minute delay. A total of almost €900,000 will be paid out to players tomorrow and a full 1/3 of that will go to the winner (barring a deal). It'll be a show not to miss! --- Let's Get Paid! Battle of Malta ME Down to 60, €300k Up Top! Another exhilarating day of poker has wrapped at the 2018 Battle of Malta and just 60 proud poker players remain. Awaiting them tomorrow? The final 9 seats at the BoM final table where one player will walk away with €300,000. You read that right. The winner of a €550 buy-in tourney will pocket €300,000. Ain't that grand? The 2018 Battle of Malta winner will receive the biggest payout ever in a tournament of this buy-in level in Europe. Urbonas Leads, Lövgren & Pavlova In the Hunt With a huge surge at the end of the day Mantas Urbonas, who started the day with just 117,000 in chips, has soared into the chip lead and will take nearly 7,090,000 in chips into Day 3 tomorrow. Other notables still in the field include the final 2 ladies in the field, Sofia Lövgren (1.27m) and Ina Pavlova (1.29m). 888poker pro Lövgren has been a BoM regular for years but this is by far her deepest run. Pavlova made a deep run two years ago and finished 73rd. Another BoM returnee, Flavio Cammasuli (2.36m), will join them on Day 3. He finished 6th in the 2016 Battle of Malta Main Event and now has a top 10 chip stack heading into tomorrow. Hills is smiling. Brit Andy Hills (5.26m) is another notable stack heading into Day 3 with an eclectic and diverse bunch surrounding him. Here are the Top 10 in chips: 1. Urbonas Mantas 7,090,0002. Hills Andrew Christopher (UK) 5,260,0003. Guimond Florin Nico (France) 5,195,0004. Yosifov Borislav (Bulgaria) 3,980,0005. Hoyesveen Daniel Andre (Norway) 3,760,0006. Di Mauro Giuseppe (Italy) 3,165,0007. Biton Nave (Israel)2,945,0008. Wozniak Mr Michal (Poland) 2,400,0009. Cammisuli Flaviano (Italy) 2,360,00010. Maimon Amir 2,255,000 Full counts can be found below. Action resumes tomorrow at 1 pm local time and will continue until the final 9 is set. Check the live updates for the action or watch the live stream (on 30-minute delay) on the Battle of Malta Facebook page.  Watch the full recap video for the day below: Full Chip Counts after Day 2 Urbonas Mantas - 7,090,000 Hills Andrew Christopher 5,260,000 Guimond Florin Nico 5,195,000 Yosifov Borislav 3,980,000 Hoyesveen Daniel Andre 3,760,000 Di Mauro Giuseppe 3,165,000 Biton Nave 2,945,000 Wozniak Mr Michal 2,400,000 Cammisuli Flaviano 2,360,000 Maimon Amir - 2,255,000 Sallaberry Pierre 2,220,000 Mirabile Antonio 2,200,000 Neukirch Jonas 2,195,000 Carmi Eran Dov 2,165,000 Mangum Jerome Steven - 1,950,000 Hedley Andrew John 1,845,000 Di Romualdo Tziano 1,800,000 D'alterio Luigi 1,745,000 Iacopetta Enrico 1,640,000 Denino Gill 1,635,000 Sagians Daniel 1,600,000 Corral Juan Pablo Navarro 1,565,000 Stropoli Julien 1,555,000 Benshoham Avihai Hai 1,460,000 Sereicikas Justas 1,330,000 Vasileva Pavlova Tsvetelina - 1,295,000 Lovgren Sofia Linnea Matilda 1,275,000 Benta Sebastian - 1,195,000 Pinho Henrique Oliveira De Sousa 1,145,000 Abdalah 2 Fakhreddine 1,140,000 Formica Salvatore 1,130,000 Sanchez Alejandro 1,130,000 Canevet Maxime Thien-Duc - 1,040,000 Musumarra Andrea - 1,010,000 Moolhuizen Mateusz 990,000 Hazan Mordechai Marko 985,000 Vadenbring Nils Gustav 975,000 Glushcenko Nikolaso 960,000 Mjagkov Andrei 950,000 Jakubcik1 Ondrej 945,000 Ascone Agostino 885,000 Ostergaard Jens Erik Thorsten 835,000 Bonifico Liberato 815,000 Martinez Pedro Jose Arribas 790,000 Gruszczynski Sebastian Adam 785,000 Lindholm Samuel - 750,000 Kyriazi Grigoris 720,000 Fernandez Crespillo Juan Maniel - 710,000 Bergamo Alessio 705,000 Katz Darron Charle 665,000 Nezirevic Mirza - 645,000 Bonnardot Benjamin Raymond 640,000 Gravagna 1 Fausto 640,000 Inerud Jan Christopher 585,000 Della Ventura Sergio Domenico 505,000 Pagliaro Gianluca - 485,000 Kettunen Miikka Juhani 480,000 Banks Gary Hillson 395,000 Teva Elad 390,000 Spitale Guiseppe 330,000 --- BoM Gets Blitzed! 3,816 Entries, €1.85m Prize Pool Smash Records We had a feeling the 2018 Battle of Malta was going to be big. But this big? 3,816 Entries and €1.85m prize pool big? That was a little unexpected. But it happened, and as Days 1c and 1d showed us again today there's an almost bottomless lust for mid-stakes poker on this island in November. And who knows just how big the Battle of Malta might eventually become. Mayhem From the Get Go With 1,000 players registered before the doors even opened things got hectic out in the registration lines but eventually players got seated and in the action. Sofia's still in the hunt. By the time late registration closed in Level 10 we'd seen 1,548 entries for Day 1c - yet another one-day BoM record. To put things into context, Day 1C was by itself bigger than the first four BoMs. Add in the 412 entries in the turbo Day 1D flight and the 1,960 entries total for today was just under last year's total of 2,074. Add all the Day 1s together and we find ourselves with 3,816 entries and a prize pool of €1,850,760 - virtually unprecedented numbers for a €550 buy-in. By our estimation it's the third-biggest poker tournament ever in Europe, but that's unofficial. Regardless; a lot of people came through the doors of the Eden Arena today including plenty of notable names such as Patrik Antonius, Ana Marquez, Fabrice Soulier, Linni Meister, Sofia Lövgren, Salvatore Bonavena, Sebastian Pauli and more. By the time the bubbles burst to end the day just 232 from Day 1c and 62 from Day 1D remained. Flavio Cammisuli emerged as the chip leader heading into Day 2 with 808,000 but plenty of players are stacked close behind. Full chip counts can be found below.  572 players will return tomorrow at 1 pm to resume the battle and position themselves for a run at the big money. Just how big? €300,000 will go the winner! Join us then for more amazing action. --- BoM Goes Wild! Prize Pool Soars with Gargantuan Day 1B Every year since its inception the Battle of Malta has set a new record for biggest poker tournament held on Malta. This year it’s already leaving those past records in the dust – and it’s only in the second day. Kicking off yesterday for the first time in the spectacular Eden Arena in the Hotel InterContinental, the 2018 Battle of Malta drew 451 players on Day 1A – a record for the first day of play. Today the number of entrants surpassed 1,400 – 1,404 to be exact - a record for biggest ever single day at the BoM. That means a couple of things: With 1,855 entries this is already the second biggest Battle of Malta ever The Main Event has almost already topped its €1m guarantee And we’ve still got two more starting flights to come. With Day 1c tomorrow set to be the biggest day of them all, it’s a given the 2018 Battle of Malta Main Event will smash all records. This year’s winner should walk away with nearly €250,000 which, for a €550 buy-in is, well, astounding. Jalulins Leads Cavalcade of Nations The Battle of Malta has become a truly international affair and a “must-play” for poker players the world over. As we saw in the gargantuan field today players from dozens of nations have converged on Malta this week. Players from as far away as the United States, Canada, China and Australia were in the field alongside dozens of nationalities from across Europe. Emerging from that giant field with the Day 1B chip lead is Nikolajs Jalulins of the Netherlands with 683,000 chips. Here’s the rest of the top 10: 1. Nikolajs Jalulins 683,000 2. Anders Jonsson 629,000 3. Anders Hagen 574,000 4. Avihai Benshoham 564,000 5. Joseph Portelli 514,000 6. Hendrik Koops 513,000 7. Andrew Hills 510,000 8. Johan Goslings 490,000 9. Giuseppe Spitale 459,000 10. Jerome Mangum 454,000 Full chip counts are available on our BoM Live Coverage page. Check the recap video from today below: A look at some of the nationalities represented today alone: Israel Italy Sweden Norway Malta United Kingdom Spain France Estonia Poland Finland Germany Lithuania Cyprus Portugal Switzerland Denmark Greece Netherlands Spain Austria France Russia China Boris Becker Among A-Listers for Pink October Charity Event With a field that big and a reputation so strong (Battle of Malta won Best Low Buy-in Tournament at the 2015 European Poker Awards), it’s no surprise major talent both within and outside of poker have been drawn to the island. While past years have seen dozens of top flight poker pros hit the tables 2018 has taken things to the next level with Finnish high-stakes poker legend Patrik Antonius here to play alongside German tennis icon Boris Becker. The tennis Hall of Famer, who became the youngest ever Wimbledon champion at 17, played the Pink October Charity tournament tonight and nearly won it, finishing runner-up to Paul Jux-Holderness. Holderness won the first seat for the 2019 BoM Main Event while €20,000 was raised for charity. Antonius jumped into the SnG alongside Becker when the first player busted but will again hit the tables in the BoM main event tomorrow. Things Get Even Wilder Tomorrow ! As mentioned tomorrow's Day 1C will be as crazy as we've ever seen here at BoM with up to 1,500 players expected. A turbo Day 1D is also on tap to pump the prize pool up even more. Is a 3,500-entry field out of the question? We wouldn't count it out. Also still to come in the 6-day festival are 7 more side tournaments (including a Ladies Event), 2 player parties, ongoing cash game tables running alongside all the action in the Casino Malta and more impromptu social gatherings and bad beat stories than you can keep count of. To follow along with the daily live stream, hand updates from the tables and more, check out until Tuesday, Oct 30 when the 2018 Battle of Malta champion will be crowned! --- Picture Perfect! 2018 Battle of Malta Begins in Style We expected big things for the start of the 2018 Battle of Malta, and we were not disappointed. Moving to the spacious InterContinental Hotel and Casino Malta for the first-time this year, the Eden Arena was decked out in its Sunday best to greet the players on Day 1a today. Not only was there plenty of elbow room (and registration points) for everyone to breathe easy, the room was awash in red and blue balloons. They weren't there just to help set the festive mood - they were actually used to highlight the table numbers! And that was only the beginning. Laura Cornelius, Live Stream Ease BoM Into Action New host Laura Cornelius was on hand to kick off the shuffle up and deal and when the chips settled into play we found some familiar faces around the tables. Ana Marquez is here! Sofia Lovgren, Ana Marquez, Espen Uhlen Jorstad, and two-time final-tablist Jonas Hähnert were all here. So were former Premier League footballer Anthony Gardner, WSOP November Niner Fernando Pons and Austrian chess wiz Ivo Donev. Did we mention former Battle of Malta Main Event champion Nicolas Proust? By the end of the day 451 entries had made it into the prize pool to make it the biggest Day 1A since the BoM moved to more than two Day 1 flights in 2015. For reference, last year's Day 1a had 320 entries. Play ran through 16 levels and ended the night in the money with 68 players left. Those players have all been paid out €500 but they can also choose to forfeit their stack and come back again tomorrow. Any difference in prize money will be paid out when we starting busting people on Day 2. Koops There It Is! The chip leader for Day 1A is Alexander Koops with 497,000. Here are the top 10 counts: Live coverage continues every day on and the live stream runs everyday on the Battle of Malta Facebook page. Check in on our Italian language updates right here. Watch our recap video for the Day and enjoy some pictures below! Visit

A Quick Player's Guide to the 2018 Battle of Malta
Never been to the Battle of Malta?Or maybe you've visited past editions of the Battle of Malta and want to know what's new and how things will be organized this year? Don't sweat it. We've got your back with a quick run-through below of all the new additions, logistical changes and things to look forward to for the 2018 Battle of Malta poker festival. Have a question we haven't answered? Leave us a note in the comments and we'll find the answer for you (or direct you to someone who can answer it for you)! Battle of Malta FAQ Where is the Battle of Malta Being Played This Year? If you missed our big news from earlier this year, PokerListings sold the rights to the Battle of Malta to the Eden Leisure Group, who own the 5-Star InterContinental Hotel and Casino Malta. The 2018 Battle of Malta will take place inside the massive 3000m2 Eden Arena conference area inside the hotel. How Many Tables Can the BoM Arena Hold? An astounding 140! How Far Away is Casino Malta from the Old BoM Location? Casino Malta is less than a 5-minute walk away from the old BoM location and still in the St Julian's area, Malta's premier spot for restaurants and nightlife. How Much is the Battle of Malta Main Event Guarantee? For the first time ever the Battle of Malta Main Event (still with €550 buy-in) has a €1 million guarantee. How Many Events Will Be Played? Including the Main Event the 2018 Battle of Malta will host 9 different tournaments. See the full schedule of events here. Where Do I Register for Battle of Malta Events? Registration for the 2018 Battle of Malta main event and all side events will be at multiple registration points in the Eden Arena. Where Can I Collect My Pre-Registration Ticket? If you already have a pre-registration ticket you can jump in any “fast lane” registration point at the Eden Arena. Can I Still Buy Into the BoM Online? Yes, you can buy in online via or through which offers special room+buy-in packages and several great discounts. You can buy just a seat in the Main Event or packages for 1 or 2 players including hotel.  How Do I Book a Hotel Room? You can book Club Room and Junior suites via or standard rooms through At you'll find all of the full room+buy-in packages which come at discounted prices when bought together. Can I Still Qualify Online or Live for the Battle of Malta? Online qualifiers for the BoM Main Event are still ongoing at a few online partners including the MPN network and 888poker. Check in the tournament lobbies for the latest satellites or on our online qualifier page here. 55+5 (and cheaper) live satellites will be running at Casino Malta all next week. Check the lineup here and stay tuned to the Battle of Malta Facebook page for more updates. Who Will Host the 2018 Battle of Malta? This year's host for the 2018 Battle of Malta is Laura Cornelius, a well known poker TV presenter who has worked for, the Global Poker League, Sky Poker and more. Cornelius will be kicking off the BoM festivities every day and joining the BoM parties. Cornelius is the fourth host in the history of the Battle of Malta following Kara Scott, Maria Ho and Gaëlle Garcia Diaz. Will Patrik Antonius Really Be There? Really! He will be. And he's just as handsome in person as he is on TV! Will Boris Becker Really Be There? He will be! Specifically you can find him at the Pink October Malta high roller charity tournament to raise funds on October 26 but you'll likely see him in the Main Event and around the cash tables (maybe) too. How About Ana Marquez and Sofia Lövgren? They'll be there too! Is There a Battle of Malta Live Stream? Yes! The 2018 Battle of Malta will have six full days of live stream coverage starting from Day 1a. For the first 5 days the live stream will be a single-camera feature table on a 30-minute delay with cards-up display. The 2018 Battle of Malta Main Event final table will have 5 cameras, full commentary and rotating guests! You can watch the 2018 Battle of Malta Live Stream at: Battle of Malta Facebook page PokerListings Live Stream Page The live stream will also be embedded on several external poker sites. Text and photo live updates will be posted every day on, (in Italian) and Join the live Twitter conversation with the hashtag #battleofmalta in your own social media posts. Can I Wear Sponsor Patches or Logos if I'm on the Live Stream Feature Table? Yes, you can wear any logos, any size. Where Can I Collect My Payout? From any registration point at the Eden Arena. Please ensure you bring photo ID. Does the Battle of Malta Have a Dress Code? No, you may wear anything you like including trainers, jeans, shorts, sandals, vests etc What is the Battle of Malta Main Event Structure? See the Main Event and Side Event structures and payouts right here. What is the Battle of Malta Re-Entry Policy? This year’s Main Event will offer unlimited re-entries for the first time ever. How Many Day 1 Flights Are There? For the first-time ever the Battle of Malta main event will have 4 Day 1 flights. Days 1A, 1B and 1C will be normal flights while Day 1D will be a Turbo flight starting at 9pm on Saturday evening. Will the Battle of Malta Main Event Have Big Blind Ante? Yes! The 2018 Battle of Malta main event will have a Big Blind Ante for the first time. The ante comes into play in Level 2. The player in the big blind will post antes for the whole table to speed up the game and avoid any confusion over who has put in their ante or not. Prepare for serious dough How Many Dealers will the 2018 BoM Have? Led by Tournament Director Rodolfo Zirio there will be more than 100 dealers working at the 2018 BoM along with 10 floor staff. Will There Be Cash Games Running During the Tournament? Yes, a wide variety of cash games will be available 24/7 at Casino Malta where there are over 30 poker tables available. Limits start at €1/€3. Will There Be Parties? Of course there will be parties! The 2018 Battle of Malta will host 3 parties over the tournament weekend: Thursday, October 25: Aperol Spritz Battle of Malta Welcome Party (Free Aperol Spritz drinks from 8pm onwards in the Casino Malta bar) Saturday, October 27: Battle of Malta Bowling Competition at Eden SuperBowl (Bowling Competition for 4 seats in 2019 BoM Main Event) Sunday, October 28: Battle of Malta Players Party at private Paranga Beach on St. Julian's Bay Will There Be Trophies? Yes! Our signature BoM trophies will again be awarded with a new design and style for 2018. Where Can I Charge My Phone? Mobile phone charging hotspots will be placed around the tournament area for players to use as they like. What About Table Service? Every tournament table at the Battle of Malta will have its own wireless call button for players to request food, drinks & massages.Visit

John Cynn Wins 2018 WSOP Main Event for $8.8 Million!
When you once outlast over 6,700 players and finish 11th in the $10,000 WSOP Main Event, you might think you've used up all of your poker run good once and for all.Not John Cynn. He was just taking out a small withdrawal. The 33-year-old Indianapolis native astounded the poker world last night in Las Vegas by winning the 2018 WSOP Main Event Championship for $8.8 million - just two years after his 11th-place finish in 2016. It was a remarkable run by Cynn over the course of 10 days and capped off by a 10-hour, 199-hand heads-up marathon against runner up Tony Miles. Miles earned $5m for his runner-up finish. "Literally Something That You Dream Of" "Feels very different," Cynn told shortly after his win. "I mean really neither is supposed to happen. "To make 11th is insane on its own, and to win, that's literally something that you dream of but you just never expect to happen. Right now I do feel pretty overwhelmed." "I do like to think that I don't need the money to be happy, but at the same time it's practically going to make things a lot easier. Tony Miles & John Cynn (Photo: Joe Giron, WSOP) "Things I want to do in life, things for my family, and my parents. To my parents this is money that they could have never imagined. It'll definitely be life-changing." Outside of Cynn's two WSOP Main Event finishes (worth $9.45 million in total) he has about $300,000 in career live tournament earnings. 2009 Champ Cada Finishes 5th The top 6 finishers in this year's Main Event were all from the United States and each earned at least $1.8 million. Players from Australia, the Ukraine and France rounded out the final table of nine. The final table in total took 442 hands. Amazingly 2009 WSOP Main Event Champion Joe Cada also made the final table and finished 5th for another $2.15m payday. Cada also won his third career WSOP gold bracelet early in the series making 2018 another banner year at the WSOP for the Michigan native. Chip leader after Day 8, Michael Dyer, ended up third. 2018 WSOP Main Event Final Table Results 1. John Cynn United States $8,800,0002. Tony Miles United States $5,000,0003. Michael Dyer United States $3,750,0004. Nicolas Manion United States $2,825,0005. Joe Cada United States $2,150,0006. Aram Zobian United States $1,800,0007. Alex Lynskey Australia $1,500,0008. Artem Metalidi Ukraine $1,250,0009. Antoine Labat France $1,000,000 More Quick Facts about 2018 WSOP Main Event -- With 7,874 players it's the second biggest Main Event in history. 2018 is ahead of 2010 (7,319 players), 2017 (7,221 players) and 2011 (6,865 players) The 2006 edition holds the record with 8,773 players. -- A total of 1,182 players were paid in this Main Event which is a new record due to the recent extension of the payout table (15%). Kelly Minkin 2018 WSOP (Photo: Joe Giron, WSOP) -- Another new record was the number of players for a Day 1 round: 4,571 for Day 1C. -- Of these 7,874 participants 301 were female players, representing 3.8% of the field. This is about average. -- American Kelly Minkin who finished 50th is, for the second time, the Last Woman Standing in the Main Event. She also did it one time before in 2015 (29th) -- Reigning WSOP Main Event title holder Scott Blumstein was eliminated on Day 1. -- Only 4 players have won 2 Main Event titles (Johnny Moss (1970 by vote , 1971, 1974), Doyle Brunson (1976, 1977), Johnny Chan (1987, 1988), and Stu Ungar (1980, 1981, 1997)) - all long before the poker boom of 2003 and its 6,500+-player fields:  -- The oldest participant this year was American John Olsen, 88 years old. -- After a change in the schedule, the Main Event is not the final WSOP tournament. The November Nine break was also eliminated -- The Amazon Room was plunged into darkness at the end of Day 5 due to a big storm that hit Las Vegas. There was an hour left and although the generator quickly took over, the organizers decided to finish earlier. -- A remarkable hand happened on the final-table bubble to eliminate Yueqi Zhu and send Nicolas Manion into the final table as the chip leader. Watch the hand below: 2018 WSOP By the Numbers ~~~ STATISTICS ~~~ Finished tournaments: 78/78Entrants: 123,865Cashes: 17,916Distributed Money: $268,762,293Millionaires: 10Most entries: 13,070 (Event 7 - $565 Colossus)Least entries: 27 (Event 78 - $1m Big One for One Drop)Biggest prize pool: $74,015,600 ($10,000 Main Event)Smallest prize pool: $351,000 (Event 14 - $1,500 2-7 Draw Lowball) 2018 Rankings by Country (Bracelets Won) 1. United States: 532. Germany, China: 34. France, England, Israel, Canada, Russia: 29. Brazil, Colombia, Bulgaria, Australia, Austria, Spain, Portugal, India, Philippines, Netherlands: 1 (Note: The team tournament saw a pair of winners). New Winners: 57Second Victory: 8Third Victory: 7Fourth Victory: 5Fifth Victory: 1Beyond 5th Victory: 1 Double Winners in 2018: Shaun Deeb (Event 42, Event 74) Joe Cada (Event 3, Event 75) Justin Bonomo (Event 16, Event 78) More 2018 WSOP Results of Note: Hellmuth Claims 15th Career Bracelet in Event #71, $5,000 NLHE Three years after his last coronation, the unsinkable Phil Hellmuth won his 15th World Series of Poker gold bracelet on July 11th to stretch out his overall lead in all-time WSOP bracelet race. (Photo: WSOP) Hellmuth took down the bracelet in Event #71: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em (30-minute levels) for $485,082, defeating Steven Wolansky heads-up. Overshadowed slightly by the playdown to the final table of the Main Event (and particularly by its blokcbuster bubble hand), Hellmuth still managed to seize a portion of the spotlight and further the beliefs of those who feel he’s the greatest WSOP player of all time. Hellmuth is now 5 bracelets ahead of his three closest pursuers, Doyle Brunson, Johnny Chan and Phil Ivey. Only Ivey has managed to stay in touch recently (having won his last victories in 2013 and 2014); Brunson and Chan haven’t won since 2005. Hellmuth: "A New Lesson in Humility" The records continue to pile up for Hellmuth, who is still the only winner of two main Main Events (Las Vegas and WSOP Europe) and also a winner in each of the last four decades.  He also holds the WSOP record for the number of cashes (134) and final tables (59). Said Phil after his win: "This is a new lesson of humility for me, as were the 13th and 14th ... I did not have a great summer, but I stayed positive, always. Every night when I returned to my room I said to myself ‘life is beautiful, relax.’(...) ‘I was also forced to rest, I had a small atrial fibrillation. It's not too bad, 40% of people over 60 have that, but it made me take a lot of days without poker. "I feel a responsibility to inspire people. This bracelet I will offer to one of my best friends, Bill Lee. He is the best angel investor and the best friend of Elon Musk. I promised him that I would win him a bracelet, but it was a long time. “ This bracelet is everything for me, because my life is poker. Then I try to spread the positive. I hope that I will be remembered for two reasons, the first to have 24 bracelets, and the second to have a lot of positive influence on people's lives.” Phil Hellmuth’s 15 WSOP Bracelets (1989) No-Limit Hold'em $10,000 Main Event - 178 players – Beat Johnny Chan $755,000 (1992) $5,000 Limit Hold'em - 84 players, beat Steve Kopp (USA) - $168,000 (1993) $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em - 284 players - beat Chris Tsiprailidis (USA) - $426,000 $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em - 173 players - beat Noli Francisco (TCH) - $432,500 $5,000 Limit Hold'em - 69 players - beat Don Williams (USA) - $345,000 (1997)  $3,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em - 170 players - Tom McEvoy (USA) - $510,000 (2001) $2,000 No-Limit Hold'em - 441 players - beat TJ Cloutier (USA) - $855,540 (2003) $2,500 Limit Hold'em - 194 players - beat Young Phan (USA) - $451,050 $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em - 398 players - beat Daniel Negreanu (CAN) - $410,860 (2006) $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em - 754 d. + 1691 r. - beat Juha Helppi (FIN) - $631,863 (2007) $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em - 2628 players - beat Andy Philachack (USA) - $637,254 (2012) $2,500 Razz - 309 players - beat Don Zewin (USA) - $182,793 €10,000 NLHE WSOPE Main Event - 420 players - beat Sergii Baraniv (UKR) - €1,022,376 (2015) $10,000 Razz - 103 players - beat Mike Gorodinsky (USA) - $271,105 (2018) $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em - 452 players - beat Steven Wolansky (USA) - $485,082 Event 78 - $ 1,000,000 The Big One for One Drop (NLHE) 27 entrants (5 paid) - Prize Pool $24,840,000 Winner: Justin Bonomo (32 years old, US) - $10,000,000 beats Fedor Holz (Germany) $6,000,000 Rest of money finishers: 3. Dan Smith (USA) - $4,000,000 4. Rick Salomon (USA) - $2,840,000 5. Byron Kaverman (USA) - $2,000,000 In short: 3rd WSOP bracelet for Bonomo (in 15 final tables) and his 2nd this Series (he won Event #16, $10,000 Heads-Up) Incredible 2018 for Bonomo who before this victory had already earned nearly $15m with 9 victories in tournaments with buy-ins of at least $10,000 With this big win Bonomo also takes over the #1 spot on the All Time Money List ahead of Daniel Negreanu Bonomo succeeds Antonio Esfandiari (Big One 2012 ), Dan Colman (Big One 2014 ) and Elton Tsang (WSOPE Big One 2016) as winners of Big One This is the lowest turnout in four editions of the Big One with the number of players declining each time (48, 42, 28 and 27) This is the 3rd cash in this tournament for famed Paris Hilton/Pamela Anderson Ex Rick Salomon (4th in 2014 and 3rd in 2016) Event 77 - $50,000 No-Limit Hold'em High Roller (BB Antes) 128 entrants (20 paid) - Prize Pool $6,144,000 Winner: Ben Yu (32 years old, US) - $1,650,773 beat Sean Winter (United States) - $1,020,253 Notable players: 3. Nick Petrangelo (USA) - $720 103 4. Isaac Haxton (USA) - $518,882 5. Igor Kurganov (Russia) - $381,874 6. Manig Loeser (Germany) - $287,174 7. John Racener (USA) - $220,777 9. Elio Fox (USA) - $139,699 10. Benjamin Pollak (France) - $139,699 11. Jason Koon (USA) - $115,102 12. Ryan Riess (USA) - $115,103 13. Mustapha Kanit (Italy) - $97,160 17. Stefan Schillhabel (Germany) - $74,623 In short: 3rd WSOP bracelet for Ben Yu, a professional based in Las Vegas. He had won his two previous bracelets in 2015 ($10,000 Limit Hold'em Championship) and in 2017 ($10,000 2-7 Triple Draw Championship). It was his 11th final table (including 4 this summer, all Top 4!) in 70 WSOP cashes (15 this summer). His WSOP earnings now exceed $4m Event 76 - $3,000 HORSE 354 entrants (54 paid) - Prize Pool $955,800 Winner: Brian Hastings (30 years old, US ) - $ 233,202 beat Andrew Brown (United States) - $144,128 Notable players: 4. Jeff Madsen (USA) - $67,121 5. Lee Markholt (USA) - $47,275 7. Dutch Boyd (USA) - $25,040 8. Bruno Fitoussi (France) - $18,849 11. John Hennigan (USA) ) - $11,456 In short: 4th WSOP bracelet for Brian Hastings. He also won in 2012 ($10k HU) and two in 2015 ($10k 7-Stud and $1,500 10-Game Mix) 11 final tables in 34 WSOP cashes for him. His WSOP earnings now exceed $2 million. His heads-up opponent Andrew Brown could not take advantage of his 5-on-1 advantage at the start of the final duel Other previous WSOP winners at the final table: Jeff Madsen (4) and Dutch Boyd (3) Event 75 - $1,500 The No-Limit Hold'em Closer (30-Min Levels) 3,120 entrants (457 paid) - Prize Pool $4,212,000 Winner: Joe Cada (30 years old, US) - $ 612,886 beat Paawan Bansal (India) - $378,675 In short: 4th WSOP bracelet for Joe Cada and his 2nd this summer! Huge end of World Series for the former World Champion 2009, again finalist of the Main Event (5th) and who had already won a new bracelet this year in Event 3. It was his 9th final table in 35 WSOP cashes Cada still holds the title of the youngest winner in the history of the Main Event at 21 years. His WSOP winnings exceed $13 million Cada clinched the tournament in style against his opponent in the biggest pot of the night: the Michigan player paid a Bansai 4-bet with T ♥ T ♦ against 9 ♦ 8 ♦ for the Indian. Magic flop: 9 ♠ 5 ♥ 2 ♦ ... T ♠ T ♣ for runner-runner quads! Event 74 - $10,000 Big Blind Antes No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed Championship 355 entrants (54 paid) - Prize Pool $3,337,000 Winner: Shaun Deeb (32 years old, US) - $814,179 beat Paul Volpe (United States) - $503,196 Notable players: 3. Romain Lewis (France) - $325,842 9. Mike Watson (Canada) - $54,831 11. Sam Greenwood (Canada) - $41,721 17. Anthony Zinno (USA) ) - $32,700 20. Dominik Nitsche (Germany) - $26,424 32- Loni Harwood (USA) - $18,982 34- Michael Gathy (Belgium) - $18,982 38- Michael Mizrachi (USA) - $16,911 39. Martin Jacobson (Sweden) - $16,911 41. Rainer Kempe (Germany) - $16,911 42. Ryan Riess (USA) - $16,911 In short: 4th WSOP bracelet for Shaun Deeb and his 2nd this summer. Deeb is the first double bracelet winner of 2018. If there had not been a double winner this year it would have been a first since 1999. Event 63 - $3,200 WSOP Poker Online No-Limit Hold'em High Roller 480 players (63 paid) - Prize Pool $1,459,200 Winner: Chance Kornuth (32 years old, US) - $341,599 beats David Goodman (United States) - $212,022 Notable players: 4. Noah Bronstein (USA) - $99,809 7. Justin Liberto (USA) - $37,356 16. John Hennigan (USA) - $11,090 18. Jason Koon (USA) - $11,090 19. Mohsin Charania (USA) ) - $9,339 21. Giuseppe Pantaleo (Germany) - $9,339 24. Chris Moorman (England) - $9,339 25. Ryan D'Angelo (USA) - $9,339 27. Jim Collopy (USA) - $9,339 29. Jeff Gross (USA) - $8,026 30. Eric Baldwin (USA) - $ 8,026 In short: 2nd WSOP bracelet for Chance Kornuth after his first in 2010 in a $5000 PLO tournament. Becomes second player to win a WSOP bracelet live and another online after Nipun Java who had made this double last year. The tournament attracted 356 players who took 124 rebuys. It was the last of four online tournaments in the program this year. The final table was reached in 9 hours of play Event 62 - $888 Crazy Eights No-Limit Hold'em 8,598 players (1218 Paid) - Prize Pool $ 6,871,521 Winner: Galen Hall (32 years old, US) - $888,888 beat Eduards Kudrjavcevs (Latvia) - $ 476,888 First bracelet for Galen Hall, high-profile poker player well known on the circuit (and notable winner of the PCA in 2011). Plays high stakes only part-time, now a hedge fund manager. Second WSOP final table in 17 cash. He finished 9th in a NLHE tournament in 2012. His WSOP earnings now exceed $1 million 8598 entries against 8120 last year for this tournament with unlimited re-entries, so this is a new record. Event 60 - $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Championship (Photo: WSOP) 237 entrants (36 paid) - Prize Pool $ 2,227,800 Winner: Phil Galfond (33 years old, US) - $567,788 beat Michael McKenna (USA) - $350,922 Notable players: 7. David 'ODB' Baker (USA) - $65,579 12. Brandon Shack-Harris (USA) - $31,334 13. Chris Ferguson (USA) - $25,695 19. Cliff Josephy (USA) - $18,631 22. Eli Elezra (USA) - $18,631 32. Ryan Laplante (USA) - $16,494 35. Nick Schulman (USA) - $15,000 In short 3rd WSOP bracelet for Phil Galfond after 2008 (in PLO rebuy) and 2015 (in 2-7). Surprise victory for Galfond who had hardly played poker since last summer, and had little real experience in Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo It was his 7th final table in 20 paid places. His World Series winnings now amount to some $2.8 million Event 58 - $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed (Photo: WSOP) 621 entrants (94 paid) - Prize Pool $2,887,650 Winner: Jean-Robert Bellande (47 years old, US) - $616,302 beat Dean Lyall (Scotland) - $380,895 Notable players: 9. Sergio Aido (Spain) - $45,764 19. Greg Merson (USA) - $21,018 20. Martin Finger (Germany) - $21,018 25. Sylvain Loosli (France) - $16,958 28. Andre Akkari (Brazil) - $ 16,958 33- Adrien Allain (France) - $ 14,004 In short: First long-awaited bracelet for the famous pro Jean-Robert Bellande, for his 24th WSOP cash. It was his third final table. He finished 2nd in the previous two including the prestigious Players Championship in 2015 One of those defeats came after a heads-up 19-to-1 advantage! His WSOP earnings now exceed $2.2 million Event 57 - $1,000 Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship 696 entrants (105 paid) - Prize Pool $626,400 Winner: Jessica Dawley (35 years old us) - $130,230 beat Jill Pike (United States) - $80,444 Notable players: 28. Kristy Arnett (USA) - $2,99131. Gaëlle Baumann (France) - $2,99134. Natasha Barbour-Mercier (USA) - $2,99141. Lacey Jones (USA) - $2,55147. Cyndy Violette (USA) - $2,21970- Melanie Weisner (USA) - $1,782 In short: Jessica Dawley served in the Armed Forces (National Air Guard) before becoming a poker pro."The last 10 years have been a lot of grind, and I'm very happy with this result, but I do not have the words and I have not realized it yet." Event 56 - $10,000 Razz Championship (Photo: WSOP) 119 entrants (18 paid) - Prize Pool $ 1,118,600 Winner: Calvin Anderson (30 years old us) - $309,220 beat Frank Kassela (United States) - $191,111 Notable Players: 3- Julien Martini (France) - $134,587 4- Mike Leah (Canada) - $96,744 5. Jerry Wong (USA) - $71,014 7. John Hennigan (USA) ) - $40,817 8. Dzmitry Urbanovich (Poland) - $31,992 9. Allen Kessler (USA) - $25,654 10. Ismael Bojang (Germany) - $25,654 11. Paul Volpe (USA) - $21,059 12. Eric Rodawig (USA) - $21,059 13. Ted Forrest (USA) - $17,706 14. Per Hildebrand (Sweden) - $17,706 15. Cary Katz (USA) - $15,256 16- James Obst (Australia) - $ 15,256 17- Scott Seiver (USA) - $ 15,256 In short: 2nd WSOP bracelet for Calvin Anderson after a first in 2004 in Stud Hi-Lo. His WSOP win now exceeds $1.3m in 37 cashes including 9 final tables. He best score was 2nd place in the 2016 Little One for One Drop. Defeated in heads-up, 50-year-old Frank Kassela was hoping to win his fourth bracelet after two in 2010 and one last year Event 52 - $10,000 Limit Hold'em Championship 114 entrants (18 paid) - Prize Pool $1,071,600 Winner: Scott Seiver (33 years old, US) - $296,222 beat Matt Szymaszek (United States) - $183,081 Notable players: 3. Anthony Zinno (USA) - $129,186 5. Matt Glantz (USA) - $68,352 10. Benny Glaser (England) - $20,253 11. Nick Schulman (USA) - $20,253 12- Maria Ho (USA) ) - $20,253 14. Brock Parker (USA) - $17,000 16- John Hennigan (USA) - $14,615 In short: 2nd WSOP bracelet for Scott Seiver, after a first won in 2008.His live tournament winnings are now flirting with $23.5 million (including $ 4.6 million for the WSOP) Event 42 - $25,000 Omaha Pot-Limit 8-Handed High Roller 230 entrants (35 paid) - Prize Pool $ 5,462,500 Winner: Shaun Deeb (32 years old, US) - $1,402,683 beat Ben Yu (United States) - $866,924 Notable players: 3. Scotty Nguyen (USA) - $592,875 5. Jason Koon (USA) - $295,606 7. David Benyamine (France) - $161,020 12. Jason Mercier (USA) - $77,107 14. Martin Kozlov (Australia) ) - $63,350 15. Robert Mizrachi (USA) - $53,391 25. Mike Leah (Canada) - $41,049 29. Tom Marchese (USA) - $41,049 32. Paul Volpe (USA) - $41,049 In short: 3rd WSOP bracelet for Shaun Deeb after wins in 2015 and 2016 With this $1.4 million (his personal best), his World Series cashes now exceed $3.3 million over 56 cashes including 10 final tables. Fun fact: the two men had already faced heads-up of a WSOP tournament in 2017 (Limit 2-7 TD at $ 10,000). But this time it was Yu who had imposed. 3rd-place Scotty Nguyen was not far from winning his 6th bracelet. It's the third biggest win of his career Event 33 - $50,000 Poker Players Championship 87 entrants (14 paid) - Prize Pool $ 4,176,000 Winner: Michael Mizrachi (37 years old, US) - $1,239,126 beat John Hennigan (United States) - $765,837 Notable players: 3. Dan Smith (USA) - $521,782 4. Mike Leah (Canada) - $364,197 5. Benny Glaser (England) - $260,578 6. Aaron Katz (USA) - $191,234 7. Greg Mueller (Canada) ) - $144,049 8. Brian Rast (USA) - $144,049 9. Phil Ivey (USA) - $111,447 10. Shaun Deeb (USA) - $111,447 12. Jean-Robert Bellande (USA) - $88,627 In short: "The Grinder" wins his 4th WSOP bracelet including 3 in this prestigious $50,000 Players Championship (after 2010 and 2012)! With 4 bracelets won at the Series, he matches his brother Robert. It was his 15th final table and 62nd cash. His WSOP earnings now exceed $9 million and in his career he is approaching $17 million. Only he and Brian Rast have won this tournament more than once Event 31 - $1,500 Seven Card Stud (Photo: WSOP) 310 players (47 paid) - Prize Pool $ 418,500 Winner: Steve Albini (55 years old, US) - $105,629 beat Jeff Lisandro (Australia) - $65,282 Notable players: 3. Katherine Fleck (USA) - $43,765 4. Chris Ferguson (USA) - $29,999 11. Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier (France) - $5,110 17. Julien Martini (France) - $2,982 28. Mark Radoja (Canada) - $2,635 37. Dzmitry Urbanovich (Poland) - $2,398 38. David Levi (USA) - $2,398 In short: First WSOP bracelet for Steve Albini, famous and legendary rock producer He owns a recording studio in Chicago and is a member of Shellac His best result was a 12th place out of 4,407 in the 2013 Seniors Event for $40,694. To win he had to get rid of four previous winners in the final including Chris Ferguson and Jeff Lisandro Albini credits several players and friends with whom he plays with in Chicago and who helped him understand poker including Brandon Shack-Harris and Eric Rodawig. Event 23 - $10,000 No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball Championship (Photo: WSOP) 95 entrants (15 paid) - Prizepool $ 893,000 Winner: Brian Rast (36 years old, US) - $259,670 beat Mike Wattel (United States) - $160,489 Notable players: 3. Dario Sammartino (Italy) - $114,023 6. Doyle Brunson (USA) - $43,963 7. John Hennigan (USA) - $32,796 8. Farzad Bonyadi (USA) - $24,775 10. Todd Brunson (USA) ) - $18,955 11. Galen Hall (USA) - $18,955 13. Robert Mizrachi (USA) - $14,691 14. Paul Volpe (USA) - $14,691 In short: 4th WSOP bracelet for Brian Rast. He had two in 2011 and one in 2016. 2 of these victories were in the prestigious $50k Players Championship His live tournament winnings now exceed $21 million (including nearly $6m at the WSOP). Historic moment: it was the very last WSOP tournament in which the legend Doyle Brunson participated! Doyle completed his last World Series tournament in 6th place, eliminated by James Alexander Event 16 - $10,000 No-Limit Heads-Up Championship (Photo: WSOP) 114 entrants (8 paid) - Prize Pool $ 1,071,600 Winner: Justin Bonomo (32 years old, US) - $185,965 beats Jason McConnon (England) - $114,933 In short: 2nd WSOP bracelet for Justin Bonomo after a first in 2014. All in he has 18 final tables and 48 cashes. Bonomo won 7 matches. He defeated David Peters (his toughest opponent), David Laka, Jake Schindler, Niall Farrell, Mark McGovern, Martijn Gerrits and Jason McConnon. Bonomo won the 2018 Super High Roller Bowl for $5 million a week before With the win Bonomo now exceeds $4 million in World Series winnings. Event 9 - $10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo Championship (Photo: WSOP) 169 entrants (26 paid) - Prize Pool $1,588,000 Winner: Paul Volpe (36 years old, US) - $417,921 beat Eli Elezra (United States) - $258,297 Notable players: 5. Viacheslav Zhukov (Russia) - $94,370 7. Robert Mizrachi (USA) - $52,866 9. Per Hildebrand (Sweden) - $31,977 11. Mike Matusow (USA) - $25,619 17. Felipe Ramos (Brazil) - $17,488 18. Chris Bjorin (Sweden) - $17,488 24. Anthony Zinno (USA) - $14,912 26. Dan Shak (USA) - $14,912 In short: 3rd WSOP bracelet for Paul Volpe after wins in 2014 and 2016. It was his 9th final table in 43 cashes. Other bracelets holders in the final: Elezra (3), Zhukov (2), R.Mizrachi (4) Event 5 - $100,000 No-Limit Hold'em High Roller (Photo: WSOP) 105 entrants (16 paid) - Prize Pool $ 10,185,000 Winner: Nick Petrangelo (31 years old, US) - $2,910,227 beat Elio Fox (United States) - $1,798,658 Notable players: 5. Bryn Kenney (USA) - $646,927 6. Stephen Chidwick (England) - $484,551 7. Jason Koon (USA) - $372,894 8. Adrian Mateos (Spain) - $295,066 9. Fedor Holz (Germany) ) - $240,265 11. Christoph Vogelsang (Germany) - $201,494 12. Thomas Muehloecker (Germany) - $201,494 14. Jason Mercier (USA) - $174,190 15. Paul Volpe (USA) - $155,378 In short: 2nd WSOP bracelet for Nick Petrangelo This is his second win in 4 final tables (for 21 cashes) Petrangelo was chip leader at the end of Days 2 and 3 6 German players among the 16 paid players Event 3 - $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout (Photo: WSOP) 363 entrants (50 paid) - Prize Pool $ 980 $ 100 Winner: Joe Cada (30 years old,us ) - $226,218 beat Samuel Phillips (USA) - $139,804 Notable players: 3. Joe McKeehen (USA) - $101,766 In short: 3rd WSOP bracelet for the 2009 WSOP World Champion (winner of the Main Event). Cada won another bracelet in 2014. This new victory puts him over $10 million in World Series cashes This is his third win in 7 final tables (and 30 cashes). In the final table he will have found another previous world champion (in 2015), Joe McKeehen Event 2 - $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Super Turbo Bounty (Photo: WSOP) 243 entrants (37 paid) - Prize Pool $ 2,284,200 Winner: Elio Fox (32 years old, US) - $393,693 beat Adam Adler (United States) - $243,323 Notable players: 3. Paul Volpe (USA) - $169,195 9. Joe Cada (USA) - $27,582 10. Bryn Kenney (USA) - $21,734 16. John Racener (USA) - $14,300 17. Talal Shakerchi (England) ) - $14,300 19. Kenny Hallaert (Belgium) - $11,950 23. Antoine Saout (France) - $11,950 26. Nam Le (USA) - $11,950 In short: 2nd WSOP bracelet for Elio Fox, who was the big winner of the Main Event of the WSOP Europe in 2011 in Cannes Second victory in two final tables (in 12 total cashes) Fox started the heads-up with a disadvantage of 9 to 1 It was the first super turbo bounty tournament in WSOP history Visit

Schedule, Structures Released for $1m 2018 Battle of Malta!
Each year of its existence the Battle of Malta has shattered its record for both entries and prize pool set the year before.Expect the same (and more) for 2018. We're still six months out from the shuffle up and deal for the 2018 Battle of Malta but it's already shaping up to smash its all-time records for entries and buy-ins yet again - the 7th consecutive time that would happen. Pre-sales of all-inclusive packages have boomed and the 2018 BoM is on track to hit enormous heights. And it now has the space to do it in. New Guarantee, New Space, New Dates! If you're not up to speed on the latest developments for the 2018 Battle of Malta, here's a quick run-through: €1m Guarantee! The 2018 BoM Main Event has doubled its guarantee to a full €1 million! Last year's main event prize pool topped out at over €1m and players can likely expect the same to hold true. Unlimited rebuys are also now on the table to further boost the prize pool. Massive New Space! With the sale of the BoM brand to Eden Leisure Group (ELG) the location will shift to the massive new Casino Malta and Hotel InterContinental (Malta’s largest 5-star hotel). The 3000m2 conference center can hold over 140 tables and 1,000 players every day! With smoother registration and more room to breathe expect the experience of Europe's best low buy-in destination poker festival to get even better. New Dates! The 2018 Battle of Malta Festival will now take place Oct. 25-30 - a week before its usual dates. A €55+5 Super Satellite runs the night before (Oct. 24) at 6 pm for anyone looking for a last-minute entry. Nine Events, Massive Potential! With the boosted guarantee and massive new space the potential for the 2018 BoM Festival to hit unthinkable highs is, well, high. Package pre-sales are already at a record high and no slow down appears in sight with a broader new casino network to draw on and live satellites running across the continent already. While the €1 million guarantee Main Event is the centerpiece 2018 BoM attendees will have at least 9 events to partake in. The full 2018 Battle of Malta schedule has now been released here but here's a quick overview of the events and dates: So much space! Thursday, October 25th Battle of Malta Main Event Day 1a - Buy-in €550 Friday, October 26th Battle of Malta Main Event Day 1b  - Buy-in €550 NLH Bounty - Buy-in €100+100+20 Saturday, October 27th Battle of Malta Main Event Day 1c - Buy-in €550 BoM Ladies Event - Buy-in €100+10 PLO Double Chance - Buy-in €150+15 Sunday, October 28th BOM Main Event Day 2 NLH Siege Of Malta Day 1 - Buy-in €220+25 NLH BoM High Roller Day 1 - Buy-in €1200+120 NLH Deep Stack Day 1 - Buy-in €300+30 Monday, October 29th BoM Main Event Day 3 NLH Siege of Malta Day 2 NLH BoM High Roller DAY 2  NLH Deep Stack Day 2 NLH Battle Turbo Buy-in €200+20 TBD Side Event Buy-in €130+20 Tuesday, October 30th BoM High Roller Final Table Siege of Malta Final Table BoM Main Event Final Table For a full rundown of the start times, starting stacks, level times, entry limits and satellites during the festival check the full 2018 Battle of Malta Calendar. 2018 Battle of Malta Tournament Structures See the full structures for the 2018 Battle of Malta Main Event and side events here. A quick overview: Battle of Malta Main Event Starting Stack: 25k Day 1 Level Time: 40 mins Day 2 (& Onward) Level Times: 60 mins Re-Entry: Unlimited Additional Terms & Conditions: Tournament played with big blind ante. BB will be posted prior to the ante in all-in situations Day 1s end w/ 15% of the field remaining (all remaining players ITM) Player can forfeit his or her stack at the end of Day 1a or 1b but must announce before sealing chips in bag Day 2 will play 8 levels with no dinner break Day 3 will play down to the Final Table Levels will be 45 min when down to 6 players; 30 min when down to 3 players Battle of Malta Side Events See the full list of individual Side Event starting stacks, level times and structures on the Schedule page and the Structures page. Are You Ready for Battle? Early bird packages for the 2018 Battle of Malta are already available via the Battle of Malta website. Learn more about the hotel, casino and BoM venue there.  Online satellites for 2018 BoM packages begin soon! Check our Battle of Malta Facebook page for updates and to ask any questions! Check the video to see the gigantic new space for BoM 2018! Visit

Battle of Malta Back in 2018 w/ 1,000,000 GTD Main Event!
More money, new ownership, new location, new dates.Europe’s best low buy-in live poker tournament is back and it's bigger and better than ever before. The Battle of Malta – awarded “Best Low Buy-in Tournament in Europe” in 2015 – will return in 2018 for its seventh edition. What’s New in 2018? More Money! For the first time the Battle of Malta main event will have a €1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool of! That’s twice the prize pool it used to have! New Ownership – PokerListings has sold the Battle of Malta to the Eden Leisure Group (ELG). The ELG is the owner of the new Casino Malta, the Hotel InterContinental (Malta’s largest 5-star hotel), the Holiday Inn Express and the InterContinental Arena Conference Centre. With its 3000m2 conference area formerly known as the Bay Arena, the Battle of Malta will now have room to grow even further. New Dates – The Battle of Malta will take place October 25-30. Despite the double in guarantee the buy-in remains at €550 but for the first time unlimited rebuys will be available, which will result in an even bigger prize pool. There will also be a range of side events which are still to be announced. New Location – The next Battle of Malta will take place in the middle of Malta’s entertainment centre in St. Julian’s. The InterContinental Conference Centre features a main area with enough room for over 140 tables, giving it a potential player field of more than 1,000 players every day! ELG and OEG Purchase Battle of Malta Over its six-year existence the BOM has grown every time. Starting out as a 350-player weekend event in 2012 with €150,000 guaranteed it has developed into a massive, week-long poker festival with nine different events. Nadav Lipszyc, a farmer from Israel, won the main event last year and cashed for €200,000 after beating out more than 2,000 entries. PokerListings decided to sell the Battle of Malta to the Eden Leisure Group and the Olympic Entertainment Group (OEG) to give it the chance to grow even further. Not only is the ELG one of the biggest players in the hotel and casino industry in Malta, the OEG is also the owner of more than 100 gaming places in seven different countries. This will give players all over Europe the chance to play live satellites in a lot of different casinos across Italy, the Baltics and other countries. The OEG employs more than 3000 people and generated more than €215 million in revenue last year. The new home of the BOM. Elevating BoM to the Next Level Casino Malta owner Kevin De Cesare said, “Being the owner of the hotel, casino and event organization puts us in a unique position to be able to elevate this tournament to the next level. "Our two hotels provide the largest number of rooms situated around a Casino in Malta, our Arena can easily take some 140 poker tables all on one level and our Casino is significantly larger than any other casinos in Malta.” Moving the event to new and larger premises will ensure that the BOM can continue to grow in the years to come and establish Malta as the hottest poker location in Europe for small and mid-stakes players. PokerListings will accompany the new Battle of Malta and provide you with news about the schedule and additional events as soon as possible. About the Battle of Malta The inaugural Battle of Malta took place in 2012 had a single main event with a guarantee of €150,000. It attracted 347 players. Over the years, the main event has grown into the largest standalone tournament in Europe with a buy-in of under $2,000. In 2017 the winner took home €50,000 more than the original guarantee. The guarantee had been raised up to €500,000 and will reach €1,000,000 for the first time in 2018. While there was just one side event in 2012 (the Siege of Malta Second Chance) there were nine events in 2017 including a Ladies event, a High Roller event, a PLO event and several Hold’em tournaments. The Battle of Malta also features daily parties, free casino buffets for the players and, most of all, the chance to escape the early days of winter in Europe and spend them on a sunny island in the Mediterranean while simultaneously having the chance to win life-changing money playing cards.Visit

120,000 GTD for 888poker Live London Kick Off at Aspers
With big events like the WPT Deepstacks Berlin, the PCA and the Aussie Millions in progress, it already looks like an amazing poker year is in store for 2018.When the first week of February rolls around 888poker joins the fray with its first London Poker Festival at the Aspers Casino. It’s a 4-day event with £120,000 guaranteed and a £440 Main Event buy-in. If you’re a low- or mid-stakes player who likes professionally run tournaments with great structures, set your eyes on East London right now. 888poker Live Kick Off By the Numbers The dates for the first event of 2018 in 888poker’s home casino are February 8-11. Aspers place to be. There will be four Day 1 flights across three days and one long final day to determine the winner. You’re free to choose your favorite flight and play either in the afternoon or in the evening but you’ll have to invest the £440 buy-in to be eligible to play (Well, actually, you don’t. More on that below). The prize pool for the 888poker Live Kick Off in London will be at least £120,000 so we’ll either see a field of over 300 players or an overlay – both heart-warming thoughts if you’re looking at spending February in London. 888poker Live Kick Off Overview Flight/Day Date Time Buy-in £/€/$ Re-Entries 1A Feb 8 6 PM 440/500/600 2 1B Feb 9 6 PM 440/500/600 2 1C Feb 10 2 PM 440/500/600 2 1D Feb 10 7 PM 440/500/600 2 2 Feb 11 1 PM - - All times are local time. The starting chip stack will be 25,000 chips and level times will be 30/40 min. 888poker guarantee £120,000/€135,000/$160,000 to be paid out to the players. Be there to claim your share. Qualify Online for Just $12! If you like to play 888poker events you know there are always ways to make it into the main events via online satellites. Get on the Fortune Trail, too. There are two different weekly direct satellites for the 888poker Live Kick Off – a $12 Seat Only and a $30 Full Prize Package satellite. The $12 Seat Only satellite runs on Wednesdays at 6:25 PM GMT. Winners will get a seat to the 4-day Kick Off event worth €500. The $30 Full Package satellite runs on Sundays at 6:05 PM GMT and the winner receive the ticket plus $300 for hotel costs and another $300 for travel expenses. That brings the value of that prize up to $1,200. As always you can use the 888poker steps system to get into the direct satellites without paying their buy-ins. The steps tournaments run 24/7 and you can choose any of the 1c, 10c, $1 or $5 buy-ins. Move up the levels or start wherever you feel comfortable. XL Blizzard Incoming! While you’re at it, note that you can also use the tickets you win in steps satellites to play in the inaugural XL Blizzard online series. It runs from January 18-28 and features 34 poker events with buy-ins from $8.80 to $2,100. The main event guarantees $1,000,000! 888poker is also running a freeroll promotion called The Fortune Trail. Just open the lobby and you’ll get invited to spin the lucky wheel. If you don’t have an 888poker account yet, we’ll help you get started with an $888 sign-up bonus.Visit

Jacobson Wins Whale, Volcano in 1st Week on 888poker
Champions gonna champion.Less than a month after the 2014 World Series of Poker Champion was signed by 888poker, he’s already causing a stir. The ink on his contract is barely dry but Martin Jacobson has already won his new sponsor’s most prestigious weekly event. Martin Jacobson Takes Down Whale Last Sunday the signature 888poker Sunday Whale was played as a special $1,050 buy-in edition with a guaranteed prize pool of $150,000. A total of 159 players including re-entries made for a $159,000 prize pool that was paid out to the top 15 players. Once a champ, always a champ. In a tournament that had 888 regs like Kannwas, Jan Graftekkel Arends, Christopher NigDawg Brammer, Fabrizio DrMikee Gonzalez and Jerry PerryMejsen Ödeen in the top 25, Jacobson once more proved his superiority. The tournament took eight and a half hours and Jacobson cashed for the top prize of $39,750. Astonishingly, this was already his second win in an MTT on 888poker since he signed his new sponsorship deal. On January 2 Jacobson won the $565 Volcano, another high-level Sunday major event on 888poker. That night Jacobson added $18k to his new online poker account. That’s two wins out of just six tournaments the Swedish world champion has played as an 888 pro. On a side note Jacobson was also the bubble boy of the New Year’s Special Whale on January 1 and just missed the money of the Mega Deep New Year’s Special on the same night. It seems like the relationship between Jacobson and 888poker has already turned out to be a win-win-situation. Whale $150k Guaranteed FT Results 1 Mjacobson888 $39,750 2 f0rmEiTseGal $27,030 3 lasochobi $20,670 4 farm_jim $14,707.50 5 PaDiLhA10 $10,335 6 cyrcyn27 $8347.50 7 B.Mitchell $6757.50 8 DosPoochies $5565 9 SalsaFiesta $4372.50 Ylitalo Wins Mega Deep for $25k Ylitalo joins in the fun. It was a weekend of Swedish success on 888poker. While Jacobson was taking down the “Whale” his countryman and former EPT London winner Robin Ylitalo was busy cruising through the $215 Special Edition Mega Deep. With 643 entries this was a much larger tournament to get through and consequently it took three hours longer than the Whale. Ylitalo eventually prevailed and earned $24,434 for his efforts. Niklas tutten7 Arendt, another Swedish player, also final-tabled this event to add to the feeling of Swedish dominance. $215 SE Mega Deep FT Results 1 Inho $24,434 2 Rickpereira7 $18,004 3 tikkapekka $13,503 4 GramNaKartke $9645 5 lasochobi $6430 6 dmg34 $4501 7 tutten7 $3215 8 ThalesLeite $2572 9 Anao19 $2096 It's been a good weekend for the Swedes but take note of Argentinian player lasochobi, who made it to the final table of both these events and finished in 3rd and 5th place! 888poker in January The Sunday Majors are not the only tournaments to go for on 888poker. Right now they’re preparing the first edition of the XL Blizzard, a 34-event series starting on January 18 with a wide range of buy-ins. Also, join the Fortune Trail. Just open your lobby and spin the Wheel. You''ll win freeroll tickets and much more. Create your own 888poker account within minutes. Download the software through PokerListings and start playing with an $888 bonus!Visit

WSOP Champion Martin Jacobson Signs with Team 888Poker
2018 has arrived and 888poker has apparently made the resolution to keep firing on all cylinders.Just weeks after signing rising Brazilian star Vivian Saliba – winner of the last 888poker Ladies Event in London – they’ve now added one of the biggest names in poker to the 888 pro roster. 2014 World Series of Poker champion Martin Jacobson is now a member of Team 888poker and together they have big plans to continue 'taking back the game' for the amateur player. Jacobson an All-Time Swedish Great Jacobson didn’t emerge on the poker scene when he made the final table of the WSOP main event like so many champions before him. Seasoned pro even before the big show. He was already an accomplished pro at the time with achievements under his belt like: 6th place in the $111,111 Big One for One Drop 10th place in the PCA Main Event Runner-up finish at the WPT Venice Final tables at EPTs in Hungary, Portugal, France and Germany His $10 million win in Las Vegas - the second highest prize money ever paid out in the WSOP main event and the only year the WSOP put a guarantee on the winner’s prize money - propelled Jacobson to the top of the all-time Swedish money list. But in fact he would have gotten there as well by now without it - that’s how big his lead in the national rankings is. Helping People Realize Their Dreams This comfortable position has enabled Jacobson to focus on things away from the poker table, too. He donated a quarter of a million dollars to the REG charity – of which he had become a member a few months prior – even before he sat down at the final table of the WSOP Main Event. He’s been even more active in charitable donations since. Helping others is at the top of Jacobson’s list of life hacks. “I want to help people realize their dream of starting from the bottom and eventually becoming a World Champion,” says Jacobson. “I believe that everyone who has accomplished great things in poker has an amazing story behind them because we all have a long journey behind us. From the moment we learnt the rules of the game until we start lifting trophies, there are no shortcuts.”  The dream is real. Get an $888 Sign-Up Bonus! Jacobson joins a growing team made up of absolute top earners of the game like Chris Moorman and Dominik Nitsche, sports stars like Denilson, female aces Saliba, Sofia Lövgren and Kara Scott and promoters of the world’s fastest growing poker market – Brazil – like Nicolau Villa-Lobos and Bruno Kawauti. There are also now two former November Niners as one of Jacobson’s new team mates is Bruno 'Foster' Politano, who finished in 8th place in 2014, sitting right across from Jacobson. You always meet twice, they say. You can meet any of the 888poker pros at the tables but you need your own 888poker account. If you want to know how to open a poker account at 888poker, click through to our review page and we’ll show you how easy it’s done alongside an $888 sign-up bonus. Check back here for more about 888's new Fortune Trail promotion, the Lick-off in London and the latest edition of the Poker Brief.Visit

888poker Jackpotland Spins Until Dec. 31; Win $100k a Day!
Free spins. Free tournaments. Prizes with every spin.If you've yet to have a go at 888poker's Jackpotland Wheel of Fortune, it's not too late. You've still got to the end of the year to take advantage of free spins and tournament tickets and, if you're lucky, reel in up to $100,000 in cash. In fact three free tickets are waiting for you right now. $100k Every Day! First things first: If you already have an account at 888poker you've likely taken advantage of your free spins. If you haven't, they're just a few minutes away. You'll also be eligible for our $888 sign-up bonus and get free spins on the Jackpotland wheel.Create a new account at 888poker via our review page and three tickets to play in the Jackpotland daily freerolls (worth $3k and $5k). Each spin is a winner and can be either a free tourney ticket, casino perks or a cash prize.  Cash prizes run all the way up to $100,000 and that can be won every day. Use the promo code JACKPOT100 and deposit at least $10 when you create your account. Here are the daily tournament details: $3,000 Jackpotland Skills Tournament When: Every day at 19:05 and 22:05 GMT Runs: until December 24, 2017 $3,000 Jackpotland Lucky Tournament When: Every day at 10:05 and 15:05 GMT Runs: Until December 24/12/2017 $5,000 Jumbo Tournament When: Every Sunday at 21:05 GMT Runs: Until December 31, 2017 As you can see, you can play up to four times a day. Skills tournaments are Turbo MTT satellites with fast-rising blinds; Jackpotland Lucky tournaments are all-in fests where each player is all-in all the time.  To play in the weekly Sunday Jumbo you need to make the top 500 in a Skills or Lucky tournament and win your ticket on the Wheel of Fortune. Each time you make it to the top 500 players in any of the tournaments you'll win a spin on the Jackpotland Jackpot wheel where you can when more tickets, cash, sportsbetting credits, casino spins etc. More Tickets, More Ways to Win You can also win more tournament tickets by completing some easy challenges. Play in 5 or more BLAST tournaments with a minimum buy-in of $1. Play Tournaments or Sit & Gos with a total buy-in of $4 or more. Win 15 hands or more in cash games including SNAP, with minimum stakes of 2¢-5¢. Play 40 hands in Flopomania cash game with Antes of 5¢ or more You can win up to 4 tickets per day with one ticket per challenge. Get in on the holiday Jackpotland action by signing up for an 888poker account right here. This article is an advertorial.Visit

Liv Boeree: “Recreational Players are as Important as Pros"
Liv Boeree grew up in Kent, England and received a first-class degree in Astrophysics from the University of Manchester before she played poker.She made her first appearance in the Showdown in 2005 where she was coached by Phil Hellmuth and Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott. In 2010 Boeree won the EPT San Remo Main Event which at the time was the largest poker tournament ever played in Europe. She was then signed to Team PokerStars Pro and has been a banner member ever since. Liv Boeree, Most Inspiring Poker Player Her accomplishments on and off the felt are plentiful (European Poker Award for best female player three years in a row, first WSOP bracelet this summer, etc) but reached a new apex in 2017 when she was voted the Most Inspiring Player in our annual Spirit of Poker Awards. She’s easily one of the most popular players the game of poker has ever seen and the fact our voters selected her as MIP in a landslide only reinforces that notion.  PokerListings met up with Liv at the PSC in Prague this week to give her the award and get her feelings on things. PokerListings: Congratulations on winning the PokerListings Spirit of Poker Award in the main category “Most Inspiring Player of the Year”! Liv Boeree: Thank you! It really means a lot to me. PL: You’ve become very much a role model in the industry. Does this lift you up or put pressure on you? LB: It’s definitely an honor and I hope my role-model-ness also includes all my screw-ups. Also, it’s nice to feel some pressure. It keeps you motivated. PL: Contrary to many other awards, this one is not determined by a panel of professionals but by the “average Joe” and readers of PokerListings. Does that make a difference? LB: Absolutely. First of all, the recreational players are the majority and they are as important as the professionals. Their opinions matter and they’re often a little bit more broad-minded people. So, it’s a big compliment. PL: A large part of your popularity comes from what you do off the poker tables. What are your current projects with REG? LB: There’s a project right now that involves Dan Smith and the Crowley brothers (ed. note: Martin and Tom, who are highly successful players in Fantasy Sports). They’re donating over a million dollars and REG is supporting them. I’m not directly involved in it but I’m happy to promote the initiative. As for myself and 2018, I’m looking at a couple of book projects. I can’t say too much about them now but one of them is poker-related and the other one is very un-poker-related. Both projects have their merits and I haven’t decided which one to go for yet. PL: Do you have someone to ghost you? LB: No. I’ll do it myself, unless I really struggle. PL: There are quite a few awards in the poker industry. Do you feel the Hall of Fame is the most important one? LB: Quite frankly, it means nothing to me. Maybe it should but it was never something on my mind that one day I want to be in the Poker Hall of Fame. In my mind it’s pretty much an expression of that you were around in poker in the late 1990s or early 2000s. If you were, you’ll be in it. If not, you know… PL: But you would be the first female player from Europe to be inducted. LB: So? It feels like the Hall of Fame is a very American thing. It would be a cool idea in some ways but it’s just nothing that’s ever been on my radar. I do think that there should be just one Hall of Fame but there should be a bit more of an international touch to it. PL: Would you like to come to the Battle of Malta next year? LB: There’s always a chance but I can’t say for sure now. All I can say is always invite me. PL: Thank you, Liv Boeree! Watch the video below for Liv’s response to winning the PokerListings Spirit of Poker Award for Most Inspiring Player of the Year. Visit

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